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Raising funds for Japan with young Quadra volunteers


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Java with Joyce On Victoria Day weekend Vancouver Quadra’s newly re-elected Member of Parliament Joyce Murray hosted café consultations in five neighbourhoods to seek your input on the issues that matter to you.

Thank you! Summer 2011: Vancouver Quadra Update Dear Friends, I am deeply grateful for your support in re-electing me as your Member of Parliament. It has been a privilege to serve Vancouver Quadra and I will continue to be as accessible and responsive as I can­— and work hard for you while representing your interests in Ottawa. I enjoyed connecting with many of you throughout the campaign­—at community events, on doorsteps, in coffee shops, or on sidewalks as you shopped along Quadra’s main streets. Thanks for stopping to say hello. Your words of encouragement and feedback were much appreciated. I couldn’t have succeeded without you! While Parliament is recessed, I plan to stay in touch and to attend a variety of local

Participating in the Earth Day Run at Jericho Beach

events—including ‘setting up shop’ at the Kitsilano Farmers Market most Sundays in August. As in previous summers, I am also available to meet with you and provide a range of services through my MP office. On Canada Day I will be at a family gathering in Holland for my mother-in-law and her twin sister’s 90th Birthdays! I will certainly miss celebrating with you. My annual Vancouver Quadra MP’s Canada Day Picnic at Jericho Beach has been postponed—to July 1st 2012! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Canada Day—and a safe and happy summer! MP, Vancouver Quadra

Celebrating women in the military at the 61st Veterans’ International Memorial Day Ceremony

An ongoing experiment in connecting with her constituents, this year’s Java with Joyce drew more than twice the crowd of previous years’ café sessions. One-on-one conversations with your MP are just one way Joyce carries out ‘democracy between elections’. Another is her ‘Telephone Town Hall’—over 7,000 people participated in the one held earlier this spring! If you wish to be included in our monthly invitation to events, distinguished speaker breakfasts, issue-based consultations, seasonal celebrations, and other opportunities to meet and speak with your member of parliament, please contact Joyce’s office at or 604.664.9220.

Consulting with Quadra residents over coffee

At the Centre of Canadian Life The Liberal Party of Canada, in the words of Sir Wilfred Laurier, stands for “Canada first, Canada last and Canada always.” The Liberal Party has always stood at Canada’s centre. It has governed by making decisions that respect interests from across the political spectrum, and so reflected the lives and aspirations of most Canadians. Canada largely avoided American-style political polarization and toxic rhetoric, and its unproductive pendulum swings between ideological left and right. Governing from Canada’s centre resulted in inclusive decision-making, and a strong, competent and accountable democracy. This created a just society— supporting equality of opportunity for all Canadians while ensuring economic and budgetary responsibility, and putting in place core frameworks for environmental sustainability that support Canadians’ health and well-being. Liberal government policies and innovation built today’s institutions that serve the long-term public good: health care, universal pensions, defense of human rights and freedoms, and laws to protect species at risk. This is the Canada that attracted newcomers from around the world; hard-working families who helped shape our nation over the past century. The Liberal values of unity, fairness and cooperation have also served as Canada’s voice in the world and have defined Canada’s role internationally. Global geopolitics desperately needs a Canada that reduces polarization and conflict. Support for the Liberal Party of Canada narrowed substantially in the recent election. Liberals must reflect, find our footing, re-connect with the values that define Liberal policy, and engage Canadians in the things we believe in.

With participation and feedback from Liberals and the public at large, the Liberal Party will undergo this renewal and change. I share the belief of new Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae who noted: “I can assure you that the Liberal Party has a future every bit as promising and great as our past achievements have been.” As the many young people attending my recent café consultations confirmed, these times are exciting and full of opportunity. Thank you Vancouver Quadra for again selecting me as your federal voice. I am honoured to have support from a broad spectrum of voters—and I always welcome your input. Keep me posted on what matters to you. I’ll be listening!

Making paper cranes with volunteer extraordinaire Sofia Lin!

Rising you

Vote mobs, YouTube chronicles of ministerial misdeed people voting? We won’t know for sure until Elections Canada releases the stats, but the pundits suggest not.

MP Joyce Murray sworn into duty on May 25th 2011

Flying under the radar, however, are scores of Vancouver youth who helped propel MP Joyce Murray to victory. These talented, determined young individuals are the voters of tomorrow, and in Sofia Lin’s case, the leaders of tomorrow. During the campaign, 13 year-old Sofia organized 50 friends to fold over 800 paper cranes for her “One Crane, One Heart”

In our Community MP Joyce Murray in the Riding

Recognizing Kong Chow Benevolent Association’s anniversary with Francis Wong

Kicking off the Beth Israel re-development campaign with ED Shannon Etkin

Your feedback: My goal is to continuously improve my accessibility and responsiveness to you and your family. Please share your ideas about how to serve you better. Comments: name:


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Email: Phone: *Please include your birthdate if you would like to receive a greeting from Joyce Murray


“Why are people not talking about the environment?”

