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We grow old

I Spy why did i settle? you’ll understand when you’re older. was this my dream? i can’t wait until you have children. didn’t i want more? you’ll get it when you grow up. you’ll see. just wait... ... and see.

the Sea i came to see. remember when you were young? i came to listen. remember how important it all was? i came to love. remember how it was? what did i learn? i didn’t learn nothing. not one damned thing. i don’t remember anything you ever said to me. and for good reason i never will.

Good Faith Bad Faith Confidence is overrated when it comes to good faith versus bad. One leaves room for discussion. The other only fighting words. One is open to possibilities. The other only right or wrong. One thing is for certain. We are all far too confident, too content, too comfortable for our own good.

Make It Up As I Go If I have to choose between a mind made up, long ago, or a restless mind that can’t be satisfied, I’ll choose the one that can’t make up its mind. If you have to choose between simplicity and complexity, simplicity is great if it leads to greater mysteries. Otherwise, ambiguity and uncertainty are surely the way to go on great adventures. If I had to choose I would choose not to choose and just go.

the American Way freedom errs on the side of disclosure. freedom errs on the side of gossip. no matter how hurtful. no matter how dangerous. no matter how distorted. no matter how untrue. life is such a shakey mess it’s nice to be reminded how big a mess we all live in. how big a mess we’re all in. and how there’s no escaping it. just when you think you’re in it all alone, big mouth lets the secret out, reminding you, at someone’s expense, we’re all in it together alone.

Punch Drunk i gave some punch to a drunk. i punched a drunk and drank the punch. now I’m happy and sad as a drunk. now I know what it’s like to drink and be drunk to punch and be punched. all because I delivered a random punch to a random drunk and he kindly delivered one back! at... Al’s Helping Hands Soup Kitchen and Libation Station.


We get Sick

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