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Joyce Preschool Annual Report A LOOK AT 2018-2 01 9

Letter from the Executive Director LAU RA TOMPKIN S

After completing our 2018-2019 school year, we are ecstatic about what our amazing Joyce students, teachers, and families have accomplished. In September, we opened our 3rd site, an exciting expansion with a new partner, Hiawatha Leadership Academies. Located at Hiawatha Academies’ Northrop Elementary School, our new preschool classroom allows us to offer a full-time education option for families. We could not be more impressed with the outcomes we have seen from this addition, made possible by strong support from the community. Being able to spend more time in the classroom has allowed our bright 3, 4 and 5 year olds to learn and excel at incredible rates, while their families benefited from the flexibility to pursue fulltime work or other commitments during the school day. Joyce’s programming bridges cultures and brings families together to make our community even stronger. To continue meeting the needs of families and making sure our program is accessible to

all, we made the decision to expand our scholarship program, moving to a model which provides scholarship support for 60% or more of our enrolled students each year. With our commitment to providing education regardless of families’ ability to pay comes a strong need for support in the form of scholarship funds, and our new strategic plan emphasizes the fundraising sustainability needed to maintain this level of support for families. It takes a village to raise a child, and we are so appreciative that you are part of the Joyce village, helping to raise more than 100 children each year across our three sites. Thank you for your continued support of Joyce’s work!

Laura Tompkins, Executive Director


2018-2019 YEAR

Family Fridays Reaching an all time high for involvement in the 2018-2019 school year, this unique opportunity once again allowed families to connect across cultural boundaries. Students and caregivers alike used this time to build deep personal relationships while practicing dual language skills. Through Family Fridays, we learn and grow together.

Hiawatha Expansion As our first full-time site offering for families, Joyce - Hiawatha was an unmitigated success in its inaugural year. Teachers were wowed each and every day by how much students were able to grow with extended classroom time, and the year was capped off with three additional weeks of Spanish Immersion summer camp for students.

Prepared Grads

Our pride swells each spring when we see Joyce Graduates don pint sized caps and gowns, and it is multiplied in knowing that they, and their parents, are fully prepared to enter kindergarten and launch a successful K-12 career. 96% of Joyce graduates this year were assessed as Kindergarten ready. Regardless of language background, race, or family income, all Joyce students receive quality education that sets them up for a lifetime of success.

Commitment to Values Joyce Preschool provided sliding scale, need based tuition assistance to more than 60% of families in 2018-2019. 100% of Joyce parents were involved in their child’s education experience at Joyce through conferences, volunteering in the classroom, event attendance, or committee work. We maintained a balance of 50% English speaking and 50% Spanish speaking students in the classroom and matched our student makeup with the balance of teachers working with students. Joyce is proud to provide children from diverse ethnic, linguistic, and economic backgrounds with developmentally and culturally appropriate preparation for success in school and lifelong learning.

Financials provided represent unaudited numbers as of 7.15.19. For a full financial report, contact


R EVENUE In Kind Donations Additional Fundraising Individual Contributions Current Year Grants Temp Restricted Grants Tuition and Fees

$6,965 $34,491 $76,311 $116,462 $117,750 $455,879

Total Revenue

$ 807,858

In Kind Donations

Additional Fundraising

Individual Contributions

Current Year Grants

Temp Restricted Grants Tuition and Fees

EXPEN SES Parent Support Fundraising & Events Operating Programming Salaries & Benefits

