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Jovana Kalamkovic

MAY 2018

MAY 2018


Without mentioning your education, occupation, or nationality, introduce yourself to the selection panel (we would like to get to know you beyond the obvious, it is up to you what you decide to mention) * Who am I? Not an easy question to answer in a few words. However, let me turn the question up-side-down. Who am I not? First of all, I am not a quitter. If things don't go the way I planned, I am certainly not the one to just sit on the floor and cry. Panic and stress to not solve problems, quick thinking does and one of the things I am is an outside of the box thinker. I am also not lazy. If I set my goal and a deadline, the job is going to be done.

And I am not sloppy, meaning the job is going to be done with me giving my all in it. I am never dull, so you can expect a lot of laughs and creative ideas bursting from me at all times. And last, but not least, I am a huge motivator and provide positive energy to everyone around me. Oh, and I like hugs.




MAY 2018


We ask you to explain truthfully and creatively what motivates you to apply for this session. Why? * Being a senior in high school is, definitely, not easy. And finishing high school is an even more confusing part of it all. The uncertainty of what lies ahead is nerve-racking. However, what stands between is the longest summer ever. And what a better way to spend those long, hot days, than by meeting new people and experiencing new amazing adventures. It was one of my goals, ever since I started my time in EYP to go to an international event as an official. This would mean I have grown within this organisation and achieved something truly worth mentioning.

Seeing this session on the Platform made me realise that, yes, now is the time to make this summer memorable while learning something new and developing my skills. It is an amazing chance to further work on many aspects of digital creation without having to worry about what responsibilities are awaiting upon return. This will allow me to fully immerse myself and give a hundred percent to this session.




MAY 2018


What personal and technical skills you have that will positively affect the Galicia 2018 International Forum? (Please share EYP/non-EYP visual output made by you (portfolio) and the equipment you use). * From the moment I have first laid hands on

However, it has also taught me how

a camera, I was sure it was a crucial step

important it is for the Media Team to be

toward my future hobby. I have

really present throughout the Session. My

participated in numerous photography

main goals are that the MTM is not just a

competitions since then and the award I

bunch of people snapping pictures and

am most proud of is the second place in

writing articles but rather a part of the

the National Geography Junior

bigger picture and this means that every

photography in 2008, especially because I

piece of output needs to be in contact with

was the youngest competitor. It gave me a

the Session theme. This can only be done

sense of accomplishment and the

through good team communication and

motivation to start up a real hobby out of

mutual understanding, where my social skills

that, possibly even a second job in the

really come in handy.

future. My participation in EYP Sessions as

Speaking of technical skills, apart from

an Official has started mainly as a

photography, I have recently started

chairperson, but that has drastically

videography as well and found it quite

changed when I became a journalist of a

amusing. It is a way to not only capture a

Small Scale Event organized by EYP

blink of a moment but the move of a moment.

Serbia. I found out that there is much more to it than just snapping photographs, and that drew me closer to this part of the organization. EVERYDAY GRAPHIC



MAY 2018



Portfolio ^ My camera (Canon EOS Kiss X6i) is my loyal companion wherever I go and has followed me on many trips. I am planning on buying an external flash since I am starting up photography as a sort of part-time job next week and I am going to take shots of parties where lighting can be problematic. As for other equipment, I would sure wish to have more money to spend on that, but unfortunately, there are other priorities, especially this year. :(





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