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The Pelorus Winter 2013 Serving Division Twelve of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

In This Issue: •2012 Annual Performance Reports •Flotilla 12-6 celebrates its twentieth anniversary. •Celebrating the accomplishments and the retirement of Walter Spall. •Updates from area Flotillas and Auxiliary Aviation.



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2012 Mission Hours Reports








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Celebrating Walter Spall

We have a detailed breakdown of 2012 Mission Hours

After thirty years of distinguished service to the

by Flotilla, as well as any increase/decrease from the

Auxiliary, we celebrate the accomplishments of Walter

performance levels of 2011.

Spall and wish him the best in retirement.

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FROM THE COMMANDER Welcome to a New Year. I hope everyone is having a good and safe holiday season. I want to thank the Division Board and the membership for your vote of confidence to elect me as your 2013 Division Commander and John Murphy as your Vice Division Commander. We will do our best to live up to your expectations. But, I can say that we will not be able to do it all by ourselves. That is where the Division Staff, Flotilla Commanders, Flotilla Staffs, and you, the membership, come in. Your participation is important to the continued success of Division 12, District 7, and the Auxiliary. It is a privilege to be part of this great organization, Division 12. AUXINFO, as of 9 Dec 2012, indicates that Division 12 has dedicated 48,792 hours of service in 2012. That is tremendous and a true sign of a great organization. I’m sure the hour count will

Al Crothers Division Twelve Commander

go up once all of the 2012 hours have been recorded. So, please get your reports to the

It is with a

FSO-IS for input. I’m certain that we will continue to make this a great division in

heavy heart

2013. Our boating public, the U.S. Coast Guard, and our

that the Coast

membership (us) expect it.

Guard family mourns the loss of

Again, I want to thank you for electing me to this role. My Chief Boatswain’s Mate Terrell duty is to be the division’s primary point of contact along with the facilitation of activities, communications, and help you, the members, get your jobs done as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Horne III. We are forever grateful to you for your service to our country.

TA BLE O F C O NTENTS In This Issue The Division Commander’s Report

Page 2, 7

Report from the Vice-Commander

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2012 Mission Hours Reports

Page 25-26

Birthdays of Famous Coast Guard People

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Celebrating Walter Spall

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A New Year’s Message

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Citadel Detachment Report

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State Liaison Report

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Twentieth Anniversary for Flotilla 12-6

USCG Icebreaker Eastwind

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In 1960, the USCG Icebreaker Eastwind became the first cutter to circumnavigate the globe. She departed

Flotilla Reports The Inland Lakes (12-1, 12-3)

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The Grand Strand (12-2, 12-4)

Page 10

Charleston (12-8, 12-12)

Page 11

Boston in October of 1960, then entered the Pacific Ocean via the Panama Canal. Upon reaching the Pacific, the Eastwind visited New Zealand and the McMurdo Sound Station in Antarctica. After going through some of the harshest weather on the planet, in

East Cooper & Georgetown (12-6, 12-10) Page 12-13

areas where it is not unusual for the ice to become 10-20 feet thick; the crew of the Eastwind began their

Division Staff Officer Reports Auxiliary Aviation

Page 14-15

Communications Services

Page 17

Communications Systems

Page 17

Diversity & Inclusion

Page 24

Human Resources

Page 16

Information Systems

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Marine Safety

Page 22

Member Training

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RBS Visitation

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Secretary Records

Page 20-23

Vessel Safety Examinations

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voyage home, passing through the Indian Ocean en route to the Suez Canal. After going through the Mediterranean Sea and the Straits of Gibraltar, the Eastwind returned to Boston in May of 1961.


C EL EB RA TI N G WA L TER S P A L L On Saturday, December 8th, Flotilla 12-4 of the

Walter has held a myriad of appointed and elected offices

Central Grand Strand celebrated the retirement of Walter

in the Auxiliary. At the Flotilla level Walter has held the

Spall with a dinner and ceremony. Walters wife Sally was

Finance, Public Education, Materials, Marine Safety, and

presented with a bouquet of flowers as a way of saying

Operations offices. He also was appointed the Division Staff

thank-you for allowing him to participate with the Auxiliary

Officer for Information Systems and Public Education. In

for thirty years. After the salute to the flag, Bud Sheppard

1995 he was elected Flotilla Commander of Flotilla 12-2 in

said a very personal and fitting prayer.

Allentown, Pennsylvania. Although it required him to commute more than two hours; Walter patrolled out of Sea Isle City in the Cape

“We are honored to be here to recognize a man that has dedicated

May area of the Jersey Shore. Annually, Walter led the

30 years of serving the public with boating safety and serving you

safety patrol of Ocean City’s Night in Venice Boat Parade.

Lord. He will always be remembered as the man that started Flotilla 12-4. We lift Walter up to you Lord and pray that You will heal and

Over the years Walter has also completed many courses

comfort him. We pray that You give him many more years of life to be

which have qualified him as ATON Verifier, Instructor,

an encourager and man of character to everyone that he meets. Amen.”

Vessel Examiner, Coxswain, Qualification Examiner and he has earned the right to wear the coveted Operational Auxiliary Program (AUXOP) device. After retiring from his day job, Walter retired to Surfside Beach, SC and transferred to Flotilla 12-10 in Georgetown. Walter remained active in the Flotilla holding staff officer positions and going on safety patrols. Walter also became the Detachment Leader of the effort to establish a new Flotilla on the Grand Strand here in the Surfside Beach area. In 2010 Walter was elected the first Flotilla Commander of Flotilla 12-4 and steered the Flotilla through its first formative year. While Commanding a new Flotilla with few experienced members, Walter took on the

In 1982 Walter decided that the Coast Guard Auxiliary

task of training the first crew members, arranging training

would be the ideal avenue to enhance his professional

for staff offices and obtaining training assistance from sister

development and return something to the community. I’m


sure he will tell you how much he got from the Coast Guard

Thanks to Walter Spall we have accomplished, in only

Auxiliary and his training at Cape May, but he gave much

two years, a Flotilla of over thirty members and growing

more. Throughout his long and distinguished service,



A N EW Y EA R’ S M ES S A G E If we want to be successful in following a healthy

Rev. Dr. Phillip Poole, LL We all love new stuff. We love that new car, new

diet or getting rid of a bad habit, we really need God to

house, new watch, new shirt or, really, a new anything.

help us. Making a New Year’s resolution is us thinking

We love to put the word “new” in front of a word

there is always a way out, or it is OK if we fail.

because it changes the meaning of what it is; at least in

However, asking for and allowing God to help us is the

our own minds, it becomes something special.

beginning of something new that we are going to be doing for the rest of our lives.

That new thing we get as a gift, or buy with our own money, gets our special attention. We treat these new

In order for us to change things in our lives, we have

things with tender loving care. Since we all say “Happy

to change the way we live our lives. In order for us to

New Year,” I want to challenge you to treat the NEW

change the way we live our lives, we have to change

decisions you make for your life with tender loving care.

what we say and do. In order for us to change the things

This is a new year, and we are going to make new

we say and do, we need God’s help. Only with His help,

decisions for our lives, so we better choose wisely.

can these changes become permanent additions to our lives. Please do not make a New Year’s Resolution. Instead, allow God to make changes in you, for results

I said this last year, and it is worth repeating again this year; please stop. Stop! Do not do it! Please, do not make a New Year’s resolution! New Year’s resolutions

that last a lifetime.

do not last; typically, we do not follow through with

God’s love,

them at all. Last year, forty-six percent of American’s

made New Year’s resolutions, but only eight percent actually kept them. New Year’s resolutions are generally a waste of time. If we truly want make changes in our lives for the better, we need to ask God to help us with these changes.

