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Vol. II 2011

Botswana Bound Volunteers Take Trip of a Lifetime

A publication of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

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Celebrating 200 Years in 2012

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New Director Joins Camp Maria

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Presentation Celebrates 180th Anniversary

Vincentian Academy Appoints New President

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This December the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth kick off a series of celebrations to mark the bicentennial of the Congregation. As SCNs stand on the cusp of their third century of ministry, they celebrate a journey of faith over hundreds of years, looking toward the future with confidence in God’s call. Throughout the world, SCN family members are involved in diverse ministries, meeting needs in health care, education, social services and pastoral ministries. Just as Mother Catherine Spalding, the SCN foundress, has been recognized for visionary leadership, Sisters approach ministries today with that same mindset, with an eye on the needs of the times and the needs of the future.

As the third Congregation of women religious founded in the United States, SCNs celebrate with gratitude, giving honor to a strong heritage of fidelity and service. Rooted in Nelson County, Ky., SCN ministries now embrace the world. Today, there are Sisters and Associates in the U.S., Belize, Botswana, Africa, Nepal, and across India. A prelude to the official bicentennial celebrations took place in July at Nazareth, Ky., to mark the 170th anniversary of Bishop David’s death. Bishop Jean Baptiste David is recognized as one of the cofounders of the SCN Congregation, along with Mother Catherine. During her opening remarks, Susan Gatz, SCN, emphasized how Bishop David and Bishop

ON THE COVER: Patricia Huitt, SCN, offers communion to those gathered in a home in one of the villages of Botswana. She is one of the original pioneers who traveled to Botswana 11 years ago to start SCN ministries in Africa. 1

Jerry Hurst and Spalding Hurst, together designed and created the frame and print of the Congregation’s founders.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011

Flaget faced a daunting task when they arrived in this rough, unsettled area of Kentucky, ministering to the needs of a growing Catholic community. The two Bishops quickly surmised the need for a society of religious women who would educate the young and provide needed services. Thus said Sister Susan, the early seeds were planted as the idea of the SCN Congregation came into being. During the service, a rendering of Bishop David and Mother Catherine was unveiled and hung in St. Vincent Church. After the portrait of Mother Catherine and Bishop David was installed, Frances Krumpelman, SCN, reflected upon the life of Bishop David and how people were attracted to him because of his kindness. She also noted his love of music and recounted how the home of the SCNs came to be known as Nazareth saying that Bishop David told the early Sisters, Teresa Carrico and Catherine, “I’m going to name your home Nazareth to remind you of the love of the Holy Family who lived at Nazareth that you might imitate their virtues, their goodness, their simplicity, their understanding, their forgiveness, their harmony ….” Mary Ellen Doyle, SCN, later that same day, shared her insights regarding Mother Catherine and Bishop David. She painted

a vivid picture of Bishop David’s relationship to the SCNs and his role in helping to found the Congregation. She noted that the relationship was long and sometimes delicate and spanned several decades. She further described how as Bishop David approached his death, he and Mother Catherine had some very profound moments, especially his return to Nazareth, the place he considered “home.” Sisters lined the road to Nazareth to welcome him home, and the Bishop could be heard to say,

“Oh thank God, I have come to die among my daughters.” Sister Mary Ellen emphasized how Bishop David imbued in the Congregation, “spiritual quality and mission goals that we still embrace ….” Impelled by the love of Christ, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth celebrate the richness of these past 200 years and face the future with open hearts to embrace all that God has in store. Visit for more details about the bicentennial. The opening ceremony will be webcast.

BICENTENNIAL EVENTS Mother Catherine Banner Dedication November 21, 2011 Presentation Academy Louisville, Ky.

Opening Celebration December 3, 2011 Nazareth, Ky.

Former Members Gathering June 29 – July 1, 2012 Nazareth, Ky.

Earth Mama Event

October 19, 2012 @ 7:30 pm St. Catharine College Springfield, Ky. October 20, 2012 @ 9:00 am Nazareth, Ky. October 20, 2012 @ 7:00 pm Spalding University Louisville, Ky.

Liturgy at Cathedral

Nazareth Academy and College Alumni Reunion

December 1, 2012 Louisville, Ky.

September 21 – 23, 2012 Nazareth, Ky.

SCNs were able to take a close look at historical artifacts from Bishop David’s life. Items include Bishop David’s miter, stoll, some of his hymns and handwritten documents. Also on display, a lock of his hair.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011


SCNs Celebrate New Book The second in a series of books being written in conjunction with the SCN Bicentennial Celebration in 2012 has been published. “Impelled by the Love of Christ, The Life and Ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth 1924-1936,” by SCNs Patricia Kelley and Rachel Willett, is now available. Copies of the book were presented to each of the authors, Sisters Pat and Rachel on August 30, 2011, by Susan Gatz, SCN, and members of the Publications Committee. A copy of the new book was also given to Elaine McCarron, SCN, who served as editor. Publications committee members include SCNs Mary Serra Goethals, Maureen Coughlin, and Margaret Rodericks, and Mary Medley Bonn. An “Evening with the Author” will be held this fall and a review of the book is forthcoming.


Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011

Publications Committee Members, left to right, standing: Maureen Coughlin, SCN, Mary Serra Goethals, SCN, and Mary Medley Bonn. Not pictured: Margaret Rodericks, SCN. Pictured seated, the two authors: Patricia Kelley, SCN, and Rachel Willett, SCN.

Providing Leadership for Education in Belize B

arbara Flores, SCN, makes one feel warm and welcome from the instant she reaches out to shake your hand or give you a hug. A native of Punta Gorda, Belize, Sister Barbara seems to instantly connect with each person she meets. Friendly, outgoing, sincere — she is perfectly suited for reaching out to others and helping to empower them. It’s that enthusiasm she harnesses in her newest role, as President of Catholic Education in Belize. The establishment of the office of President by the Roman Catholic Church of Belize, is just one component of a strategic plan to build on the Church’s solid foundation of excellence in education by improving communication with school managers, principals and teachers and by ensuring that core Catholic values are delivered to thousands of students.

As President, Sister Barbara’s primary responsibility is to offer leadership within the Catholic School system. Sister Barbara shares, “We are determined to strengthen the Catholic ethos within our schools in Belize … to enhance Catholic identity without compromising the delivery of quality education. As a church, we operate as a family, and I embrace this opportunity to strengthen the relationships between different members of our family.” Sister Barbara’s duties include communicating with the managers, principals and teachers of the 117 primary schools, collaborating with the

secondary Catholic schools through the Belize Association of Catholic School Principals, and serving as liaison between the Catholic school system and the Ministry of Education as well as union representatives. Sister Barbara earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies from Spalding University in Louisville, Ky., a Master of Education from Boston College in Massachusetts, a Master of Theological Studies from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois, and a Ph.D. in theological studies from Northwestern University in Evanston.

She has served in pastoral ministry at Sacred Heart Parish, Dangriga, Belize, and as Coordinator of Religious Education for the Diocese of Belize. She has also served as a professor of theology at St. John’s College and Junior College in Belize City and SCN Director of Vocations and Formation for Belize. She was elected as Vice President of the SCN Congregation, the first Belizean to serve in that role. Sister Barbara’s passion for her country is inspiring. She eagerly shares her Garifuna heritage. In fact her doctoral thesis was “Religious and theological praxis in a context of colonization: Garifuna

culture as a means of transformation”. The country of Belize is always in her heart, no matter the role she is carrying out. With respect to her current role, Sister Barbara is particularly passionate. “The greatest resource in a country is its children,” she says. With over 33,000 children in the Catholic Education system in Belize, her commitment to instill “faith, leadership and excellence” is sure to have a great influence on the future leaders of the Church and the country.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011


Sister Rebecca Retires from Sister Visitor Center After much prayer and discernment, Rebecca Miles, SCN, retired from Sister Visitor Center in Louisville, Ky. She was part of the fabric of that ministry for nearly two decades Sister Visitor Center provides emergency assistance to meet the basic needs of the poor. It operates as a department of Catholic Charities and is funded by the Archdiocese of Louisville, individual donations, and through grants. Sister Rebecca has been the director of Sister Visitor Center since 1991. In that time, she has seen the nature of the ministry grow and expand and has led her staff to provide emergency aid with rent, utility bills, prescriptions, and medical supplies. The staff and volunteers visit the sick and elderly, and help transport clients to city and state agencies and medical appointments. No doubt, Sister Rebecca’s decision to retire has been a difficult one. But the time feels right as she rejoices in the completion of a new building and renovations to Sister Visitor Center facilities. The center outgrew its original facility and


Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011

the new building houses the food pantry, and the clothing room, as well as, provides storage space for furniture and household supplies and off season items for Christmas, Easter, and back to school. The new facilities are quite different from when Sister Rebecca first arrived at Sister Visitor. At that time, there were no offices in the building, just cinder blocks and planks that delineated space and provided storage. Though the facilities may have changed, the need for the services provided by Sister Visitor Center has not. In fact, Sister Rebecca emphasizes that the services are needed now more than ever. She wishes after 20 years of service that this ministry was no longer needed. Instead, she says, the needs have increased. She adds that as she retires from Sister Visitor Center she hopes the work will continue. As for Sister Rebecca, she intends to help care for her sister who now resides in a nursing home. She is not sure what the future holds. “My journey has always been one step at a time,” she reflects. “God tells me where to place my feet, and I do that, one in front of the other.”

Teaching Life Lessons It's been years since Sara Ann Abell, SCN, has been in the classroom, yet she continues to teach. She teaches life lessons. At 99, Sister Sara Ann, is a striking presence in the halls of Nazareth Home. Diminutive in stature, she is anything but that in personality. Visitors to Nazareth Home often see her walking along pushing a wheelchair as she greets folks and offers prayers. Sister Sara Ann still wears the full-length black habit and veil. She explains, “It’s something I’ve always worn. I feel that it’s a sign to everybody of what I represent and when people see me, they think about God.” Often, the Congregation receives inquiries as to just what Sister Sara Ann is up to these days. Over and over, former students, men and women, now grown, talk about how Sister Sara changed their lives and the lasting impact she had on them. Sister Sara Ann became a Sister of Charity of Nazareth in 1930. Over the last 81 years, she has taught students in Nazareth and Louisville, Ky.; Richmond and Roanoke, Va.; and in Arkansas, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina, and Maryland. A native of Compton, Md., Sister Sara Ann is the oldest of 10 children, four boys and six girls. She grew up in a 12-room house. Her family opened their home to boarders and she fondly recalls how the

dining room could welcome up to 20 people. She also notes the grotto in the front yard, lit in the evening so that those passing by could easily see it. Among her fondest memories is her family working together planting and stripping tobacco. These are just a few of her wonderful recollections about growing up.

learn to read, tackle math, and prepared them to earn GED diplomas. Education and reaching out to others have been in Sister Sara Ann’s blood since she was a young child, all the way back to helping her parents run a boarding house. And today she continues to help others, often in their greatest time of need, as they face the

many obstacles that accompany aging. She sits and talks and prays with those that are faced with health challenges or those who have lost a loved one. As she prepares to turn 100 next year, she is surrounded by her Sisters from the Congregation, and the many people whose lives she has touched.

