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The essence of the village Lost in the middle of Barrancos

The first chapter

A typical landscape of the Alentejo region.

Walking by the street

The Miradouro is a place where visitors can gaze over the Alentejo’s landscape, all the way to Spain.

A village of flavour

The village has gained popularity as the Capital of Ham for its production of high quality, richly flavored delicacy.

Meeting the mayor

Ant贸nio Pica Tereno, a former history teacher and the current President of the Municipality of Barrancos stated in an interview that the essence of the region lies within their proximity to Spain and turnout of historical events as a result of the choices of their ancestors.

Guarding the village

The Clock Tower with the stork on top of the building.

A city in bloom

With a wachfull eye on the environement

The Escola EBI de Barrancos is an example in terms of sustainability.

Admiring the view

Guided tours trough the municipality are a dazzling opportunity to see the surroundings.

The final chapter

Lost in barrancos  

Fotoreportagem Grupo 1 Missão Internacional JRA Alentejo 2014 ABAE | FEE Portugal

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