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Optional Enhancements


Format Type

Session Length

Open Enrollment (pick from any of 40 3.5-Days dates throughout the year) Personalized Shelf Program (existing PPT and 2-Days workbook but personalized to your industry & culture) Tailored Program (you choose the concepts you want us to cover and we’ll 2-Days build a program for you from our existing topics) Action Planning Session (create a Additional plan on how you can Half-Day Apply & Adapt our best practices) ThinkBox Online 1 Year Tool Ongoing Consulting Support

Per Day

# of Topics Covered


1 Topic*

Orlando or Anaheim

# of People Per Session 1 to 20

Total Cost

Cost Per Person

$24,470 for 10 people $3,495pp (1) + rooms ($8K) & air $2,796 pp (5) $2,470pp ($3K) (10) = approx.. $36,500

Your Site

$39,800 (we’ll include a Up to 20 complimentary seat in Open Enrollment upon contracting)

Multiple Topics of Your Choosing

Your Site

Up to 20

$49,800 (we’ll include 2 complimentary seats in Open Enrollment upon contracting)


Work Session

Your Site

Up to 20

Additional $10,000


All 5 Topics



See Below

As little as $175pp

You Choose

Phone, Web, or Your Site


See Below

As little as $5,000 per day

1 Topic*


*Choose from any one of our five core topics (Leadership Excellence, People Management, Quality Service, Brand Loyalty or Inspiring Creativity) or our Building a Culture of Healthcare Excellence program. Program Fees do not include the following additional potential costs for programs at your site:

  

Audiovisual requirements for the program Any Food and beverage desired to be provided during the program Reimbursable facilitator travel expenses including: - Coach class airfare to and from the program location - Accommodations - $125 per diem for meals, ground transportation, and incidentals (billed for all days including travel days)