Sister Sara Ann recalls the importance of education to her family. She is quick to point out that all of the Abell children received a good education. She and her siblings attended Father Andrew White School and St. Mary’s Academy in Maryland. After earning her B.A. in Social Studies, Sister pursued a Masters degree in History and Theology. Several of the children also experienced a calling to religious life. Three Abell women went on to become Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. After decades in the classroom, Sister Sara Ann retired but could not slow down. Instead she noted that literacy rates were very low and she assisted in organizing the St. Mary’s Literacy Council in Leonardtown, Md. There she helped others Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011


SCN Family Member Marks 50 Years Louisville, Ky.

Pictured here are members of the Community Service Department at Nazareth Home. Standing, left to right:Marie Underwood, Agnes Marie Hagan, SL, Emily Cottner, Barbara VonBokern, SCN, Margaret Lillian Davenport, SCN, Anna Marie Rhodes, SCN, Rosanne Dillon, SCNA, Vivian Diehl, and Rose Andrew Waller, SCN. Seated, left to right: Julia Clare Fontaine, SCN, Bob Davis, and Mary Jane Rhodes, SCN.

A typical day for Bob Davis is anything but typical as he helps Sisters and other residents at Nazareth Home. His day often goes by in a blur … Bob never stops. As witnessed one morning on a dreary March day, Bob was carefully getting a Sister out of a car, making sure she was warm and dry as he navigated the rain and cold, and gently pushed her wheelchair. Careful and ever protective and always smiling. In fact, Bob’s smile is something most people immediately note upon meeting him. When he smiles at you — well, it is impossible not to smile back. His friends and coworkers will tell you that it’s not just Bob Davis’ smile that is contagious, so is his laughter. Ann Jeanette Effinger, SCN, and Bob reckon they have been friends for more than 30 years. On one day as they sat outside together, they held hands and talked about some of their adventures. Through thick and thin, says Sister Ann Jeanette, Bob is there. He takes her to appointments and sometimes they sneak to Dairy Queen for a treat. The two light up as they talk about their years working together and how from the get go, they hit it off as friends. “I trust Bob with my life,” says Sister Ann Jeanette. And Bob adds, “I feel the same way about Ann Jeanette.” In fact it was Bob who was able to finally get Sister to move to Nazareth Home. He recalls how she was having more and more trouble with her back but chose to live in her family home by herself and this he says, made him worry. So each day before work, he went by her house to check on her, one day when he left, he found himself in tears, he knew it was time for Sister to make a change. And so thanks to Bob, Sister made the difficult decision to leave her family home. She has been tickled about living at Nazareth Home, especially since she can spend even more time with her dear friend. Rose Eleanor Perry, SCN, also has many wonderful stories about Bob who started working at Our Lady of Peace (OLOP), a former SCN ministry, in 1962. He was encouraged to begin


Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011

working at the medical facility in Louisville, Ky., by his godmother, who was a registered nurse there. From the very beginning, he worked directly with patients. His personality of always smiling, laughing, and having a kind word to share made Bob a perfect fit for the job. Not always an easy job, since patients often found themselves in some of the greatest struggles of their lives, he always approached the job with warmth and enthusiasm. Sister Rose Eleanor recalls playing ping pong against Bob in the activities room in order to buoy the spirits of the patients. The two became fast friends. It is a friendship that has lasted decades. In fact, next year, in 2012, Bob will mark a half century with ties to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. As he talked about his 50 years, he reflected that he would also be celebrating fifty years of marriage to a wonderful woman, Edna. Bob Davis and Ann Jeanette Effinger, SCN, swap

In his early years at Our Lady of Peace, Bob enjoyed stories and hold hands during a visit at Nazareth Home. coordinating activities that included dances, bingo, and games. Bob found his job fulfilling as he was able to help patients take their minds off of everyday stresses to have And no wonder, after all, he has an amazing spirit! Bob is some fun. not only an SCN family member, friend, husband, father, and grandfather, but he is also active at his parish. Bob has been a In 1968, Bob found life to be tugging him in a different direction greeter and usher at Holy Spirit church for many decades. so he made the difficult decision to leave his job with OLOP. However, every week he came back to the hospital to call square In 2004, Bob decided to leave OLOP again, this time to retire. dances. And after about a year Bob decided to return, this time as Again, leaving a ministry of the Sisters was a difficult decision, a counselor, reaching out to drug and alcohol abuse patients. but Bob relished having the opportunity to spend time with his grandson. Yet once again Bob felt the desire to be in ministry During his nearly five decades of service to the SCN family, with the SCN family. Two years later, he decided to work partBob has received an abundance of awards. He was even chosen time, this time at Nazareth Home. Bob again found his niche, in to have his photo taken to be featured in hospital recruitment community service, providing transportation and assistance to posters, billboards, and in ads. One of his current coworkers, residents. Marie, shares a funny story about how Bob discovered that his photo seemed to be all over Louisville. “If you have an old yellow Marie describes Bob as invaluable, saying she can count on him pages phone book, you will see Bob’s face under the hospital to take anyone anywhere at any time. She goes on to say that listings. He has a thumbs up with his signature smile. Years ago, because of his background at Our Lady of Peace, he actually when they took the picture, he wasn’t aware of the circulation it knows and is close to many of the Sister residents because he would receive. One day while driving down the street, he stopped worked alongside them ministering to patients. Marie shares next to a city bus and looked over and saw his face smiling back that she is always aware of the great admiration Bob has for the at him. He was shocked! He was now a celebrity.” Sisters. “Years ago Bob had a fire at his home that completely destroyed everything he and his wife Edna owned. If not for the generosity of the Sisters and especially Geraldine Marie Heavrin, SCN, administrator of Our Lady of Peace at the time, Bob has shared that he doesn’t know what he would have done. Another time, when Bob had an illness, Sister Geraldine told him to take off as much time as he needed. She told him not to worry about his job; it would be waiting for him when he returned.” Marie adds, “Bob is grateful to this day for the kindness showered on him and his family during difficult times.” And so it seems that Bob’s being a part of the SCN family has been wonderful for both the SCN Congregation and for Bob and his family. “He is so patient and kind with the residents. He never hurries them and always has that signature smile waiting for everyone …” says Marie. “What a blessing he has been for us!”

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011


From Victim to Advocate Survivor of Human Trafficking Receives International Award It is a powerful story of the human spirit; 15 years ago Charimaya Tamang of Nepal was rescued from the brothels of Mumbai, India. She was able to return to her homeland thanks to the generosity of strangers and found sanctuary and her voice with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth at their convent in Katmanthdu. This June, Charimaya received an honor she could have never imagined during the challenging times in her life. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton awarded Charimaya the 2011 Hero Acting to End Modern-Day Slavery Award and the two met at an the ceremony in Washington, D.C. Charimaya’s story was highlighted in the 2011 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report at the State Department in Washington. In her teens, Charimaya found herself a victim of human trafficking. From a family that had very little, and even less when her father died, the Nepalese woman was only 16 when she was forced into the brothels of India. After 22 months in a brothel, Indian government officials rescued Charimaya along with over 200 other women in 1996. After being rescued, the women were able to return to their homeland but not all welcomed these women back to Nepal. In fact, in 1996 when Charimaya and others returned to their country, the airport had to be sealed off because many in Nepal were in an uproar that women they described as “dishonorable” were being flown back. Some even made shocking comments like, “why are you flying HIV/AIDS into the country?” The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth greeted the women and provided a safe and nurturing home, as well as health care and empowerment training at their Navjyoti Centre in Kathmandu. Charimaya lived with the SCNs for more than a year. The first few months were difficult ones as these women assimilated back into Nepal. They had much anger and sadness because they had suffered mightily in inhumane conditions, under the dominance of brothel owners, and to make matters worse, had lost nearly everything they had. Though happy to have been rescued, these women were further saddened that they had had only enough time to gather a few things when the police raided the brothel to rescue


Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011

SCN family member Charimaya Tamang received the Hero Acting to End Modern-Day Slavery Award from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in June. In 1996, Charimaya lived with SCNs in Nepal after being rescued from a brothel in Mumbai, India.

them. They each returned to Nepal with only two sets of clothes. SCNs worked to heal, protect and nurture these women. Roselyn Karakattu, SCN, who ministered in Nepal at the time, recalls how the women felt victimized on many levels, and how she urged these women to reclaim their lives, and their belongings from the brothel owners, a mighty step in standing up for themselves. Thanks to the help of the Indian Embassy and Nepal police, a large package arrived around Christmas time, the women’s belongings had been returned. The timing of the return could not have meant more to Sister Roselyn and these women. To this day, Sister Roselyn cherishes this memory. Sister Roselyn also cherishes the friendship she forged with Charimaya. Sister Roselyn says Charimaya worked to find her voice in the midst of fellow Nepalese ostracizing her. Charimaya and the other young women were assisted in building their confidence, educated, inspired and empowered at Navjyoti Centre. Charimaya often asked to ride with Sister Roselyn on a scooter through the streets of Nepal in order to attend and organize meetings to educate others about human trafficking. Sister Roselyn recalls how early on, Charimaya welcomed the opportunity to be part of these meetings but preferred to keep her own story private because she feared what others might say or do. But eventually and quite bravely, Charimaya started speaking publicly about her own harrowing experience. Not only did Charimaya reclaim her personal belongings but she went on to file a case against her traffickers. She is the first person ever to file personally a trafficking case with the district police. In 1997, the District Court—in a landmark decision— convicted and sentenced eight offenders involved in her case. Charimaya has devoted herself to helping others. In 2000, Charimaya and 15 other survivors established Shakti Samuha, an anti-trafficking nongovernmental organization (NGO). In 2007, Charimaya received a national honor for her work and currently

is one of two trafficking survivors serving as members of the Nepalese government-led National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking. Over the years, Charimaya has stayed in contact with Sister Roselyn sending updates about her work to end human trafficking. Sister Roselyn, who now ministers in Patna, India, thinks often of Charimaya and the other women who were rescued. And Charimaya too thinks of her time with the SCNs and is quick to acknowledge the various ways the Sisters have supported her throughout her journey from victim to outspoken advocate. Upon returning to Nepal from Washington, after standing side by side with Hillary Clinton to receive a prestigious award, Charimaya this time, found a welcoming crowd at the airport. She told reporters, “If we all work together and move forward, we can eliminate human trafficking.” Charimaya further reflected, “This award is not my personal recognition but it is the recognition of the efforts made by all Nepali people working to end human trafficking. It is the pride of all Nepalis.” And she emphasized that the international recognition further shows there are valiant women working to end modern day slavery, “… hard work and perseverance pays in the long run,” shared Charimaya. As Charimaya returns to her work, plans are underway at Navjyoti to welcome their graduate back to honor her for all she has achieved. The hope is that she will inspire others to find their voice. Rosita Kavilpurayidathil, SCN, who has worked in Nepal for decades empowering women, is so very proud of Charimaya. Sister Rosita shares, “Charimaya faced difficulties while founding her anti-trafficking group — but she never gave up.”

