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How to motivate yourself


Another new year and more broken promises to yourself. Stop setting goals and start making life changes. Back away from the negative choices you made last year and start making positive choice that will enhance your life and the people you love. This issue features what has been happening around the University and what our aspirations are for the year.

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ONLINE EDITOR Jovi Mullen DEP. ONLINE EDITOR Kelly Dawes CONTRIBUTORS Joe Farrar, Sim Singh, Matt Roberts, Mel Ramsay, Lewis Lay, Adam Rosario, Jamal Josephs, Philip Cullinane, Leaharen Russo, Ivy Photiou, Kate Bowmer

PHOTOGRAPHERS Vitanee Oliver, Jovi Mullen, Tony Bedford, Ceri Saunders, Kelsie Irvine




















YOUR UNION Alice Wilcox


We Asked Alice...

What are your top three songs? Wild For The Night - A$AP Rocky Kickstarts - Example Love On Top - Beyonce

One thing not many people know about you? I used to play the flute and was part of an orchestra but I quit when I went to secondary school because I was too scared to carry on when it meant I had to meet new people. I was really shy! What is your proudest moment at Staffs Uni so far? Winning the elections was by far the proudest moment at Staffs! I never thought I had a chance at getting into office so I couldn't even believe it when I did!

Email: Telephone no: 01782 294628 Degree: BA (Hons) Events Management

If your house was on fire and you could grab only three things before leaving, what would they be? Definitely the bear I have called Frankie that I got when I was little. My iPad I draw a lot so probably all the pictures I've done because they took hours!

If you could be anyone in the world living or dead for a day who would it be? Kate Middleton. She's amazing! If three wishes were granted to you, what would they be? To graduate from university with 1st class honours. To live in Barcelona, I've been twice now and it's such an incredible city. To be able to eat as much as I wanted and never put on any weight.


If you could take one thing to an isolated island? My phone. I can't live without my phone and then at least I'd have a chance at being rescued...

Rochelle Owusu-Antwi We asked Rochelle... What are your top three songs? Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack Ex Factor- Lauryn Hill A toss up between What You Know - Two Door Cinema Club or Blame Game- Kanye West & John Legend. Omg the HARDEST QUESTION!


One thing not many people know about you? I applied to be a Student Ambassador for the University but nerves got the better of me at my interview and I got rejected. Was wounded but quite possibly got the last laugh looking back... What is your proudest moment at Staffs Uni so far? I've got three! Winning my first Leadership Race from the help of my long-suffering friends/ unofficial campaign team. I didn't in a million years think I'd get it and to have campaigned for something and be elected in when you're not expecting it...the feeling was amazing. Close second has to be graduating after the end of a particularly challenging year: it felt good to have made it and to have my friends and family around to share the moment. And lastly winning Stoke Netball's Fresher of The Year 2012/13. They even got my name inscribed on the award correctly too, unlike the Owasu-Anwi on my kit hoodie...;) If your house was on fire and you could grab only three things before leaving, what would they be? Those who know me will know my room kind of set on fire just before my graduation haha, but had I been around probably my harddrive, the watch my mum bought me for my 21st birthday and my favourite vintage black and white cardigan coat.

Email: Telephone no: 01782 294628 Degree: BA (Hons) Journalism

If you could be anyone in the world living or dead for a day who would it be? Eddie Murphy during his heyday. He was pretty much the king of comedy during the 80s and Coming To America is one of my favourite films. If three wishes were granted to you, what would they be? To never gain weight, eat as much as I like and never exercise (a chance would be a fine thing)! For my friends and family to live long and happy lives I guess. To have unlimited wishes. If you could take one thing to an isolated island? A speedboat



The Stallions finally kicked off the 2014 BUCS American Football season, following a weather postponement, with a defeat at home to the Sheffield Hallam Warriors.

Things started on a high note for the Stallions with rookie Running Back Jamie Wright carrying the offence down field on the opening drive, which stalled inside the Warriors' 10 and resulted in a turnover on 4th down following a fumbled snap. This gave the Stallions D a great opportunity to restrain the Warriors' Single Wing offence. The Warriors offence ground their way down the field, aided by a facemask penalty and were able to pound the ball into the endzone for a touchdown, the 2 point conversion was good. They then picked off a tipped pass on the first play of the Stallions' next drive, which put them in great field position to go 16-0 up in under 60 seconds. Another Hallam score in the first quarter took them to a 24-0 lead that they wouldn't relinquish.

