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Destination: Belize

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Nancy Gerth, SCN, and Bridget Kappalumakal, SCN, are just two of the Sisters using the Internet to connect with other Sisters across the country and the world.


Volunteers Stephanie McLean, Peggy Masterson, SCNA, and home owner Magdalena Marino cut boards for the siding of the Belize home.

Vacation Changes Lives

Each year, dozens of people take time off from their busy lives to come together with SCNs in hopes of changing the life of someone in need for the better … through the act of building a house, making repairs to already existing homes, or volunteering to help children caught in the cycle of poverty. Some take off from work, others from school and still others leave their young ones in the care of grandparents. All make some small sacrifices. Many could have taken their time and instead headed for a little R & R – rest and relaxation. So why do they take a “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, different type of vacation committed citizens can change the world. – a working vacation? Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” And how might doing the same enrich you? –Margaret Mead Simply, it’s a powerful experience. Volunteering your personal vacation time to be able to contribute in some small way back to the world gives a renewed sense of energy. In this way you gain enriching experiences, memories, and friendships that last a lifetime. You connect with people in a way that cannot be otherwise realized. This past January and February, two groups of volunteers, commissioned by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, arrived in Belize to build a home for a family in need. The groups, led by SCNs Luke Bioarski and Nancy Gerth, worked at a steady pace, under the warm Belizean sun. The second group, built the 108th home through the Hand in Hand Ministries program, nine of those resulting from volunteer efforts of the SCN Immersion program. Each home is built to the same specs: framed houses, 16 feet by 16 feet, with an additional four by eight bathroom/changing room space. The homes have no plumbing or electricity, but they can be added later by the beneficiaries. One recipient of a home, Magdalena, a mother of two and grandmother of four,

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009 participated in the construction. Those For more information who receive a home through the on the SCN Immersion program are encouraged to help with program visit: the construction. Magdalena’s brother, Mathias, also contributed, working with the group each day at the site. or contact Luke Boiarski, Past recipients of homes also joined SCN, at: (502) 348-1581 or in. Sandra, who received her home in 2008, has now helped in the building of nine other homes. It is that kind of chain reaction goodwill that makes this program so powerful throughout Belize. Belize volunteer Trudi Maish, SCN Associate, says that she was inspired to do something. “When you get here, it’s a cultural shock. Even in the poorest places of the United States you don’t see anything like this. You know that coming and helping provide a home is going to make a difference. If you have the time and the compassion in your heart, it is definitely something you will be drawn to.” The need for adequate housing in Belize is great. In the country, a third of the population live below the poverty line. A short drive around Belize City illustrates some of the dire living conditions that many endure there every day. The homes built are simple by most standards. Yet, when a family goes from living in the back of a broken-down cargo truck into a Hand in Hand built home, you can begin to understand the kind of low quality housing some people are dealing with and that these donated structures, while modest, are quite an advance in housing conditions. Volunteer Judy Donahue, SCN Associate, describes the experience as an opportunity to stretch herself, “to get out of my comfort zone and see another culture that is not as blessed as the United States. I came as a way of traveling, seeing the world and to give something back so that someone else could have a home of their own.”

Judy Donahue, SCNA, with the new home owner and her granddaughter in Belize.

The people in Belize have a camaraderie and compassion for each other. You leave wishing you could give more to the country, something equal to what it has given you. “This week, I truly feel that I lived my faith at a deeper level,” says Judy.

Las Flores, Belize A new library and computer center has opened in Las Flores, Belize thanks to the tireless efforts of the Las Flores community and the SCN Congregation. Las Flores is a community of mostly Spanish speaking refugees who fled from El Salvador during the war years of the 1970s and 1980s. SCNs began a mission in Las Flores in August of 2006. Soccer tournaments were held as fundraisers and local businesses stepped forward to support the project. In addition to funds raised through these efforts, donations through the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and a grant through Catholic Health Initiatives provided the necessary resources to move forward. SCN Associates and others donated books to supply the library. The Belize Library Association also provided books and other resources. Paschal Maria Fernicola, SCN, shared her excitement with members of the SCN family in the following e-mail, which describes the dedication of the library: “Mayor Simeon Lopez spoke wonderful words of praise and encouragement to the room full of people who came for the event. … Various other civic officials also spoke words of admiration and appreciation for the work accomplished, and promised to work with us in our future endeavors. It was very evident that they were proud and inspired by what they saw and what they heard from some members of the leadership who also addressed the crowd. After I thanked everyone for all they had done to help this dream come true for the village, I presented the librarian, Roxanna Calvio, who also spoke briefly. Then all left the Community Center and gathered in front of the library for the ribbon-cutting ceremony which included SCNs, the Mayor, the Area Representative, and others. The tour of the library followed, and everyone was in awe! It really did look impressive. The newly installed computers, the furniture, books, lighting, fans, air conditioning in the computer center and the brightness of the interior more than delighted everyone. A nice surprise came as we were leaving. A wonderful box of books from El Salvador arrived from their Ambassador! The Ambassador from Venezuela was also present. He had donated money to help with the building. … They are saying that this is the most beautiful and most useful building in Las Flores – and that it is theirs! What a dream come true, and how often they thanked the SCN’s for this great treasure.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009


SCN Family

Notre Dame’s Biggest Fan It’s not many 6 and 7 year-olds that learn the Notre Dame fight song as part of their classroom studies, but Sister Connie Tarallo’s class can belt the song out with the best of them. Every day, along with the morning prayers, the Sister of Charity of Nazareth leads her class in singing the legendary fight song, “Notre Dame Victory March.” “It’s just part of our morning ritual,” says Sister Connie. Sister Connie has been teaching first-graders at St. Ann Catholic School in Memphis, Tenn., for 38 years. Over the years she has always looked for creative ways to generate a sense of fun and enthusiasm in the classroom. Fifteen years ago she decided to teach her kids the Notre Dame fight song. “I just loved the music, and the melody … and I thought the kids would too,” says Sister Connie, “the kids learned it in no time.”

Connie Tarallo, SCN, front row, far left, met with some of the men and women who helped send her on a “trip of a lifetime” to a home Notre Dame game. The group gathered just before the Notre Dame – Stanford game.

This fall, a group of Notre Dame alumni read about Sister Connie’s unusual classroom lesson in the Memphis daily newspaper The Commercial Appeal. They decided to raise money to send her to the Notre Dame – Stanford football game in South Bend, Ind. “When the question was asked ‘have you ever been to a home game,’ I said ‘no,’” says Sister Connie, “and that’s how the ball started rolling …”


Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009

Notre Dame graduate Glen Sgambati spearheaded fundraising efforts and dozens of alumni stepped forward to help with the all-expense paid “trip of a lifetime.” Sister Connie was even able to take along long-time friend and SCN Associate Diane Burton. Not only did Sister Connie attend the game, she was able to go to the invitation-only Notre Dame quarterback luncheon, a pep rally, and other festivities. She also met Charlie Weiss, the coach of Notre Dame. Sister Connie was inspired by the fact that before every home game, the football players put on their Sunday best, go to mass, march over to the game, and say a prayer before walking onto the field. “It was a spiritual experience for me,” says Sister Connie, “a very special time.” But Sister Connie hadn’t expected anything less from her amazing weekend adventure. After all, before she left for the game, Sister Connie told her first-graders, “You’d better pray hard this weekend. This is the big one.” “It was a great weekend and the memories of it will last a lifetime!” says Sister Connie, “I loved every minute of our time on the campus! Truly, ‘holy ground.’”

Sister Connie at Notre Dame Stadium

Much Loved Sister Reconnects with Students She is always smiling and almost always has a joke to tell. A die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, Anastasia Chernitsky, SCN, can often be seen sporting black and yellow in support of her hometown football team. A teacher for many years, Sister Anastasia recalls that she had originally hoped to work in ministry with the elderly; that is until it was discovered that she had an amazing talent for math. Soon she was asked to teach. Sister Anastasia says she remembers crying at first because she wasn’t sure about this new direction her life had taken, but she quickly fell in love with being in the classroom. Sister Anastasia fondly talks about St. Thomas in Braddock, Pa. A teacher there from 19711978, she recalls how she tried to attend almost all of the sports events and often helped with school dances. She even knitted scarves for some of the athletes.

Sister Anastasia says she never expected that she would receive so many responses to her e-mail. Her former students regaled her with tales of just what an impact she had on their lives. Hi Sister Anastasia, Just a quick note to say hello and wish you well also … The days since high school have gone way too quickly, but I know that I speak for our class when I say how wonderful those years were at St. T’s. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Thanks so much to you for your part in that! Hello Sister Anastasia, It was so nice to hear from you, my all time favorite geometry teacher. If you remember, I liked you so much, it took me a year and a half to get through your class; never was able to get the word problems mastered. I still have the scarf that you knitted for each of the basketball players on the 1977 team. We’re not kids anymore. Most of us will be turning 50 this year or next …

Recently, Sister Anastasia reconnected with some of her former pupils after receiving an e-mail update about some students at St. Thomas. She decided to send her own e-mail out. Instead of just sending a plain-old update, she wrote her former students a poem:


Anastasia Chernitsky, SCN, at St. Thomas High – Braddock, Pa.; her last teaching assignment from 1972-1978.

These days, Sister Anastasia remains active, always reaching out to others. Twice a week, she volunteers at Vincentian Regency. And she’s also keeping in touch with her former students, hopeful that some day she and the students may reconnect in person.

Sister Anastasia continues to share her smile with others.

If you would like to reconnect with a former teacher, check out the new SCN Family Web site at:

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009


SCN Family

How They Love One Another


rdinarily when folks have spent 40, 50, even 60 years at a job, they call it quits and seek a lifestyle more in keeping with their sunset years. However, anyone acquainted with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth (SCN) knows that “ordinary” is a word of little use when describing their “retirement” years. After a lifetime of service in one of the Congregation’s traditional ministries, these women have not flocked to more temperate zones to relax and write their memoirs. So, when asked to write an article about the SCNs in active ministry at Nazareth Home, I told myself, “Well, round up the usual suspects and find out a little more specifically what it is they do at the Home.” Though impossible to name them all in a single article, it would be easy to identify these suspects. The challenge would be to determine the precise nature of “active” ministry in a place where no one ever appears to be inactive. Although there are at least two interpretations of SCN ministry at Nazareth Home, the intent of this article is to focus on SCNs whose ministry there is similar to that observed 2000 years ago at a home in Bethany. These Sisters are, for the residents, both Martha and Mary. Some SCNs work full-time at the Home as part of Community Service. Another is director of medical records, and one directs Mission and Pastoral Care. Many others come regularly to minister to spiritual needs and to be present in innumerable ways. What is abundantly clear about all of them is that they work at the Home because it is where their heart draws them. Theirs is a compassionate and giving nature that, well past retirement age, continues to resonate with joy in the service of others. Theirs is a resilience that would confound the Energizer Bunny. Nazareth Home is a healthcare facility owned by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Opened in 1976 in Louisville, Ky., the 168 bed facility offers traditional long term care, as well as a dementia care unit. It has recently extended its rehabilitation services to include a rehab-to-home wing. In 2008, Nazareth


Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009

Home was selected by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services to receive the government’s five-star rating for overall outstanding performance, an award given to only 10 percent of nursing homes in the country. Most of the Sisters in fulltime ministry at the Home work in Community Service. Although they minister to all residents, Margaret Lillian Davenport, SCN, described the Sisters’ primary role as that of a family member for approximately 33 SCN residents who need assistance with myriad aspects of daily living. A main focus is to help these Sisters maintain contact with their families and with the larger SCN community. SCNs in Community Service assist with phone calls, deliver mail, and help with correspondence. They see to clothing needs, schedule hair care appointments, make doctor appointments and help to arrange transportation. At times, they may also accompany the Sister to the doctor or to the hospital and visit them if they are hospitalized. Many of the elderly depend completely upon others for wheelchair assistance to various areas within the Home. SCNs join other staff members in this “all hands on deck” effort several times throughout the day. They often remain in the area to help with activities provided there. In the dining room, for example, they may mingle to chat and joke with residents. At recreational activities, they sometimes assist with games, contests, and other activities. They help to decorate a resident’s room for holidays and special occasions. In conjunction with pastoral care, they provide for spiritual needs, and when the time comes, coordinate with pastoral care and with family members to make funeral arrangements. As Sister Margaret Lillian enumerated these busy Martha tasks, one could sense beneath their details, Mary’s sensitivity to a deeper, unspoken need for attentive companionship. Companionship, Sister Margaret Lillian suggested, might be sitting with someone to calm her when anxious, or it could be a short visit to brighten a long afternoon. She spoke of singing and joking with the residents, as well as reading to and praying with them. She also told of the joy she receives from listening to them speak of their own lives, their youth, their work, their families. It is the continuous and tireless offering of these small kindnesses of the human heart that would probably best summarize the work of all SCNs in active ministry at Nazareth Home. As compassionate listeners to the elderly who no longer have the strength to divert or redirect the ache of loneliness, they offer a presence that Jesus called the “better part” of ministry. The reverence with which they do all this was well expressed by Sister Margaret Lillian when she said that she considers this ministry “a sacred privilege.” Nazareth Home is known as a vibrant and joyous place. However, no one is living there under false pretenses. Residents have every opportunity to live a full and active life but they do so with demands of aging minds and bodies. Except in the rehab-to-home unit, they do not expect to get younger, regain independence, and return to their homes. As they strive to live at peace with this reality, they look for strength in spiritual services provided at the Home. For most residents, faith in God has been the driving force of their lives, and it remains their major source of comfort and consolation. For this reason, Pastoral Care is such an integral part of life and daily operations at the Home.