Special Olympics Students at Asha Deepam in Trichy, India are celebrating — again, after two young women were chosen to attend the Special Olympics World Games this summer. M. Priya, 15, and Sindhu Bairavi, 17, are teammates on the Indian handball team. Asha Deepam is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Sabina Mattappallil, SCN, is the principal and in the weeks leading up to the Special Olympics, she spoke about the girls with great love and pride, “These two girls will definitely play a key role in the team and fetch India a gold in handball.” Nearly 7,500 athletes participate in the games and teams from 185 nations vie for prizes in 22 different sports.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011


Girl Up Three children receive a gift that will change their lives …

Boston, Mass., and Shapur, India might be miles apart, but women in both areas are enriching each other’s lives. Thanks to the passion of a group in Boston to change the lives of girl children in an impoverished village, three girls in India are now able to attend school, something they could have never imagined in their wildest dreams. Clare McNeil, SCN, was inspired to take such action when she read a February 14, 2011 article in Time magazine about an initiative through the United Nations Foundation, “Girl Up.” The article outlines the reality that girls in many parts of our world face: “One in seven girls across the developing world is married before she is 15. Then, she gets pregnant. The leading cause of death for girls 15-19 worldwide is not accident or violence or disease, it is complications from pregnancy.” Studies show the benefits of education: higher income, later marriage, and more lifechoices. The Girl Up program is designed to connect girls — one at a time — across the world to offer the opportunity for an education. That’s the power of the program … a strong invitation to change the world one person at a time. According to their website, the Girl Up program’s aim is to offer girls the opportunity to “become educated, healthy, safe, counted, and positioned to be the next generation of leaders.” When Sister Clare shared the article with Dorothy MacDougall,SCN, the two immediately thought about the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in India and the work that is being done there, specifically in educating girls. Sisters Clare and Dorothy have traveled to India and have met many girls who attend schools run by the SCNs. Many of these girls would never have received an education if it weren’t for the presence of the Sisters. Sisters Clare and Dorothy proposed to their faith group that 11

along with her. The Sisters share how, “One gives support to another. They both cried in the beginning wanting to go home …. Now, they have adjusted, and it is like being in a wonderland for them.”

they consider sponsoring the education for a girl in an Indian village who would not be able to attend school without such support. Each faith group member pledged the equivalent of $5.00/month and in no time they had raised $420. After figuring out the logistics of such support, the faith group members were thrilled to learn that their $420 was enough to support two girls in the village of Shapur. Both girls came to live in the hostel and began schooling. When one of the chosen girls became homesick and asked to return to her village, two girls were chosen to replace her, so now the funds that the faith group donated support three girls. The Sisters in Shapur connect frequently with the faith group members. Recently, the Sisters wrote that one of the girls, Malthi, is from the Santhal Tribe. Her mother is a daily laborer. Her father is unable to work as the result of a stroke. Malthi is six-years-old and has three siblings. Without the support of the Sisters, Malthi would most likely not attend school and would be responsible for taking care of the animals. The second girl, Gudia, was excited to come to the school and encouraged her cousin, Sanjula, to come

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011

Beyond the support of the girls, of equal importance to the faith group members is the connection and support for the Sisters in ministry in the Eastern Province. This effort unites the Congregation across the miles and connects the Sisters and Associates in the faith group in the U.S. with the Sisters in ministry in Shapur. Sister Clare says that when gathering they display the photos of the Sisters missioned in Shapur at their regular faith group meetings, and consider those Sisters part of their group. This allows for a personal connection, and a chance to know and support one another on a deeper level. Upon hearing about this faith group’s decision to join them in ministry in this way, the Sisters in Shapur reflect, “We, all of us in this Shapur community, experienced a great sense of joy and thrill when we heard that the Shapur mission was chosen to be specially cared for. You have chosen us …. You have made us part of you. We thank God every day for the beginning of this new extended connection. Lovingly, Sisters Kiran, Mary Swarupa, Archana, Jyotsana and Paulina.” Members of the group include SCNs Ellen Paul McGovern, Eleanor Martin, Maureen Taaffe, Tess Brown, Dorothy MacDougall, and Clare McNeil. Sister Clare’s sister, Anne Marie McNeil, also contributes to the endeavor. The faith group in Massachusetts now has a new name, they call themselves the “Girl Up Faith Group.” If you would like to help a girl in India receive an education, contact Leslie Wilson at

Lessons in Building Bridges Darjeeling District

Known for building bridges between people and groups, SCNs recently found themselves literally building a road. The unpaved, narrow and winding road in Tendrabong, India leads downhill to five villages. Dangerous and impassable, villagers have had no choice but to use it to ferry the sick and their farm produce to the weekly market in Kalimpong. Twelve years ago, the government began work to improve the road, however the work stopped long before the project was complete. Three years ago, Aisha Kavalakattu, SCN, approached government officials about beginning to work again to make the road safe. Negotiations seemed successful but improvements never materialized. A benefactor from Switzerland offered assistance, but available funds only stretched so far. So, the Sisters decided they would work to make the road safe, they would do so by organizing the residents to repair the road. “After two weeks, the youth and school students of the area joined the locals in road construction and the work took off in full swing,” shares Leena Padam, SCN, who lives in Tendrabong. “As the work progressed, the families who were not able to do the manual labor cooked food for the volunteers. Then they formed groups to prepare the food for the day, week after week,” shares local resident Augustina Rai. The project was uplifting says Sister Leena, “The residents selected their own supervisors who thanked and congratulated the workers for their efforts each week.” Even visitors to the area offered a helping hand. Jan Devillwishes, a young volunteer from Germany, worked for four weeks with the volunteers. “I have never worked with this sort of tool, my hands are blistered and I am exhausted, says Jan. “I feel proud to be part of this community in working with them.” SCN Provincial, Sister Sangeeta Ayithamattam, also joined the group for a day, while visiting Tendrabong. In addition to the dangerous roads, residents in the area have little access to clean drinking water, health care or reliable electricity. People must travel many miles to reach Kalimpong for medical care. The residents, who in the end learned skills to help themselves, feel a sense of accomplishment and unity. “If we had done this work long back, the road would have been ready but no one thought of doing it this way,” says Philomena Lepcha. Another resident echoes her sentiments, “The task has united the people.”

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011


Botswana Bound: Volunteers Take Trip of a Lifetime A dream became a reality when Luke Boiarski, SCN, and eight volunteers traveled to Botswana, Africa this spring to connect with families and SCNs in several villages. Botswana, hit hard by the HIV/AIDs virus, is home to many single parents and orphaned children. This was the first trip to Botswana to be made by SCN volunteers. The pioneer group visited and assisted Sisters in Kanye, Lobatse, and Metsimotlhabe from March 27 through April 15.

“If you ever get the opportunity to go, go. It does give you a better perspective on where you live and what you do.”

Divided into three groups, the men and women enjoyed rotating among the ministry sites. They were able to visit with patients in the newlyestablished Hospice, journey to outlying villages, connect with students in the schools and paint walls and murals at the preschools. Sister Luke was energized by the excitement of the villagers as they watched the murals, vibrant images

of elephants, giraffes, and ostriches, take shape before their eyes. She relayed how those gathered each day would come to watch the paintings evolve and how they would cheer on the volunteers.

The volunteers also gathered with SCN Associates to pray, share in each other’s cultures, dance and to have fun. Those gathered were able to share a common connection through the SCN Community, and the chance to get to know one another in this way created powerful memories. Following several days of volunteering, the trip ended with a memorable two-day experience. The group visited Victoria Falls and went on both a water and land safari. It was truly amazing, as volunteers captured photos of all kinds of animals, including elephants, giraffes, a lioness and her cubs, alligators, and exotic birds. Both exhausted and exhilerated, the travelers returned home filled with a depth of emotion and powerful stories. Most of all, they returned with admiration and respect for the Sisters and their ministries, and for the new friends they made in Botswana. In an interview with her local newspaper, the Lebanon Enterprise, Peggy Downs shared, “If you ever get the opportunity to go, go. It does give you a better perspective on where you live and what you do.”

— Peggy Downs Top: SCN Volunteers took in many breathtaking sights including animals in their natural habitat roaming the fields of Africa. Above: Children could be seen using their imaginations to turn ordinary lawn equipment into tools for fun! Right: SCN family members and volunteers shared several occasions together during a Volunteer Immersion Trip to Botswana, Africa, this spring. Pictured, left to right, first row: Ann Muthukattil, SCN, Tootsie Gish, SCNA, Nalini Meachariyill, SCN, Sunila Erumagallathu, SCN; second row: Vinaya Chalil, SCN, Pat Huitt, SCN, Peggy Downs, Olive Pinto, SCN, Karen Schmitt, SCNA; back row: Luke Boiarski, SCN, Patricia MacIsaac, SCNA, Sue Wulf, Evelyn Faldowski, SCNA, Steve Schmitt, and Trudi Maish, SCNA.