“So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There, we will receive His mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.” God is always working on us to help change the things that we need to and want to change. Making a change with God’s help is not just a one-time quick fix; it is something that takes place repeatedly. We give ourselves to God once, but we need to transform and renew our lives for Him constantly.



V IC E C O M M A N D ERS REP O RT Change of watch planning has been well organized and

mission. I


we will all enjoy the courtesy, protocol and our traditional

can not think of any

great fun in Myrtle Beach. Afterwards, we elected folks have

reason an invited

a daunting, but welcomed responsibility to maintain the

boating friend that is

Division’s established good course, offer improved

patriotic and a

opportunities and tackle the issues that will surely come our

qualified candidate

way. Division 12 is an incredible volunteer organization

would not want to join

with unparalleled patriotism, talent, experience, member credentials and maturity. Both the USCG and the

any Flotilla in Division Twelve. Spreading the

recreational boating public are constantly vocal in their

welcome mat for new

appreciation of your dedication and service. In addition to

membership growth

all of our commitments, I plan to focus on the need for

represents a serious patriotic challenge to all of us.

John Murphy Vice Division Commander

recruiting new members as a key element to preserve our

As a start, please bring a potential member to your next

strengths and to support the benefits of our membership

Flotilla meeting. Of course, remember to empathize the fun


we have in addition to our serious business.

There are many good reasons given for the overall reduction in volunteer interest across America. The

Semper Paratus

American public is changing, our national security network is under constant attack and the supporting role of the

John Murphy

Auxiliary is receiving unparalleled key support requests


from the USCG to help them in fulfilling their port security

Birthdays of Famous Coast Guard People Lloyd Bridges: Actor, Born January 15th, Served in the US Coast Guard during World War Two. Thad Allen: 23rd Coast Guard Commandant, Born January 16th, Widely praised for his efforts in directing Federal response in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Richard Cromwell: Actor, Born January 8th, Served in the US Coast Guard during World War Two. Chiao-Shun Soong: Chinese Patriarch, Born in February. Also known as Charles Jones Soong, Chiao-Shun is considered by many to be among the most well known Americans of Chinese descent to serve in the US Coast Guard, or any other branch of the armed forces. Dorothy Stratton: Educator, Coast Guard Captain, Director of Girls Scouts USA, Born in March. One of the most well known of anyone who has served with the Coast Guard. Charles Gibson: Journalist, Host of Good Morning America from 1987-2006, Born 9 March. Joined the US Coast Guard Reserves in 1966. Tom Blake: Professional Surfer, Born 8 March. Considered one of the greatest (and most influential) surfers of the 1900’s. Blake served with the US Coast Guard during World War Two where he taught swimming, ocean rescue, and munitions loading.


F RO M TH E C O M M A N D ER Commander’s Report (Contd.)

need to perform throughout the year are the monthly flotilla

Please include me in your activities and communications.

activity reports, monthly staff reports, and special reports (like

Also, get me involved in issues and/or areas of interest that National Safe Boating Week). Remember to copy myself and John Murphy, VCDR on all of these reports so we can see and need to be resolved in order to help you perform your job. understand what is going on within the division. A New Year and new leadership usually bring out Please remember the Auxiliary Cornerstones while

questions regarding our direction. The District 7 Strategic

performing our tasks and missions. They are defined in the guidance. It helps us understand what our direction is. Please current Auxiliary Manual (section A; pages 2-3 thru 2-4) as: Plan (2013 thru 2016) is a good place to start with for 2013 read it and maintain a copy for future reference and use. • Member Services • Recreational Boating Safety

The District 7 Strategic plan can be found through the following link:

• Operations and Marine Safety


• Fellowship Also, remember the people side of things and respect all of

The District 7 Strategic Plan lists the issues of greatest importance as:

the individuals that we meet, work with, work for, and associate with.

• Effectiveness in recreational boating safety missions. The Winter Division meeting/COW Banquet is at the

• Leadership development and use of exemplary practices.

Beach Colony Resort; Myrtle Beach, SC; in the Carolina

• Growth and diversity of the district’s ready volunteer Room on 12 January 2013. The remaining 2013 Division meetings are 13 April, 13 July, and 12 October at the Mt. force. • Joint planning and mission execution with the Coast Pleasant Water Works Public Meeting Room. All of the general meetings are scheduled for 1000 with the Guard. Commanders Call at 0900. The Change of Watch Banquet It also provides insight to the Auxiliary Mission, the starts at 1900. National Commodore’s Vision Statement, National Strategic I look forward to seeing you at the meetings and serving

Imperatives, District 7 Commodore's Vision Statement, and District Strategic Issues.

with you throughout 2013. Thank you for your Time and Service.

As the New Year starts, there are items that need to be completed early in the year. Flotilla Commanders need to

Semper Paratus

provide the Flotilla Financial Report and Flotilla Inventory by the end of January. I will need these reports prior to the

Al Crothers

end of the month in order to prepare the Division reports.


Flotilla Goals will be due by 1 February. Other items that we













Detachment Calendar

Upcoming Spring Semester

Make sure to check the Detachment

The Spring semester will begin on Monday

Calendar on the website for upcoming 7 January. Hope everyone enjoyed the events. We’ve got a busy schedule.


It’s been a busy time for all of us at The Citadel. The freshman had the opportunity to go underway with the crew at Station Charleston. They conducted man overboard drills, and learned about the procedures and rules when going underway. The upperclassman continued their Boat Crew Training in the

Cadet LaRiviere

Communications Room as well as learning and refining their knots. Later the cadets received a tour of the Coast Guard Cutter Oak and Coast Guard Cutter Gallatin. The cadets enjoyed training with the enlisted men and women at Station Charleston! It was productive weekend with great experiences! As the semester came to a close, the Cadets finished their training to head home for winter break. This semester we added several of our newest members to the Detachment, Cadet Kyle Busbee, Cadet Alexander Rosenbaum, Cadet Connor Rosenbaum, Cadet Keaton Walker, Cadet Eric Borio, Cadet Patrick Heavey, and Cadet Andrew Mize. They have been training with the Detachment this semester and have solidified their commitment to the Coast Guard Auxiliary. These Cadets are excited to take on the mission of the Coast Guard Auxiliary and look forward to continue their training. Overall it was an eventful semester full of physical training, Field Training Exercises, and other educational training events. We look forward to continue training next semester with the Enlisted men and women at Coast Guard Station Charleston and with the Auxiliary! Left Photo: Christmas lights and decorations at The Citadel. Above Photo: The Citadel Regimental Band marching in the Charleston Christmas Parade.