Mary Haynes, Administrator of Nazareth Home, is a guiding force behind the vibrant facility.

As director of Mission and Pastoral Care at Nazareth Home, Mary Anne Burkhart, SCN, works to ensure that the values outlined in its mission statement - spirituality, excellence, respect, compassion, and cooperation - are carried out in every area of ministry. She extends this more comprehensive aspect of SCN ministry to involvement with spiritual and pastoral issues in the larger health community, with agencies such as Hosparus, parishes, Archdiocesan programs, and any efforts related to spirituality and the elderly. She stays aware of changing developments in care for the elderly and knows the challenges it presents as one of the more pressing needs of our times.

Throughout the year, Pastoral Care provides a variety of spiritual experiences for residents: retreats, talks, seasonal liturgies, prayer groups, and other religious activities. Probably nowhere at Nazareth Home, however, is there greater manifestation of SCN ministry than at daily liturgy. These words from a hymn currently in use spell out their mission: Let us build a house where love can dwell and all can safely live… Let us build a house where hands will reach to heal and strengthen, Serve and teach … here the love of Christ shall end division … All are welcome in this place.

And so every day the usual suspects However, it was an opportunity for gather for Mass in Our Lady of Nazareth spiritual direction with the residents Chapel. They come as lectors and as that drew her to Nazareth Home, gift bearers, servers, and Eucharistic she said. Sister Mary Anne spoke ministers. They come to sit beside a passionately about her interest in lifelong friend whose once brilliant mind pastoral care and, increasingly, her love now bows to the ravages of Alzheimer’s of ministry to the dying, a transition disease. They bring in the residents she referred to as “a grace.” As part of confined to wheelchairs and stay beside Pastoral Care, she works with residents’ them as needed. They come to sing and families not only to be with them and to express solidarity with all assembled. the loved one who is dying, but also to Staff, residents, families and friends, provide grief counseling. Noting that 99 join them. Delightfully, there is almost of the Home’s residents died in 2008, always present an aged Eutychus or and another 82 in 2007, she explained two. Members of Pastoral Care are the that this is becoming a significant area Mary Anne Burkhart, SCN, is enriched by her role providing spiritual direction to residents of Nazareth Home. Marthas of the hour, attentive to details of her ministry, and one of an everplanned in advance, and ready to meet changing nature as more and more ones that arise spontaneously. The families request wakes and funerals at the Home. chapel’s decorations reflect the beauty of the changing liturgical seasons. The music and homily interpret the proclamation of As members of the Presence Committee, many SCNs from the Word in ways meaningful to all. Goodness abounds. It is a around the city come to the Home to minister to Sisters who gathering like those which, centuries ago, prompted observers to are dying. They remain with a dying Sister to provide comfort, exclaim: “Behold how they love one another.” to be with her in her final days, and to keep vigil through the nights. They may read Scripture, pray silently or aloud, monitor Mary Medley Bonn, the author of this reflection, is a retired changes in her breathing, and alert the nursing staff when teacher. She has many ties to the SCN family. necessary.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009


SCN Family

Living, Even While Dying Mary Maloney Luken, former director of Bethany Spring, lived the last weeks of her life very much the way she always approached each day, conscious of the nuances of each passing hour, full of passion and conviction.

You see Mary, despite the fact that cancer had taken a hold of her body, was determined to live even as she was dying, says her dear friend Joe Zarantonello. “Her body was just getting eaten up by the cancer, but her spirit, it was amazing.” It was that spirit that propelled Mary to write about her experience, often creating poems, in the throws of her pain hoping to shed light on the process of letting go.


Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009 Joe and Mary became fast friends several years ago when they first met in Nelson County, Ky. Mary had moved to the area to become director of Bethany Spring, a retreat ministry started by the SCNs. Joe also has a retreat center in the area, Loose Leaf Hollow. Nearly every Thursday, the two would meet to pray and meditate. Now Mary’s favorite chair at Joe’s sits empty, Mary’s blanket neatly folded on the back of the chair. Joe says Mary was a natural fit for Bethany Spring, because she was very welcoming and a good listener. “Mary was like a tree, she was very solid and when people came to Bethany Spring they knew they were talking to someone who had their feet on the ground,” says Joe. “She could really listen and she gave people an honest response when they came for a retreat.” Leaning up against his favorite picture of Mary, Joe lovingly refers to the picture as Sister Mary Benedict. It is a picture of Mary when she was 8 years old and a student of the Benedictine Sisters. She is dressed as a Sister. Joe says even as he looked at Mary as she became increasingly frail, he could still see that same smile cross her face with a hint of mischief, she always looked like a “little imp,” says Joe. In her final months of battling cancer, Mary moved from Nazareth Villages at Nazareth, Ky., back home to Cincinnati, Ohio. Joe would visit her or talk with her on the phone. As her journey toward letting go progressed, Mary wrote haiku poems every day, describing what was happening to her. Joe, in turn, would share Mary’s haikus with others. The following is an excerpt from one e-mail: Folks, Mary could barely talk today. Shortness of breath, no strength in her legs or left arm. She was trying to write a haiku a day, describing what new place she felt she was in … but couldn’t even manage that today. She spoke it to me over the phone … dancing with shadows as I search for the flashlight nearing the border Joe searched his home for a flashlight and placed it in the room where Mary had frequently joined him to meditate and pray. Others, too, set out their flashlights for Mary. Just a few short weeks earlier Mary had been stronger. At that time friends had gathered in Cincinnati to present Mary with a book of her own poems. The book was the loving work of Joe and another close friend of Mary’s, Alida Coughlin. Joe and Alida worked night and day hoping to complete the book in mere weeks so they could place the book in Mary’s hands before she died. Recognizing Mary’s gift and the life lessons shared, Joe had come up with the idea of publishing a book in late February or early March. Mary took some convincing, saying she wasn’t much of a writer. Mary finally agreed to the project and began to collect her poems, to gather them and share them with Joe and

Alida. In some cases Mary even had to transcribe what she had written around the outside of Styrofoam coffee cups. Joe says Mary was likely to write on anything when she became inspired. In less than two months, Mary’s random writings, on scraps of paper, and Styrofoam coffee cups, were transformed into the book Hope Like an Ancient Waterwheel. It is a moving collection of poems complete with a cover that features a photograph taken by one of Mary’s children. When handed the book, Mary was overcome with emotion, “She just teared up,” says Joe, “I wanted to put her own wisdom in her hands.” As Mary’s condition worsened, the conversations he had with her became even more powerful, recounts Joe. During one conversation he told Mary, “I gotta tell you part of me is terrified about this (dying) …” Mary replied, “That’s good, because I feel the same way.” Mary went on to describe how it felt to have cancer take over her body, “You know it’s like turning off your computer and watching the screen as you lose certain applications, only in my case they don’t come back …” Joe says by that time Mary had lost the use of an arm, her legs and her ability to write with ease. Even so, Mary summoned the strength to painfully inscribe her book of poems to friends and families. On April 30, Joe sent friends another update on Mary’s condition: Folks, Mary was moved to the Hospice wing of the local hospital last night around midnight … I drove up to Cincy Monday to bring up a few more copies of Waterwheel and to spend some time with Mary. I held her hand and we talked for three hours. It was quite an experience to be with a person who is “living her dying.” She is still very conscious, but in a fair amount of pain. Cancer is gobbling up her body. But it hasn’t touched her soul! She still had her wry sense of humor! Turn up the prayers for her – add an extra flashlight or two! Peace, Joe Surrounded by her loved ones, on May 15, Mary Frances Maloney Luken died. She leaves behind her children, Rebecca, Sarah (Kyle) Wichman, David (Kati) and Matthew. A second printing of Hope Like an Ancient Waterwheel is expected to take place. The book is available from Joe Zarantonello. To obtain a copy, contact Joe at:; 1766 Barnes Rd, Bardstown, KY, 40004 or 502-348-0201. To view a video of Joe Zarantonello talking about his friend Mary, go to:

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009


SCN Family

Ceramics Ministry will be Missed T

he room is empty, the last of the charming ceramics sold, the molds and paints put up. Yet the Ceramics Shop on Nazareth Campus won’t soon be forgotten. The ministry had a far-reaching impact. It was a welcoming presence on campus, a place for Sisters to channel their artistic talents, and a creative way to raise money for SCN ministries. The shop flourished under the guidance of Martha Mahoney, SCN, who recently retired from the ministry. Though Sister Martha spent many years working in the finance office for the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, she was always drawn to more creative arts. In fact, during her breaks she would often make candles from donated wax. Never formally educated in the arts, she always had a deep interest. “It just was kind of natural for me,” she explained. In August of 1995, Sister Martha was finally able to indulge her creative side full time when she took over the Ceramic Shop on Nazareth Campus. To prepare for her new position, Sister Martha took some “very intense” art classes in Danville, Ky., to qualify for teaching ceramics. “I didn’t even have the basics, but being naturally artistic I picked it up and gradually taught myself.” Her experiences were not without an occasional mishap. Although she had been warned about the fragility of the greenware (the clay which has dried but not yet fired), when she grabbed a bowl a friend had made, only half of it came up, ruining the piece. “Nothing teaches like failure,” says Sister Martha. “I had to learn the hard way.” Running the Ceramics Shop required Sister Martha to be the artist, bookkeeper, teacher, manager and marketer. Often tourists would come through to purchase items. Many became repeat customers. Sister Martha donated all of the proceeds from the shop to SCN ministries, an average of $5,500 each year. Describing the Ceramics Shop as a situation where everybody wins, Sister Martha says there were always charming items for sale. Budding artists had fun doing it and all the proceeds went to mission work. Martha Mahoney, SCN, spent countless hours creating and painting ceramics at the After 14 years at the Ceramics Shop, Sister Martha Ceramics Shop on Nazareth campus, Nazareth, Ky. began to pray about when she should think about th retirement. Within weeks of her 80 birthday, she had a mild stroke. “I asked God for a sign, but said I didn’t need that much of a sign,” she says with a laugh.

Now Sister Martha is enjoying her retirement and with therapy has recovered from her stroke. She looks back upon her time at the shop with fond memories. “It brought a lot of pleasure for me personally. Doing what I loved was a release of something within me.”


Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009

Earth Day SCN Family members around the world celebrate Earth Day


n Nazareth, Ky., Sisters, employees and Members of the SCN family on the Montessori children gathered at St. Vincent Nazareth Campus, Nazareth, Ky., plant a tree in celebration of Earth Day. church for a program that included poems, prayer, songs and the sharing of personal stories and photos. The group also walked outside to raise the Tree City USA flag and plant a Yellowwood tree. The Tree City USA honor was earned by Nazareth for its commitment to community forestry. This is the fifth year Nazareth has received this national recognition.


n Pittsburgh, Pa., several people gathered for the Blessing Prayer for the planting of a tree on the campus of St. Louise Convent. The tree was nourished with water from Catherine’s Spring in Kentucky, water from the well in Pittsburgh, water from the birthplace of St. Vincent de Paul in Dax, France, and a mixture of the waters that were used in the transfer of vows ceremony when the Vincentian Sisters of Charity merged into the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Congregation last November.


n Belize, Central America, students from the University of Belize worked along with St. Michael’s RC school to raise awareness around the issue of coral bleaching. Pictures taken at the event show the group from the University of Belize, the students in their costumes, the beautiful coral reef, and the effects when coral loose their color and become bleached.


n Patna, India, scores of students and teachers from different parts of the country came together to celebrate the World Earth Day at the Tarumitra Bioreserve. Students from St. Students from the University of Belize, along with St. Michael’s Albert’s, GD Patliputra RC school, created imaginative displays to raise awareness Mount Carmel, Don Bosco, around the issue of coral bleaching. Carlette Gentile, SCN, 1st May Flower, St. Michael’s, row, far left, worked closely with the students. Students from several areas of India came together in Patna St. Paul’s, Himalayan, for World Earth Day. The group shared rich stories and Loyola and Hartman Girls’ enacted the traditional marriage of a large Bunyan tree talked of the importance of conserving water and other to a well. Aditya, a student of class 8 at Don Bosco, spoke about the meaning of natural resources. the marriage between a tree and well. He said that through this agreeable custom the people in the villages solemnizes the symbiotic relationship between trees and water. Every marriage takes place in the shadow of the marriage of the trees to the wells. Shweta Marandi added that the water tables are positively affected by the presence of large trees. Wherever there are large trees such as the forests, there is no shortage of water. “The forest has been always considered as the mother of the rivers,” she said. Cine-artist Manish Mahival asked those gathered to help revive eco-friendly customs in the contemporary times when the country of India is facing acute water shortage.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009


BOTSWANA Children from Mmopane Day Care for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

The youngest among the OVCs enjoys her lunch provided by the caregivers.