$8,122 $14,976 $73,219 $86,785 $645,015

Total Expenses


Parent Support

Fundraising & Events Operating


Salaries & Benefits

2 0 18-2019 SUPPO RTER S

Burning Brothers Brewing

Colleen & Fritz Ebinger

Agra Culture

Barbara & David Burns

Edwards Dessert Kitchen

Gerardo Alcazar

Lauren Butterwick

Heather & David Eisenmenger

Amazon Smile

Christy Caez Claudio

Ms. Amira Elshareif

Elmer L. & Eleanor J. Andersen Foundation

Can Can Wonderland

Helen Eslinger

Mary & Jim Anderson

Ms. Jacqueline Cannon

Kristen & Cesar Estrada

Cantina Laredo

Excelsior United Methodist Women

Archana Ashrit Heather Axtman & Dwayne Toatley Frank Babka Barbette

The Cargill Foundation April & Antonio Cedillo Susan Chandler Ann Chester-Jones

Supporters June Thiemann & Dan Bartholomay Camila Barton Ann Bauer Jane and Howard Bergstrom Joyce & Don Besser Bethel United Methodist Women Nancy & Steve Birth

Bradley Failor Gladys Fajardo Andrew Fox


Chinook Book

Melisa & Nathan Franzen

Park Avenue United Methodist Church

Fulton Brewing

Karin Ciano

George and the Dragon

Cine Bistro Matthew Clasen Kelvin Collado

Mary & Clyde Gates Gigi’s Cafe Good Samaritan Missions Team Good Samaritan UMC - Men’s Breakfast

Tara Blackmar

Community United Methodist Church

Tom Blackmar & Dave Conkey

Minnesota Reading Corps

Good Samaritan United Methodist Women

Brandon Blakely


Jon Graves

Blue Plate

Alicia Craig

Greater Twin Cities United Way

Prairie Bly

Pumphouse Creamery

Walter Griffin

Book Club

Faegre Baker Daniels

Dan Guerrero

Claudia Boysen

Julie Andrews & Rev. John Darlington

Ms. Dawn Gunderson Taylor

Ms. Lea De Souza

Hagen Graves, Ltd.

Brave New Workshop Breaking Bread Cafe Bremer Bank Briggs & Morgan Patricia Brill Maline Broburg Broders Adam J Brown Elizabeth Bryer

Camillo DeSantis John Diischer Tina DiRienzo Laura Dirks The Donaldson Foundation Mr. Dimitri Drekonja Eastlake Craft Brewery

Guthrie Theater Hammermade Susan & Michael Hangge Alexander Hansen Kelly Hansen Frank Harris Dominic Haugland Nancy Hazelton

Hello Pizza

Emily Lawson

Minnesota Orchestra

Hennepin Ave. United Methodist Women

Ms. Jeannine Lee

Minnehaha United Methodist Church

Hi-Lo Diner

Jane Lewis & Conrado Aparicio

Hillcrest United Methodist Women Hot Indian Foods Lauren Hubbard Human Inspiration Works Brian Hurley Isles Bun & Coffee Janet Jacobs Tim Jacobson

Lindsey & Nicholas Lee Kat Lewis & Stacy Schultz Lisa & Jonathan Lewis

Minnehaha United Methodist Women Minnesota Children’s Museum

Nancy & Nick Litchfield

Minnesota Hispanic Bar Association (MHBA)

Dianne & Bernard Lodin

MN Nice Cream



Ms. Elizabeth Luoma

Jennifer L Moebius

René Madrid

Alberto Monserrate

Supporters (CO NT.)

Thank you to the individuals and companies who’s involvement in Barristers’ Breakfast, Salud, Invest in Our Future Breakfast, and Kermés helped support education scholarships for our young learners.

Lisa K. Janzen

Roger Maldonado

Dan and Jean Moreno

Andrea Jauli

Mall of America

Dr. Patricia Morton

Gina Jensen

The Malt Shop

Kristi Murray

Valerie Jensen


Network for Good

Michael Jobe

Maria’s Cafe

Newman’s Own Foundation

Mary Kaczorek & Bill Graves

Charles Marks

Twila Rae & Larry Nicholson

Ms. Tracy Kallassy

Florence Marks

Mrs. Claudia Niemuth

Kate DiCamillo

Jane Ann & Dr. James Martin

Ellen & Glenn Niemuth

Maggie & Jonathan Keller

Inti Martinez-Aleman

Julie Graves & Brendan Kelly

Lucy & Oscar Mayren

Normandale Hylands United Methodist Church

Erin Keyes

Theresa Mazig

Sarah Kielsmeier-Jones

Marcia McConkey

Knock, Inc.