TH E INLA ND LA KES 12-3, Lake Murray Jerry Ruschkofski, FC Greetings from Lake Murray and Flotilla 12-03. My name is Jerry Ruschkofski and I have been elected to serve as Flotilla Commander for Flotilla 12-03 for 2013.  My Vice Commander is Ken Uschelbec.  Between us we have almost 60 years of service in the Auxiliary and Division 12. We are looking forward to an exciting year of service to the Coast Guard and the Boating Public here in the Midlands of South

From Left: Lee Rudd - PV; Sep Harvin - FN; William Hayes - PA; Joe Livingston - IPFC/OP; COMO Jay Dahlgren - CS/ PB; Ellen Newman - PE; Joe Newman - VFC/CM; Ron Cunningham - MA/VE; Bob Young - IS/SR; Richard Phillips - MS/NS; John Owen - FC/DV/HR. Absent Perry Moses III - MT.

Carolina and especially on Lake Murray. Our focus in 2013 is going to be growth and training. In the growth area, we plan  to be more active this year with more PE Classes; more inner action with the Lake Murray Association, the Lake Murray Power Squadron, and other organizations with interest in the Lake. We plan to reestablish a VHF radio communications network around the

Flotilla 12-1, Lake Marion & the Inland Sea

Lake with base stations at Auxiliary members homes who live

John Owen, FC

on the Lake and at Flotilla Island. Our thinking is if the

Flotilla 12-1 has been busy during the closing months of

Boating Public hears the Auxiliary on the radio, it will generate more interest in our programs.

the 2012 boating season. Safety and training patrols were

In the training area, we have appointed a new Member completed on Lakes Marion and Moultrie, as well as, Patrols Training Officer who is very energized. He plans to do more through the locks and on the Cooper River. QE check rides training with the Coast Guard in Charleston. We also want to

were successfully conducted for re-certifications of two

do some training with other Auxiliary units in the area. Coxswains from each of Flotilla’s 12-1 and 12-3 and one Flotilla 12-03 has aircraft and pilots that are part of the Crew from Flotilla 12-1. Several VE Blitzes were staged over different weekends at Scarboro’s Landing on Lake Marion. with boats.  If the details can be worked out, this training Seven members visited a monthly meeting of the Swamp Fox would be expanded to include other Auxiliary units and  Boat Club in Eutawville to discuss ongoing cooperation Auxiliary Air program that might be available for training

Coast Guard units. We could easily use our base at Lake during boating events and display the Flotilla’s Equipment Murray for this training similar to the Army parachute jump Trailer. A “Suddenly In Command” class was presented to a exercise this past September.

church youth group.

Speaking of the Army Parachute Exercise, we would like

The Flotilla’s Change of Watch was conducted on

to again thank all the Coast Guard and Auxiliary members

December 5th and the new FC and FSO’s were sworn in.

and units who participated in September's exercise. Not only

The above photo was taken at our Change-of-Watch and

were all the troops recovered successfully, but it was a great shows our 2013 FC, VFC and FSO’s. Preliminary plans are being made to attend up-coming training opportunity. I have told by the Army that this may be Boat/Sportsman’s Shows in January and March 2013. an annual event, so put it on your calendars for 2013. 9

TH E G RA ND S TRA ND 12-2, Grand Strand Dorothy Schoch, FC Although the overall performance levels for Flotilla 12-2 have seen a decrease from 2011 (based on hours put into AuxData), our Flotilla has seen two areas with spectacular growth levels. The first is in Vessel Safety Checks, where we logged in eleven hours, which is an increase of 120% over last year. Great job everyone! The Vessel Safety Check program is one of the cornerstones of our organization, and I would encourage anyone who is not qualified in this area to take the VE test and join us on a boating safety event. Upon passing the VE test, you will need five supervised

The Central Grand Strand of South Carolina.

vessel safety checks. This is a great program and it has no doubt saved many lives since we started it. The second area of growth was in Search and Rescue hours, where we logged in more than twenty hours, which is

Flotilla 12-4, Central Grand Strand

a 250% increase over 2011. We also saw a 9.5% increase in

Chuck Budnick, FC

Public Education and logged in just under 3,500 hours for

We wrapped up 2012 with over 5,400 hours, which is

2012. Keep in mind however, that this data is as of 31 Dec

only 9% less than in 2011. As the last of the 7029, 7030 and

2012, so as we enter January these figures could increase since there could still be hours yet to be inputed into the

7038 forms get submitted and put into the system, this figure


in three fields: Public Affairs (55%), Vessel Safety Exams

I’d like to say thanks to our members for all of their hard work and dedication to Flotilla 12-2.

could still be subject to change. We did however, see growth (3%), and Marine Safety (5%). Bravo Zulu everyone! Let’s all work to build on this to see growth in 2013. I’m very optimistic about the upcoming events for National Safe Boating Week. Prospective members are always welcome to attend our monthly Flotilla meeting, so if you know of anyone who may be interested in joining the Coast Guard Auxiliary, make sure to bring them along to our next meeting. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to Flotilla 12-4. The work that we do provides a valuable service both to the United States Coast Guard and to the safety of our community. Semper Paratus

Members of Flotilla 12-2 10

C H A RL ES TO N 12-8, Charleston Paul Berka, FC In my first official message as Flotilla Commander, I want to extend my thanks for all the encouragement and support I have received from everyone in the flotilla. I would like to thank Paul Thomas for his leadership and guidance to our flotilla over the past year. I would also like to thank all the members of my 2012 staff, and I know you will be supporting Dwaine Harris in 2013. My major objective for 2013 is to enlarge the core of individuals that support the Flotilla activities. Each Flotilla

12-12, Edisto Beach

Staff Officer (FSO) should in 2013 be seeking other We all continue to make personal sacrifices to serve in

Karen Andrews, FC On October 13th we had a booth for the Home Tours.

the flotilla and for that I thank you. We need to remember

We had a great turnout, answered lots of questions and

that the existence of our flotilla provides a valuable

gave out a good number of boating safety brochures.

support to the Gold Side and the boating safety of the general public. We have three events in January. The first

We are doing two or three

is the monthly flotilla meeting on the 9th, the Division

month. The Christmas

Change of Watch in Myrtle Beach on the 11th and 12th,

Parade was December 8th

and the Charleston boat show which will be held at the North Charleston Convention Center on the 25th, 26th

due to the warm weather there was a great

and 27th. Volunteers are going to be needed for this

attendance this year.

members to train in their area of responsibility.

helicopter operations per

event. Please check with Joe Woodbury for details on the boat show.

Charleston Parade of Boats On 1 December, participants from Flotilla 12-8 assisted

Be safe, have fun and let’s all work to make 2013

the Coast Guard in maintaining safety patrols for the Annual

another great year for

Parade of Boats. Boat captains from around the area

Flotilla 12-8 and for the

decorated their vessels, such as the one shown above. Santa

Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Clause was also in attendance, dancing lively along the forecastle deck of a large vessel. As we made our way back to

Semper Paratus

the boat landing, the night sky was clear, the moon a

Paul H. Berka

beautiful change of color as it made its way above the city, and the water smooth as a mill pond. Indeed, it was a spectacular low country evening.