Children from Saint Mary’s Lobatse Preschool sing for the camera. Prisca Bilung, SCN, with the graduating class of Saint Mary’s Preschool.

Teresa Kotturan, SCN, travelled to Botswana in January 2009. The ministries began by SCNs in 2004 are flourishing. As these photos show, children are receiving an education, those affected or infected by HIV/AIDs are receiving care, and SCNs are providing a pastoral presence. Ntlantle Preschool is for village children who would otherwise have little opportunity to attend preschool. Above children from the school pose for a picture on the playground.


Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009

SCN Family


owsalya, a gifted athlete from India, and a student of the SCNs, can also describe herself as a silver medalist these days. She recently travelled to the United States to participate in the Special Olympics Floor Hockey Winter Games. Her team won the silver medal.

A Special Olympian Returns to Trichy, India from USA with Silver Medal

Kowsalya is from Karumandabam in Trichy. Her life changed after she became

Kowsalya is all smiles as she returns home to a large reception at the Trichy railway Station in India. She travelled to the United States where she won a Silver Medal in the Special Olympics Floor Hockey Winter Games. Kowsalya proudly shows her Silver medal as she poses for photographers alongside the Director of Asha Deepam, Sabina Mattappallil, SCN.

a student at Asha Deepam, a school run by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Kowsalya now has access to special education programs and receives training in co-curricular activities which have channeled her hidden talents. Kowsalya, who has some hearing loss, is excelling in a number of areas, including becoming an amazing dancer. In January of last year, she participated in Winter Special Olympics Floor Hockey held at Shimla, India and was selected for the International Special Olympics Winter games in Idaho, USA. To prepare, she attended coaching camps across India in Shimla, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Kowsalya is the only student who was selected from the state of Tamil Nadu, which is located in the southern part of India. Recalling all the efforts and preparations to send Kowsalya to the USA, the much relieved Director of Asha Deepam, Sabina Mattappallil, SCN, says, “I am extremely happy for this talented girl. It is just one thing that is very hard to believe … she has won the medal for our country. To say the least, the support and the encouragement that I received from all quarters was exceptional while we put lot of efforts towards this cause. I was overwhelmed to see her back and the large reception Kowsalya received at the Trichy Railway Station on her return. I am grateful to God, her parents and all the people behind this success.” When asked about winning a medal in Idaho, Kowsalya says, “I am extremely happy. I consider myself very fortunate that I went to the USA and played for the Indian team and received the silver medal. I am the only one from Tamil Nadu to represent our country. I am deeply indebted to Sister Sabina and to my school, Asha Deepam. I will cherish this success all my life.”

House of Hope There is reason to celebrate for those who are part of the Asha Niwas “House of Hope” ministry near Delhi, India. The members of this ministry, which provide a home, an education, and a safe environment for children, are watching their dreams come true in the creation of some much-needed additional space. Presently, the facility can only house a small number of the 105 children in their care. Staff members arrange for the children to attend boarding schools and continue to follow these children. The children come back to Asha Niwas during the holidays, which results in extremely crowded living quarters. Asha Niwas has embarked on an extension project to construct a home that will be large enough to house all the children under one roof, providing added stability and security to the children’s lives. The goal is to create a family environment, so that these children feel safe and loved, and are better able to study and acquire life skills. The new facility will be able to house 150 girls. On April 15, a group of Sisters gathered at the construction site for a blessing ceremony of the small house. Pauline Paraplackal, SCN, and Teresa Xavier Ponnazhath, SCN, will oversee the construction project. Beena Chirackal, SCN, director of Asha If you would like to offer Niwas, writes that the support for this project foundation of the new please visit: building is laid and “100 strong pillars are up.”

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009


Magical Moments It can only be described as magical, two Sisters, both unable to travel because of their age or health, now able to actually meet each other for the first time face-to-face thanks to the innovative use of technology. The Sisters, both in their 80’s able to ask each other questions, like “when did you enter the Congregation?” And the peals of laughter that take place as they share lighthearted stories. Since the Vincentian Sisters of Charity merged into the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, the question is often asked how do we continue to get to know one another better while living at a distance? And how do we connect our women of wisdom in Kentucky with those in Pennsylvania, many of whom are unable to travel? The answer – Skype, software which allows a computer user to make free video calls over the Internet.

SCNs Pat Kelly and Teresa Rose Nabholz, who live at the Nazareth Motherhouse, Nazareth, Ky., connect with Sisters in India via Skype. The first “Skype” meeting was emotional as Sisters Pat and Teresa ministered in India for a number of years, and dearly miss friends in India.

In March, Sisters in Pittsburgh connected with their prayer partners at Nazareth during a Skype session. During one of the conversations, one Sister told the other, “You look exactly as I imagined you.” Immediately followed by, “Well, how did you IMAGINE me?” and then a heartfelt “I want you to know, I pray for you every day.” Just one month earlier, SCNs Pat Kelly and Teresa Rose Nabholz had a similarly thrilling experience thanks to technology. The two spent years ministering in India, and in conversation with them, it is obvious that their hearts are still very tied to the people of that country. Though Sisters Pat and Teresa Rose now live at the Nazareth Motherhouse, they correspond regularly with the Sisters in India. Technology enabled them to meet face-to-face with their friends on the other side of the world. It was just like sitting down for a visit in the same room. There were shouts of excitement as Sisters recognized one another. “We want to reach out and hug you!” exclaimed Sister Pat. In a touching moment, the Novices gathered around the camera in India and sang a song in Hindi. Sisters Pat and Teresa Rose joined in the singing. Then, the Novices told Sister Pat that they are reading the book that she wrote on the SCN presence in India, entitled, “Fifty Monsoons: Ministry of Change Through Women of India.” The Novices have plans to interview Sister Pat in the future, using this same technology.

ABOVE – SCNs in Pittsburgh, Pa., and Nazareth, Ky., connect with their prayer partners using Skype. For some this is the only way they will ever have a chance to meet face-to-face. RIGHT – SCNs at the Nazareth Motherhouse, Nazareth, Ky., visit with Sisters in India via Skype. Those gathered in India serenaded the Sisters at Nazareth, soon the Sisters on both sides of the world were singing together.


Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009

SCNs Mary Loretto Krimple, Anna Marie Canary, and Brenda Anderson, visit with Sisters gathered at St. Louise Convent in Pittsburgh, Pa.


You can view a short video clip of this encounter online at: Technology & Growth In addition to connecting with one another, various forms of technology are being tapped into for other areas of the Congregation. In an effort to save on travel costs, when the Executive Committee met in India this February, several key reports were given using Skype. And frequently, seminars and monthly updates are shared with members of the Congregation worldwide via live webcast. E-mail also allows Sisters to interact and bond with one another, as favorite prayers or words of encouragement are shared. In March, the Congregation also celebrated the unveiling of the new SCN family Web site. This too is a way for the Congregation to connect with one another and to reach out to others as well. The Web site has many new features including photo galleries, blogs, and video clips.

Visit the new SCN Family Web site at:

Facebook The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth also now have a presence on the social networking site, Facebook. By some measurements it’s the most popular social networking site with more than 200 million active users worldwide. Facebook is one of the fastest-growing and best-known sites on the Internet today. Now the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth have started to use Facebook as a communication tool and a way to interact with the public online.

Now Blogging

To find the SCNs online, visit and search Sisters of Charity of Nazareth or visit:

Another way members of the SCN family are staying connected is through innovative blogs. Nancy Gerth, SCN, is the vocation director for the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and is blogging on a regular basis. Her topics vary from a stroll around Nazareth to her experiences as a Sister of Charity of Nazareth. Ask Sister Nancy a question or just see what she has to say by visiting:

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009


SCN Family

St. Michael Catholic Center in Florida



St. Michael Catholic Center in Florida is making a difference in the lives of migrant farm families every day. Kitty Wilson, SCN, recently travelled to Wauchula, Fla., and shares the following insights:

St. Michael’s is a mission church of the Diocese of Venice, Fla., and has two outreach mission churches, San Alfonso in Zolfo Springs, and Holy Child in Bowling Green. St. Michael’s serves 1500 people from a number of cultures, including Hispanic, Anglo, and Haitian Creole. The majority of those being served are migrant farm workers. St. Michael’s and its mission churches are the only Catholic Churches in Hardee County. St. Michael Church offers Mass in Spanish, English, and Creole every weekend and in English daily. St. Michael’s stays busy every day of the week offering Sacramental instruction and parent meetings for reception of the sacraments, RCIA, Communion calls for sick and elderly, Quinceaneras, and prison ministry. There are as many as 20 Baptisms every month. There is no Catholic elementary or high school in Hardee County but St. Michael’s has an excellent Religious Education Program. The program was overseen by former director of the Religious Education Program, Mildred Minosky, VSC, until her death in July of last year. Adela Chancey, a lay women and volunteer assistant under Sister Mildred for eight years, became the director. There are almost three dozen volunteers who share faith and teach nearly 500 children every Sunday from August to May. St. Michael Catholic Center (SMCC) is a ministry dedicated to working with the community to assist needy families and vulnerable people who are experiencing hardship by offering emergency food, clothing, household items, and economic assistance for transportation, rent, utilities, and household items. The women of the parish sponsor a baby program that includes the giving of a “Moses basket” to Moms of newborns. The basket can be used as a crib for the baby and is filled with items that the baby may need. SMCC serves a real need in Hardee County says Eileen Marcinko, SCN, who believes that “if you extend yourselves to others, God, in some mysterious way, takes care of us.”

Florida families receive assistance and support from volunteers working through the St. Michael Catholic Center in Wauchula.

Support from Catholic Faith Appeal of the Diocese of Venice is a key factor in St. Michael’s effectiveness and continued success. Because migrant workers spend long days in the fields working and struggle to earn enough money to escape poverty, St. Michael’s is always in need of donations for basic foods for individuals and families who are trying to make ends meet.

There are immediate needs for donations of money for food, transportation, rent and utilities. Volunteers are also needed to drive the van/trailer to pick up donated food, furniture, and other items and to help sort clothes and food at the food pantry and clothing store.


Sister Kitty says she is truly touched by her ministry experience in Florida, “I am amazed at the faith and dedication of the staff and volunteers as they share their energy daily by serving the needy of the parish and county.” Volunteers gather and fold blankets at the St. Michael’s parish hall in Wauchula, Fla.


Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009


Oh Canada!

Pictured from left to right are: SCNs Cecilia Ann Fatula, Corrine Giel, Concepta Fudala and Teresa Margaret Bransky.

In addition to the dedication, the Sisters were asked to contribute to an historic DVD titled “Unwrapping the Gift of Catholic Education: The History of Catholic Education in Niagara.” The DVD will be used as a teaching tool for children in grades seven and ten. In her interview for the DVD, Concepta Fudala, SCN, who taught in Canada from 1965-1984, spoke about the importance of living a life of service. “St. Vincent always reminded his Sisters as he does even today – live humbly, simply and lovingly. Simplicity and service work hand in hand. This is also a good example that inspires young people to want to serve and embrace a vocation to service in whatever way, be it religious or service in other fields.”