The Stallions made some adjustments in the 2nd quarter and were able to slow the pace of the Hallam offence, as well as making consistent yards themselves. The Stallions managed to force two turnovers in the quarter, with Defensive Back Sam Peace recovering a fumble and Linebacker, reigning Defensive MVP, Rich Bodinar picking off a Hallam pass. Unfortunately the offence weren't able to do much with the field position given to them, and Hallam were able to capitalise, taking the score to 40-0 just before half time. There was a glimmer of hope for the Stallions however as Gareth Phillips sacked the Hallam QB in the Endzone for a Safety inside the 2 minute warning. The second half showed a greatly improved effort from the Stallions, who struck first as QB James Rogers found reigning Offensive MVP Lewis Bayley in the endzone for his first score of the season following an Adam Campbell interception. The point after was no good, but there was a visible spark in the Stallions side. Hallam were able to bring the 2nd half scores level with another score, but the Stallions struck back in the 4th quarter as Rogers found Bayley again for a 50 yard TD pass. The point after attempt was again no good, but the Stallions were able to continually move the ball for the remainder of the game, showing promise ahead of next week's fixture away at the Lancaster Bombers.




Words & Photos by Jovi Mullen

With Stoke-on-Trent based boxer Chris Nixon in his prime, he is now considering a professional career in the paid ring which could pave the way for this potential sports man. After securing his EBF Midlands Area Cruise-Weight title over Stuart Maddox, hopes are high for this budding 27-year-old boxer. This claiming of the belt at a sold out event at King’s Hall in March proved that he has what it takes to mix with the professionals. Currently living in Stoke with his partner and his three-year-old son, Nixon works as a doorman which he began at 18 when he entered the security industry. At the tender age of 14, he began kickboxing at a local club in Stoke but decided he needed to try something more intense. He tried his luck at Queensbury Amateur Boxing Club at Willfield Bentilee and loved it from day one. During his time at Queensbury ABC he competed in five fights; the first two he won by knockouts. A break came in his boxing training as work became priority but he still kept fit with bouts of boxing on the side with fellow door staff in his spare time.

About two years ago, ex-boxer Steve Loftus approached the young amateur, his brother and another doorman to box at a charity event in Fenton Manor. This reignited Nixon’s interest in the sport and he began to train at Impact Gym under the watchful eye of Jason Crompton and retired boxer Scott Lawton. Once the temporary pain of being away from the ring had subsided, he began to train four to five times a week; combining weights, running, guerrilla training and sprints. “Having Jason and Scott as trainers is brilliant. With Scott’s knowledge and experience from his own boxing career, he gives me constant advice and the intense training is a bonus.” Lawton expressed interest in Nixon once he began training at Impact and was keen to pass on his skills to unleash his true potential. His family and partner have always supported his boxing and they attend his fights to give him admirable support on the night. With Nixon having a three-year-old son, he has the potential to follow his father into the ring in a few years’ time. “I would like my son to take up boxing, or a sport that will keep him fit and give him something to aim at in life, but if he didn’t it would disappoint me. It’s his choice.” Nixon intends to turn professional in his boxing career in the next few years and has already been discussing the prospect of this with Lawton, without whom he would not have been driven to succeed. He is set to defend his EBF Cruiser-weight title on June 7th again at King’s Hall, Stoke. With all this in mind and support from trainer Lawton and his family, he is on the right track in becoming successful in this industry and making a name for himself internationally.


REVIEW: Sid Batham – All Lies

Words by Victoria Baker

Newcomer Sid Batham has released his first EP featuring his debut single ‘All Lies’ and a variety of dubstep inspired remixes. He is without doubt to find mainstream success in the near future as he seems to have already established his music as worthy of it. His mixes are reminiscent of anthems like this year’s ‘Reload’ albeit with less variation on the lyrics. The album’s title track ‘All Lies’ is a prime example of why he deserves the mainstream success. It pretty much does what it says on the tin.

Much like Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors, it’s quite repetitive.