EA S T C O O P ER & G EO RG ETO WN 12-6, Mount Pleasant Ron Foreman, 2012 FC Fellow shipmates this will be my last newsletter input as Flotilla Commander, as I finish my second year . The past two years have been a wonderful time where the Flotilla has performed in the highest standards of the Coast Guard and the Auxiliary, and winning the Cup for most improved Flotilla in District Seven and being awarded the Flotilla "Meritorious Achievement Medal". Bravo Zulu to all of you for your Vessel Exams (VE), Visitation (PV), for those few that supported Phil Poole with the Public Education (PE) and those doing Navigation (ATON) verification and the many Safety Patrols, as we lead in the total number of the

FC-Elect Andy Poole presents Outgoing FC Ron Foreman with a gift of appreciation for his dedication and service. US Coast Guard Auxiliary Photo.

prior listed in Division 7. I challenge each of you to keep up the drive to be the best we can be and make it a better Auxiliary. I want to thank those who have helped guide me in the

12-10, Georgetown

right direction and continue to motivate me to motivate

Rick Bankert, FC

others. Remember you can make a difference in making this

The Georgetown flotilla will be establishing our yearly

Flotilla and the Auxiliary even better, just step up and become a Flotilla Staff Officer, mentor or work for the

goals for 2013. Goals under consideration include: new

division as a Staff Officer. Your time and talent are

membership, enhancing our social activities, and increased

important to the Auxiliary and the Coast Guard.

participation of current members.

We had a wonderful Christmas Party & Change Of

Our area does not have a large population. However we

Watch Ceremony on the 8th of December and followed by

can set goals for inviting friends to our meetings. We will also

the Mt Pleasant Christmas Parade on the 9th where we took

consider promoting the Auxiliary on the local government

second place, great job for those who helped. As I depart the position of FC and become your IPFC, I

TV channel. We will consider options for promoting our social

will be around to provide support as needed for those that

activities. We will reflect on successful past social activities as

desire mentoring. Jeanne and I would like to wish all of you a wonderful

we try to “get together� on the water and off the water.

Christmas and a very happy New Year, as 2013 will bring us

the challenge of engaging in new areas such as PE, VE or

many new rewards and challenges.

crew/coxswain certification.

We will also ask current members to consider taking on

Our flotilla has many members with great experience Ronald Foreman

and qualifications. We can ask for their continued

2012 FC 12-06

participation as they continue to lend their expertise and guidance.


EA S T C O O P ER & G EO RG ETO WN 20th Anniversary of Flotilla 12-6 Sunday, November 15, 1992 was a “dream come true” for Rick Marton and Rick Buxton on Bonneau, South Carolina as they took their oaths as Commander and Vice Commander of Flotilla 12-6 of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary’s Seventh District during the chartering ceremony of the new Flotilla. Sixty-seven people attended the banquet. Immediate Past District Captain Horst Wuestenhagen presented Commander Marton with the charter amid applause for the twenty members of the Santee Cooper Lakes Flotilla. The ideas of coming to the lake area was spawned in 1987, and hard work, perseverance and enthusiasm paid off as the Coast Guard Auxiliary will now have a presence on

Shown in photograph from left to right: Horst W. Wuestenhagen, DCP, Senator Bill Mescher and Rick Martin, FC of the new Seventh District Flotilla 12-6.

Lake Moultrie. Their services will include search and rescue, education and courtesy vessel safety examinations. They will work out of the Dennis Wildlife Center. United States Coast Guard representatives to the

Congratulations to Flotilla 12-6 on reaching its

ceremony were Commander Alvin A. Sarra, Commanding

twentieth anniversary. I’d like to say thanks to Maggie

Officer of the USCG Group Charleston and Captain

McCarty, John Sikes, Ron Foreman and Barbara Burchfield

Robert T. Ritchie, Chief of the Boating Safety Division in

for letting me include this article into the Division

Miami, Florida and Director of the Auxiliary. Newly elected State Senator Bill Mescher and his wife Kitty also attended.

newsletter. William Carter SO-PB

Submitted by John Sikes, SO-PB XII (1993)

Flotilla 12-6 Past Commanders 1993

Rick Martin


Jack Connelly


Rick Burton


Bob Gillow


Simon Kirby


Bob Weskerna


Lee Borts


Maggie McCarty


Frank Carney


Ed Jones


Charles Wooton


Gary Graham


George O’Briwn


Al Crothers

2000 2001

Charles McCarty Larry Moran

2010 2011

Al Crothers Ronald Foreman


Arlene Southerland


Ronald Foreman


A UX ILIA RY A V IA TIO N Ron Sain, AAAC, Flotilla 12-2 I recently assumed the responsibility for reporting Division Twelve aviation activities in the Pelorus. My predecessor, Ken Plesser, is the new District Staff Officer for Aviation (DSO-AV) for District 7, and I am the Assistant Auxiliary Air Coordinator (AAAC) for training in South Carolina. More than fifteen Division 12 Auxiliarists are involved in Auxiliary Aviation (AUXAIR). Many are active with both air and surface platforms. Two air facilities have flown missions this past quarter: Ken Plesser, (12-3), and myself, (12-2). A third airplane co-owned by Jay Byers, (12-30, and

Our visit to Sector Jacksonville.

Al Paglia (12-3) was recently inspected and is expected to become available soon. Two other airplanes are potential

pilots, air crew, and observers will be a ready asset for Coast

assets pending engine and propeller overhauls required to

Guard support in the northern AOR of Air Station

comply with the Coast Guard’s requirement that after a

Savannah. If you know of any pilots please encourage them

predetermined number of years/hours, components must

to participate. Auxiliary Aviation provides opportunities for

be overhauled: Steve Jacobs, (12-6) and Mike Rasnak,

additional training to fly safely and gain new skills.

(12-8). Division 12 AUXAIR RECENTLY added two Observers: Ann Marie Graham (12-6) and Bud Shepard

In the past quarter, Division 12 aviation facilities flew Maritime Observation Missions (MOM), logistics missions,

(12-4). Now Bud Shepard is working on Air Crew

and one Rotary Wing Air Intercept (RWAI) exercise to assist in training a junior pilot and two MH-65 helicopter crews

requirements, and Walt Runck (12-6) and Jim Nelson (12-4)

from Air Station Savannah. Ken Plesser (12-3) flew twelve

are close to completing the requirements for Observer. The

air intercept exercises over a 3.8 hour mission. LCDR Nims commended the AUXAIR support for adding ‘realistic value’ to the operation. For Auxiliary Aviation, participation clarified the use of unfamiliar ter minology and communications. On October 13 Tommy Timberlake (12-4), Bud Shepard (12-4), Jim Nelson (12-4), Ann Marie Graham (12-6), Walt Runck (12-6), Ken Plesser (12-3), and I had the opportunity to tour the Command Center at Sector Charleston. The tour gave the Auxiliary aviation crews an opportunity to lear n about the ‘other side’ of communications and answer questions about

Working with the crew from USCG Air Station Savannah.

implementation of the new EF Johnson encrypted radios. Continued on following page 14

A UX ILIA RY A V IA TIO N AAC reports from D7 Auxiliary Aviation

On November 17, Tommy Timberlake (12-4) and I flew an

In mid-September, Cecil Christopher announced his

MOM mission to Air Station to be fitted with Aircrew Dry

resignation as the DSO-AV in order to return to work to

Coveralls (ADC’s), then continued the flight to Jacksonville to

support a critical program in the Department of Defense.

tour Sector JAX with Auxiliary pilots and crew from the

COMO Walter Jaskiewicz appointed Ken Plesser as DSO-

southern AOR.

