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MILO MANARA Milo Manara is one of the world’s greatest comic-book artists. After architecture and painting studies, he made his debut in 1969 drawing for Genius, a Fumetti Neri series of pocket books from publisher Furio Vanio. In the Seventies he became famous with works like The Ape, presented in Alterlinus and H.P. and Giuseppe Bergman, serialised from 1978. Manara then went on to publish an uninterrupted series of international successes: The Paper Man, The Snowman, Click, Butterscotch, Hidden Camera, and Manara’s Kama Sutra are just a few of these. His career has been influenced by the encounters with other great artists such as Hugo Pratt, Federico Fellini, Pedro Almodóvar, Luc Besson, Alejandro Jorodowsky and Vincenzo Cerami.

With Pratt, Manara has created works like Indian Summer and El gaucho; with Fellini, Trip to Tulum and Il viaggio di G. Mastorna detto Fernet; with Almodóvar, the book Seduzioni, and with Besson the television campaign for Chanel No. 5. At present he is working on the fourth book of the Borgia series written by Alejandro Jodorowsky and on the graphic novel Women of the X-Men for Marvel Comics. As huge admirers of Milo Manara’s work we have produced a set of four exclusive tees using illustrations from Milo’s extensive back catalogue that reflect his imeasureable talent for capturing the female form in all its glory…



Lick M1112H. 100% Cotton 180g Tee. White

back print


Strip M1112E. 100% Cotton 180g Tee. White

back print



Limited Edition Milo Manara Skate Deck Three colour screen print ONE SIZE

Ride M1112F. 100% Cotton 180g Tee. White

back print



U11701. Strip Deck Magenta

Ashamed M1112G. 100% Cotton 180g Tee. White

back print

U11702. Strip Deck Cyan

U11703. Strip Deck Yellow


‘36 Recyclab’, is a French graphic designer from Paris. Working with architects he has developed the ‘Recyclab’ project over a number of years where he mixes graphic design and architecture with elements discovered in the street such as plastic, wood, plexiglas, and aluminium.

between angles & solidity to create fresh perspectives. His work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions including most recently the ‘Paralleled’ collective show in the Colorado School of Art and Design, and ‘Borderline’ by Cultures France.

He builds everything himself from 3D structures, photos, fonts and logos, to large scale street exhibitions of tape cutting and 3D modelling. His style has become synonymous with clean, contemporary architectural design and structured visceral compositions, which use the interplay

Other co-lab projects include a T-shirt line with couture label ‘Agnes B’ and a ‘Teddy Troops’ collab with ‘Artoyz’. 36 lives and works in Paris.


Base Lab M1112K. White

back print


back neck print

back print

Sky Lab

M1112J. White


36 Recyclab born in France living in Paris aged 32 he is prolofic in many ways as one of the people doing stuff with weird angles and all that. This is a biography to be sure to be dummy text and all of it needs to look like it is real. This is the way you make dummy text look as if it actually means something. This is a biography to be sThis is the way you make dummy text look as if it actually means something. This is a biography to be sThis is the way you make dummy text look as if it actually means something.

stylename: M1112K BASELAB custom artist series tee shirt

This is a biography to be sure to be dummy text and all of it needs to look like it is real. This is the way you make dummy text look as if it actually means something.This is a biography to be sure to be dummy text and all of it needs to look like it is real. stylename: M1112K SKYLAB custom artist series tee shirt

36 Recyclab Custom packaging


Addict Artist series ®


sizes: XS - XXL

Jimi Crayon is fast becoming one of the UK’s most popular young artists. His work has a real positive passion and energy that makes it stand out against the typical negative social commentary increasingly found amongst his artistic peers. He is definitely not content with just passing comment as the world burns. Complaining isn’t change.

Jimi is one of only 8 artists ever to paint directly on to the famous white walls of M&C Saatchi and has painted live at the Tate Modern on two occasions. In the recent Art Against Knives exhibition Jimi was asked to produce a piece of work to be shown alongside the likes of Banksy, Tracy Emin, Antony Gormley and Vivienne Westwood to name a few.

Jimi believes everyone has the ability to make an impact in life and this is echoed through his work, sometimes quite literally written down like small statements screaming out at the viewer.

Jimi’s contribution sold within 20 minutes of the exhibition opening and raised the most money out of any non-auction piece.


Old Rag M1112A. Yellow Black



The ATG crew (Ahead’ a The Game, Antagonizers, etc.) was formed by a bunch of fresh faced whipper snappers from north London in the year 2000. Brought together by a love for graffiti and their shared mentality ATG quickly rose to fame saturating the streets, rooftops and train lines with full colour pieces at a time when graffiti in the capital was looking weary and unimaginative. Their iconic symbol has become recognised the world over and recently used in their “I Love Ldn” project. They have featured in various magazines, books, graffiti films and documentaries over the years.


Addicted To Graffiti M1112C. Sport Blue Red

Their crew now includes the original graffiti writers as well as artists, designers, photographers, dj’s and musicians using their “brand” to full effect consolidating the talents of their friends into one tightly knit collective. Their clothing line is now well established and has collaborated with streetwear companies such as DTA (Rogue Status, LA), Addict (UK) and over the last year their ‘DO-ONE’ parties have grown in size and following and have become renowned for being a thoroughly messy affair.


DISCO TECK As part of the world famous Monorex crew, Disco Teck is fast making a name for himself with his calligraphic fluid handstyle & his organic flowing shapes. Equally at home with a marker, spraycan or mouse in his hand, Disco Teck writes with a freedom & confidence that belies his tender years. From large scale graffiti pieces to corporate identities for the likes of

Umbro & Tiger Beer, his work is starting to garner serious attention from across the globe. His most recent work & first collab for Addict is the imaginatively titled ‘Fishtank’, a quirky look at the suburban aesthetic, a study in kitsch, irony with a London flavour.


Fishtank M1112B. Black White



Sho·gun [shoh-guhn, -guhn] Origin: 1605–15; < Japn, military leader, noble warrior commander. The term ‘seii taisho¯gun’ means “Great General who Subdues Eastern Barbarians”. Related forms: sho·gun·al, adjective. Also: Sho-gun; highly skilled exponent in the ancient art of vector manipulation, ruthless, honourable, held in high esteem. A keen student of popular culture & the mystic art of the vector, the Shogun™ has been producing graphics & illustrations since he could stand.


Way of the Warrior M1112D.

White Black

Over the years methods have been refined, ideas crystallized and techniques applied with surgical precision & deadly intent. ‘Way of the Warrior’, the second collaboration with the mighty Addict is a true example of ‘Siamese Engineering’, two entities working in perfect unison, a harmony between form & function. One hand washes the other... Live in Shadow, Move in Silence.

Addict © Artist Series - ss10