Tamara McConkey

Kowalski’s - Hennepin Wine Shop

Lauren McNamara

Kowalski’s Market Parkview

Nicole & Paul Melancon

Paola Nuñez Obetz & Christopher Obetz

Rachel Madden & John Kraft

Anne Melzer & Kevin Collis

Erin & Colin Oglesbay


Meshbesher & Spence

Chelsey Olafson

La Dona

Robyn Meyer

Maria Ordoñez & Scott Snelling

Lake Monster

Luis Michel

Carrie Ann Oster

Erika & Carlos Lamboglia

Joy Miciano & Steven Gels

Otto Bremer Trust

Diana Villella Larson & Eric Larson

Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club

Parasole Restaurant Holdings

Jackie Larson Ruth Ann & Tom Larson

The Minneapolis Foundation

Normandale Hylands United Methodist Women John Norton Fernando Nunez

Park Tavern Angéle & Jim Passe

Pat’s Tap

Science Museum of Minnesota

Utepils Brewing

Ann & David Payne

Jonathan O. Scott

Carolyn & Robert Van Nelson

Henry Payne

Sencha Tea Bar

Laura & Adam Vander Poel

Pepper Palace

Seward Coop

Jamie & Oliver Pérez

The Sheltering Arms Foundation

Tracy Nordstrom & Kurt Waltenbaugh

Corinne Ertz & Scott Persons

Sheraton Midtown

Anne & Stan Peterson

Think Small

Allyson Candee & Jay Pettis

Mary & Richard Snydle

Pizza Luce - Richfield

Spalon Montage

Pizzeria Lola

St. Joan of Arc Church

Jennifer & Craig Planting

St. Genevieve

Mr. David Weiler Julia & Bill Weiler Wendy D. Wells Ann Hart-Wernz & William Wernz Lauren & Michelle Wheeler Winthrop & Weinstine

Supporters (CO N T.) Kayla Poppe

St. Paul Bagelry

Natalia Pretelt

Stages Theatre Company

William Pryce

Colleen & Peter Strand

Pryes Brewing Company

Strey Designs

Ruth Quimby Marks

Louis Succio

Radisson Blu Gift Cert

Amanda & Tim Sullivan

Roshan Rajkumar

Surly Brewing

Deb Ramsden

Deborah Jahn & John Tamminen

Senator Patricia Torres Ray

Tangletown Gardens

MacKenzie Rayman

Eric Tangren

Hannah Reeth


Eric Rehm

Rhonwen & Berker Tas

Michael Reif

The Third Bird

Ms. Jessica Reimer

Lynne Thompson

Mr. Christopher P. Renz

Tiny Diner

Donette Rico

Ann & Larry Tompkins

Dana Rindahl

Laura & Matt Tompkins

Risen Christ School

The Toro Company

Esteban Rivera

Trader Joe’s

Robins Kaplan LLP

Marcia & Donald Trevarthen

Miguel Roca

Sara & Michael Turpin

Paola A. Rouella

U.S. Bank

Beth & Tom Sather

UnitedHealth Group

Dr. Albert Schroeder

Carla & Jon Urban

Wise Acre Eatery Alexandra Zayed Elena Zienda B O AR D O F D I R EC T ORS Diana Villella Larson, Board Chair Julie Graves, Vice Chair Carolyn Van Nelson, Treasurer Fritz Ebinger, Secretary Conrado Aparicio Maricela Becerra Kristen Estrada Gabriela Hernandez Carlos Lamboglia Natalia Pretelt Timothy Sullivan Marc Valencia Laura Tompkins Carla Urban We hope we listed all our incredible donors for the 18-19 year. If your name was missed, we apologize! Please contact us to remedy this.

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Joyce Preschool Annual Report 2018-2019 (English)  

Joyce Preschool Annual Report 2018-2019 (English)