AV and David Cristol as ADSO-AV-AAC Savannah.

Aviation activities decline in the fall and winter quarters

During the period 20-23 September, the District

as offshore water temperatures drop below 70 F. With water temperatures below 70 F Auxiliary aircraft can not fly offshore further than gliding distance from land. But with

Training Conference was held in St. Petersburg, FL. The

ADC’s missions can go offshore and be a more valuable asset

opportunity for members of “Team Savannah” to discuss

to the Coast Guard when water temperatures drop below 70

operations and to interact with AuxAir from the other three Air Stations as well as the active duty leadership.

photo to your left was taken at this event. This provided an


During the month of October the transition Aux Air

The big event for the next quarter is the annual

Savannah began the transition process for AAC David

AUXAIR Workshop at Air Station Savannah located on

Cristol. Ken Plesser provided historical material and

Hunter Army Air Field on February 1st. and 2nd.

guidance for the new AAC and the transition was

Participants must pass a 75 yard swim test wearing a flight suit and un-inflated PFD then climb into a raft plus update

completed on schedule.

themselves with required operational training and aeromedical issues. Anyone interested in learning more should

members. The original intent was to distribute the new

contact me.

radios but they were not available. The tour was still

A tour of Sector Charleston was completed by several

valuable in the exchange of information and between AuxAir and the active side.

Ron Sain

The month of November as AAC has progressed well.

Flotilla 12-2

The main challenge has been managing the transition and understanding the current status of all activities. An effort is underway to refresh the roster and confirm all participants commitment and status. A visit was made to Sector Jacksonville by 4 pilots and 2 crew. A tour was provided and we had a good exchange of information on topics such as communications and operations. Ed Chappel and I have been invited to speak at the Sector meetings in mid December and hope that this will provide a platform to better define our missions.

Left Photo: Team Savannah representatives at St. Petersburg. DCDR Warren Wilson, Observer Peg Peterson, DSO-AV Ken Plesser, VDCDR Ted Phillips, CO, CGAS Savannah Greg Fuller, Observer Nancy Hastie, ADSO-AV Bob Hastie.


D I V I S I O N S TA F F O F F I C ER REP O RTS Publications

Human Resources

William Carter, SO-PB As the new SO-PB, let me say what an honor it is for me

John Owen, SO-HR I’d like to say ‘Great Job’ to the Division 12

Flotilla FSO-HR’s! During the period to be able to serve the Auxiliary and Division 12. As you can from January to November 2012, tell, I’ve made some changes to the Division newsletter. In the Division 12 added thirty-one new future I’d like to include more photos from each of the members (thirty were added in 2011). Flotilla’s. This could be from public affairs events or just Almost half of those new members simply photos taken by members that showcase the beauty of initially inquired through the E-Responder their community. Graphics always make the difference. In program. Approximately seventy inquiries have been made addition to The Pelorus, I also handle the newsletter for thus far about Auxiliary membership within Division 12 Flotilla 12-8. The Pelorus will be released in January, April, July and through the E-Responder program. As 2013 approaches, please ensure new FSO-HR’s are October. I’d like to have all submitted articles in by the 15th listed, so I can contact them about the E-Responder of the month prior. If you’re going to need more time that’s program. As a reminder, only those individuals referred to fine, just let me know in advance. Feel free to contact me if Flotilla Commander’s, Vice Flotilla Commander’s and FSO- you have any questions or ideas for future publications. HR’s from me should be contacted. I make initial contact to determine eligibility and interests, and match those with the

Program Visitation

appropriate flotilla. Once referred, they are all yours to

Dwaine Harris, SO-PV The Division Twelve Program Visitation team had 1,531

process. Three attempts should be made by flotilla human resource officers to contact the potential member (please

visits in 2012. Thanks to each one of

record dates, times, methods).

you for every visit.

This information will be recorded on the Monthly E-

The PV program is another way to educate the public about the

Responder Reports which I maintain and submit to the District Human Resources Officer. The District HR Officer

Auxiliary, boating safety, and the

and I make additional efforts of contact the person before

importance of wearing a life jacket.

removal from our records – we want to get potential new

Restocking our display racks with

members to flotillas for processing or remove them if no

safety pamphlets seems like a small job

longer interested.

but it generates conversations and helps us get out The most important part of the E-Responder program is information about vessel safety checks and other life saving for Flotillas to contact the potential members. This is why the subjects. “checks and balances” and the reason I send courtesy copies Our greatest responsibility as Auxiliarists is to support of the referral data to the Flotilla Commander and Vice Recreational Boating Safety. I would invite you to encourage Flotilla Commander. If anyone has any questions or concerns others to consider being a PV this year. Four visits are all that with the E-Responder program or Human Resource issues, is required for staying current on this qualification. Your visit please feel free to contact me. I’m looking forward to another could be the visit that saves a boaters life. year!!!


D I V I S I O N S TA F F O F F I C ER REP O RTS Information Systems

programming. I will help any Flotilla that needs help in doing

this. Sue Hastings, SO-HR Members, please help your Web Masters by providing I want to thank all the Division FSOs-IS for a good year in 2012. We had inputter them with up to date information on your classes, activities, coverage for each Flotilla. I look forward etc., that can be added to your websites. Our websites are to working with them and the new usually the first impression we make to a potential new FSOs-IS in 2013 to provide the best members or the boating public. service to you our members. You can help by turning your missions,

Communications Systems

exams, or visits in a timely manner. We still have many members who do not turn in a 7029 form on a regular basis.

Jim Ramsey, SO-CM Greetings All,

If you are not sure how to complete a form electronically or by hard copy, please check with your FSO-IS. It is also very important that your contact information is kept up to date. REYR is being run on 31 December 2012. If you go into

Now that the Christmas Season is about over I hope everyone has a great New Year!

I have been working with the Sector Charleston this status you will need to do the maintenance task whether it Command Center folks to establish a plan of action for is hours, visits, exams, or tests before your certification can be Auxiliary personnel that have an interest in being a part of restored and they have to be entered into AUXDATA. Your the watch. I hope to have the plan ready to implement by the Flotilla Commander then must make the request to remove beginning of the New Year. REYR though the District 7 Help Desk. It is very important If anyone is interested in becoming a radio watch-stander that IT/VE/PV show only one Trainee on the mission form. please feel free to contact me and I will explain the The Director’s office will not accept missions for requirements to become Auxiliary qualified. That is the first recertification if more than one Trainee is listed for these step. Station and Sector requirements would follow the qualifications. Auxiliary PQS. This program is a commitment, so please call and I’ll go over the requirements. Also, I’m looking into the interest to make an Auxiliary

Communications Services

communications van or trailer. The trailer would be used by David Hastings, SO-CS Division 12 as a mobile communications unit. If anyone is I want to thank the Flotilla Staff Officers for interested give me a ring and let’s discuss. Communication Services in 2012 for the great job they did in Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you. having a web site for every Flotilla in Division 12. I am looking forward to working with the Flotillas for 2013. Any

Happy New Year to all,

Flotilla that does not have a FSO-CS can have a WOW II

Jim Ramsey

website set up. For those not familiar with this acronym, it’s short for websites without web masters. This web design

Jim@USCGAuxiliary.US 843-819-3500

system is easy to operate and it does not require any special


D I V I S I O N S TA F F O F F I C ER REP O RTS Member Training

Access the site by visiting the link below:

Be Moore, SO-MT This fall saw a busy summer season

winding down with several flotillas

After you self-enroll into the course, review the online

culminating their on-the-water training presentation and related materials. Once you complete the efforts with crew and coxswain review of the course, access the National Testing Center to qualifications and re-qualifications. In take the final exam (AUXOP courses must be proctored). addition, an 8-hour TCT class was conducted in November.

