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Small dog breeds- the best pals for the children

Dogs are known as best pals of human beings. Many choose dogs as pets for security reasons. But usually for kids parents opt for such dogs that are playful in nature and can be the best buddies of their children. But there is a special small dog breeds which are best for children. The reasons are obvious; cute, playful, joyous and adorable. Kids love to cuddle the small dogs. One will be able to find almost over 150 different breeds of small dogs. People can choose from any of small, medium or large dog breeds but at the end of every type of dog is very much loyal. Furthermore they make great pets. Various reasons must be followed Due to various reasons it has been seen that there has been a sudden increase in the popularity of the small dogs. Other than the previous reasons mentioned, these small dogs are much more compact animals, eat less, consume less space, and yet are useful pets. Many different small dog breeds are available in market to choose from. A few popular and hot favorites are; Papillon, Pekingese, Shih Tzu, Jack Russell Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Affenpinscher, Pomeranian etc. Names given to the breed Another name given to the breed of small dogs is toy dogs group. Though dogs are broadly categorized in three sizes, but the small dog breeds can be further divided into two groups; miniature and standard size. The dogs of small breed are no different from their brothers and sisters of large breed and being small in size do not decrease their playfulness, energy and character. Smaller size will not decrease their love, and affection for their owners. They will still be loyal and will lick the face of their owners the moment they enters the room. May it be any kind of environment or surroundings, these small dogs can easily adapt them self. The social skills of these small dog breeds are great though training and a few behavioral lessons might be needed. Suitable for homes These small dog breeds are very much suitable for small homes and apartments. Unlike the big ones they need very less space. Another advantage of owning small dog breeds is they do not need regular exercise or walks which might be a headache for many. Even if the owner lives in a apartment or in a small house then also he/she will not have to take the pain to take the dog for a daily walk.

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