In 1957, the former Vincentian Sisters of Charity (now Sisters of Charity of Nazareth) travelled to Canada to begin a ministry in education in the Niagara region. Sisters began teaching at St. Ann Elementary School in 1958. Others joined them and began educating youngsters at St. Alexander Elementary School. Before long more Sisters decided to become pioneers in Catholic education in Canada, making the journey from Pittsburgh to Canada. Soon the small house that had been rented for the original group became too small to accommodate all of the Sisters. In 1959, a new site was chosen for a convent to house the many Sisters in ministry. It was adjacent to St. Alexander in Fonthill. Over the years many Sisters lived at the Fonthill convent and taught in the Niagara region. Over more than five decades, these Sisters touched the lives of thousands of Canadians. But as this wonderful ministry aged, so too, did the Sisters, with many needing to return to Pittsburgh. And this last February, Beatrice Brunner, SCN, became the last SCN to leave Canada. Sister Beatrice was in parish ministry. Prior to parish ministry, she taught for 24 years at Notre Dame College School. The many Sisters who spent their lives in ministry in Canada were recently honored by the Niagara Catholic District School Board. The board held a dedication ceremony of each meeting room within the Catholic Education Center, dedicating each room to the founders of Catholic education within the Niagara Catholic district.

Sister Concepta was asked, “What message or advice would you like to pass on to the students of Niagara Catholic?” She replied, “Don’t be afraid to stand up for what is right. Follow what your conscience dictates and pray for guidance. Use your God given talents. There are certain things that only you can do that no one else can, and you are alive … so do them.”

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009


Making an Impact Sister Eula Johnson Retires Her work with the homeless has touched countless lives. As a case manager at Boulware Mission, Inc., in Owensboro, Ky., Eula Johnson, SCN, has come to know that homelessness and addiction are nondiscriminate. She has seen 18-year-olds and she has seen 72-year-olds. She has seen some with very little education and those with advanced degrees. Now, she is retiring, after making quite an impact on the homeless population in Western Kentucky.

Sister Eula has spent the last 50 years in active ministry as a Sister of Charity of Nazareth. She started as an elementary school teacher in 1954 in Arkansas, moving next to Ohio, then Louisville, Ky. She was a school principal, a parish youth minister, and a Director of Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese of Louisville. Since 2000 Sister Eula has served as case worker for Boulware in Owensboro, Ky. Boulware Mission Incorporated (BMI) strives to alleviate homelessness and near-homelessness by addressing their root cause through assessment and by including training, education, rehabilitation, and prevention. Before ministering at Boulware, Sister worked for 11 years in the court system as an advocate for domestic violence victims.

excited about these opportunities but says of her retirement from Boulware, that she will miss the clients. “I really loved working with them. They are an inspiration and I am awed by their courage to come into a place with nothing, not a penny to their name and come in and say ‘I need help,’ especially the ones who have relapsed and say ‘I need to try again.’” Although Sister Eula has left Boulware, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth will continue to live on in this ministry through the donations from the Russell Hall building which have helped furnish their new center.

As many SCNs never truly retire, Sister Eula now is working with Hispanic children in grades 5-8 who know little or no English. She would like to expand this ministry to include women, especially those who stay at home with children and have very little exposure to the English language. With her work complete at Boulware, Sister Eula plans to vacation at Camp Maria this summer and spend time with our new Sisters in Pittsburgh. She is


Eula Johnson, SCN (back row, third from right), is surrounded by SCNs, friends and associates who gathered to celebrate her years of ministry and highlight her work as a case worker with homeless men and women. Sister Eula retired from Boulware Mission Inc. Photo by Mel Howard, Diocese of Owensboro, Ky.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009

SCN Family

Warm and Fuzzy Robot Charms Sisters Sisters living in Lourdes Hall at St. Louise’s Convent in Pittsburgh, Pa., recently welcomed an unusual visitor. They met Paro – a therapeutic robotic baby harp seal – whose cute and cuddly appearance always elicits a smile. But Paro’s talents extend deep beyond the soft, white antimicrobial fur; carefully positioned sensors help Paro recognize light, and respond to sound and touch. It coos, turns its head, bats its lashes and flaps its flippers when stroked gently, and squeals in anger if handled roughly. Developed at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Paro was created to provide the benefits of pet therapy in nursing homes and hospitals where concerns might preclude the use of a live animal. Several studies have demonstrated Paro’s ability to elicit emotions, activate the mind and calm patients in nursing homes and hospitals. Paro has also successfully provided social and emotional therapy for elderly Japanese nursing home residents including patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. On loan for one month, Paro visited Pittsburgh to make an appearance at St. Louise Convent in support of a proposal submitted by the Vincentian Charitable Foundation. The Foundation is requesting a grant to purchase eight Paros to share with residents at the four nursing homes of Vincentian Collaborative System. As recently as December 2008, Paro was in use in only two facilities in the United States. Vincentian Collaborative System wishes to extend Paro’s presence in the United States, particularly among residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Bertille Janek, SCN, cozies up to Paro, the therapeutic robotic baby harp seal.

Paro charms Rita Jo Hanscak, SCN. The

therapeutic robotic baby harp seal responds to Vincentian Collaborative System (VCS) is the umbrella organization for the ministries human touch and one’s voice. sponsored by the former Vincentian Sisters of Charity who merged with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in November 2008. Based in western Pennsylvania, VCS manages Vincentian Home, Vincentian Regency, Vincentian de Marillac and Marian Manor (nursing homes), as well as Vincentian Rehabilitation Services and Vincentian Child Development. The Vincentian Charitable Foundation was created two years ago to support their fundraising efforts.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009


SCN Family

SCN Reflects Upon Eye Opening Trip to Ireland

Describing it as a transformative experience, Margaret Rodericks, SCN, had the opportunity to travel to Ireland last summer hoping to gain insights into the conflict in Northern Ireland and along the way, to also see some breathtaking sites. Since returning home to Louisville, Ky., Sister Margaret says she now has a deeper understanding of the conflict in Northern Ireland informed by the perspective of those committed to justice, peace and reconciliation for both Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. Sister Margaret travelled to Ireland as one of 39 participants of the 12th Bi-Annual Irish Summer Institute. The group was ecumenical, and Sister Margaret was the first Sister who had ever participated in the travel/study program. The Institute was sponsored by the Presbyterian Committee for Northern Ireland (PCNI) of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Sister Margaret was able to be part of the experience thanks to scholarships from Bridges to Peace, the USCCB and a grant from the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Continuing Education Fund. Below are excerpts from her firsthand account: The first stop was spent at Glencree Reconciliation Centre; today a peace centre, a place for refuge, peace and dialogue where people come together for discussion of conflicts in their areas. The centre helps people develop skills for conflict resolution and peacemaking not only from Ireland but also from around the world. During a brief meeting with Father Fergal McGrady, members of the group were reminded that the problems in Northern Ireland are social, political, economic and cultural, not religious. The next stop was at Harmony Hill Presbyterian Church for the Sunday service. This was a moving event for me since I had never attended a service in a Protestant church. It brought tears with the awareness that though we are separated by beliefs and religious practices we are One in our belief in Jesus Christ. As our experience continued, men and women clergy members of the group had


Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009

the opportunity to meet with Cardinal Cahal Daly at his residence. Cardinal Daly is now a seasoned, elder member of the Irish Catholic Margaret Rodericks, SCN, and Cardinal Daly with men hierarchy. Our and women clergy members. group found his simplicity, warm hospitality, friendliness and willingness to give them much of his time, quite striking. At St. Eugene’s Cathedral, I met with Bishop Seamus Hegarty. I was looking forward to this meeting since I had heard of Bishop Seamus through his cousin, our Sister Janice Campbell, SCN. I had an autographed copy of “Fifty Monsoons” by Sister Patricia Kelley, SCN, to present to Bishop Seamus. It is the story of 50 years of missionary activity of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in India and Nepal. Bishop Seamus spoke about how the clergy are ahead of the laity in terms of moving the peace process forward and need to be cautious in not moving too quickly with peace initiatives. He also spoke of the fact that in Northern Ireland religion and politics tend to be synonymous and need to be totally separated. He complimented our group, saying we would come to learn about Northern Ireland with a view to making a contribution to peace and advance it forward in our sphere of influence. In Omagh, the group visited the memorial “Light out of Darkness” to the victims of the Omagh bombing. We walked to the site of the bomb in the shopping area of the city. Before moving on to Belfast, I was invited by Glenn Morton to join his family for dinner at their home in Armagh. Glenn is a former student of mine who attended Spalding University in Louisville, Ky., as an exchange student from Ireland. In Belfast, I met with “cross community” men and women leaders, Cardinal Sean Brady, and Church of Ireland Archbishop Alan Harper. As I wrote this account, I began to re-live the days in the Republic and in Northern Ireland. To re-live is to reflect on the experience with new eyes and a new vision, new hopes and new dreams for permanent peace for the people of that land and for people (especially children) around the world who wake up daily to the sounds of bombs, guns, war and conflict. On a personal level, I am dedicated to spreading the good news that the end of hundreds of years of conflict and violence in Northern Ireland is in sight. I have seen the reality unfold and I believe that one day peace will be a way of life for all people … may it come to pass in our lifetime!

SCN Family Highlights

Highlights O

n April 25, several Sisters made first vows in India: Anita Murmu, Josephine Arul Arockiammial, Mary Bincy Joseph, Mukta Marandi, P. Jansal, Rinzee Lepcha and Susheela Marandi. On Sunday, April 26, the following women entered the Novitiate in India: Angela Lepcha, Celestine Reshma Pais, Emilia Tudu, G. Helen Sathiya, I. Maria Savari, Jetti Swarupa Rani, M. Paska Mary, Sonali Sonamoti Soren and Sushila Bahanda.


n Boston, Mass., the Rev. Bob Casey, pastor of St. Brigid Parish, celebrated a Mass on March 25 that honored the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in South Boston. He especially recognized the anniversaries to religious life of the following SCNs: • Evelyn Hurley, SCN, celebrating 75 years • Agnes Ann Fuhs, SCN, celebrating 67 years • Agnes Ellen Rose, SCN, celebrating 59 years • Janet Dougherty, SCN, celebrating 52 years Father Bob mentioned that the SCNs have been present at St. Brigid Parish for over 98 years.


everal Rainbow Jubilarians were honored at Liturgy on May 6, in St. Vincent Church, Nazareth, Ky. SCN Rainbow Jubilarians celebrating at Nazareth pictured are, from left, back row, SCNs Virginia Ann Lachenmann, Maggie Fisher, Rachel Willett, front row, Rose Eleanor Perry, Eileen Mary Meyer, Catherine Nix, Teresa Rose Nabholz, Mary Wedding and Eleanor Willett.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009


SCN Family Highlights Charlene Reebel, SCN, has received the Manifesting the Kingdom Award given by the Diocese of Pittsburgh honoring Sisters for their exemplary service in the diocese.

Nazareth Home, Louisville, Ky., has been awarded the Excellence in Action Award from My Inner View, an independent research firm. The award recognizes the commitment to superior customer and employee satisfaction at Nazareth Home. Nazareth Home has also been selected by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services to receive the government’s new five-star rating for overall outstanding performance. Nazareth Home is one of a select group of nursing homes in Kentucky to receive the five-star distinction, which is the highest designation possible under the new CMS rating system. To be designated as five-star, Nazareth Home must exceed the requirements related to health inspections, staffing and quality measures. Only the top ten percent of nursing homes nationally receive the fivestar rating. Mary Gene Frank, SCN Associate, has been chosen as one of six recipients of the Pillar Award by Jewish Hospital and St. Mary Healthcare. This yearly award recognizes exemplary leaders who strive to achieve the vision and live the values of the organization. Maggie Cooper, SCN, recently received an award from St. John’s College in Belize City, Belize, in gratitude for her dedication to the mission and vision of the college. The annual General Body meeting of the Association of Women Religious Maggie Cooper, SCN of Botswana was held in January at the Kanamo Center in Mahalapye. Fortyfour religious women from seven different congregations participated in the meeting. Elections were held during the meeting for the Executive Body. Pat Huitt, SCN, was elected as the chairperson of the Executive Body. Nalini Meachariyil, SCN, who served as vice-secretary for six years was one of the outgoing members.


Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009

Grace Saia, SCN, has received the Martyrs of Memphis Charlene Reebel, SCN Award. The Martyrs of Memphis Award was begun by Bishop J. Francis Stafford as a way to commemorate the founding of the Diocese of Memphis and to recognize the leadership of members of the diocese. Sister Grace has served in Grace Saia, SCN the educational ministry in the Diocese of Memphis as both a teacher and an administrator in several schools. Brenda Anderson, SCN, recently participated in her fifth Walk MS, a three-mile walk in Louisville, Ky., sponsored by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. On a warm Saturday afternoon in April, Sister Brenda and her cousin, Mildred Sutton, joined 2,000 others, walking together to make a powerful statement, and to keep moving toward a cure. Sister Brenda was diagnosed with MS 19 years ago while she was in Little Rock, Ark., studying to become a nurse. “It’s unpredictable,” she says, “MS affects everyone differently, I am one of the lucky ones, fatigue is what gets me the most.” Raising over $1,000 this year, Sister Brenda has been a top 100 fundraiser of the event for the past three years. She says, “It’s a very moving day, so many people walking for a cure, some in wheelchairs, which is a real inspiration.”