Would you like to ch

ange someone’s life? (you’ll be surprised at the change in yo ur life as well.) The SCN Lay Miss ion Vo

lunteer Progra of Charity of Naza reth, invites lay wo m, sponsored by the Sisters m and religions into service with econom en and men of all ages ically challenged pe Belize, Mexico, A ppalachia, New O ople in rleans and other re volunteer opportu gions. Future nities are always av ailable. Contact Si today. ster Luke

(502) 348-1578 | lu kesc

Nazareth Welcomes New Campus Director The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth welcomed Tom Robertson to the SCN family in May. Tom is the new campus service director for the Motherhouse Campus at Nazareth, Ky. Western Provincial Judy Raley, SCN, shared her enthusiasm about Tom joining the staff and Sisters during a missioning ceremony May 18th at St. Vincent Church. Tom has worked with people of all ages at camps and retreat centers throughout his career. He says he is excited about opportunities to work with the Bardstown and Nelson County Kentucky communities. “I have learned to appreciate the privilege of working with an outstanding group of fellow workers, and I already realize that this is an opportunity to serve and to become friends with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and the SCN family,” reflects Tom.

New Director Joins Camp Maria It has been another exciting summer at Camp Maria Retreat Center, in Leonardtown, Md. The camp has been busy, and members of the SCN family are welcoming the new director, Ann Kovalcik. She has served on the Camp Maria Retreat Center board of directors since November 2008. Ann has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and has experience in social services and as community services coordinator for St. Mary’s County Government. Ann was a school counselor at St. Mary’s Ryken for 18 years, and more recently, served as campus minister and director of the retreat program there. She has often brought her school groups to Camp Maria for retreats. Ann is deeply rooted in the southern Maryland area and is very excited to lead Camp Maria Retreat Center. “My passion, faith and vision along with my work experience … have laid solid foundations that will enable me to meet the challenges of directing Camp Maria,” Ann shares. Also, this summer, guests enjoyed the 2011 MDA Summer Camp. This year’s theme was Hooray for Hollywood and about 150 participants were divided into smaller groups of agents, film crew, writers, divas and drama queens. The campers took part in

drama classes and even their own version of the Emmy and Oscar Awards. Campers also experienced horseback riding, swimming, and a scavenger hunt. Another highlight at Camp Maria, earlier this year, the retreat center hosted a guest speaker, CBS sportscaster James Brown (J.B.), who provides commentary for the NFL. He spoke to a group of students from Georgetown Prep who were making their senior retreat at Camp Maria. Featuring beautiful grounds, facilities, and an inviting atmosphere, Camp Maria provides the perfect space for reflection, contemplation, and rest. For more information about Camp Maria, visit the website at

SCN President Receives Honorary Doctorate

Mary Elizabeth Miller, SCN, president of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, received an honorary doctorate from the Board of Trustees of Spalding University on June 4, 2011. A lifelong educator, social worker and community leader, Sister Mary Elizabeth has dedicated her life to the education of women and ministry to marginalized members of society. In addition to her current role, she has also served at social service agencies and has taught and held positions as principal at several catholic high schools, including Saint Mary Academy, Leonardtown, Md. For her devotion, spirit of service and career as a caregiver, Spalding University awarded her the honorary degree of Doctor of Public Service.

Presentation Celebrates 180th Anniversary

This year, Presentation Academy is celebrating its 180th anniversary. 180 years ago, Mother Catherine Spalding traveled to Louisville from Nazareth with three other Sisters in a horse drawn wagon. It took most of the day and the women arrived with excitement at Presentation on 5th street in downtown Louisville. Presentation is still located downtown, now at Fourth and Breckinridge Streets. It has been recognized as Louisville’s oldest continuously operating school. This is a time of much celebration for both Presentation as it celebrates 180 years and the Sisters as the Congregation marks 200 years. Pictured are SCNs Ann Rita Mauck, Judy Raley, Maria Vincent Brocato, Chris Beckett (President of Presentation), Susan Kilb, and Edna Fabre, at the signing of a Charter in recognition of the rich relationship between Presentation and the Congregation.

Vincentian Academy Appoints New President

Vincentian Academy, a co-ed Catholic high school founded in 1932 in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, Pa., is pleased to announce John Fedko is the new president. This is an exciting addition for the Academy which is set to celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2012. John has been a prominent presence in the Pittsburgh media for decades. Since 1987, John was the sports director and anchor at Pittsburgh’s Channel 11. A well-known leader, with strong ties to the community and a passion for Catholic education and excellence, John has also been involved with numerous Catholic charities. Dr. John Murray, Jr., Chair of the Board of Directors of Vincentian Academy, welcomed John to the SCN family, “By his words and actions, John clearly demonstrates his commitment to and passion for Catholic secondary school education,” says Dr. Murray. “We are confident that he will be a highly effective leader and communicator as President of Vincentian Academy.” Vincentian Academy is ranked among the finest secondary schools in the United States and abroad. John visited Nazareth, Ky., where he received a warm reception during a missioning service at St. Vincent Church.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011












HIGHLIGHTS Carlette Gentle, SCN, is being recognized with a scholarship to the University of Belize. She has the highest grade point average in the Social Work Program. 1

Ancilla Kozhipat, SCN, of Patna, 2 India, visited the U.S. from March to May. She visited hospitals, enjoyed a time of renewal, and reconnected with old friends. Five SCNs made their final commitment to the SCN Congregation, May 15, in Mokama, India. A sixth Sister made her final commitment, May 22, at the Nazareth Convent in Chandapura, Bangalore. 3

A Golden Jubilee celebration took place at Nazareth, Ky., Sunday, July 17. SCNs celebrated 50 years as Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. They were able to connect with Xavier Valiakunnackal, SCN, in Ranchi, India, who is also celebrating a Golden Jubilee this year. 4



Six candidates were received into the Pre-Novitiate, April 28, at a Eucharistic celebration held at Nazareth Convent, Ranchi, India. 5

Anna Powell, Assistant Archivist at Nazareth, has been nominated to sit on the Kentucky Council on Archives (KCA) board as the Newsletter Editor. The KCA is an association of archivists, historians, librarians, records managers, and individuals who work together to promote cooperation and the exchange of information and encourage repositories to properly administer archival materials. 6

Anna also participated in an outreach project with Bellarmine University. She gave a special presentation to the History of American Nursing class on Louisville area nursing history and the vast legacy of SCNs in health care. SCN Jubilarians in Pittsburgh, Pa., were recognized in an issue of The Catholic Accent, the newspaper for the Diocese of Pittsburgh. 7

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011

Members of the Presentation Academy Mission Club, a group of students and adults, participated in an alternative spring break with a four-day mission trip to Appalachia this spring. This was the fourth consecutive year the program took place. Participants spent their time in Auxier, Ky., about 20 miles from Prestonsburg, Ky. 8

SCN family members participated in the 2011 Bardstown/Nelson County, Ky., Relay for Life. Sisters, Associates, employees and residents of Nazareth contributed $1,191.00 to help fight cancer. 9

Thirty-six students from Seton Catholic School, Lexington, Ky., visited Nazareth, Ky., in May. They are students of Cathy Lavender, SCNA, who teaches seventh grade. The group dropped by the Nazareth Visitor Center where they met SCN founder Mother Catherine Spalding, portrayed by Rita Davis, SCN. 10

Several members of the SCN family gathered to dedicate the Nazareth Community garden, Nazareth, Ky., on May 17. Two benches, made by members of the Nelson County 4-H Woodworking Club, were donated to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth for the garden area. 11

12 19 16

20 13





June was Torture Awareness Month. SCNs Liz Wendeln and Miriam Corcoran participated with a group of activists working to raise awareness of torture as part of the Louisville Torture Abolition Project, Louisville, Ky. The activists were featured in a CourierJournal newspaper article. 12

The Louisville SCN Associate Network held its annual spring event, June 12, at St. Agnes Church, Louisville, Ky. Frances Krumpelman, SCN, shared insights and passages from her recently published book at the gathering. It was a prayerful time of enriching fellowship. 13

Barbara Peterson, SCN, led a group of 150 health care workers through a “Prayer Experience” at Wildwood Country Club, Louisville, Ky., on June 16. The event was sponsored by Nazareth Home. 14

A new statue of Jesus is the focal point of the Healing Garden outside Christ the Healer Chapel at Memorial Hospital in Hixson, Tenn. Members of the SCN family participated in a blessing of the statue June 30. 15


Sharon Gray, SCN, traveled this summer to areas in the South affected


by recent tornados in partnership with Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). As head of the Nazareth Retreat Center, she had a profound experience providing outreach to people recovering from the traumatic events and loss. Cecilia Simick, SCN, celebrated her Silver Jubilee recently in Surkhet, Nepal. 17

In July, SCNs Paschal Maria Fernicola and Beverly Hoffman participated in a vocation camp for young women interested in religious life at Santa Famila Retreat Center in the Cayo District of Belize. The group of 20 young women enjoyed an afternoon gathering themed “Seeing me as Gift.” 18

Luke Boiarski, SCN, Carletta and Phil 19 Fortwengler, SCNA Candidates, their granddaughter, Morgan, and Rev. Jim Graf, SCNA, volunteered in Haiti in July. They worked with the “Food for the Poor” program which aids victims of the 2010 earthquake. Just a few weeks later, Sister Luke and Nancy Gerth, SCN, led a group from Archbishop Williams High School in Braintree, Mass., on a volunteer project in the Dunbar, Pa., region. SCNs Anne Magruder, Angela Hicks, and Alice


O’Connell assisted the group as well. Students took part in outreach to the elderly and needy of that area July 25-30, 2011. SCN lay mission volunteers responded to several natural disaster sites this summer under the direction of Luke Boiarski, SCN. They provided a pastoral presence as well as assistance with clean up efforts. Among the hard hit areas volunteers traveled to: Chattanooga, Tenn., Joplin, Mo., and northern Georgia areas. 20

Cecilia Simik, SCN, and other members of the SCN family in Nepal welcomed Sheela Barla, SCN, as a new teacher to the Surket community. 21

Chris Beckett, SCN, has been selected to be a member of the Leadership Louisville Class of 2012. 22

Not Pictured: The Rev. Joe Damhurst from St. Martin de Porres in Belize City, Belize, visited the Motherhouse, Nazareth, Ky., in July. He attended Mass and toured Nazareth.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011


