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Rui Costa Marina Georgiou Martins Mozga Joslyn Falzon

This photo consist of the Alqueva Dam Global Map. The green colour shows the potential areas that can be irrigated.

This is a model of the actual cave that was built years ago in order to save the bats that have been found during excavation from the Dam . This is a manmade cave that was replaced with the one that have been destroyed and was hospitalising the bats. They had the opportunity to develop more and increase their number.

Thanks to EDIA-Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infras-Estruturas de Alqueva.S.A company the Dam is actually getting more promotion such as regional economic and social development to ensure that the project achieve its aims and objectives.

Creating islands in the Dam as a mitigation measure against the loss of habitat. But are the local species compensated well enough? Similarly are the inhabitants of Luz village better off in their newly constructed homes?

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