Brenda Anderson, SCN, right, at the finish line with her cousin, Mildred Sutton.

Journeying On

Journeying On Althaire Green, SCN, 83, a native of Lebanon, Ky., died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Ky., on May 24, 2009. She had been a Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 64 years. Sister Althaire served in the apostolate of education on the elementary and collegiate levels in Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio. She taught biology and related sciences at Spalding University from 1981-92, and from 1993-96. Survivors include a brother, Thomas Mattingly Green of Mount Vernon, Ill., and three nieces, George Ann Lamb of Crestwood, Ky., Charlotte Vaughn of Corbin, Ky., and Margaret Priola of Birmingham, Ala.

Agnita Marie Hill, SCN, 86, a native of Peonia, Ky., died at Audubon Hospital, Louisville, Ky., on February 26, 2009. She had been a Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 62 years. Sister Agnita Marie served in the apostolate of elementary education in Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Maryland and Virginia for 25 years. She began her educational ministry at Bethlehem Academy, Bardstown, Ky., where she served from 1949-53. Sister also served in Pastoral Ministry at Flaget Memorial Hospital as Director of Pastoral Care from 1980-83. Survivors include two sisters: June Stanley of Louisville, Ky., and Madeline Marie Hill, SFP, of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jean Carmel Howard, SCN, 97, a native of Whitesville, Ky., died at Flaget Memorial Hospital, Bardstown, Ky., on May 13, 2009. She had been a Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 77 years. Sister Jean Carmel served in the apostolate of elementary education in Kentucky, Ohio, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Virginia. She also served in child care in Memphis, Tenn. While in retirement at the Motherhouse, Sister worked in arts and crafts, the Thrift Shop and served in the Apostolate of Prayer. Survivors include a niece and her husband, Mary and Gordon Faulkner, and a grandniece, Donna Roby, all of Owensboro, Ky.

Mary Clarence Kominak, SCN, 98, a native of Brooklyn, N.Y., died at Vincentian Home, Pittsburgh, Pa., on May 31, 2009. She was in her 84th year of religious life. Sister Clarence entered the Vincentian Sisters of Charity from St. Mary Parish, Brownsville, Pa. She attended St. Francis School of Nursing, Pittsburgh, Pa., and became a registered nurse in 1939. Before her nursing career, Sister Clarence taught elementary grades in Youngstown and Struthers, Ohio for several years. As a registered nurse, Sister served at the Motherhouse, Regency Hall Nursing Home, Belvedere Hospital, Vincentian Home and Villa deMarillac Nursing Home all in Pittsburgh, Pa., Holy Ghost Mission, Marbury, Ala., St. Jude Hospital, Montgomery, Ala., Mother Mary Mission, Phenix, Ala., and St. Vincent Hospital in Monett, Mo. Sister Clarence served 17 years at Holy Ghost Mission. Sister Clarence returned to the Motherhouse in 1991 and joined the Prayer Ministry Group. She became a resident of the Vincentian Home in 2003. Sister Clarence is survived by her sisters in the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009


Journeying On Mary Benedict Lepovsky, SCN, 83, a native of Unity, Pa., died at St. Louise Convent in North Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa., on January 17, 2009. Sister Mary Benedict had been in religious life for 63 years. Sister Benedict was a certified LPN in Pennsylvania and Alabama. She served in several Vincentian Health facilities in Pittsburgh and Monett, Missouri for 13 years. She also taught religion at Holy Spirit Parish, Fayette County and one year at St. Helen Parish, East Pittsburgh, Pa. Sister Benedict then served as an LPN in St. Jude Hospital and St. Jude Exceptional Children’s Center in Montgomery, Ala., Holy Ghost Mission, Marbury, Ala., and Villa de Marillac Nursing Home in Stanton Heights, Pittsburgh, Pa., for 19 years. She returned to the Motherhouse in 1983 to serve as a night nurse for the sick Sisters. She then taught religion to children in St. Thomas Parish, Clarksville, Pa., for one year and completed her active ministry at the Vincentian Day Care where she served for two years until her retirement in 1991. During her retirement, Sister Benedict enjoyed being a Sister visitor at the Vincentian Personal Care facility at the Vincentian Home, Pittsburgh, Pa. Sister Benedict is survived by two sisters: Theresa Buratty, Breezewood, Pa., and Frances Blattner, Calif.; two brothers: Robert Lepovsky, Pittsburgh, Pa., and Albert Lepovsky, Lucinda, Pa., and many nieces and nephews.

Mary Angela Mudd, SCN, 81, formerly Sister Leo Bernadette Mudd, a native of Fredericktown, Ky., died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, Ky., on May 24, 2009. She had been a Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 61 years. Sister Mary Angela served in the apostolate of elementary and secondary education as teacher and principal in Kentucky, Ohio and Maryland. In Bardstown, Sister taught religion and mathematics at Bethlehem High School from 1970-72. She also served as Coordinator of Religious Education in Holy Trinity Parish, Fredericktown, Ky., from 197277; as Archdiocesan Consultant in the RORE offices at Nazareth and Bardstown, Ky., from 1977-83; as Director of Chaplaincy at Flaget Memorial Hospital, Bardstown, Ky., from 1983-95. Sister Mary Angela worked in Healing Care at the Motherhouse and Russell Hall from 1996-2005. Survivors include a brother, Buddy (Ann) Mudd; two sisters, Margaret (Billy Ray) Edelen and Rose Marie (Joe Pat) Taylor, all of Bardstown, Ky.; a brother, Randy Mudd and three sisters, Norma (Bill) Mudd, Mary (Joe) Mudd, and Rose (Maurice) Smith all of Springfield, Ky.

Lawrence Ann Ryan, SCN, age 93, a native of Fancy Farm, Ky., died at Flaget Memorial Hospital, Bardstown, Ky., on February 20, 2009. She had been a Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 73 years. Sister Lawrence Ann served in Community service, health services, preschool, elementary education and clerical services in Kentucky and Tennessee for 67 years. In retirement at the Motherhouse, Nazareth, Ky., Sister served in the Apostolate of Prayer. Survivors include several devoted nieces and nephews.

Deceased Alumni/Alumnae: • Mary Ann Rives Spalding, Nazareth Academy, 1957 • Charlotte Corbett Ryan, Nazareth College, 1949 • Janet Bamberger, LaSalette Academy, 1954, and Nazareth College, 1968 • Betty Schafer, St. Joseph Infirmary, 1946 • Esther L. Schaber, St. Joseph Infirmary, 1945 • Lillian Helena Stokes, St. Mary High School, 1931 • Bonnie Mills Mancini, Sacred Heart Academy, and Nazareth Jr. College, 1957 • Delia Broderick Thompson, Nazareth Academy, 1934 • Stanislava Drejers, Saints Mary and Elizabeth, 1953 • Mary Reba Graas, St. Joseph Infirmary, 1945 Deceased SCN Associates: • Mary Rita Vaughan; Deceased 1/28/09 • Philip Nicasio; Deceased 4/12/09


Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009

The Journey is produced by the Office of Congregational Advancement. Contributors for this publication include: Diane Curtis, Dana Hinton, Spalding Hurst, Dianne Smith, Janice White, Alida Coughlin, Joe Zarantonello, Jackie Borders, Mel Howard, Carolyn Grady, Mary Medley Bonn; SCNAs Patsy O’Toole, Trudi Maish, SCNs Paschal Fernicola, Connie Tarallo, Carlette Gentile, Teresa Kotturan, Sabina Mattappallil, Corrine Giel, Anastasia Chernitsky and Kitty Wilson.

Memorial/Honorary Donations MEMORIALS MOTHER OF JOSEPH AMANOUZ Mary Gene Frank SUZIE ANDERSON Helen\Jim Rowe AQUADRO FAMILY\ DECEASED MEMBERS Mr.\Mrs. Gary Joffe MRS. AVERY S. Loretta Weller S. RUTH BABBITT S. Mary Braley Dinko\Jasminka Mutak MARIE BAILEY S. Evelyn Hurley S. Agnes Ann Fuhs S. Janet Dougherty ANNE BAKER S. Marie John Kelley S. Joan Robishaw JOSEPH BALDY S. Louise Smith LARRY BALDY S. Theresa Cash Anonymous S. Maria Cecilia Emanuelli S. Connie Tarallo S. Celeste Reedy S. Mary Burns S. Rachel Willett S. Mary Sullivan S. Shirley Nugent S. Gwen McMahon S. Mary Michelle Naber S. John Loretto Mueller S. Louise Smith S. Theresa Knabel S. Sharen Baldy S. Ruth Ann Humphrey S. Susan Kilb S. Maureen Taaffe S. Mary Ninette Manning S. Miriam Corcoran S. Anne Magruder S. Luke Boiarski S. Christine Baldy S. Pat Kelley S. Barbara Von Bokern Mr.\Mrs. Mark Baldy Martha Gramlich COL. PAUL A. BALDY Mary Jo\Michael Herrmann JANET BAMBERGER S. Miriam Corcoran S. Anita Hager S. Ann Victoria Cruz S. Antoinette Magistro S. Marlene Lehmkuhl S. Marilyn Shea S. Susan Kilb Marlene V. Reynolds S. Anna Marie Canary S. John Loretto Mueller Mary Medley Bonn S. Mary Austin Donovan S. Diane Pharo S. Judy Raley Kathleen E. Stulter Rasche Family\Joan\ Marlene\Bev Pat Cardosi S. Brenda Gonzales FLAVIA BARI S. Marie John Kelley S. Joan Robishaw TILLIE BALLARD BEAVEN S. Virginia Blair S. Elizabeth Blandford S. Paris Slapikas S. Dorothy Wilson GEORGE\MARY BEHARY S. Mary Ann Behary JARED QANI BELUL Rebecca Richert S. AMANDA BERCIK S. Brenda Anderson S. Anna Marie Canary S. EULA BLANDFORD Jim\Joyce Blandford Lucille\David Fannin S. MARGARET VINCENT BLANDFORD Jim\Joyce Blandford Dent\Maureen Smith Lucille\David Fannin S. LAURITA BOHN Elizabeth A. Christ

CLARENCE E. BOONE S. Margaret Rodericks MARY BOSINGER S. Maureen Taaffe S. MILDRED BOWLING Vickie McCubbin DONALD BRANDHAGAN Paula E. Palotay S. GABRIELLE BRANSCOME Catherine B. Cox REV. BERT BRIAN William Leslie Keene, Jr. BETTY GAYLE BRIAN Anonymous S. Kathleen Mary Bohan S. Eileen Mary Meyer SCN Associates Connie Lusher Wass Brady DICKIE\RON BRIAN S. John Edith O’Meara HENRY BROUSEAU William\Marion Coughlin DEL BROWN S. Miriam Corcoran Mr.\Mrs. Lucian Green S. Agnes Regina Siracusa S. Mary Elizabeth Middendorf S. William Marian Meany S. Miriam Elizabeth Brown WILLIAM L. BROWN William J. Smith FRANCES BRUGGEMAN Michael J. Widdis BOB\BLANCHE BURKARDT Frank\Sara Lee Wood S. CATHERINE JAMES CAIN Lisa Hiatt S. CATHERINE LEO CALLAHAN Joseph\Denise Callahan S. MARY CATHERINE CAMPBELL Richard Campbell S. MARGARET MARY CARR Sam\Patty Manning PHYLLIS CARTER Anonymous ANNA CARTHAS Anonymous S. Evelyn Hurley ALAN CASH S. Pat Worley S. Mary Assumpta Dwyer Anonymous S. Marion Reardon S. Mary Dullea S. Phyllis Dullea S. Barbara MacDonald S. Eleanor Willett S. Margaret Spalding Wathen S. Sharen Baldy S. Pat Kelley S. Theresa Cash VICTORIA CHANEY Beverly\John Metzler SYBIL CHAVES S. Margaret Rodericks BARBARA CHERVENAK S. Helen Chervenak VICTOR PAUL CIARAMITARO S. Connie Tarallo S. CLEMENTIA CLARK Mary\Lawerence Bower S. FLORENCE MARY CLARK Mary\Lawrence Bower FRANCES CONRAD “CONNIE” CLEMENTS Anonymous St. Augustine Church\ Lebanon, Ky. S. MARY CLEMENTS Dorothy H. Clements REV. FRANK COCO Philip\Susan Coco JOE\SARAH COCO Philip\Susan Coco S. RITA COCO Philip\Susan Coco CYNTHIA COLE S. Janet Dougherty S. ALMA CLARE COMBS Joan H. Burroughs