Journeying On Ligorius Kracinovsky, SCN, 91, a native of Duquesne, Pa., died at Vincentian Nursing Home, Pittsburgh, Pa., on April 30, 2011. She entered the Vincentian Sisters of Charity in 1934 and was a Sister for 77 years. Sister taught in the Pittsburgh, Greensburg and Johnstown, dioceses in Pennsylvania; in the Diocese of Youngstown, Ohio; in the Diocese of Mobile, Alabama, and in the Diocese of St. Catherine, Ontario, Canada. She also served as principal in Pittsburgh schools. She spent the last 22 years ministering at the Vincentian Nursing Home. Sister Ligorius received both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Education from Duquesne University and studied at the University of Dayton, Ohio and Brock University in Canada. Survivors include one sister, Agnes (Richard) Kosko, of Rochester, N.Y.; a brother, Bernard, of Palm Coast, Fla.; brother-in-law, Joseph Salay, of West Miff lin, Pa.; nieces, nephews, and her religious community. Jane Elizabeth O’Connell, SCN, 83, a native of New Haven, Conn., died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Ky., on May 5, 2011. She was a Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 65 years. Sister Jane Elizabeth served in both elementary and secondary education as both classroom and music teacher, and library assistant in Ohio, Massachusetts and Kentucky for 28 years. Sister also served as Pastoral Assistant and minister of hospitality in Massachusetts. At Nazareth Home, she served in the ministry of prayer. Survivors include several cousins in Massachusetts and her religious community. Mary Anselma Grimes, SCN, 94, a native of Louisville, Ky., died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Ky., on May 21, 2011. She was a Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 74 years. Sister Mary Anselma served in the ministry of elementary education for 38 years. Sister was also in ministry in health care and community service. In Louisville, Sister served as Director of Pastoral Care at Our 19

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011

Lady of Peace Hospital from 1979-85. She became a resident at Nazareth Home in 1996 where she served in the ministry of prayer. Survivors include two sisters, Helen Grimes and Ellen Miriam Grimes, SCN, both of Louisville, and her religious community. Marie Anne Ballard, SCN, 81, a native of Bardstown, Ky., died at Nazareth Motherhouse, Nazareth, Ky., on May 26, 2011. She was a Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 63 years. Sister Marie Anne served in elementary education as both teacher and principal in Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee and Maryland for 43 years. In Louisville, Sister taught at St. Agnes School from 1962-66, and at Holy Family School from 1982-84. Sister Marie Anne served in health care at Memorial Hospital, Chattanooga, Tenn., as patient and family advocate from 1994-2004. During her years at the Motherhouse, Sister served in Community Service as a driver. Survivors include a brother, Leslie Ballard, Jr., of Bardstown, nieces and nephews, and her religious community. Mary Vera Bartley, SCN, 97, a native of Donora, Pa., died at Vincentian Home, Pittsburgh, Pa., on June 6, 2011. She entered the Vincentian Sisters of Charity in 1927 and was a Sister for 84 years. Sister Mary Vera served as a teacher, principal, and CCD instructor in Pennsylvania in the Dioceses of Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Johnstown-Altoona, and in Youngstown, Ohio. She was also in the business office of the Vincentian Motherhouse, Pittsburgh, for 29 years as well as in the prayer ministry. Sister Mary Vera earned a Bachelor of Education degree from Duquesne University. Survivors include sisters-in-law, Ann Bartley, of Denver, Colo., and Rita Bartley, of Belle Vernon, Pa.; nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, and her religious community.

M. Frances Mihalek, SCN, 97, a native of Mt. Pleasant, Pa., died at St. Louise Convent, Pittsburgh, Pa., on July 29, 2011. She entered the Vincentian Sisters of Charity in 1927 and was a Sister for 84 years. Sister worked in the ministry of education in the Dioceses of Pittsburgh and Greensburg, Pa., as a teacher and principal for 55 years. Upon retirement, Sister Frances Louise volunteered as Eucharistic Minister at both Allegheny General and North Hills Passavant Hospitals in Pittsburgh for 15 years and in the prayer ministry at St. Louise Convent. Sister received both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education from Duquesne University. She is survived by her nephew Andrew, relatives, friends and her Sisters in Community. Bernadette Maria Henkel, SCN, 88, a native of Loretto, Tenn., died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Ky., on August 1, 2011. She was a Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 67 years. Sister Bernadette Maria served in education in Kentucky and Ohio for 39 years. In Louisville, Sister taught at Holy Family, Sacred Heart, St. Gabriel and St. Lawrence Schools. Sister also served in St. Lawrence Parish as Parish Visitor. In retirement, Sister Bernadette Maria served in the Apostolate of Prayer. Survivors include: two brothers, Francis Henkel of Fair Oaks, Calif., and Joseph J. Henkel of Carmel, N.Y.; and one sister, Mary Zita Henkel, SCN, of Nazareth, Ky.; and her religious community. M. Innocent Lisi, SCN, 92, a native of Duquesne, Pa., died at Vincentian Home, Pittsburgh, Pa., on August 3, 2011. She entered the Vincentian Sisters of Charity in 1935 and was a Sister for 76 years.

Mary Dominic Rechtorick, SCN, 84, a native of New Salem, Pa., died at Vincentian Home, Pittsburgh, Pa., on August 8, 2011. She entered the community of the Vincentian Sisters of Charity in 1945 and was a Sister for 66 years. Sister Mary Dominic taught in the Dioceses of Pittsburgh and Greensburg, Pa., for 36 years. Sister served as principal at St. Lawrence School, Monett, Mo., for 19 years. Sister Dominic also spent part of each summer for 16 years going to Philippi, West Virginia to assist those in need. Following retirement from teaching, Sister Dominic was the receptionist at the Vincentian Child Care Center for six years after which she became part of the prayer ministry. Sister Mary Dominic earned a Bachelor of Education degree from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, and a Masters degree in Reading from Cardinal Stritch College, Milwaukee, Wis. She is survived by her brother Stephen, sister-in-law Irene, nieces, nephews and her religious community. Angela Wethington, SCN, formerly Sister Marie de Paul Wethington, 89, a native of Brown’s Valley, Ky., died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Ky., on August 11, 2010. She had been a Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 62 years. Sister Angela served in the apostolate of elementary and secondary education in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee. In Louisville, Sister taught at Resurrection School. Sister also served in Pastoral Ministry and in health care as Administrator and Pastoral Minister. At Nazareth Home, Sister served in the apostolate of prayer. Survivors include one sister, Rita Husted, of Denver, Colo.; nieces and nephews, and her religious community.

Sister Innocent taught in the Dioceses of Pittsburgh and Greensburg, Pa., and Youngstown, Ohio for 44 years. After her retirement from teaching, Sister worked 18 years at Assumption Nursing Home, Youngstown. In 1997, she retired a second time and tutored and volunteered at the Vincentian Child Care Center in Pittsburgh. She was also in the prayer ministry. Sister Innocent received her Bachelor of Education degree from Duquesne University. She is survived by members of her religious community.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011


Memorial/Honorary Donations 4/30/11 Thru 8/31/11

MEMORIALS EARL T. ADAMS Mary Elaine Wood ANN MIRIAM ALLGEIER, SCN Dorothy M. Ray J. Watson Allgier LOUISE ANDERSON Margaret Spalding Wathen, SCN RANDY ANDERSON Dorothy Wilson, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN EMILY ANN APPLETON, SCN Charles\Jane Ellen Myers Roger L. Mulloy, Jr. THOMAS DESALES BAILEY, SCN Muriel R. Lomenick MILDRED BALL Carmelita Dunn, SCN Janice Downs, SCN Brenda Anderson, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN Mary Jane McMakin, SCN Jeanine Jaster, SCN Dorothy Wilson, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN Betty MacDougall, SCN Earline Hobbs, SCN MARIE ANNE BALLARD, SCN Mary Austin Donovan, SCN Mary Loretto Krimple, SCN Anita Hager, SCN Brenda Gonzales, SCN Betty Jean Lewis Marge\Don Arehart Rita Spalding, SCN Buddy\Susie Taylor St. Ann Catholic Church\ Bartlett, Tenn. Marie Celine Osbourn, SCN Michaella Cronin, SCN Carol McKean, SCN Earline Hobbs, SCN Connie\Charlie Blake, SCNAs Elizabeth Kammerdiener, SCNA Rita Spalding, SCN Carol Kline Thompson Carol Newton MARY VERA BARTLEY, SCN Dorothy L. Jozwiak Daniel\Catherine Topley 21

Susan\Eugene Bartley Dolores A. Ward VIRGINIA (CHARLES FRANCIS) BAUER, SCN Anonymous Pat Healey, SCN Margaret Baird MARY ROBERT BECKER, SCN Donna Dahlberg Denise Carpenter CLARA BEDNAR Guest House\Nazareth, Ky. Dolores Ann Therasse, SCN Mary Judith Seman, SCN BILL EMMETT BEELER Sharen Baldy, SCN EULA BLANDFORD, SCN Lucille\David Fannin Pauline B. Schwartzmiller Susan G. Bowling MARGARET VINCENT BLANDFORD, SCN Lucille\David Fannin Pauline B. Schwartzmiller HELEN BLODGETT Helen Blodgett, SCN RUTH BLODGETT Helen Blodgett, SCN KATHLEEN MARY BOHAN, SCN Jean W. Frazier Rose M. Ratterman Tom\Patty Durham William J. Bohan LAURITA BOHN, SCN Deborah\Anthony Christ Paul W. Bohn GEORGE\ROSE BOLL Mark Boll MARY MONICA BOLL, SCN Mark Boll MILDRED BOWLING, SCN Maynard\Mary McCubbin GABRIELLE BRANSCOME, SCN Jeanine Jaster, SCN Catherine B. Cox MAE BRENAN Mary Assumpta Dwyer, SCN MRS. THOMAS BRENAN Mary Assumpta Dwyer, SCN REV. BERT BRIAN William Leslie Keene, Jr. ANN\STAN BRINKMAN Margie\Dan Kennedy ROGER BROCKMAN Tom\Trudy Bieger BERNARD BURCH Rosemarie Kirwan, SCN

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011

Five Sisters working in Community Service at Nazareth Home celebrated Jubilees: Pictured seated: Julia Clare Fontaine, SCN (70 years). Standing, left to right: SCNs Rose Andrew Waller (60 years), Mary Jane Rhodes (60 years), Margaret Lillian Davenport (50 years), and Ann Marie Rhodes (60 years).

