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Work Abroad Experience Testimonial About Me


2015 Class Year ___________ 


Bless A Child Foundation: Akiba Home

Public Affairs

Major __________________________  Ho

Last Name ______________________  Sin Ting Larissa

First Name ______________________  Chinese

Child Health Care

Industry _____________________   Non‐Profit  For‐Profit NGO  Intern

Function/Title _______________________________  Geography Uganda

Nationality ______________________ 

Country _________________________


Region __________________________ 

East Africa


In Office ________________ 


Outside of Office _______________ 


City _____________________________  WORK ABROAD DESCRIPTION At Akiba Home, I was in charge of working with pediatric cancer patients and their caregivers, to teach them English and math. Akiba Home is the patient's home away from home, due to the lack of funds to travel from home to Kampala for treatment, Akiba Home offers a place for them to stay and tries their best to pay for medication. But even with a place to stay and warm meals, the children lack education and if they were ever to go back to school they are too far behind to keep up. This is where I come in and provide them with as I can to not let them fall to far behind. In addition to working with the children, I have also set up table to areas of Kampala for fundraising. I also worked in the administrative side of the foundation to calculate the spendings from the entire last year. Through simple accounting I was working with the foundation to figure out how much money was being spent per child. I split my time between bookkeeping and teaching. Last of all I also digitalized all the children's history of how their health process and conducting interviews with the care takers to create a story for each child.

WHAT COMPELLED YOU TO SEEK A WORK ABROAD EXPERIENCE? I have always been fascinated by other's culture and in order to fully understand our world and be more acceptive to the people around us I always wanted to travel. But the need to work and gain professional experience was also important. No matter what I do as a career in the future I want it to create a positive impact and change for people, and if I can I want it to be for the entire world and not just in the US. Therefore in the end the perfect solution to gain both personal and professional growth was to work abroad. The last push that brought me to intern aboard is finding this internship which was too perfect to past up.

Have great photos to share? Please send them along  with your testimonial to our Work Abroad Coordinator.  Only send appropriate photos. Photos will become the  property of the Weissman Center for International Busi‐ ness.  HOW DID YOUR EXPERIENCE CHANGE YOUR VIEW OF THE WORLD?

People in Uganda might not have a lot of things that we have here in the U.S., but they still love their country. This really made me see that no matter what difficulties people are living with, the way they feel is relative to their surroundings. They love their home and embraces it instead of how the media portrays Africa at times. There are also a lot of misconceptions around this world about Africa and although I have done prior research it is nothing like seeing everything first hand. I see nothing but opportunities in Uganda's future. I also got the chance to meet other interns from other countries like Germany, Switzerland, and Kenya which further gave me insight on the world around us and how America is currently being perceived to others around this world.


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Akiba was everything I wanted because I wanted to make a difference and I truly feel like I've done that with the children along with gaining knowledge on some of the administrative work that goes into running a non profit. The fact that it was my first time traveling I finally found the independence I never had and I was seeing the world in my own ways. The amount I've grown in dealing with situations on my own in a completely new environment pushed me in ways that I would've never been pushed in the U.S. I also met some of my closest friends in Uganda who is just very acceptive and helpful. Uganda has gave me much more than what I could give back to Uganda. It made me have so much pride in NYC and grateful of the little things. All these things I mentioned just made my experience so great that I do not even a a moment I enjoyed the most because it is everything together that makes the experience so great.

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Larissa ho testimonial  

Larissa's work experience in Uganda

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