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The Power of Affirmations and Mindset: Be Empowered & Defeat Negative Thoughts



The Power of Affirmations and Mindset: Be Empowered & Defeat Negative Thoughts

When we think of the word ‘diet’, we often think about food. Did you know that your diet is not just the food you eat but any and everything that you consume? This includes what you watch on television, the conversations you participate in, the books you read, the images you see on social media, the music you listen to, etc.

Whether you realize it or not, these things affect the way you speak, think and act. In the same way that your daily consumption affects you, what you speak also affects you greatly. What would happen if you decided to use this to your advantage? What would your life look like if you used the power of affirmations to transform your mindset? I want to motivate you to activate that power and defeat negative thoughts NOW!

If you signed up for the 3 day affirmations challenge, you’ve experienced a small dose of how powerful your words are. Did you notice that your thoughts changed as you completed the challenge last week? Did others take notice of your positive attitude as well? If you consistently and intentionally infuse your words with positivity each day, your ‘I can’t’ will transform into ‘I can and I will.’ We all battle negativity in our lives. However, we don’t have to be defeated by it. We already possess the most powerful weapon against negativity, and it sits just a few inches beneath our nose.

My challenge for you is to carry the momentum of your affirmations beyond the 3 day challenge. Turn it into a 7 day challenge. And then a 14 day challenge after that, but don’t stop there! It takes 21 days to create a habit. Keep speaking your positive affirmations daily until it becomes second nature. You will be amazed at the positive change that will take place in your life; all because you decided to get intentional with your words. My prayer for you is that you never forget that your thoughts do not control you, you control your thoughts! Understanding this simple fact is a game changer and a reminder that even on your worst day, you have the power to transform your mindset and defeat negative thoughts!

What affirmations will you start speaking today? If you haven’t already, write them down in a highly visible place and recite them right now! Recite them with courage and authority in belief that they have already come to pass. I can’t wait to hear about your successes and celebrations this year. Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram to share your good news with me!