Grace Mary Whittaker, SCN Loretto Weller, SCN JANE BURGIN Marietta Putzig, SCN JACK BURKE Martha Walsh, SCN MARY RANSOM BURKE, SCN Janice Murphy JOHN BURNS Miriam Corcoran, SCN BRIANA BUSH Anita Hager, SCN Carol McKean, SCN Michaella Cronin, SCN Mary Loretto Krimple, SCN Theresa Knabel, SCN Theresa Cash, SCN Mary Assumpta Dwyer, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN CATHARINE JAMES CAIN, SCN Lisa\Robert Hiatt VIRGINIA MARIE CARR Elaine Puthoff, SCN CHACKO John Loretto Mueller, SCN VERONICA CIMPRICH, VSC Theresa\Anthony Igo CLAIR “BUD” CLARK Office of Congregational Advancement SCN Congregational Leadership Celeste Reedy, SCN Anita Hager, SCN Trudi Maish, SCNA Mary Assumpta Dwyer, SCN Dana\Richard Hinton Crimmins Hall Staff\ Nazareth, Ky.

Pat Worley, SCN John Loretto Mueller, SCN Mark\Susan McCullough Carroll Rae\Paul Feistel David\Elizabeth Acker DWIGHT CLARK Anita Hager, SCN CONLEY FAMILY\ DECEASED MEMBERS Joseph H. Conley JOAN W. CONLEY Joseph H. Conley JOHN CONNAVINO Jason Fink JEANETTE CONNOLLY Joseph L. Connolly MARY ANGELITA COOMES, SCN Paul R. Coomes ROSEMARY COUGHLIN Bill Coughlin JOAN ELLEN CREGG, SCN Rev. Jim Graf AGNES CRONE, SCN Patricia Lynch-Hayes MARGARET CROWLEY, SCN Della Crowley MARGARET\DANIEL CROWLEY\FAMILY Della Crowley HENRY CURTIN Della Crowley BETTY DAGLE Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN CAROL DAVIS Connie Tarallo, SCN REV. JOHN DICKMAN Rosemarie Kirwan, SCN Grace Mary Whittaker, SCN Loretto Weller, SCN

MARGARET DIGIULIO Mary Anne Burkardt, SCN JOANNE DONNER Elaine McCarron, SCN Theresa Knabel, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Emily Nabholz, SCN Betty Fracchia, SCN Barbara Spencer, SCN Mary Elizabeth Miller, SCN Teresa Kotturan, SCN John Loretto Mueller, SCN Mary Wimsatt, SCNA Dorothy Wilson, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN Michaella Cronin, SCN Carol McKean, SCN Mary Gene Frank, SCNA Marietta Putzig, SCN Margaret Rodericks, SCN Charles Mary Burns, SCN Maureen Taaffe, SCN Betty MacDougall, SCN Tammy L. Mattingly Earline Hobbs, SCN Patricia Murray Boone, SCNA\Ernest Boone Margaret Spalding Wathen, SCN EVELYN DOOLEY Evelyn Hurley, SCN DOWNEY FAMILY\ DECEASED MEMBERS Pat Healey, SCN LEOLA DOWNS Joseph E. Giordano LARRY DUBAS Helen Dolores Dubas DAN DUEPPEN Paula Palotay PAT DUNAVANT Catherine Dunavant Steve\Cathi Dunavant Vince\Wendy Dunavant Phil\Carol Dunavant Bo\Maryanne Lessley Sheila\Doyle Ferguson Cheryl\Chuck Rohde David\Noelle Dunavant Chuck\Michelle Dunavant Therese\Jim Tuttle ROBERT LOUISE DUNCAN, SCN Dr.\Mrs. Martin A. Barley Dr. Robert B. Scripko MARJORIE CAMPBELL DUNN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Theresa Cash, SCN John Loretto Mueller, SCN

Pat Worley, SCN Michaella Cronin, SCN Carol McKean, SCN Cecil\Mary T. Black Eleanor Willett, SCN Barbara Spencer, SCN Betty Fracchia, SCN Trudy Foster, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Kitty Wilson, SCN Catherine Lee, SCN Carmelita Dunn, SCN ETHEL DURBIN, SCN Shirley M. Rogers KENNY DUSEL SCN Associates HENRY W. EILER Janet Dougherty, SCN MARILYN EMRICH LaVerne Sihelnik, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Brenda Gonzales, SCN FRANCES RICHARD ENDRES, SCN Rosemary R. Orr NANCY EYL Bea Keller, SCN MARY LOGAN EZELL Rosellen W. McGonegle STEVE FECIK Linda Soltis, SCN HORACE “DALE” FIELDS Betty MacDougall, SCN MARY LYNN FIELDS, SCN Nancy Leatherman Anne Beavan Martha Young Suzanne Levonian JOHN FISTER, SCN Phyllis Newman Anne Fister MARIE VICTORIA FITZSIMMONS, SCN Gertrude Shaver JOSEPHINE FOLEY, SCN Margaret Hyland MARY CHARLOTTE FOWLER, SCN Josephine L. Hill CAROLYN FRACCHIA Loyce Winfield ROSE FRACCHIA Loyce Winfield FRANK\ANNA GAMBOL Elmer\Margaret Bash ELEANOR GARCIA Paula Palotay ALICE GARRITY, SCN Louis F. Hettinger Stephen Ramocki JOHN GATZ Katherine Gatz Nell Gatz NORTON GATZ Nell Gatz

RITA GERTH Patsy O’Toole, SCNA Carmelita Dunn, SCN Mark Schaver Mary Martin, SCNA Diane Pharo, SCN Brenda Anderson, SCN Janice Downs, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN Susie\Leroy Gerth Zeke\Phyllis Combs Helen Arnold Rick\Deborah Yetter Denny\Susan Ernst Rose Eleanor Perry, SCN Mary Jane McMakin, SCN Anna Jeanne Hardesty, SCN Betty Fracchia, SCN Barbara Spencer, SCN Jeanine Jaster, SCN Dorothy Wilson, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN Maureen Taaffe, SCN Betty MacDougall, SCN Theresa Cash, SCN JEANNE GIANNINI Jeanine Jaster, SCN JAMES L. GILL Timothy\Elizabeth Gill MARY CELESTIA GIPPERICH, SCN Robert\Patricia Gipperich RESTITUTA GIPPERICH, SCN Robert\Patricia Gipperich

CATHERINE CLARE GLASER, SCN Robert Mitsch THOMAS P. GLAZE Mary Ann Foulis Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN ELIZABETH BENNETT GOMEZ Joyce L. Bennett JIM GOODMAN William Leslie Keene, Jr. MRS. ALLEN GREEN Connie Tarallo, SCN MARY ANSELMA GRIMES, SCN John Loretto Mueller, SCN William A. Morris Elaine Orr Wise VERA GUY Susie A. Halbleib MIRIAM HAGAN Mary Wimsatt, SCNA Elizabeth Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN Dorothy Wilson, SCN BETTY HALL Elaine H.\B.R. Boone LOUIS HALL Lynn Hammack Juliana Hayden Daniel\Jeanette Funk\Family Jean\Frederick Boone Phyllis S. Mattingly JANICE (JANE CECELIA) HAMILTON, SCN Richard\Patsy Griffin Lindsay Collins

Partners in Mission

The SCN Legacy Society was established to recognize and honor benefactors who have named the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in their estate plans. With deep faith, these individuals have chosen as their legacy a share in the SCN mission. Members of the SCN Legacy Society are valued partners in bringing the love of Christ to coming generations. If you would like information about including the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in your estate planning, please contact Leslie Wilson at (502) 3481547 or

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011


JULIA HAMILTON Rosellen W. McGonegle HANEY FAMILY\ DECEASED MEMBERS Marian Haney, SCN EUGENE HARDIN Anita Hager, SCN Ann Kernen, SCN Mary Joyce Kernen, SCN John Loretto Mueller, SCN Office of Congregational Advancement Mary Assumpta Dwyer, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN ROSE CARMEL HARNDEN, SCN Clinton\Margaret Bubb, II CLEMENZA HAYDEN, SCN Charles Greenwell CHARLOTTE HAZAS Ronald\Sarah Sweat HEALEY FAMILY\ RELATIVES \FRIENDS\ DECEASED MEMBERS Pat Healey, SCN BERNADETTE MARIA HENKEL, SCN Mary Loretto Krimple, SCN Brenda Gonzales, SCN Jan Ciresi John Loretto Mueller, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Anonymous ANNA MARY HESSION, SCN John M. Gentilini, Ph.D. CORNELIUS HICKMAN SCN Associates Michaella Cronin, SCN Carol McKean, SCN Mary Wimsatt, SCN Earline Hobbs, SCN Janice Downs, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Nazareth Villages Gertrude Foster, SCN Brenda Gonzales, SCN CHARLES JOSEPH HILL, SCN Joe\Mary R. Mudd FRANK HITE Dorothea Hite DR. WILLIAM A. HUNDLEY Jack\Diane\Kristina Miller DANIEL HURLEY Evelyn Hurley, SCN Janet Dougherty, SCN MRS. JENRICH Brenda Gonzales, SCN LIB JOHANNEMAN John E. Metzler


JO ANN KAELIN JONES Pauline C. Eccles MADELINE JORDAN Marietta Putzig, SCN ADRIAN JOSEPH Thelma Hayden BARBARA JOYCE, CSJ Evelyn Hurley, SCN MARY CLARENCE KAMBER, SCN Barbara A. Mayer PAUL KANE Martha Walsh, SCN WALTER KASIEVICH Michaella Cronin, SCN Carol McKean, SCN BILL KEMPER Jeanine Jaster, SCN ED KEMPER Carmelita Dunn, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN Catherine Lee, SCN MARY ADOLPH KENENSKE, SCN Jane\William Smith Anthony Pfeifer SUE (BOBBIE) KIDWELL Louis\Susan Staub Ruth Bamberger Betty MacDougall, SCN Cathy R. Carpenter Annette Skees, SCNA LORRAINE KIELEY Martha Walsh, SCN FATHER OF ROBERT KOCH John Loretto Mueller, SCN RON KOCH Lea Furlong LIGORIOUS KRACINOVSKY, SCN Richard\Adele Klein Shirley Nugent, SCN Gwen MacMahon, SCN Agnes Kosko JAMES KRIMPLE Mary Loretto Krimple, SCN MR.\MRS. LEO KRIMPLE Mary Loretto Krimple, SCN CLIFF\NATALIE KRUG Paula Johnson ROBERT KUEHNER Mary Wimsatt, SCNA Grace Maria Saia, SCN Mary Assumpta Dwyer, SCN Elaine McCarron, SCN Theresa Knabel, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Jeanine Jaster, SCN Dorothy Wilson, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN Theresa Cash, SCN