The repeating of the one line over and over again only convinces us that perhaps Sid Batham forgot the rest of the words, or just liked singing them so much that he didn’t want to stop. Don’t let this detract your attention away from the feel of the song though. It’s actually pretty good.

With the distorted guitar, wide vocal range and a distinct nineties feel to it, it’s really good!

The album remixes of the single are also a good listen bringing a new take on it with each track that passes. You can expect to hear Sid Batham’s name a lot more in the near future.


SEMESTER ONE Words by Alex Burnett

So, its come to that time of year where everyone goes home for Christmas. The weather gets colder, Christmas Carols start to flow, and best of all…No more deadlines! (Well, for a while anyway). From all of us here at OMG Towers, we want to thank you for your support over the last few months. We’ve done a lot this year, such as starting our Transmission nights, which have been a huge success. We’ve been out and about on Uni Open Days playing some great music, our 36 hour broadcast for Children in Need, and so much more. We hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year, and see you soon. Let’s have a look at the most played songs from this semester! Foals – Out Of The Woods (282 Plays) John Newman – Cheating (265 Plays) Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty (263 Plays) Tinie Tempah – Children of the Sun (252 Plays) The 1975 – Girls (246 Plays)

Keep an eye as well in the New Year, as we will be re-opening applications for you lovely people you! Get Involved

If media is your thing, then you don’t just have to read, watch or listen – there’s plenty for you to get involved in. One Media Group is our student media, reporting on what’s going on around campus and in the area, supported by the Students’ Union. It’s run by students to help them gain experience as well as ensure that all the students get to hear about issues that actually matter to them. You don’t have to be on a related media course to get involved, as all we’re looking for is people with plenty of enthusiasm. Note: You do need to be a current student at Staffordshire University to become involved in One Media Group. There’s plenty of positions available for you, from presenting and writing, through to technical and supporting roles.

The best way to get in contact is to e-mail the section you want to be involved with:

Radio: Carey Hadgraft - News: Alice Bentley & Tom Bushell - Entertainment: Liam Maxwell & Tom Smith - Music: Chris Ash - Sport: Ravi Puskar & Emily Liles – Promotions: Tom Meir, Tom Smith, Hannah Sadler & Chris Ogori - Technical: Alex Burnett & Zack Morton -




Trina, Sharna & Sa from the Bedroom UK show us their attire for a glamourous night out. @TheBedroomUK

Photos by Jovi Mullen

Staordshire University student Latir Thakur is an aspiring model, currently making a name from himself in Manchester.

Photos by Jovi Mullen


Available to buy at John Smith’s Book Store located on the College Road campus (beside Squeeze Box)

SOCIETIES Amateur Dramatics Society

We are looking for students and non students who are simply looking for some acting experience and we also more than welcome technicans to help us backstage! We meet in the Brindley Building in rooms BG35 and BG36 every Tuesday & Thursday at 6pm-8pm

This our third year as the Amateur Dramatics Society by starting a fresh to make the society gain it's full potential and be the best it can be! We aim to put on three professional productions this year including two straight plays, one before Christmas Break and after Easter. We also are performing a musical in April. We are a society that will help pursue any members to gain a amateur dramatic hobby whether it's acting, singing, dancing or tech work, we welcome everyone, the more the merrier! We want to put on great shows all year and work our hardest whilst having some fun along the way! We hope you join us in what will be a great year of Amateur Dramatic fun!

Mature Students Network 21+

We offer help, support and regular social events for all mature students studying at Staffordshire University. For example, we hold regular meals where students get the opportunity to socialise and catch up up with fellow mature students and have a good time. In the past we have based our meals mostly in the Stoke area, but this year we are looking to expand to the Stafford area too to try and accommodate as many of our members' needs as possible. We are also offering weekly coffee/tea afternoons at the Squeeze Box in Stoke every Wednesday afternoon at 2pm where students can pop along and have a chat with fellow students and meet some of the committee who will be available at these coffee/tea afternoons. Our Facebook page is one of the best places to discover more mature students and find out what is happening within our social calendar so please join it if you haven't already. If you don't have a Facebook account don't worry! We will be using our Union page to message our members about social events too so you won't miss out!