BARBARA CONNOLLY Anonymous JEANETTE CONNOLLY Joseph Connolly MARGARET COOLEY Mary Margaret Mulroy S. MARY ANGELITA COOMES Paul\Henrietta Coomes Ludwig A. Hoge Paul R. Coomes S. ANNA CATHERINE COON Mary C. Toombs S. MARGARET MARIA COON Mary C. Toombs GEORGE COOPER S. Miriam Corcoran CATHERINE TOOHEY CORSI Elaine\Ellen\Emily\John\ Anna Beazel JOAN COSTELLO William\Marion Coughlin FRANCIS CRADDOCK S. Anna Marie Canary FRANK\VINCE\JOE CRADDOCK Catherine Barrett CAROL\MEGHAN CRAWFORD S. Virginia Blair S. Elizabeth Blandford S. Paris Slapikas S. Dorothy Wilson S. JOAN ELLEN CREGG Claire Chase S. AGNES CRONE Patricia Lynch-Hayes MARGARET\MICHAEL CRONIN S. Michaella Cronin S. Carol McKean MARGARET R. CRUISE Robert A. Kennedy S. MARGARETA LOUISE DALTON M. Denise Chickey JOE DANT Mary Jo Dant DOUGLAS T. DAVENPORT S. Margaret L. Davenport PAUL DAWEM, III S. Maureen Taaffe CHARLES DEARING S. Mary Kevin Egan James\Jeanine Thornberry S. Mary Angela Shaughnessy TOM DEDERICK Elaine Giebelhaus PHIL DEGENOVA Jennie G. DeGenova MIKE DELATORE S. Anne Magruder S. Luke Boiarski S. THOMAS DESALES Muriel Lomenick BETTY DEVINE S. Miriam Corcoran RAY DICKEN S. Sharon Gray ANNA “DUSTY” DOSTOOMIAN S. Evelyn Hurley S. Agnes Ann Fuhs S. Janet Dougherty SARKIS DOSTOOMIAN S. Janet Dougherty S. Evelyn Hurley S. Agnes Ann Fuhs ELIZABETH DRISCOLL Patty\Dan Driscoll-Shaw GEORGE DUKE S. Ruth Ann Humphrey S. Susan Kilb S. Theresa Knabel S. Virginia Blair S. Elizabeth Blandford S. Paris Slapikas S. Dorothy Wilson S. Earline Hobbs Nazareth Home Community Service S. Miriam Corcoran S. Sharon Gray S. JULIA DULLEA Regina Buckley

S. ROBERT LOUISE DUNCAN Dr. Robert Scripko S. BEATRICE DURBIN David E. Burch S. ETHEL DURBIN Shirley M. Rogers JOSEPH LEO DURBIN David E. Burch MARY STEPHEN DURBIN David E. Burch MARGARET DUSING Dick\Patti Lohre S. BARBARA DWYER Dan\Gloria Dwyer Maureen Dwyer Hinton Kathryn Wycoff Barbara Dwyer-Anderson Grace Perreiah VIRGINIA EGAN Anonymous S. Mary Kevin Egan S. Shirley Nugent S. Gwen McMahon S. Barbara Spencer S. Betty Fracchia S. John Loretto Mueller S. Marie John Kelley S. Joan Robishaw S. Grace Maria Saia S. Theresa Knabel S. Connie Tarallo George\Pat Petkoff S. Miriam Corcoran Leo Egan S. Mary Foeckler LESTER ENGELHARDT Rachel Englehardt DENNIS ERNST S. Miriam Corcoran S. Margaret Rodericks S. John Loretto Mueller ANN MACKIN EWING S. Barbara MacDonald S. Phyllis Dullea S. JOSEPH BEATRICE EYL Karl Keller FALDOWSKI FAMILY\ DECEASED MEMBERS Evelyn Faldowski G.G. FARMER Kim Reinhart MR.\MRS. FRANK FATULA S. Cecilia Ann Fatula GENE FAUST Fran\Pappy\Sharon Cecil S. MARY LYNN FIELDS Nancy Leatherman Anne M. Beavan S. JOHN FISTER Cece Fister Allene W. Hatfield VIRGINIA FOLEY Gerald S. Foley, Jr. GEORGE FREEMAN Katherine Freeman JOHN LESLIE FUGAZZI S. Evelyn Fugazzi D.J.\ANNE S. GATTON John Spalding Gatton REGINA GENTILE S. Barbara Peterson JAMES GILL Timothy Gill LIDA MAE GOBBER S. Brenda Anderson S. Anna Marie Canary Anonymous S. Anita Hager S. John Loretto Mueller S. Elaine Puthoff S. Theresa Knabel S. Gwen McMahon S. Shirley Nugent S. Betty MacDougall S. Mary Ninette Manning S. Miriam Corcoran S. Dorothy MacDougall S. Clare McNeil S. Mary Eula Johnson S. Margaret Rodericks S. Theresa Cash S. Marian Stenken S. Pat Kelley MRS. ROUMILLA GOETZ Thecla H. Robison S. JAMES LEO GOLDSBOROUGH R.L. Keeley, M.D.

12/19/08 – 5/31/09 SAM GONZALES S. Eleanor S. Willett S. Clara Willett S. Rachel Willett S. Alice Adams S. Pat Hill S. Emily Nabholz S. Rita Spalding Anonymous S. Eileen Mary Meyer S. Kathleen Mary Bohan S. Pat Worley S. Miriam Louise Hauser S. Mary Ninette Manning S. Sheila Ann Madden Motherhouse Sisters\ Coordinators S. John Loretto Mueller S. Miriam Corcoran S. Barbara Peterson S. Dorothy MacDougall S. Clare McNeil S. Grace Mackin S. Sharen Baldy S. Ellen Paul McGovern Office of Congregational Advancement S. Evelyn Hurley S. Agnes Ann Fuhs S. Janet Dougherty S. Margaret Spalding Wathen S. Elaine McCarron S. Mary Eula Johnson S. Anita Hager S. Janice Downs SCN Associate Office S. Irene Satory S. Constance M. Tarallo S. Gwen McMahon S. Shirley Nugent S. Marion Reardon S. Celeste Reedy S. Catherine Arnold S. Brenda Anderson S. Anna Marie Canary S. Judy Raley S. Mary Assumpta Dwyer S. Ann Susan Villa Ann V. Hayden S. Grace Maria Saia Patsy O’Toole S. Kitty Wilson S Ruth Ann Humphrey S. Susan Kilb S. Martha Walsh S. Marie John Kelley S. Joan Robishaw S. June Monaghan S. Theresa Cash S. Marian Stenken S. Pat Kelley S. Mary Dullea S. Phyllis Dullea S. Barbara MacDonald S. Diane Pharo S. Peggy Fowkes S. Alice Garrity Faith Group of S. Brenda Gonzales S. Helen Blodgett S. Maureen Taaffe S. Mary Foeckler Rev. Dan Klem Mark\Marilyn Krause S. MOIRA GREEN Maria Berthold S. SALLY GRIFFIN Steve\Janine Auslander Alton\Ann Barton RICHARD CHARLES GRIFFITHS Helen\Jim Rowe S. Anna Marie Canary PATTY GROOM S. Sharen Baldy JAMES HAGER S. Marion Reardon S. Miriam Corcoran S. Anna Jeanne Hardesty S. Vivian Mary Sabelhaus Elizabeth A. Christ S. Anita Hager S. Betty MacDougall Sarah M. Payne S. Theresa Cash S. Maria Vincent Brocato S. Maria Sampson Martha Jean Gish S. Pat Kelley

CLIFF HALL Shirley Bohnert MARY ANN HALL S. Virginia Blair S. Elizabeth Blandford S. Paris Slapikas S. Dorothy Wilson Kathryn Matthews SCN Associates Nazareth Home Community Service S. JANICE HAMILTON Lindsay Collins S. MARY PERPUTUA HAMING Margaret Bode ANDREW HANCHIN Deacon John M. and Ruth Hanchin ALBERTA HARE S. Eleanora Mattingly KATHLEEN HARRINGTON S. Evelyn Hurley ROBERT HARROD Mary L. Harrod JOANN BENTZ HARSHAW S. Sharen Baldy GINGER HEEB Paul\Linda Wentzet THERESA “TERRY” HELTON S. Phyllis Dullea S. Barbara MacDonald S. Anita Hager S. Alice Garrity S. Peggy Fowkes Anonymous S. Mary Austin Donovan S. John Loretto Mueller S. Anita Hager S. Miriam Corcoran S. Eleanor Willett S. Maureen Taaffe ALICE HEMINGWAY S. Martha L. Walsh S. Ellen Paul McGovern S. Gwen McMahon S. Shirley Nugent S. Marie John Kelley S. MADELEINE SOPHIE HENKEL S. Bernadette M. Henkel JAMES HENNESSY Thomas P. Kennedy Frances\Kevin Jones MYRTLE BURKARDT HENRY S. Sharen Baldy GEORGE HICKS S. Pat Kelley EDWIN HILGER Mary Hilger S. AGNITA HILL William\Laverne Muench Stella\Joseph Ratterman Margaret K. Shanks Mildred O’Nan Gail\Peter\Maggie Torkildsen David E. Burch JOSEPH HINTON Irene Hinton JEANNINE HISTER Paula E. Palotay BERTHA HOBBS Emma McClure ROY\BEATRICE HOBBS FAMILY\DECEASED MEMBERS S. Earline Hobbs BISHOP ROBERT HODAPP, S.J. James\Theodora Petosa JANET HOFFMAN Hope L. Fisse JULIE HOFFMAN Hope L. Fisse S. CHRISTIANA HOFMANN Immaculate Heart of Mary Church\Greenwood, Miss. JACK HOGG FAMILY\ DECEASED MEMBERS Jeanne Hogg Coleman MARY R. HOPKINS Katherine H. Eanes HELEN HOPPER Richard\Pattie Lohre MARY\JOSEPH HORVAT Joseph Horvat

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009


Memorial/Honorary Donations S. Ann Horvat BERNARD HOVEKAMP S. Mary Loretto Krimple S. Theresa Cash S. JEAN CARMEL HOWARD Mike Coakley Rita Schafer Donna Roby Gordon\Mary Faulkner Linus\Suzanne Murphy BOB INGLIS S. Sharen Baldy ELSIE IURLANO SCN Associates GLENDA JAMES S. Pat Kelley NANCY BERNICE JARBOE John Petrenka PHILIP JONES S. Miriam Corcoran S. Mary Ninette Manning MR. JOSEPH S. Miriam Corcoran S. MARY CLARENCE KAMBER Henry\Barbara Mayer RICHARD KEARNS Mr.\Mrs. R.B. Adams S. CORNELIUS KEATING Pete\Betsy Wigginton Edward J. Williamson, Jr. Lorraine Burch Hancock PAUL KEEFFE S. Marie John Kelley S. Joan Robishaw S. ANNA MARY KELLEY, CSJ S. Gwen McMahon S. Shirley Nugent MARY KENNEDY S. Maureen Taaffe ARTHUR KERN S. Grace Mackin S. Joseph Marita Wheatley S. Celeste Reedy S. Phyllis Dullea S. Mary Dullea S. Barbara MacDonald S. Alice Garrity S. Peggy Fowkes S. Margaret Spalding Wathen S. Miriam Corcoran Dorothy\George Rehkamp S. John Loretto Mueller Mary Ellen Beumer S. Marion Reardon S. Mary Foeckler Bob\Betty Kramer Emily\Carl Stamm JAMES KINIRY S. Anna Marie Canary S. Dorothy Canary, MMS S. MARY LEE KNOPF Jim\Fredericka White JAMES KOBLENSKY Nancy Koblensky MARC KOBLENSKY Nancy Koblensky S. MARY BARBARA KOENIG Rachel Johnson ANNA HOVEHAMP KRIMPLE S. Mary Loretto Krimple JAMES KRIMPLE S. Mary Loretto Krimple LEO KRIMPLE S. Mary Loretto Krimple CLIFF\NATALIE KRUG Gary\Paula Johnson LINDA KUEBRICH S. Mary Loretto Krimple JOHN KULINA S. Clara Willett S. Rachel Willett Anonymous S. Celeste Reedy S. Marie John Kelley S. Joan Robishaw S. Mary Assumpta Dwyer S. Anita Hager S. Gwen McMahon S. Shirley Nugent S. Dorothy Jackson S. Susan Kilb S. Ann Victoria Cruz S. Mary Kevin Egan S. Mary Sullivan S. Margaret Spalding Wathen S. Marion Reardon S. Sharen Baldy S. Theresa Knabel S. Theresa Cash