Vessel Examinations

Now is the time to be thinking about what you would like to accomplish in 2013. As I have said before, member

Andy Poole, SO-VE

training is the core of our existence in the Auxiliary, whether

Equip Yourself: Gear for Cold Weather Boating

you are in upgrade training yourself or helping someone else. Member training is also prevalent on each patrol…on-thewater or walking the docks. I encourage each member to actively enter a training program. Most of the AUXOP courses, i.e., AUXCOM, AUXSEA, AUXPAT, AUXWEA, etc. are available on line and offer a wealth of information. Contact your flotilla training officer for more information.

As the water temperatures around the South Carolina lowcountry continue to drop, cold weather boaters need protection from hypothermia, both on deck and in the event of falling overboard. Cold water shortens in-water survival time, making a quick rescue essential. Fortunately, you have options whether you hunt, fish, or cruise on cold water.

Choose the right gear to increase your chances of surviving a We hope to hold several division wide training sessions in cold-weather mishap. 2013. Flotilla 12-8 under the guidance of FSO-MT Richard Daniel has developed a “GPS for Mariners” course and will offer the first class on 19 Jan 2013. They also plan on presenting a “Charting and Plotting” class in March 2013. If you interested in either or both of these classes, contact your flotilla member training officer or Richard Daniel at In addition we hope to conduct another division wide ICS 210 class for future coxswains and an 8-hour TCT class… both in late spring/early summer. As you can see, Member Training Officers have a lot to offer. You can help them by telling them of your training needs and desires. Stay in touch with your Member Training Officers. I guarantee…the more you get involved with training, the more you will enjoy being in the Auxiliary. AUXOP Courses, Leadership Courses, and Online Testing Are Available on the Coast Guard Auxiliary Training Directorate Website.

• Flotation Coat Flotation coats provide warmth and double as a life jacket should the wearer fall in the water. Float coats are recommended for boaters who boat year-round in locales with moderate air temperatures and cold water. If you boat in extremely cold temperatures, a flotation coat will not protect you from hypothermia if you were to fall into the water. • Immersion or Survival Suit Winter boating calls for hardy gear. Survival suits will protect you from the elements, and they will provide flotation and hypothermia protection if you enter the water. Wearing a survival suit can increase survival time in cold water. Continued on following page


D I V I S I O N S TA F F O F F I C ER REP O RTS Vessel Examinations (Contd.) Common sense can also increase your chances of survival

• Dry Suit

Dry suits can be instantly drawn tight to prevent water from in cold weather. Dress in layers to provide maximum entering, appropriate thermal layers worn beneath the dry protection and warmth. Technical fibers provide thermal suit provide insulation and they are not buoyant. Dry suits protection and won’t absorb water. Include a hat to protect are suitable for intentional entry into the water, but provide your head from heat loss. Wear gloves. no passive protection if you fall in.

Don't be tempted to skip proper cold weather clothing and gear. Be sure to wear a life jacket, file a float plan, get a

vessel safety exam, and have the appropriate hypothermia Otherwise known as a PLB, a personal position locator protection when boating in the cold. beacon is a scaled down version of the Emergency Position Division 12 completed 1, 883 Vessel Safety Exams this • Personal Position Locator Beacon

Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB). When immersed in year, as of December 16, 2012. Last year, the division set a water or manually activated both EPIRBs and PLBs record with 2, 881 Vessel Safety Exams. Since records are transmit a signal that allows rescuers to pinpoint your established to be broken, let’s all see what we can do to location.

exceed the VSC Record of 2011.

• Personal Emergency Locator Light An emergency light worn and activated if a person is in the

Hours: Vessel Safety Checks

water can attract the attention of rescuers, providing a much more visible target than your head in the water. The bright, flashing light increases the chances of being spotted


by rescuers or a passing boater.


• Flares


Store hand held and/or parachute flares in immersion suit pockets, secured with a lanyard. Make sure to study their

1% 5%

instructions before you need them. • Whistle


Attracting attention will increase your chances of surviving in the water. Whistles are a inexpensive and simple way to


make noise without exhausting yourself. Rescuers are trained to turn off the boat engines and listen for a period of time while they are on search and rescue missions, or a

12-1 12-3 12-6 12-10

nearby boater may hear the signal. Conventional whistles don’t work if the “pea” inside is wet, so make sure that you choose a waterproof model.


12-2 12-4 12-8 12-12


DCDR comments: Vito Giardina reviewed the items covered at

Minutes from Division 12 Meeting

Commanders’ Call.

Waterworks, Mt. Pleasant, S.C

VCDR comments:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Al Crothers commented on the number of hours • The meeting was called to order at 1020 hours by Vito reported to date in AUXINFO (approximately 35,000). He also stated that we now have 279 members in our Division. Al Giardina, Division Commander. • The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Al Crothers, thanked all for electing him as the new DCDR. Division Staff Officer Reports: Division Vice Commander. Please read these reports published in the Pelorus

• The Invocation was given by Al Crothers, Division Vice


Commander. Division Members in Attendance: (listed below)

New Business:

DCDR Welcome/Introductions:

Swearing in of newly elected DCDR, Al Crothers by

Vito Giardina DCDR welcomed everyone and guests CDR LeFebvre and DCAPT-N –Bob Weskerna Presentation of Awards: CDR LeFebvre and LTJG Rice, Sector Charleston. • Flotilla Meritorious Achievement Award for greatest

Vito thanked Flotilla 12-02 Grand Strand for the refreshments.

improvement in overall performance for 2011 presented to

approved at Commanders’ Call as listed in the Pelorus

Ron Foreman, FC 12-06. • Membership Growth Award – Michael Mikutaitis,


12-03 and Charles Budnick, 12-04.

