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Journey Malibu

Journey Malibu Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Rehabilitation Center

Our mission is simple: to help our clients achieve long-lasting #sobriety and overall health, free from #addiction. Call 877673-4225 for more information.

Our Mission

Journey Malibu's mission is to holistically heal those who have become dependent on drugs and alcohol by identifying, treating, and healing the core underlying issues that have led one to self-medicate and consequently, have become addicted or dependent on substances like drugs and alcohol.

About Journey Malibu provides the most innovative and customized NON-12-step, residential drug and alcohol wellness program. Our intuitive and holistic methods are custom tailored for each individual client, returning them to complete and total health for the rest of their lives.

At Journey Malibu, we understand that each client faces different issues and needs, and are keenly aware that that one size does not fit all.

Contact 22516 Carbon Mesa Rd Malibu, CA 90265 Highlights info row image +1 877-673-4225

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation – Malibu Rehab Center Focusing On Addiction Treatment

Individualized Therapy Featuring ALLOPATHIC and HOLISTIC Treatments

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Journey Malibu