Wondering what else we do? Last year the committee dressed up in fancy dress for charity and walked round the campus with buckets. They also attended all their lectures and seminars whilst in fancy dress! A giant teddy bear, a Snow Queen and a 6'4 panto dame with a beard certainly raised a few eyebrows, and a lot of money too. In total we collected £640 which we divided equally between Beat, a charity helping people with eating disorders, and The Donna Louise Trust who offer palliative care for children. We are hoping to raise even more this year and hope all of you will get involved as well!



Words by Andrew Lees

Let’s honest. Some of the theatregoers packing out The Regent for the first night of this musical had come to see their favourite pop star. Marti Pellow, of Wet, Wet, Wet fame, was appearing as singing narrator Che in the musical biography of Argentina’s much-loved icon Eva Peron. His arrival on stage prompted much whooping and hollering from the women in the audience. Love was indeed all around. You suspect, however, that the standing ovation more than two hours later was prompted more by the whole cast and a terrific central performance by Madalena Alberto as Eva. Pellow seems at home in musical theatre. Wet, Wet, Wet are still touring – more than 20 years after their chart-topping success – but he has carved out a respected parallel career as a West End star.

His role in Evita, written, of course, by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, follows other performances in shows such as The War of the Worlds, Blood Brothers and Chicago. Here, he more than holds his own as both actor and singer, leaping about the stage with gusto. Alberto, though, is quite rightly the real star and Pellow graciously gives her the room to shine.

The real Eva was a charismatic actress who retained the common touch with the Argentine people after her husband, Juan Peron, became president. Known as the “Spiritual Chief of the Nation”, she was feted by millions thanks to her populist efforts to help the poor and extend women’s rights. Before her death of cancer at the age of 33, she had helped her husband to transform Argentina – although critics felt the couple had used some dodgy methods to crush their opponents (such as closing down critical newspapers, perish the thought). To play such a powerful and popular historical figure you need an actress with the personality and confidence to command the stage. Alberto, who has a tremendous singing voice, ticks all the boxes. Her voice reverberated around the venue and the obvious crowd-pleaser – Don’t Cry For Me Argentina – was movingly delivered. She was well-supported not only by Pellow but also by the ensemble cast led by Mark Heenehan as Juan Peron.

A real highlight was the company’s rendition of foot-tapping rallying song A New Argentina at the end of act one. The audience headed home following a tearful (if a touch overlong) finale, having seen a slick production that atmospherically evoked the period.

The man heard whistling Don’t Cry For Me Argentina on Hanley’s John Street car park certainly seemed to think so.


Based on the phenomenal Oscar-winning movie that captured the hearts and imaginations of a generation back in the 90s. Ghost is a timeless fantasy about the power of love.

Showing at the Regent Theatre, Hanley January 8th - 18th 2014 Tickets ÂŁ17.90 - ÂŁ57.40



Bowling For Soup arrived back here again, after 19 years of endless touring, to say farewell to their loyal fans on UK turf. They were determined to be remembered for all their hits they made over the last two decades and to give their fans a show only Bowling For Soup could deliver.

Words & Photos by Jovi Mullen

The highly anticipated night began with enthusiastic pop punk quintet Patent Pending bouncing onto the stage in the O2 Academy in Birmingham. They warmed the crowd up easily by interacting with eager fans, leading the crowd in sing alongs and even performing amongst them in the middle of the circle pit. An excellent choice of band to support Bowling For Soup, they even managed to throw in a cover of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ show theme tune. This certainly got the ball rolling for what was to come next. The night was, of course, all about the four men pictured on the quirky Joe Ragosta live on stage with Patent Pending caricature stage backdrop. Bowling For Soup made their way onto the stage to raucous applause and cheering, before beginning their incredible 31 song set lasting two and a half hours. Jaret, Chris, Erik and Gary entered the venue to their famous theme song ‘Here Comes Bowling For Soup,’ looking as excited and fresh faced as they had when they first hit the scene in 1994.

Joking and laughing on stage about drinking and women, they showed their fans that their love for performing was still strong after 19 years of constant touring. They played all the crowd favourites, including ‘Punk Rock 101’, however the best reactions were saved for ‘High School Never Ends’ and ‘Girl All The Bad Guys Want.’ Managing to pack over 30 songs into a single set, they treated the crowd to an encore comprising of a cover of Britney Spears’ ‘Baby One More Time’ and their classic ‘1985.’

