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Is Face Licking Appropriate Behavior? Nature has placed significant limitations of the ability of dogs to communicate. Body language is the only resource. They wag their tails, twist and jump excitedly, bark and growl, and lick faces and hands. The first alternative expresses mood, the second declares joy or general enthusiasm , the third is advisory, and also the last expresses affection and respect. The first three methods are generally acceptable to most owners. The last method, specifically licking the face, has less proprietor support. One owner succinctly summed up the situation expressing , "I know where that tongue has been!" Licking behavior will be instinctive in puppies. Young puppies lick their mother's face as a sign of reputation of the mother's care offering role. Face licking is also typical pack behavior to indicate subservience to the pack's prominent male and female. This behavior is of course transferred to dominant humans and care givers. Children, specially , bubble with joy each time a friendly puppy licks these excitedly. They giggle and encourage the behavior. The dog's licking behavior is rewarded by reciprocated affection, and also the practice becomes ingrained. Staying licked by a new puppy won't seem as unsanitary as being licked by an older dog. After all, mature dogs are acknowledged to use their tongues to drink from the toilet, rinse all body parts, eat their particular feces, and then lick that person with that same tongue. They're all excellent reasons to decrease a dog's face-licking habits. A properly trained puppy could be taught to nuzzle a person's face without licking. Punishment should have no part in dog training not to face lick. Bear in mind , it's a natural behavior for your dog. Face licking just isn't bad behavior; it's basically unacceptable to you. Teach, do not punish. One recommendation will be when you dog starts licking your face, turn your head aside and command, "No licking." Move away from the dog and ignore him completely for some minutes. Others have noted success by gently restraining the dog's head, and pushing it back from your face with the command, "absolutely no licking," and then redirecting the particular dog's attention to a favorite doll. Regardless of which method you use , if you are consistent, it will not take too long for the dog to comprehend that it is the face-licking habits is not appreciated, and he stop. If you don't object to palm licking, that behavior could be rewarded by permitting the idea and showing the dog devotion in return. Eventually, the dog will satisfy his need simply by licking your hands and not that person. If you decide to allow hand licking, be prepared to wash your hands a good deal. Be sure to inform other family members about the dog's training, and also how important you feel it can be to stop the face-licking habits. Small children will probably not comprehend , but should be taught to never encourage the behavior. The training will likely be generally ineffective if the dog learns that face licking is acceptable to everybody in the home except you. Consistency. For More Info Click Here

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They wag their tails, twist and jump excitedly, bark and growl, and lick faces and