Division Minutes: July Division meeting minutes were

• Meritorious Team Award for State Liaison Officer

Financial Report: Approved at Commanders’ Call as

Training-Barbara Burchfield, 12-06.

submitted by John Murphy, SO-FN

Roster of members and guests present 12-1

Joyce Slingerland

Jay Dahlgren

Continued on Page Twenty-Three

Jack Stacy

Ann Graham

Richard Bankert

Nancy Johnson

Barbara Burchfield

Sue Hastings

Festus Burchfield

Dave Hastings

John Owen



Perry Moses

Michael Mikutaitis


Ron Cunningham

Peg Peterson

Reggie Hollar 12-8

Allen James

Ken Plesser


Joe Fleming


Gerry Ruschkofski

Al Crothers

Bob Mathewes


Dorothy Schoch Carl Brown

Sue Carty Don Carty

Andy Poole Bob Weskerna

Paul Berka Alan Miles

Karen Andrews James Andrews

Jeanette Brown

Deborah Lee

Alma Lyerley


Walter Runck


Judith Ash

Chuck Budnick

Ron Foreman

Vito Giardina


S TA TE LIA IS O N REP O RT Barbara Burchfield, SLO-SC

12-1 12-2 12-3 12-4 12-6 12-8 12-10 12-12

SLO-SC Barbara Burchfield attended District 7 Training Conference in September, giving two separate presentations. Barbara developed a presentation for the RBS Strategic Plan 2012-2016, highlighting the Coast Guards priorities including increasing the number of persons who complete a boating safety course or test that conforms to the National Boating

ABS Students for 2012

37 7 18 22 19 41

Education Standards as recognized by the USCG. Barbara assisted in the development and presentation of


Public Education Best Practices with DSO-PE Judi Bacon and DCAPT-N (e) Dave Fuller. Her part of the PE

The number of classes held by each flotilla are as follows:

presentation explained how some Auxiliary courses (About Boating Safely, Boating Skills & Seamanship, and Sailing

12-1: 1



12-10: 3

Skills & Seamanship) are affected by NASBLA standards and approvals, BLA certifications; and SLO facilitation of

12-2: 2

12-6: 12

12-12: 1

12-3: 2


auxiliary public education missions with the states. We sent the South Carolina Boating Law Administrator (BLA) an offer to have auxiliary data for 2012 RBS Performance Report, such as the number of vessel safety


See the following page for more detailed information on ABS course statistics. SLO-SCs are working with the E-Department on public

checks, public education classes and students. The annual education instructor and course development to increase report covers the period 01OCT - 30SEP and is sent to the recreational boater enrollment in Auxiliary safety courses. Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety with a 12/31/2012 Stay tuned. deadline. The information is used to report activities funded

The Navigator winter edition included an SLO article

with RBS Program Dollars. 2012 Auxiliary data of certified boating courses held in

from Barbara. She also contributed stories to the Lake

South Carolina reveal a growing trend of decline in public

markers, navigation lights and boat fenders. She is finalizing a

education courses and students. While the number of recreational boaters increases each year, the number of

Murray Association newsletters highlighting safety about day story about local South Carolina Auxiliarist Robert

Weskerna, elected to D7 Chief of Staff, to be released to auxiliary boating safety courses continues to decrease. One- newspapers and publications in December. third of all scheduled Auxiliary ABS classes were cancelled in We attended the Lake Murray Safety Consortium 2012, primarily due to lack of student enrollment. In some meeting on September 19, 2012; meetings were cancelled cases ineffective product advertising and holiday/event October-December 2012. conflicts contributed to cancellations.

The Burchfields supported the Sea Cadets Great Portage

SLO-SC monitors the DNR certified boating safety courses in South Carolina. For Division 12 specifically, public

Race 9/15/2012 with one of the two operational facilities;

education results for 2012 are shown in the pie chart shown

ranging in age from 10

to your upper right.

setting up the safety zone for 20 cadets from South Carolina Continued on following page 21

S TA TE LIA IS O N REP O RT to 18 years old. They exhibited a wide range of ability tested

the SASA, included the great Shrine competitions featuring

their knowledge and canoe skills. The Sea Cadet leaders were motorcycles, light weight motorcycles, small cars and very appreciative of the AUX keeping tabs on them. marching units all competing for trophies. Operational Facilities “Master Chief ” (12-01) and

In the below photo, from left: Auxiliarists Eric Hurlin and

“Voyager” (12-06) provided safety zone coverage with

Chuck Budnick inspect a motorized unit. Photo and story

Auxiliarists from 5 flotillas, 3 Divisions and 2 Districts.

courtesy of Tom Williamson, FSO-PA 12-4.

In this 4th Quarter 2012 report, we shared another example of Division 12 membership working with other organizations and providing positive public impact: Flotilla 12-4 (Socastee, SC) members were invited to inspect and judge units participating in the event at the old Myrtle Square Mall site across from the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on September 21. The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce/CVB and the City of Myrtle Beach welcomed the South Atlantic Shrine Association (SASA) 39th Annual Meeting to the area 9-22 SEP. Events for TO TA L C L A S S ES

















Here are some web sites that you might want to check

Marine Safety Rick Bankert, SO-MS I am looking forward to productive year for all of our


flotillas in the area of Marine Safety. I would like to ask

each Marine Safety flotilla officer to send me the following information over the next two months. First –Let me know what your flotilla does, for Marine Safety, that you consider to be successful missions. Just a

Please feel free to e-mail the monthly reports to me at:

sentence or two about each mission.

Thank you.

Second –What would you wish for in order to make Marine Safety more successful? Again, a brief statement

Rick Bankert SO-MS

of areas that should be developed further or new ideas that you would like to consider.


S EC RETA RY REC O RD S (C O N TD .) Secretary Records (Contd.) • Meritorious Team Award for National Conferences-

DCDR -Closing Remarks:

Brett Grooms, 12-06.

Thanked all the members for their support during his

• Commodore’s Certificate of Excellence Award term of office and reminded everyone of the COW dates. (250+Hrs) OPS/MS-Ron Foreman, 12-06 and Robert Mathewes, 12-08.

A motion was made by Ron Foreman to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Mike Mikutaitis. The meeting was

• Commodore’s Certificate of Excellence Award RBS adjourned at 1230 hours. (250+Hrs)-Barbara Burchfield, 12-06, Ron Foreman, 12-06, James Poole, 12-06, Phillip Poole, 12-06, Dave Hastings, 12-10, Steve Rodvansky, 12-01.

Respectfully submitted, Deborah Lee

• Commodore’s Certificate of Excellence Award CG


Operational/Administrative Support (100+Hrs)-Barbara


Burchfield, 12-06, Hugo Endris, 12-06, Jay Dahlgren,

Joseph Fleming, SO-OP Happy New Year to All Division 12 Members. Hope

12-01. • Commodore’s Certificate of Excellence Award Watchstanding (100+Hrs) James Ramsey, 12-06, Steve Rodvansky, 12-01. • Multi-Directorate Award for OPS/MS/RBS

everyone had a Merry Christmas. I know spending time with family and friends is what Christmas is all about. The New Year is upon us again and with it will be new

challenges and opportunities in our everyday operations as (250+Hrs)-Karen Andrews, 12-12. Auxiliarists. • Multi-Directorate Award for OPS/MS (250+Hrs) This year we need to keep a closer watch on our fuel George Gammon, 12-06. usage so we can prevent running out like the past. The Gold • NSBW Presentation-Alan Miles, 2012 NSBW side depends on us with many of their daily missions and Chairperson presented both, Power Point and slide that’s one of reasons we are here. On your regular patrols presentations of the 2012 NSBW programs. This same take time to practice SAR patterns, man overboard drills presentation was shown and well accepted at DTRAIN and plotting. This will keep your skills sharp, so when the held in September. time comes when you need them it’s like second nature to Guest Remarks: perform. CDR LeFebvre thanked everyone for their dedication to FSO-OPS, I would like to hear from ALL of you on supporting the Boating Safety Program and stressed the any problems with operations or equipment problems and importance of wearing PFDs. LTJG Rice also thanked needs. I also need an operation report each month so I can everyone for their support and for our assistance in keeping keep our DSO up to date of our operations and needs. the fuel budget in control. Remember when you wear the uniform; you represent Bob Weskerna spoke about the election process. He ALL of us. So wear it proudly and professionally. spoke about a few items from DTRAIN regarding QE missions and the release of a new version of POMS. Bob