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011

PAUL KULINA Theresa Cash, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN AUDREY MEISNER KUPPER John Loretto Mueller, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Theresa Knabel, SCN Elaine McCarron, SCN GERTRUDE LACROUTS Diane Burton, SCNA HARRY REDMON LAIR, III Mary Loretto Krimple, SCN LASALETTE CLASS OF 1951\DECEASED MEMBERS LaSalette Class of 1951 MARY JO DELANEY LECHLEITER James T. Lechleiter JOSEPH E. LENAHAN Guest House\Nazareth, Ky. M. INNOCENT LISI, SCN Brenda Gonzales, SCN Daniel\Catherine Topley FRANCES MIRIAM LOKER, SCN Carol Anne Kenny CATHERINE LOOBY, SCN Patricia Pendergast GRACE MACKIN, SCN Charles A. Mackin Donald Alexczuk THERESE MACKIN Evelyn Hurley, SCN

JOHN MAGUIRE Barbara MacDonald, SCN MARY MALEGO Dan\Cathy Topley ALICE MARCIANI Eileen Hienen MARGARET MARY MARCINEK, SCN Charles\Monica Merrell MARINA MARTIN, SCN Patsy Whitmer CLARAMMA MATHEW Miriam Corcoran, SCN John Loretto Mueller, SCN MARIAKUTTY MATTAPPALLIL Guest House\Nazareth, Ky. John Loretto Mueller, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN MARY ALICE MAUPIN Betty Black ALICE MCCAFFERTY Barbara Leone DAVID MCCAFFERTY Joan\Kenneth McCafferty ELIZABETH\LAWRENCE MCCROSKEY Celeste Midkiff RACHEL MCCUTHERSON Dorothy Wilson, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN TIMOTHY MCGAUGHRAN Betty MacDougall, SCN CATHERINE MCGEE Marie John Kelley, SCN Joan Robishaw, SCN

ALUMNI OBITUARIES Martha “Pocky” Peterson Nazareth College, 1942 Julia Hamilton Nazareth Academy, 1957 Mary Morton Germann Nazareth Jr. College, 1936 Ollie Jane Allen Baker St. Joseph Infirmary, 1941 Faye Mudd Hill St. Joseph Infirmary, 1948 Mary Sue Smith Stabler St. Vincent Infirmary, 1960 Margaret Baron Cowley Nazareth College

CHARLES MCGEE Ronald\Susan M. Thompson MICKEY\HAZEL MCGUIRE Rev. Jim Graf HELEN H. MCINTYRE Miriam Corcoran, SCN MICHAEL MCMAHON Martha Walsh, SCN MARGARET NABHOLZ MCNEIL Kathy M. Strack CATHERINE\RODMAN MEDLEY Carolyn Medley J.A.\BESSIE MEDLEY William O. Medley JAY MEDLEY Dorothy Wilson, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN MARCIA MEISNER John Loretto Mueller, SCN Rosemarie Kirwan, SCN Grace Mary Whittaker, SCN Loretto Weller, SCN Theresa Knabel, SCN MARY MERGO Janet Dougherty, SCN MARC MEYER Betty MacDougall, SCN PAUL MEYER Katrina Kargl FRANCES LOUISE MIHALEK, SCN Mary Loretto Krimple, SCN Brenda Gonzales, SCN Daniel\Catherine Topley Mary Kubiak Barbara Doerfler Susan\Patty Mihalek ROBERT MILLER Kathleen Miller FRANK MILLS Alice Adams, SCN Emily Nabholz, SCN Pat Hill, SCN RANDAL MILLS Mary Wimsatt, SCNA HELEN MISKE Brenda Gonzales, SCN JOYCE BOGGESS MOODEY Fran and Pappy Cecil Mary Eula Johnson, SCN JANE LUTKEMEIER MOORE Anne\Michael Rush Incarnation Catholic Church Members\Louisville, Ky. ERWIN MORRIS Luke Boiarski, SCN Anne Magruder, SCN ANN MURPHY, SCN John\Florence Murphy

EDWARD MURPHY Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN JANE MURPHY Janet Dougherty, SCN MARGARET GERTRUDE MURPHY, SCN Mr.\Mrs. Michael Berthold CHARLE U. NADORFF Susan M. Nadorff NAZARETH ACADEMY CLASS OF 1966\ DECEASED MEMBERS Ann M. Corrigan MARY CECELIA NELSON Pete\Betsy Wigginton THERESA NOVAK, SCN Susan Lewandowski HELEN O’BRYAN Helen Blodgett, SCN JANE ELIZABETH O’CONNELL, SCN Rita Schafer Gwen McMahon, SCN Shirley Nugent, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Virginia Bourdelais Mary Bourdelais Maureen Taaffe, SCN Ellen Vellios Helen McNulty, SCN Ruth McNulty Brenda Gonzales, SCN Pat Healey, SCN ELLEN PATRICK O’NEILL, SCN Letitia Lynne Walter LYNN O’SULLIVAN Stephen O’Sullivan FRANCES O’TOOLE Loyce Winfield MARY JO PASSAFIUME Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Elaine Puthoff, SCN Janet Dougherty, SCN Phyllis M. Passafiume Charles Mary Burns, SCN WILLIAM “DICK” PAULIN John Loretto Mueller, SCN Patricia Hodge-Barker Linda Moore Tom\Marcie Heil Susan\Dave Mateja Doris\Bob Ott Mary Martin, SCNA Office of Congregational Advancement Margaret Wathen Spalding, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Gertrude Foster, SCN Ann V. Hayden, SCNA

Marie Celine Osbourn, SCN Jo Carter SCN Associates Mary Wimsatt, SCNA Janice Downs, SCN Connie\Charles Blake, SCNAs Kelly O’Mahony, SCN Michelle Grgurich, SCN Dana\Richard Hinton Crimmins Hall Staff\ Nazareth, Ky. Michael Lynch Nancy\Gene Paulin Pat Worley, SCN Hattie Medley Frances Wicker JOSEPH C. PAVLIK Rosemarie Kirwan, SCN Grace Mary Whittaker, SCN Loretto Weller, SCN DOUGLAS A. PETKOFF George\Pat Petkoff AGNES PHILLIPS, SCN Steven L. Constable NANCY PIERCE Marie Sullivan TERESA LEO PIKE, SCN Paul\Lorraine Pike PAUL MIRIAM POPHAM, SCN Anna Barr RITA QUINN Barbara Spencer, SCN Betty Fracchia, SCN ANNA LOUISE RANKIN KAMFT\Louisville, Ky. CATHERINE THERESE RAPP, SCN Barbara A. Mayer GEORGE MARIE RAPP, SCN Barbara A. Mayer MARIE CONSTANCE RAPP, SCN Barbara A. Mayer MARY URIEL RAPP, SCN Barbara A. Mayer CLAYTIE REBELLO Margaret Rodericks, SCN MARY DOMINIC RECHTORIK, SCN Kathy Schupp John\Rennee Kuzel\family Terrance\Phyllis Cain David\Shirley Kuzel Stephen\Irene Rechtorik REV. LEONARD REISZ Rita Spalding, SCN BETTY RILEY Shirley B. Bohnert ANN CLARE RINEY, SCN Joe\Mary R. Mudd MARY LEON RINEY, SCN Joe\Mary R. Mudd

JOHN H. RIVES Alice M. Lewis MARY BETH RODDY Mildred Roddy DAN ROMER Jeanine Jaster, SCN MARGARET ROSS, SCN Rita McFarland ELEANOR RUSSELL Eleanor Willett, SCN MARY THERESITA SABOL, SCN Ann S. Perchinsky ELEANOR SANBORN Box 5 Association, Inc.\ Onset, Mass. Ralph\Eveline Cabral Rosemary Salamon REV. THEODORE SANS Eleanor Willett, SCN ELEANOR SCHILKE Major Beverly J. Schilke SCN\As\RELATIVES\ FRIENDS\DECEASED Mary Ellen Doyle, SCN Marie Becker, SCN Helen McNulty, SCN Ruth McNulty Marie Celine Osbourn, SCN Mary Loretto Krimple, SCN Pat Healey, SCN Catherine Lee, SCN Bridgid Clifford, SCN Carol Rogers, SCN Mary Loretto Krimple, SCN SCNs WHO TAUGHT MY CHILDREN AT HOLY NAMES\MEMPHIS, TENN. Josephine Wood MARTHA BELL SCOTT Logan Scott MARY ALICE SHACKLETTE Jane A. Clark NANCY SHEA Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Adeline Callan REV. DANIEL SHEEHAN Evelyn Hurley, SCN Agnes Ann Fuhs, SCN Janet Dougherty, SCN RICHARD SIKORSKY Dan\Cathy Topley BLANCHE MARIANNE SMITH, SCN Marianne Smith REV. HAROLD SMITH Robert Brian Hicks MILDRED SMITH Theresa Cash, SCN ROBERT R. SMITH Thomas\Patricia Steback

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011


MARY SUE STABLER Carey Stabler, M.D. FRANK SOEDER Regina Atkins, SCN RITA STENGEL Cynthia\Earl Kirkpatrick ROBERT STRUNK Betty MacDougall, SCN MICHAEL MARY SWEENEY, SCN Marion\Mary Jane McKenzie ELINOR THOMPSON John W. Thompson JEANINE THORNBERRY James Thornberry ART THORSON Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN ANNA TIGUE, SCN Joan Raber AGNES TOPF Omer Topf ROSEMARY UZELAK Rosemarie Kirwan, SCN Grace Mary Whittaker, SCN Loretto Weller, SCN VALLORIC FAMILY\ DECEASED MEMBERS Anna Marie Valloric JOSE VELLOOTHARA Miriam Corcoran, SCN John Loretto Mueller, SCN ELLA V. VOGLEWEDE Carmelita Dunn, SCN Diane Pharo, SCN Gwen McMahon, SCN Elaine McCarron, SCN Theresa Knabel, SCN Eleanor Willett, SCN Janice Downs, SCN Miriam Corcoran, SCN Dorothy Wilson, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN Margaret Rodericks, SCN Betty MacDougall, SCN Brenda Gonzales, SCN LEONA WAGNER Bea Keller, SCN ANDREW WALLER FAMILY\DECEASED MEMBERS Rose Andrew Waller, SCN MARY WATHEN Theresa Cash, SCN EVELYN WAYNE Paula E. Palotay ELIZABETH ANN WEBB, SCN John T. Dwyer WEISSINGER FAMILY\ DECEASED MEMBERS Joseph H. Conley


