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Jove Pater Media is an entertainment company formed by a group of adult babies who regularly got together to do creative stuff... or so we thought. Coming from similar backgrounds steeped in drama, comedy and delusions of grandeur, we decided to just slap on a spiffy name and register ourselves as a company so that we could tell people we had jobs. Somehow, we wound up doing actual work! Having dipped our feet in the pools of script and screenplay writing as well as creative development at the beckoning of other companies, we’ve since begun developing original content, the first of which you are holding on to today! We are constantly looking out for fresh talent and offer advertising opportunities. Feel free to contact us at and be sure to ‘Like’ us on Facebook ( for updates and free content! Yours Sincerely,

The JPM Crew P.S.  ‘Jove Pater’ (jōv ˈpātər)--not spelt ‘Pata’ or ‘Parter’--is Latin for ‘Father Zeus.’


Created & Written by


Alexander Zhao Aravind Menon

Jaymes Reed

Cover Art, Pencils & Colours

Layout David Goh

Renzo Rodriguez

Inks Lucio Daniel Mercado

Edited & Produced Samuel Richard Sathya Sandiran

Salutations, Salvation Samettes! Welcome reader, to the 1 year anniversary of Salvation Sam! Unfortunately Samettes, its been a crazy year with a great many hits and misses. But… like the superheroes we so fondly idolize, we remain positive in times of turmoil. For without failure, there wouldn’t be sweet success. We knew coming into this that making it as an independent publisher – just like a crime fighting vigilante – wasn’t going to be easy. Except one’s way cooler than the other. I would like to apologize for the long and arduous wait for the second issue. We hope that seeing the refurbished, fully coloured, grammar corrected (by the Grammar Nazi obviously) version of Salvation Sam #1 will suffice for now.

ever entertaining co-writer to fill you in on the details, but I’ve read the script and it promises to be a fantastical joyride, chock full with EPIC fight scenes! And then, there’s Alan Leong. The latest addition to Jove Pater Media’s ever growing talent pool and penciller for Jupiter – with an awesome ‘origins’ story to boot! See, I had lost all contact with him after graduating primary school together at the wee age of 11, only to bump into him 11 years later AND find out that he’s an insanely gifted comic artist! What’s more, his style was a perfect match for the next title I’m working on! Truly serendipity at its best. We’re incredibly grateful to have his talents on the team and you’ll be sure to see more of him soon.

Fortunately for you however, we’ve got a bunch of great things already in the works.

So there you have it. The light at the uh, midpoint of the tunnel.

For one, we’ve teamed up with the great folks at Graphicly to bring comics to you digitally on a plethora of platforms! You can now enjoy Salvation Sam (and other great comics from the Graphicly library) on your iPhone, iPad, Android devices and of course, your Computer! So be on the lookout for more content releases over the course of next year… Assuming the age of apocalypse doesn’t befall us in 2012.

To the existing fanbase, thank you so much for the words of encouragement and support over the last year. Your candid (albeit annoyed) questions about the next issue’s launch date sure made it worthwhile for us to delay it further stay motivated and keep working towards a release.

But wait, there’s more! The month of December marks the release of Jove Pater Media’s first ever web-comic, Jupiter: The Last God. I’ll leave it to my

If you’re a new reader, welcome onboard to the Salvation Sam family! Be sure to ‘Like’ Salvation Sam over on Facebook and share a few words with us. After all, we’d probably be too busy concentrating on not doing work to chat with you.

Salvation sign-off,


Happy Birthday! Has it really been a year? Whoa! Well, if so, happy birthday to the Grammar Nazi, Dragonforce and The Guild, the entire Plague Patrol, Saint and, last but not least, Mr Awesome! I feel like I’m forgetting somebody... well, if I can’t remember who it is, they can’t be all that important. It’s been a tough year. We’ve been asked many times about the publication of issue #02 and I apologize for the delay. However, as you can see with this issue, we have not forgotten Salvation Sam (yet) and we’re hoping to buy a little mercy with this humble offering (made awesome by Renzo Rodriguez’s colors!). We have spent this year planning on a lot of new stuff for next year and hopefully all of those can see print (on time). On a separate note, I’ve been working with Alan Leong--Jove Pater Media’s newest addition to the art team and long time friend of Alex--on a new title called Jupiter the Last God. We’ll be releasing a page a day over the duration of December to what will effectively be a complete issue by the end of the month. For more on this, hop on over to

Like many things last year, Jupiter is another collection of new experiences coupled with more learning. For the first time in my life I’m trying out lettering and I’ll say this much: if anybody thinks it’s just a matter of throwing white bubbles with words, they’re insane. This experience simply pushes me to further appreciate our letterer, Jaymes Reed, who was willing to work on this colored edition on his birthday! So here’s a belated birthday shout out: Happy Birthday, Jaymes! Yep, I guess I’ve pretty much wished every one “happy birthday.” Back to point, I’d like to thank all of you who remain interested in our independent title. With the big guys dominating this industry, an impression left on a reader is truly significant to us and we hope to be able to continue entertaining all of you with our stories of the superhero who could. Ah, now I know who I’m forgetting! Happy birthday to the police officers who arrested the Grammar Nazi!! Right, that should cover just about all important characters.

May the force be with you!

ARAVIND MENON Creator/Writer

SALVATION SAM #01 Black & White Preview Edition Cover

Salvation Sam #1 - Preview Edition Coloured