Semper Paratus

also spoke about realizing when it’s time to step down from

Joseph Fleming

OPS missions and look at the possibility at taking on other positions in the flotilla. 23

D I V I S I O N S TA F F O F F I C ER REP O RTS You will need to submit a monthly report to me and

Materials Michael Mikutaitis, SO-MA Happy New Year to everyone. I'm Michael Mikutaitis (I go by 'Mik'), I'm last year's FC for 12-3 at Lake Murray. I will be serving as the division materials officer for 2013. 

what I would like to see is what you ordered for the previous month especially postage. Please submit that report to me by the 1st of each month. This report should be what you submit to your VFC for your flotilla.  A report from ALL FLOTILLAS is required.

If you are a newly appointed FSO-MA for your flotilla you can rest at ease. The position is not that difficult to handle. Those that have stayed on for 2013 then you know the job. I will keep you updated on any changes to the ANSC catalog during the year. They have put the catalog ordering

Do not stockpile a large amount of materials except for our known events. I will send out the ANSC ordering form to you in a few days. Your FC should provide you a form outlining your job duties but I'll be sending out a copy of that form too. Below is my contact information:

online making ordering much simpler. Some catalog items

Michael Mikutaitis, SO-MA 070-12

have limits on them, submit your order and if it is rejected

USCG Auxiliary

which I haven't seen happen yet then contact me and I will

6 Kinlaugh Ct.

resend it using your information or I'll send it up the chain

Columbia, SC 29204-4431

of leadership. The only time you should exceed the quota

803-331-5810 cell/home ~ 803-737-1877 work

are for those special events that pop up from time to time.

Diversity & Inclusion

There are great references (Resources, News, and

Al Crothers, SO-DV

Outreach Programs) for all of us to read in order to understand the new directorate ourselves. You can find a

Diversity & Inclusion “Dependability, Integrity,

list of those on the Diversity & Inclusion page. Here is the URL:


Commandant’s Vision Charting the Course of the United States Coast

Diversity is about our commitment to embrace men and women of all racial, cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds as full, equal, and vital members of our organization. There is another staff office for all levels of the Auxiliary. That office is ‘Diversity and Inclusion’. This directorate was officially established recently. Flotilla Commanders should consider a candidate for the role, if they have not done so already. I plan to hold the division office for 2013 in order to understand what the directorate

Guard “We are defined by our Missions, People and Heritage. We will selflessly serve our Country and perform our duties in a manner that secures the trust and confidence of mariners and citizens alike. We will set a course that steadies the Service, honors our profession, strengthens our partnerships, and respects our Shipmates.”

requirements are from the division level.

Semper Paratus


201 2 MIS S IO N H O URS REP O RTS Hours: All Flotilla Activities


4% 9%


Hours: Marine Patrols





12-1 12-3 12-6 12-10

12-2 12-4 12-8 12-12



20% 12-2 12-4 12-8 12-12

12-2 12-4 12-8 12-12

Hours: Vessel Safety Checks


19% 1% 5%




19% 7%

12-1 12-3 12-6 12-10

4%4% 5% 7% 34%

12-1 12-3 12-6 12-10

12% 28%

Hours: Public Affairs





12-2 12-4 12-8 12-12


6% 12%


Hours: Member Training




29% 12-1 12-3 12-6 12-10


4% 8%


10% 17%

Hours: Recreational Boating Safety

12-1 12-3 12-6 12-10

30% 12-2 12-4 12-8 12-12

12-1 12-3 12-6 12-10

The information above is accurate as of 31 December 2012 from the D7 AuxInfo report.


12-2 12-4 12-8 12-12












































































































































































































-100% N/A* -4.3%


The information above is accurate as of 30 December 2012 from the D7 AuxInfo report. Division Twelve logged in nearly 51,700 hours for the year 2012. This represents an overall decrease of 20%. With the exception of Public Affairs, performance levels have decreased in every category listed above. * Flotilla did not log hours in this category for 2012 or 2011, therefore the percentage increase/decrease does not apply. Flotilla logged no hours in this category last year.


D I V I S I O N S TA F F O F F I C ERS Division Twelve Bridge Division Commander

Al Crothers

Vice Division Commander

John Murphy

Vito Giardina

Immediate Past Division Commander

Flotilla Commanders/Vice Commanders 12-1, Lake Marion & the Inland Sea


VFC Joe Newman

12-2, Grand Strand


VFC Judith Ash

12-3, Lake Murray


VFC Ken Uschelbec

12-4, Central Grand Strand


VFC Thomas Timberlake

12-6, Mount Pleasant


VFC Festus Burchfield

12-8, Charleston


VFC Dwaine Harris

12-10, Georgetown


Rick Bankert

VFC Vito Giardina

12-12, Edisto Beach


VFC Cliff Songer

John Owen

Dorothy Schoch

Gerry Ruschkofski Chuck Budnick Andy Poole Paul Berka

Karen Andrews

Division Support Staff AUXAIR

Auxiliary Aviation


Director’s District

Security Liaison

Ron Sain

Vito Giardina


Assistant Director’s

District Security Liaison

Al Crothers


State Liaison Officer

Barbara Burchfield


State Liaison Officer

Festus Burchfield


D I V I S I O N S TA F F O F F I C ERS Division Staff Officers SO-CM




Jim Ramsey

Communications Systems

David Hastings

Diversity & Inclusion

Al Crothers



Vito Giardina


Human Resources

John Owen


Information Systems

Susan Hastings



Michael Mikutaitis


Marine Safety

Rick Bankert


Member Training

Be Moore


Navigation Systems

Allen James



Joe Fleming


Public Affairs

Jay Bird



William Carter


Public Education

Vacant Position


Program Visitation

Dwaine Harris


Secretary Records

Deborah Lee


Vessel Safety Exams

Andy Poole

Upcoming Division Change of Watch The Division Change of Watch Ceremony is scheduled for January of 2013 and will be held at the Beach Colony Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. Contact Vito Giardina if you need additional information. Where:

Beach Colony Resort, Myrtle Beach, SC


Jan 11-12


Tropical Blue for Division Meeting, Dinner Dress Blue or Service Dress Blue for Saturday dinner.

Confidentiality Notice Telephone numbers and addresses of members are protected by the Privacy Act of 1974. As a matter of policy, rosters of names, addresses and telephone numbers shall not be made available to the general public or any outside organization. Privacy of all rosters shall be safeguarded and the page clearly labeled. The publications of these rosters, addresses, and telephone numbers on any computer on-line service including the Internet is prohibited by the Privacy Act of 1974.


Pelorus - Winter 2013  
Pelorus - Winter 2013  

Aux Division 12 Newsletter