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Sculpture Vocabulary   abstract:  art  in  which  the  depiction  of  real  objects  nature  is  subordinated  or  entirely  discarded     additive:  made  by  building  up  planes  and  or  surfaces     armature:  framework  used  to  support  material  being  modeled  in  sculpture.         assemblage:  art  composed  of  objects,  parts  of  objects,  or  materials  intended  for  other  purpose     base:  the  portion  of  the  work  on  which  the  sculpture  sits     bust:  portrait  person  that  includes  head,  neck,  and  part  of  the  shoulders  and  breast     carving:  creating  sculpture  by  carving,  chipping,  or  hewing  wood  or  stone.     casting:  making  forms  by  pouring  a  fluid  substance  such  as  molten  metal,  liquid  plaster,  or  plastic  into  a  mold.     chisel:    sculptural  tool  used  in  the  subtractive  process     composition:    plan,  placement  or  arrangements  of  the  elements  in  a  work  of  art     concave:  surfaces  that  are  hollow  or  curved  inward     conceptual:  art  in  which  the  development  of  the  artist’s  conception  is  more  important  than  the  actual  product       construction:  sculpture  built  by  connecting  several  or  many  parts  to  each  other       convex:  surfaces  that  curve  outward     craftsmanship:  skill  with  which  the  artist  uses  tools  and  materials     elements  of  three-­‐dimensional  form:  shape,  value,  space,  texture,  color,  line,  time     environmental  art:  art  that  is  part  of  an  environment,  by  surrounding  it,  creating  a  enclosed  environment,   allowing  viewers  to  walk  through  or  around       figurative:  portraying  the  human  or  animal  figure     found  art:  art  composed  out  of  items  not  originally  intended  for  art     free-­‐standing:  intended  to  be  viewed  from  all  sides     in-­‐the-­‐round:  meant  to  be  viewed  from  all  sides       installation:  the  way  a  work  is  placed  in  a  location    

kinetic: containing  moving  elements  which  can  be  set  in  motion       lost-­‐wax  process  A  method  of  casting  in  which  a  mold  is  lined  in  wax,  filled  with  a  solid  core  of  heat  resistant   material  (vestment),  and  heated  to  melt  the  wax  leaving  a  thin  cavity  between  mold  and  core  into  which  metal   is  poured.     manipulation:    to  shape  using  hands     marquette:  small  model  of  a  larger  sculpture     mass  A  solid  3-­‐d  form  like  a  brick     mixed  media:  when  two  or  more  media/materials  are  used  in  a  single  work  of  art     mobile:    a  three-­‐dimensional,  moving  sculpture  that  hangs  from  the  ceiling     mold:  negative  hollow  form     modeling:  shaping  a  pliable  material     negative  space:  space  not  occupied  by  object  or  figure  but  in  and  around  it     organic:  of  an  irregular  shape,  like  one  naturally  found       positive  space:  area  of  space  occupied  by  forms-­‐-­‐the  sculpture  itself     portrait:  comprising  of  head  or  head  and  neck     realistic:  portraying  real  life  objects,  people  or  identifiable  shapes     relief:  sculpture  in  which  forms  project  from  a  background,  often  classified  by  degree  in  which  it  is  raised  from   surface;  high  relief,  low  relief,  etc.     replica:  exact  copy  or  reproduction  of  another  work       representation:  to  stand  for,  symbolize,  depict     scumble:  lay  light,  semi-­‐transparent  color  on  a  surface  already  painted       statue:    carved,  modeled,  three-­‐dimensional  figure,  usually  representing  a  person  or  animal     subtractive:  sulpture  made  by  removing  material.     three-­‐dimensional:    having  height,  width,  and  depth     void:  opening,  gap,  hole,  or  empty  space     volume:    area  defined  by  a  sculpture  

Vocabulary of Sculpture  
Vocabulary of Sculpture  

Glossary for reading sculpture as text