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Visiting Kitimat during tanker ban tour

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fundraiser supporting relief efforts in Japan. She door-knocked regularly, arranged the delivery of over 4,000 flyers, shared phoning tips with new volunteers—some 5 times her age —and above all, kept everyone smiling with her humour and zest for campaigning. When asked about her involvement in the campaign, Ms. Lin enthusiastically replied: “I was taught it’s important to contribute to society!”

Honouring milestones at Vancouver Garrison’s 66th Annual Military Ball


This question was the #1 policy concern expressed by Java with Joyce attendees, and one heard often during the recent election. MP Joyce Murray is convinced that a clear strategy to reduce environmental risks, develop sustainable alternative technologies, and build a greener economy is essential to Canada’s future competitiveness and success.

In March, she embarked on a three-day tour to consult with members of ten coastal communities about Bill C-606, her legislation to ban crude oil tankers in the dangerous inland waters around Haida Gwaii. The vast majority of participants shared her conviction that transporting Alberta’s crude oil via supertankers through Hecate Straight is simply a bad deal for BC British Columbians would see very few of the benefits while facing all of the human, ecological and economic risks NEW ONLINE SURVEY: associated with a major oil spill. Bill C-606 died in the recent election. However, Joyce will continue to work on this and other important environmental issues, for the well-being of all Canadians.

Rank your priorities Fill out the survey at

With Nick and Thomas Panos at the Hellenic Community’s 35th Gold Plate Dinner

Speaking with members of the Sikh community at the Vaisakhi Parade


Your Community. Your Neighbourhood. Your Canada.

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Joyce Murray Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra  06 — 2112 W. Broadway 2 Vancouver, BC V6K 2C8

Joyce Murray To Serve You Better Reminder! My campaign office on 16th near Choices closed in May. My constituency office remains located at: 206 – 2112 W. Broadway (@ Arbutus) Please stop by to meet my staff and to learn more about the services we offer you and your family, or visit

Standing up for Families


Saving Lives – Saving Democracy Sadly, Stephen Harper’s first acts as PM after winning a majority government showed stunning disrespect for the public good and for democracy. The fate of Vancouver’s life-saving safe injection site may now rest in the hands of the Supreme Court of Canada, as Mr. Harper continues his 5-year ideological battle to close it down. Supported by scientists, health care workers, Health Canada researchers, provincial governments and many Vancouverites, Insite enables HIV/AIDS-infected drug users to be tested and treated by health care professionals and operates a detox facility for clients. Overdose deaths in the area have fallen 35 percent and proper HIV/AIDS treatment is proven to prevent new infections, delivering additional savings in lives and dollars. Following the election, Mr. Harper immediately appointed three unsuccessful Conservative candidates to the Senate, including two former senators. He reappointed Bev Oda to Canada’s largest cabinet, rewarding someone formally censured for lying to Parliament, misrepresenting bureaucrats, and doctoring documents. These are disappointing signals that Canadians cannot count on the prime minister to value their lives, nor the health of their democracy.

‘Reddy’ for a Cure – Fighting Cystic Fibrosis Remember MP Joyce Murray’s bright red hair last spring? It was her way of raising awareness and research funds for Cystic Fibrosis. This spring, Joyce once again honoured family friend Eva Markvoort by donating to the Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis.

My senior riding assistant is available full-time to help you navigate the increasing challenges that arise when submitting visas and inviting family members to Canada. Whether you need assistance with your application or information about services for new Canadians, my office can help!

Connect with Joyce  oyce Murray J Member of Parliament, Vancouver Quadra Vancouver 206—2112 W. Broadway Vancouver, BC V6K 2C8 p h o n e : 604.664.9220 f a x : 604.664.9221 e m a i l : Ottawa  House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6 p h o n e : 613.992.2430 f a x : 613.995.0770 e m a i l :

In Canada, one in every 3,600 children is born with this genetic disease. Great Strides Walk 2011’s $3-million fundraising goal will bring us one big stride closer to a cure for CF! Eva died at age 25, waiting for the double lung transplant she desperately needed. An activist and leader, she received Cystic Fibrosis Canada’s prestigious Doug Summerhayes Award for her outstanding commitment to the cause. Following the broadcasting of Eva’s award-winning film 65 Red Roses, organ donations increased internationally—and tripled in Canada! Please help strengthen Eva’s legacy by registering as an organ donor at

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Attending Salmonberry Days at West Memorial Park


Summer Householder 2011  
Summer Householder 2011  

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