DOROTHEA WENTWORTH Ellen Paul McGovern, SCN ANNE WHITEHEAD, SCN Dr. Robert B. Scripko JOHN WHITING Donald J. Leffler CLARA WILLETT, SCN Susan Neyer ALAN WILSON Alan E. Wilson, Jr. FAYE WILSON Alan E. Wilson, Jr. MARY WILSON Alan E. Wilson, Jr. ROBERTA MARIA WIMPSETT, SCN Larry\Catherine L. Means Bro. Joel McGraw, FSC CLAUDIA WIRTZ, SCN John\Lisa Rotunni LUCY YVONNE WOOD Mary Elaine Wood FRANCES LORETTO YOWAISKI, SCN Stephen\Mary Ellen Dubinsky Janet M. Walker Jack\Linda Burk Frankie\Eric Engelking

HONORARIES 40 YEAR JUBILARIANS 2011 Pat Healey, SCN 55 YEAR JUBILARIANS 2011 Pat Healey, SCN 60 YEAR JUBILARIANS 2011 Pat Healey, SCN 65 YEAR JUBILARIANS 2011 Pat Healey, SCN 70 YEAR JUBILARIANS 2011 Pat Healey, SCN 75 YEAR JUBILARIANS 2011 Pat Healey, SCN A.C.T.S., Louisville, Ky. Kevin F. Webb SARA ANN ABELL, SCN Loretta Abell Taylor JANE AMSHOFF\90TH BIRTHDAY Eileen Mary Meyer, SCN ELLEN BALLEW, SCN Cornelia Grenier VICKIE BATCHELDOR Brian Batcheldor\Bethany Borgemenke

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011


FINNERAN FAMILY\ LIVING MEMBERS Betty Powell MAGGIE FISHER, SCN Joseph Twombly Shirley V. Ficke JOHN FISTER, SCN Allene W. Hatfield HELEN GERTRUDE FONTAINE\80TH JUBILEE & 100TH BIRTHDAY Pat Healey, SCN JULIA CLARE FONTAINE, SCN\70TH JUBILEE Pat Healey, SCN TRUDY FOSTER SCN Associates LUCY FREIBERT, SCN Bro. Joseph Luis CHARLOTTE GAMBOL, SCN Robert\Suzanne Gambol MARY SERRA GOETHALS, SCN Lucille\David Fannin ZACHERY\AMANDA GRAYBILL\WEDDING Anna Marie Canary, SCN GOLDEN JUBILARIANS 2011 Ruth Ann Humphrey, SCN Susan Kilb, SCN Carolyn Wilson, SCN Therese Arru, SCN Western Province\Nazareth Office Pat Healey, SCN Janice Campbell, SCN Mildred McGovern, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Mary Margaret Reid, SCN Mary Ninette Manning, SCN Bridgid Clifford, SCN Carol Rogers, SCN Brenda Anderson, SCN Louise Smith, SCN Dorothy Jackson, SCN Grace Mary Whittaker, SCN Carmelita Dunn, SCN Clare McNeil, SCN Dorothy MacDougall, SCN Catherine Lee, SCN Alice\Charles Howard Sharen Baldy, SCN Margaret Spalding Wathen, SCN Theresa Knabel, SCN Dr. Margaret A. Renner Gertrude Foster, SCN Janice Downs, SCN Julie Driscoll, SCN Anne Magruder, SCN Luke Boiarski, SCN

Connie Tarallo, SCN Jeanine Jaster, SCN MARIAN HANEY, SCN Martha Hinkel KATHERINE “KITTY” HANRAHAN, SCN Connie Lusher, SCNA Shirley A. Schneringer PAT HEALEY, SCN\ BIRTHDAY Mary Wimsatt, SCNA MARTHA HICKMAN, SCNA SCN Associates REV. CLARENCE HOWARD\50TH ANNIVERSARY Dorothy Wilson, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN ROSE ANN HOWARD, SCN Lucille\David Fannin EVELYN HURLEY, SCN Kevin Richards JUBILARIANS 2011 Emily Pugh, SCN Mary Anne Burkardt, SCN Mary Gene Frank, SCNA Theresa Knabel, SCN Theresa Cash, SCN Mary Serra Goethals, SCN Rose Ann Howard, SCN Paris Slapikas, SCN MARY PAULETTA KANE, SCN Carol Heilman MARY L. KENNEDY Robert Kennedy FRANCES KRUMPELMAN, SCN SCN Associates PHYLLIS LILLIE\70TH BIRTHDAY Margaret Rodericks, SCN SHEILA ANN MADDEN, SCN Doris Haragan Dorothy\Harold Berger MARY ANN MALOVEC, SCN Virginia Mills MARTHA Tom\Trudy Bieger ANNE RITA MAUCK, SCN Philly Rains KATHLEEN MCCORMICK\ HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION Anne Tennison, SCNA\Jim Tennison RUTH MARIE MCGAUGHRAN, SCN Robert\Rose Esterle JEAN MCDONALD Ellen Paul McGovern, SCN

HELEN MCNULTY, SCN\70TH JUBILEE Pat Healey, SCN WILLIAM MARIAN MEANEY, SCN Marian Schwind ANGELA METZLER John E. Metzler REBECCA MILES, SCN Toni Hester Rosellen McGonegle GRACY MLAKUZHYIL, SCN\SILVER JUBILEE John Loretto Mueller, SCN MOTHERHOUSE COORDINATORS Regina Atkins, SCN MARY ANGELA MUDD, SCN Billy Ray\Margaret Edelen DORIS MURPHY Virginia Murphy LORETTA NORRIS Jim Tennison\Anne Tennison, SCNA MICHAELETTE PAVLIK, SCN Cynthia Harris LAURA PARISH Sarah Lang BARBARA PETERSON, SCN Marian Schwind REV. JOHN PITZER, OP Karen\Steve Schmitt PROVINCIAL LEADERSHIP Regina Atkins, SCN POWELL FAMILY\LIVING MEMBERS Betty Powell EMILY PUGH, SCN Mary McEnery JUDY RALEY, SCN\ GOLDEN JUBILEE Kathleen Tierney Jeanine Jaster, SCN Jackie Jackson, SCNA Mary Schmuck, RSM Rita Spalding, SCN John Loretto Mueller, SCN Pat Healey, SCN Catherine Lee, SCN Evelyn Hurley, SCN Crimmins Hall Staff ROSE RATTERMAN\ BIRTHDAY Anonymous ANNA MARIE RHODES, SCN Mary Jane Rhodes, SCN MARY JANE RHODES, SCN Anna Marie Rhodes, SCN

WILMA ROSS, SCN\ GOLDEN JUBILEE Kathleen Tierney John Loretto Mueller, SCN Pat Healey, SCN Catherine Lee, SCN Sharen Baldy, SCN Evelyn Hurley, SCN CAROL RUEFF, SCN\ GOLDEN JUBILEE Kathleen Tierney John Loretto Mueller, SCN Pat Healey, SCN Catherine Lee, SCN ROGER SCHRECK Tom\Trudy Bieger ST. ANTHONY Dorothy Canavan STS. MARY & ELIZABETH\ CLASS OF 1969 Carol A. Fisher ANTOINETTE (TONIA) SEVERIN, SCN\GOLDEN JUBILEE Pat Healey, SCN SILVER JUBILARIANS 2011 Western Province\Nazareth Office Pat Healey, SCN Marilyn Shea, SCN Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN Gertrude Foster, SCN Carolyn Wilson, SCN Therese Arru, SCN CECILIA SIMICK, SCN\ SILVER JUBILEE John Loretto Mueller, SCN ROSE SULLIVAN, SCN\ BIRTHDAY Rita A. Schafer REV. CHUCK THOMPSON\ BISHOP-ELECT Dorothy Wilson, SCN Betty Blandford, SCN Virginia Blair, SCN NOREEN TOMAINO Helen Blodgett, SCN DEACON JAMES TURNER\ ORDINATION ANNIVERSARY Mary Jane Rhodes, SCN Anna Marie Rhodes, SCN BRIDGET VADAKEATTAM, SCN\BIRTHDAY Elaine Egan XAVIER VALIAKUNNACKAL, SCN\GOLDEN JUBILEE Pat Healey, SCN BETTY VANNUCCI, SCN Dr. Robert B. Scripko KITTY WILSON, SCN Catherine Barrett


The Journey is produced by the Office of Congregational Advancement. Contributors for this publication include: Diane Curtis, Dana Hinton, Spalding Hurst, Dianne Smith, Janice White, Leslie Wilson, Robin Weber, Marie Underwood; SCNAs Trudi Maish, Jo Ann Paulin, Patsy O’Toole; and SCNs Roselyn Karrakattu, Leena Padam, Teresa Kotturan, Malini Manjoly, Rita Spalding, and Luke Boiarski.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol. II 2011


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Louisville, KY Permit No. 715 Office of Congregational Advancement P.O. Box 9 • Nazareth, Kentucky 40048-0009

We Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are an international Congregation in a multicultural world. Impelled by the love of Christ, in the tradition of Vincent de Paul and the pioneer spirit of Catherine Spalding, we and our Associates are

committed to work for justice in solidarity with oppressed peoples, especially the economically poor and women, and to care for the earth. We risk our lives and resources, both personally and corporately, as we engage in diverse ministries in carrying out this mission.


We want to thank all who supported the 7th annual Nazareth Picnic at the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Motherhouse Campus, Nazareth, Ky., Saturday, August 27, 2011. There was plenty of fun and entertainment with game booths, silent auctions, cakes, candy, children’s activities, a petting zoo and entertainment held throughout the day. This event helps support SCN ministries around the world and this year, more than $48, 000 was raised. Congratulations to our prize winners: 1st prize – $2,000, Frank Downs, Bardstown, Ky., 2nd prize – $1,000, June Schlesinger, Bardstown, 3rd prize – $500, Virginia Blair, SCN, Louisville, Ky., and the winner of the handmade quilt – Carol Averill of Louisville.

The Journey 2011 Volume II  

We Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are an international Congregation in a multicultural world. Impelled by the love of Christ, in the traditi...

The Journey 2011 Volume II  

We Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are an international Congregation in a multicultural world. Impelled by the love of Christ, in the traditi...