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hank you for purchasing the Eyeraser®, the bleeding edge in augmented reality technology. You made an excellent choice and we hope you will enjoy all of its mindblowing capabilities. The award winning Eyeraser® series of bionic lenses are innovative augmented reality lenses that offer rich functionality and superb image quality, enabling you to take control of your social environment. In collaboration with the included neural implant, the Eyeraser® lens will provide a nuisance-free life, because you will now be able to delete all annoying people from your life. All sensory information concerning those individuals will be filtered out of your perception. It will seem to you as if those individuals have simply ceased to exist. So go ahead and shape your world! This document is subject to changes without notice. The latest electronic version of this user manual can be downloaded from Eyeraser’s official website:


The package

Eyeraser contact lens

Implementable chip

Access code

This contact lens that we provide is fully equiped with the newest and most advanced technology. The most remarkable part within in the lens is the semitransparant display and microlens array that offers you a crystal clear image.

The chip that needs to be implemented into the brain of the user, is the operational centre of the Eyeraser. It manages all the information received from the lens and filters out all sensory information concerning the ‘deleted’ people.

After installing the hardware, the access code will open up the world of Eyeraser to you. It is not only meant to start up the hardware, it will also offer you a more safe use of the product, because it will protect you from people who are trying to abuse the system.


Installation Implementing the chip The implantation of the microchip within your brains will be the most important action within the installation process of the Eyeraser. Do not try to implant this chip yourself! This may cause serious damage. We strongly recommend to adress your local hospital to do this for you.

1 Inserting the lens Unlike the implantation of the micro-chip, inserting the lens is completely danger free. Some exercise might be necessary to overcome the fear of hurting your eye. The main advantage of the Eyeraser lens is that it does not require any moistening, because the lens itself is produced with silicon hydrogel named enfilcon A.


Accessing the interface Now it is time to activate the software that will enable you to get in control of your social environment. An internet connection is required to activate your product on our website ( You will be asked to register by filling in some personal information after your unique code has been verified. If you would experience any problems please call 555-02159-301



How to

The live interface

The online interface


How to: live interface

The live interface of the eyeraser is an interface that will be directly projected onto your eyes by the use of the special lens. This lens combines your environmental reality with an augmented reality, that is needed to give clear instructions to the microchip within your brains. The main advantage of this live working interface is the fact that you do not have to wait untill you get home to delete some people out of your life, now you can instantly do this during the day.

Starting and stopping the live interface

Using the live interface

To activate the live interface of the lens, you need to close your eyes and make them roll once (in a direction you chose) with your eyes still closed. By using this method to activate the product, we avoid it to be activated by accident so no frustration will be caused. It also ensures you having control over the technology at all times.

After activating the live interface you will see a close and minimize icon floating above everyone’s head. When you want to ‘click’ one of these buttons you just need to focus on it with you eye, and actively think the command “close” or “minimize”. In order to make it visually clear that you are focusing on the correct button they will be highlighted.


How to

The live interface

The online interface


How to: online interface

The online interface of the Eyeraser enables you to control your social environment from from home. You will be able to get an overview of who your friends are and who you already deleted. This online interface amplifies the live view so you don’t need to really see the person in order to delete him or her. This comes in handy when you want to delete people who live outside of your town, country or even continent.

Logging in

Search for people

Deleting people

Undeleting people

After having the product registered and activated with the help of the access code, you will be able to log in into the online interface of the Eyeraser. From that moment on, you no longer need a password or acces code to login. A wireless connection between the microchip and your computer will handle the identification for you.

the online interface offers you 3 possible search methods:

After you searched for the person or people you are willing to delete, you will receive an overview of all the people that match your search. If the person that you were looking for still is not showed please try to respecify your search. The action for deleting the person is very simple. You just need to click the close buttons in the right corner of the person’s profile picture. This person will be moved to deleted persons and he or she will no longer trigger any of your senses.

Un-deleting people is a simple one as well. By clicking the ‘blocked’ icon shown above in the upper menu of the interface, you will get an overview of all the people that were deleted by you. If you no longer want to block someone out of your environment, you just click the close button again, and the person will regain his position in your environment.

- The friends-page gives an overview of all your friends based on your social network accounts - The people-page lets you select keywords within different categories to look for a specific non-friend. - The places-page offers the possibility to look in a location-based way for people all over the world.

Caution! Be aware of the fact that the people you delete also will no longer perceive you, except for certain life-threathening situations. Nevertheless we are not responsible for any possible accidents or costs.


Technical features

A cmd project by: Paul van Nierop Joren Devocht Pieter-Jan Claes Jorick Vissers 31th of January 2011

Manual eyeraser  

for the course Digital Divide

Manual eyeraser  

for the course Digital Divide