S. Virginia Blair S. Elizabeth Blandford S. Paris Slapikas S. Dorothy Wilson S. Maria Vincent Brocato S. John Ann Kulina S. Peggy Fowkes S. Alice Garrity S. Earline Hobbs S. Miriam Corcoran S. Mary Foeckler S. Pat Kelley SAMUEL LAKRA S. Earline Hobbs S. Miriam Corcoran JAY LANIGAN S. Charles Mary Burns FRANK LASLEY, JR. SCN Associates Mary Gene Frank GLENN E. LAWRENCE Mr.\Mrs. James L. Tennison BETTY LAZEAR S. Betty MacDougall BARBARA LEE S. Evelyn Hurley S. Agnes Ann Fuhs S. Janet Dougherty S. Gwen McMahon S. Shirley Nugent HAL LEGNER Louise Legner S. EILEEN LEHANE Claire Chase S. MARTHA JOSEPH LENAHAN Jim\Fredericka White EDITH LENENBERGER S. Sharen Baldy S. Martha Walsh S. Dorothy MacDougall S. Clare McNeil S. MARY BENEDICT LEPOVSKY S. Mary Assumpta Dwyer ALICE\RAPHAEL LEWIS FAMILY\DECEASED MEMBERS Alice Mae Lewis S. SHEILA MARIE LEWIS St. Joseph Health System\ Lexington, Ky. DR.\MRS. W. P. LIN Daisy Y. Lin, M.D. Janet Bamberger EARL LIST S. Elaine Puthoff ROBERT LOCKWOOD S. Mary Assumpta Dwyer S. Marie John Kelley S. Joan Robishaw S. FRANCES MIRIAM LOKER H. Jane Bailey Christine Senese Robert\Sara Wigginton S. CATHERINE LOOBY Patricia Pendergast MARIE MACISAAC SCN Associates JANET MACLEAN S. Alice Adams S. Emily Nabholz S. Pat Hill SCN Associates S. Mary Sullivan S. Antoinette Magistro S. Ann Victoria Cruz S. Dorothy Thomas Patsy O’Toole Anonymous S. Brenda Gonzales S. Evelyn Hurley S. Agnes Ann Fuhs S. Janet Dougherty Nora Ballard S. Marie John Kelley S. Joan Robishaw Connie\Charles Blake Betty Lewis James\Mary Rogers S. Theresa Cash S. Maria Vincent Brocato Eileen Connell Edward\Jacquelyn Miller VIRGINIA MARY MADDEN Paul M. Murphy\Family S. MARGARET MAGINNIS St. Joseph Health System\ Lexington, Ky. S. Eileen Mary Meyer Patsy Charles-Mallmann ROBERT MAIZE Paula Maize

CATHERINE MALOVEC Lois A. McClafferty IRMA MALOVEC Lois A. McClafferty MARY ANN MALOVEC, VSC Lois A. McClafferty MARGARET MARY MARCINEK, VSC David\Bonnie MacLuskie JEAN MARTIN Anonymous SCN Associates LAUREEN MARTYKA S. Sharon Gray JOE DAVID MATTINGLY, SR. Anonymous PHOBE MATTINGLY S. Virginia Blair S. Elizabeth Blandford S. Paris Slapikas S. Dorothy Wilson LAURA MAY S. Maureen Taaffe AUBREY MAYFIELD S. Rachel Willett S. Clara Willett SANTO MAZZEO S. Maureen Taaffe S. FLORENCE MCCARTHY John S. Swift ELIZABETH\LARRY MCCROSKEY Celeste Midkiff DOROTHY\LEO MCKEAN S. Michaella Cronin S. Carol McKean J.A.\ELIZABETH MEDLEY Harriett Medley ELAINE MELANSON Carol Erven WALTER MERTZ SCN Associates Patsy O’Toole Susan\Steve Kute S. Maria Vincent Brocato PAUL MEYER Katrina Kargl MEYERS FAMILY\ DECEASED MEMBERS Maureen Young Meyers S. REBECCA MILES FAMILY\DECEASED MEMBERS S. Sharon Gray ROBERT MILLER Kathleen Miller S. OCTAVIA MILLS Theresa\John Hall MARGARET MORRIS S. Phyllis Dullea S. Barbara MacDonald ALINE MURPHY D.J.\Nell Monarch S. ANN AUDEN MURPHY Edward\Harriet Murphy M.C. JOSE MUTHUKATTIL S. Maria Vincent Brocato RENEE MYERS S. Celeste Reedy Office of Congregational Advancement S. CAMILLA NEEL Ms. Robbie Smith REV. TOM NESTER S. Maureen Taaffe JAMES B. NORRIS, SR. Mabel\Kevin Norris S. DOROTHEA OBERST Bro. Joel McGraw, FSC THERESA DOYLE O’CONNOR Anonymous Trudi Maish S. Mary Dullea S. Phyllis Dullea S. Barbara MacDonald S. Mary Assumpta Dwyer S. Mary Kevin Egan S. Martha Walsh Kathryn Matthews SCN Associates S. Anita Hager S. Ruth Ann Humphrey S. Susan Kilb S. Mary Burns S. Celeste Reedy S. Sheila Ann Madden S. Mary Austin Donovan S. Liz Wendeln S. Carole Kaucic S. Rita Spalding S. Margaret Rodericks S. Miriam Corcoran

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009

Patsy O’Toole S. Shirley Nugent S. Gwen McMahon S. Marie John Kelley S. Joan Robishaw S. Theresa Knabel S. Mary Eula Johnson S. Grace Maria Saia S. Pat Kelley Barbara\Lucien Fournier S. Mary Angela Shaughnessy CATHERINE O’DONNELL Lea Furlong REV. LEONARD OGLESBY Frankie Caesar S. Theresa Cash JOHN\EDITH O’MEARA S. John Edith O’Meara RICHARD O’MEARA S. John Edith O’Meara LORRAINE O’NEIL S. Martha Walsh LINDA O’REILLY S. Barbara MacDonald S. Phyllis Dullea S. Anita Hager Anonymous S. Alice Garrity S. Peggy Fowkes S. Michella Cronin THOMAS BERT OSBOURN S. Ruth Ann Humphry S. Susan Kilb S. Maria Vincent Brocato S. Judy Raley S. Mary Eula Johnson FELIX OSUJI S. John Loretto Mueller JIM O’TOOLE Frances T. O’Toole S. DOROTHY PETERSON Mary Catherine Lyon DOUG PETKOFF S. Gertrude Foster George S. Petkoff S. Grace Saia S. DOLORES PHILLIPS Martha Chagnon S. JEAN DOLORES PHIPPS Richard Nelson CHARLES PIKE SCN Associates Anonymous CHARLES POUSARDIEN Mary Hilger ELEANOR POWERS S. Helen Blodgett MARIA PRAKASI S. Miriam Corcoran MARY PRATHER Dorothy Maupin ELIZABETH QUICK S. Janice Downs NANETTE LANIGAN QUINN Anonymous S. Charles Mary Burns JAMES C. RALEY Jim\Anne Tennison S. CATHERINE THERESA RAPP Henry\Barbara Mayer S. GEORGE MARIE RAPP Henry\Barbara Mayer S. MARIE CONSTANCE RAPP Henry\Barbara Mayer S. URIEL RAPP Henry\Barbara Mayer ELIZABETH RECKTENWALD Anita M. Davis MARY\JOSEPH L. RHODES, SR. S. Anna Marie Rhodes ANN RICE Rebecca Richert S. MARITA RIEDE Jane Crawford Theresa Boone Frances A. Moran William Leslie Keene, Jr. Lt. Col.\Mrs. George J. Hoerter Rita Schafer Elizabeth Bonifer Martha Beeler Janet P. Bee JOYCE RIGGS S. Theresa Cash KRAFT RITTER Ann C. Crelly JEANNINE RIVERS Edward Rivers

MARY ELLEN ROBINSON Ed Robinson ERNEST B. ROBISON Raymond\Susan Robison BOB\MARY BETH RODDY Mildred Roddy BETTY ROEBKER Pat Cardosi Eleanor Barnes GREG ROOSE S. Mary Ellen Doyle S. MARGARET ROSS Barbara Ross James Fait DORIS ROTH Robyn A. Reinhart HELEN ROTONDI S. Marie John Kelley S. Joan Robishaw S. LAWRENCE ANN RYAN S. Clara Willett S. Rachel Willett S. Mary Assumpta Dwyer Joseph\Celeste Russell S. Phyllis Dullea Sara Cash Earner Frances Rose Cash Carrico J.D.\John\Joe\Bill\Tony\ David Cash Patricia Earner Shaw Beth Carrico Betty Jean Redden Sarah Earner Joe\Rita Cash S. Alice Garrity S. Peggy Fowkes S. ROBERT MARIA RYAN Molly Eldridge WILLIAM RYAN S. Evelyn Hurley S. Agnes Ann Fuhs S. Janet Dougherty OLIVIA SADOWKSI Isabelle Sadowski Tracy Sadowski GAYTAN SAIA S. Mary John Kelley S. Joan Robishaw S. Maria Vincent Brocato S. Betty Fracchia S. Barbara Spencer S. Marie John Kelley Rafael Fonden S. Theresa Cash S. Virginia Blair S. Elizabeth Blandford S. Paris Slapikas S. Dorothy Wilson S. Mary Foeckler LOUISE SANDS Florence Sands S. MARY SIMEONETTE SAVAGE Mary Gertrude Kurz ESTHER SCHABER Gilbert Schaber MRS. ELEANOR SCHILKE Beverly J. Schilke COL. WILLIAM E. SCHILLER Betty\Joseph T. Barnett DOLORES SCHINDLER S. Betty MacDougall S. Virginia Blair S. Elizabeth Blandford S. Paris Slapikas S. Dorothy Wilson PETER SCHWARZKREDL Paula Palotay LOUISE SCIMONE Yolanda Ferzoco SCN\As\RELATIVES\ DECEASED S. Mary Ellen Doyle S. Marie Becker S. Carol Rogers S. Bridgid Clifford S. Mary Loretto Krimple S. Virginia Blair S. Paris Slapikas S. Dorothy Wilson S. Elizabeth Blandford S. Ann Susan Villa S. Mary Ellen Doyle S. Marie Becker SCNs AT NAZARETH HOME\DECEASED 2008 Rosanne Dillon SCNs WHO TAUGHT AT HOLY NAMES SCHOOL\ MEMPHIS, TENN.\ DECEASED Josephine M. Wood

SCNs WHO WORKED AT ST. VINCENT DEPAUL\ MOUNT VERNON, OHIO\DECEASED Lorie Porter MARTHA BELL SCOTT William Logan Scott M. BERNARDA SEBAK, VSC Kathleen Frampton S. CLEMENTINE SEIDELL William Seidell ANTOINETTE SEVERIN S. Sharen Baldy S. Maria Vincent Brocato S. Betty MacDougall S. Marie John Kelley S. Joan Robishaw S. Theresa Knabel S. Virginia Blair S. Elizabeth Blandford S. Paris Slapikas S. Dorothy Wilson S. Mary Assumpta Dwyer S. Miriam Corcoran S. Marian Stenken K.H. SHAW, III Monica Boggs S. VERONICA SHEEHAN S. Alice Garrity S. Peggy Fowkes Jeanne Lafond S. Angeline Driscoll Rita Schafer Helen\Jim Rowe S. Shirley Nugent S. Gwen McMahon Betty Lewis S. Brenda Gonzales BARBARA GRUNDY SHIVELY Gerta R. Antle BILL SHUFFLEBARGER Helen\Jim Rowe PAULINE SIMS S. Virginia Blair S. Elizabeth Blandford S. Paris Slapikas S. Dorothy Wilson S. BLANCHE MARIE SMITH Marianne Smith GEORGE SMITH Magdalen Morris S. JOVITA SMITH Joy M. Ruplinger PATRICIA SMITH S. Mildred McGovern AGNES JOHNSON SONNE Rosemary Orr Martha K. Rhodes CHRIS SPALDING S. Virginia Blair S. Elizabeth Blandford S. Paris Slapikas S. Dorothy Wilson MARY ANN RIVES SPALDING Rosellen W. McGonegle Annette Skees PATRICIA SPIRITO Yolanda Ferzoco STANLEY STEBACK Thomas\Patricia Steback PHYLLIS WILLETT STEVEN J. Emmanuel\Dorothy Willett EDWARD PAXTON STOKES, JR. Carole\Rodney Embry LILLIAN HELENA STOKES Carole\Rodney Embry RITA STRINGER S. Grace Maria Saia ANN SULLIVAN S. Evelyn Hurley S. Agnes Ann Fuhs S. Janet Dougherty JOHN\CATHERINE SULLIVAN Katherine Freeman MARY SULLIVAN S. Evelyn Hurley S. Agnes Ann Fuhs S. Janet Dougherty WILLIAM SWANK Mary Swank S. MICHAEL MARY SWEENEY Marion\Mary Jane McKenzie Jewell H. Sweeney THERESA GOTTBRATH TALBOTT Ann T.\Robert Willett