Jaret Reddick gives it his all alongside fellow band members


It will be a shame if this is the last tour that Bowling For Soup will embark upon. Speaking to Erik prior to the show, he stated that they wanted ‘to go out at the top of their game.’ After their performance in Birmingham, they have reassured fans that they had indeed reached the pinnacle of their musical career and that they will be sorely missed.



Words by Mark Kermode

Woody Allen once joked that his wife had divorced him on the grounds of ‘insufficient laughter’, and on that same basis I find myself duly estranged from Ron Burgundy. If you're an Anchorman fan you'll know that this sequel's evolution has been tortuous, with Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay very publicly butting heads with Paramount after the studio claimed: "We've run the numbers and it's not a good fit." (Ferrell, Paul Rudd and Steve Carell have all become a lot more expensive since Anchorman grossed $90m worldwide on a $26m budget in 2004.)

Finally, after several false starts and talk of a Broadway musical, Anchorman 2 arrives as a broad swipe at rolling news, with Burgundy enlisted to front the 24-hour news network GNN, owned by an Australian multimillionaire who puts Rupert Murdoch's soul in Richard Branson's body. Rounding up the old team (Carell's Brick Tamland attending his own funeral is an early highlight), Ron discovers that live car chases, animal stories and wanton patriotism ("Don't just have a great night, have an American night") will whack interviews with Arafat in the ratings war.

While the underlying thread is sound (and more satirically substantial than its predecessor), the brickbat humour rings hollow, with the usual knob gags offset by a string of ill-judged ‘interracial intercourse’ japes as drawn out as they are old hat. A superfluity of celebrity cameos in the second half signals a loss of creative confidence, with the street fight of the original expanded into a spot-the-star spectacular in which even Sacha Baron Cohen manages to be dull. New pack member Kristen Wiig raises a few chuckles as Brick's love interest (he's still the funniest thing in the franchise) but it's never enough to produce a properly hearty guffaw. As for the shark that bookends the action, Burgundy may wrestle it, but the movie comes perilously close to jumping it.


ALICE THE AGONY AUNT Question from K Hi Alice, I have a friend who is clingy and self-centred. It feels like she has all these arguments by herself. How do I get rid of her?

Answer Hi K, If you are intent on not being friends with her anymore then perhaps talk to her. Tell her that you are different people now and have come to a fork in the road and you want different things and have different priorities. Express that you feel it’s time to go your separate ways. Often people who are self-centred lacked the attention when they were young or the opposite; were always the centre of attention at home and so have carried on craving it in later life. There are always explanations for why people are the way there are. She may not be doing it to offend you, it might just be the way she is. If she is clingy, it sounds like she might be insecure. Clingy people tend to latch onto someone that they envy or that they admire- it might be that she is jealous of you. Whatever the reason if there is a part of you that could forgive her behaviour then try talking to her about it. If you feel that her clinginess is too much, ask her to dial things back a bit. Some people don’t recognise things until you tell them. So maybe highlight that she is self-centred and that she needs to consider not only her own needs but other’s too to keeps relationships like yours going. Either way- it starts with a conversation. If you simply stop all contact or blow up at her because she had pushed you to breaking point things might get out of hand. So a mature conversation will help lay everything out on the table as to how you feel. - Ali ce x Question from H Hi Alice, I've really hurt someone and am really sorry for it but I don't think they believe me.

Answer Hi H, We all make mistakes- it’s what we do after them which defines us more. Mistakes can be made in the heat of the moment- we say things we don’t mean and do things we wouldn't normally because we are upset or angry. The best people are those who can move past them- who can show that they are sorry. Sometimes you need to do more than just say you are sorry. It takes proof for some people to realise that someone is truly sorry for their actions. In a situation like this- perhaps take a step back initially as there is always time for breathing room. You can reflect on what you have done and figure out how out are going to make it up to them and they can calm down. They might perhaps realise that what went on isn’t as bad as they initially thought. They might realise how much they miss you in their life and so process ways in which to forgive you. If your relationship was really strong before it is difficult to give that up and most wouldn’t want to. Why not set up a meeting when you have both had some time to mull things over; ask them to hear your side of the story and then let them give theirs. There is little point in powering in with explanations when it is still raw as the other person won’t hear what you have to say. Their mind will be blocked by anger as it’s easier to be angry at this stage as it protects them from missing you. If they don’t accept your explanation right away then leave and let them think about it some more. The biggest people are those who can forgive and those who can admit to mistakes so if you are both mature about this then with commitment to each other you might be able to work through this.



Words by Dan Ariely & Kristen Berman

A normal day in our life might look like this: The alarm clock buzzes. We hit snooze twice and steal another 16 minutes. As we get into the office, yesterday’s work crisis weighs heavily on our mind, but instead we log in and check Facebook for a while. After that, we dip in and out of meetings, chase our inbox, and start on a project that is due in 48 hours. And at 7:15, right before walking out the door, 25 minutes later than planned, we grab a sugar cookie from the communal jar to accompany us on the drive home.

A version of this routine is likely to be part of our grim reality most days, but there is one very important exception. On Jan. 1 many of us make all kinds of promises that ‘starting tomorrow, things are going to be different.’ There is the old (2013 self) and the new (2014 self), and Jan. 1 is an opportunity to welcome the new, improved self in. As the New Year starts, we say to ourselves that the new, 2014 self will be different. We’re confident that from now on we won’t hit snooze, we’ll stop procrastinating and for sure we won’t mindlessly eat unhealthy snacks. This kind of self-resolve is the kind of magic that keeps mankind moving. Unfortunately, come mid-January, the shiny ‘new self’ doesn’t feel as new. After a few weeks of crashing against reality and old habit, the new self is bruised and sainted. Given these challenges, how can we take advantage of our good intentions on Jan. 1 and make them work for us throughout the year, or at least for longer than they would naturally last? One simple answer is to take advantage of these moments of clarity at the start of the New Year and take actions that would commit us to making good decisions in the future. Much like Ulysses and the sirens, this way, even if our future will tempt us to misbehave, we will not be able to act on our temptations. Where in our modern life could the Ulysses-style ‘tying ourselves to the mast’ help? Here are a few ideas that might help you make Jan. 1, 2014, different from Jan. 1 of years past:

Order an annual subscription to the Fruit Guy. By committing to a weekly service that delivers fresh fruit, we make having healthy food a reality. This approach has the added sweet side effect of urgency. Every week when the fruit is delivered, we know all too well that if we fail to consume the fruit in the next week, more of it will show up and we will have to waste the unused fruit. And if you like real adventures, what about a more extreme version of this? A weekly subscription to the Kale Guy? Give a good friend the ability to take some money from your bank account if you break your diet. Tell this friend that if he sees you eating something unhealthy, he should withdraw a specified amount of money from your checking account and spend it. And if you find that this is not sufficiently painful, either make the amount larger, or make the deal with someone you don’t like that much (maybe your boss). Set up an automatic monthly transfer from your checking account into a savings account. This quick, onetime decision to transfer money will help you spend within your budget, while also helping your future financial security. Working out every day takes a lot of ongoing willpower. Joining a gym is nice but still requires the daily decision to go to the gym. Instead, a better approach is to set up recurring weekly ‘meetings’ with friends or co-workers for workouts. This kind of social obligation is likely to hold you, and them, accountable to show up, and once you have shown up, you might as well start sweating. Go to the nearby shelter and get a dog. Once you make this quick onetime decision, you are going to go for daily walks for the next decade. Doing all of these things would make Jan. 1 a very busy day. But, by doing these things when the desire to start fresh is still strong in our mind, there is a much better chance that our good intentions will keep serving us for the better part of 2014.




This year, Blink have teamed up with the Isle of Wight Festival to give one lucky student the chance to win a pair of Saturday day tickets, worth over £150!

In order to enter, all you have to do is tell us who headlined the Saturday of the Isle of Wight Festival 2013?* a) The Killers b) Bloc Party c) Bon Jovi

Email your answer, name, student number and telephone number to for a chance to win this amazing prize! *T&Cs apply.

*One entrant per student. Must be a student of Staffordshire University. Must be available on the 14th June 2014.

Photos by James Gilham


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