SCN Family S. BENITA TANKERSLEY Matthew J. Klena LENA TARALLO S. Connie Tarallo PAUL\ELEANOR TARALLO S. Connie Tarallo JIM TEHAN Dorothy\Donald Gammon S. JEAN LOUISE THOMAS Gladelle Hardenbergh ELINOR THOMPSON John Thompson NED A. THORNBERRY Pamela Edwards S. ANNA TIGUE Joy\Jeff Harris HELEN TILLOTSON Kim Tillotson FRED TOMAINO S. Helen Blodgett MR.\MRS. C. S. TRICHEL Frances T. O’Toole CARLTON TUCKER Paula E. Palotay WILBUR TURNEY Susan Willett Neyer CHARLENIA TYLER S. Sharon Gray SALLY TYLER John\Peggy Helm S. Mary Austin Donovan JUDY UHL S. John Loretto Mueller VALLORIC FAMILY\ DECEASED MEMBERS Anna Marie Valloric MARY RITA VAUGHAN Jeff\Peggy Merman Bob\Lisa Burke Amy\Jamie Smith Virginia Ann\Charles Hans John Glasford SCN Associate Office Bob\Joyce Pfaadt Jeanie\Jerry Habich Tom\Therese Rabatin Charles A. Wehrley, Sr. Mary\Tom Despain Gordon\Lynne Robinson GEMMA VELLERINGATT, FS S. Shirley Nugent S. Gwen McMahon S. Miriam Corcoran HERMAN VIOX S. Eleanor Willett JOHN VOLK S. Sheila Ann Madden GREGORY VONDERHARR S. Bea Keller MAE\JOHN VOYTEK S. Claudia Voytek S. Emerentia Voytek LUKE WALLACE Dent\Maureen Smith WALLER FAMILY MEMBERS\DECEASED S. Rose Andrew Waller S. JOSEPH MAUREEN WALSH S. Mary Austin Donovan Sheilah Graham Mrs. Marion Towle Frances\Leo Sullivan FLORINE PETKOFF WALTERS Anonymous S. Mary Kevin Egan S. Barbara Spencer S. Betty Fracchia S. John Loretto Mueller S. Marie John Kelley S. Joan Robishaw S. Grace Maria Saia S. Gwen McMahon S. Shirley Nugent S. Connie Tarallo S. Miriam Corcoran Leo Egan S. Mary Foeckler CUTBUSH WATSON Cathryn Watson CHARLES WEDDING S. Brenda Anderson S. Anna Marie Canary S. Mary Eula Johnson S. Theresa Cash LON\VICTORIA WEDDING S. Mary Wedding PAUL WEISSER S. Betty MacDougall MARY A. WELCH Yolanda A. Ferzoco RICHARD\CLARA WELTON Corwyn\Dick Welton

REV. PAUL WETHINGTON Jerome B. O’Daniel GEORGE WHALEN S. Marion Reardon S. ANNE WHITEHEAD Mary Wilkinson Dr. Robert Scripko JEAN ELIZABETH WILLIAMS James N. Williams NANCY B. WILLIAMS S. Alice Garrity S. Peggy Fowkes MARY MCMANUS WILSON Joan France EUGENE WIMSATT Anonymous S. Anita Hager S. Anna Marie Canary SCN Associates S. Mary Ninette Manning S. CLAUDIA WIRTZ Joyce M. Lynch John\Lisa Rotunni JAMES G. WOOD James\Elaine Wood MARY BETH WORDELL Anonymous S. Celeste Reedy S. Barbara MacDonald S. Phyllis Dullea S. Anita Hager S. Alice Garrity S. Peggy Fowkes S. Michella Cronin HUGH WRIGHT S. Miriam Corcoran JENNY HUBER WYNN S. Miriam Corcoran YOUNG FAMILY\ DECEASED MEMBERS Maureen Young Meyers S. RITA ANGELA ZANI Edward Polli GRACE ZUMDICK Emily\Carl Stamm HONORARIES BETH BAECHLE Jo Ann Kaelin Jones S. ELLEN BALLEW Cornelia A. Grenier S. CHRIS BECKETT Margaret H. Anderson JOHN\PATTI\TRISTAN BELLEVILLE S. Regina Atkins R. CYRIL BIEGER Thomas\Trudy Bieger CONNIE ROTTERS BLAKE, SCNA Jet M. Prendeville DUCKIE BLODGETT S. Helen Blodgett S. LUKE BOIARSKI Marian Judith Donahue Trudi Maish Phyllis Jo Carter Nora Ballard MARY BOMMARITO Helen\Jim Rowe JACKIE BORDERS S. Mildred McGovern KING\KAYE BRADSHAW S. Maria Cecilia Emanuelli KAREN\JAMES\TONY\ TAYLOR BRANCUCCI S. Regina Atkins GEORGETTE\VINCE BROCATO Don\Jean Sharretts S. MARIA VINCENT BROCATO Mr.\Mrs. Charles L. Brocato Daria Brocato S. THELMA CAMBRON Connie Lusher Donald Cambron S. ANNA MARIE CANARY Mark Seidell S. DOROTHY CANARY S. Anna Marie Canary NANCY CARR S. Evelyn Hurley PHYLLIS CARTER Anonymous S. ALICE CASPER S. Catherine Arnold CENTRAL LEADERSHIP TEAM S. Mary Jane Rhodes S. Regina Atkins S. Mildred McGovern

S. Mary Margaret Reid S. ROSEMARIE CHASE Marcia M. Chapin BILLIE CLANCY Walter Clancy FRANK CLANCY Walter Clancy S. CAROL CLASGENS Gary\Paula Johnson S. BRIDGID CLIFFORD S. Mary Austin Donovan Marcia M. Chapin ELLEN CLIFFORD S. Mary Austin Donovan MICHAEL CONNELLY Nancy Sullivan JEANETTE CONNOLLY Joseph L. Connolly SCULLY\CAROLYN\ ELIZABETH COONS S. Regina Atkins S. MIRIAM CORCORAN Sara Sullivan Johanna Camenisch Mary Medley Bonn S. Mary Angela Shaughnessy S. MAUREEN COUGHLIN S. Mary Angela Shaughnessy SONNY\ALICIA CUELLAR S. Maria Cecilia Emanuelli S. MARGARET LILLIAN DAVENPORT S. Mary Austin Donovan S. JANET DOUGHERTY Sheila McMahon S. SHALINI D’SOUZA Connie Lusher S. MARY ELLEN DOYLE S. Mary Angela Shaughnessy J. CLINTON DUKE\80TH BIRTHDAY Jim\Anne Tennison S. CARMELITA DUNN\ GOLDEN JUBILLE Deanna L. Hipwell S. MARY KEVIN EGAN Mr.\Mrs. Don Isaacs S. MARY NAOMI ELDER James L. Satterwhite EDNA FABRE Elizabeth Brown FALDOWSKI FAMILY\ LIVING MEMBERS Evelyn Faldowski S. JOANITA FEDOR\ GOLDEN JUBILEE S. Margaret Lillian Davenport S. LORRAINE MARIE FERLIN S. Margaret Davenport S. CAROLINE FIELD Brian Maddy S. MAGGIE FISHER Nancy Sullivan S. JULIA CLARA FONTAINE S. Agnes Marie Hagan, SL MARY GENE FRANK Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Lab Staff\Louisville, Ky. S. Evelyn Hurley S. LUCY M. FREIBERT Zion Hermit Monks of Mount Carmel\ Bowie, Ariz. MAREA GARDNER Lee\Eady B. Lillquist S. SUSAN GATZ Barbara Spencer KEITH GEARHEART James N. Williams S. NANCY GERTH Marian Judith Donahue Trudi Maish Phyllis Jo Carter Nora Ballard S. BARBARA GIDDINGS S. Maria Sampson TOOTSIE GISH Martha\Joseph Marston GOLDEN JUBILARIANS\2009 S. Mary Loretto Krimple S. Ann Susan Villa S. Rachel Willett S. Clara Willett S. Rose Mary Gerlica S. BRENDA GONZALES Alwhilda\Dan Emmel Ana M. Ackerman S. Brenda Anderson S. Anna Marie Canary

MARY\MICHAEL GOSHEN Theresa\John Hall FRANNIE GROOM S. Regina Atkins CARROLL GROSSMAN S. Anna Marie Rhodes S. KATHARINE HANRAHAN Katherine Ambellan Carol Heilman JESSICA HART William R. Collins DIANE HAWKINS\ BIRTHDAY S. Miriam Corcoran THELMA HAYES S. Catherine Arnold S. Joan Robishaw HOBBS FAMILY\LIVING MEMBERS S. Earline Hobbs ROY\BEATRICE HOBBS FAMILY\LIVING MEMBERS S. Earline Hobbs S. MARY ANGELA HICKS Sam\Brenda Frazier S. PAT HILL Jeni Schmitt Peggy Black S. MARGARET HOHMAN Sheila A. Schuster S. EVELYN HURLEY\75TH JUBILEE S. Martha L. Walsh S. Marie John Kelley S. Joan Robishaw S. Maureen Taaffe Connie Lusher S. Mary Braley S. Phyllis Dullea S. Eleanor Martin Chet\Lue\Jennifer LaBlanc CHRIS\ROBIN\PAUL JAMES S. Regina Atkins DARWIN JAMES S. Regina Atkins S. MARY EULA JOHNSON S. Anna Marie Canary JUBILARIANS\2009 S. Theresa Cash S. Anne Rita Mauck S. Virginia Bauer S. Alice Adams S. Emily Nabholz S. Pat Hill S. Teresa Rose Nabholz S. Maureen Taaffe S. Evelyn Hurley KAREN JULIANO S. Mary Angela Shaughnessy S. MARY PAULETTA KANE S. Mary Austin Donovan Connie Lusher S. BRIDGET KAPPALUMAKAL S. Anna Marie Canary S. Millie McGovern AUSTIN KELLER S. Bea Keller S. PAT KELLEY Lucille Kelton S. MARY ADOLPH KENENSKE Anthony Pfeifer MARTIN\VERONICA KERN Virginia M. Kern S. MARYLEE KING Bill\Rosemary O’Bryan PRESTON\SHARON\ CHLOE\EMILY KING S. Regina Atkins MICHELLE KINSELLA John T. Dwyer, Jr. S. ROSEMARIE KIRWIN Robert R. Hackett ELLEN VERONICA MARY KNEELAND Daniel Kneeland JAMES FRANCIS XAVIER KNEELAND Daniel Kneeland S. MARY LEE KNOPF John\Carol Harrison MARY KOCH Libby\Wren Greene\ Family AGNES KOSKO S. M. Ligorius Kracinovsky GERTRUDE KRAMER, M.D. S. Evelyn Hurley S. VIRGINIA ANN LACHENMANN S. Alice Garrity S. Peggy Fowkes

S. MARLENE LEHMKUHL Tammy Mattingly REV. LAWRENCE LINDLE S. Evelyn Hurley S. BARBARA MACDONALD S. Catherine Arnold S. BETTY MACDOUGALL Rachel Johnson S. DOROTHY MACDOUGALL Rachel Johnson MACDOUGALL FAMILY\ LIVING MEMBERS S. Betty MacDougall S. SHEILA MADDEN Doris Clark Haragan GUY\MARGIE MAGRUDER\60TH WEDDING ANNIVESARY S. Anne Magruder S. ROSE MARY MAGUIRE Paul\Nancy Gries S. MARTHA ANN MARRILLIA June Alberto S. ANNE RITA MAUCK Philly Rains MR.\MRS. JEROME MCCABE\60th ANNIVERSARY Jim\Anne Tennison REGINA MCQUEEN S. Irene Satory REV. GREGG MECCA Ruth D. Blodgett S. REBECCA MILES Carol Heilman MOTHERHOUSE COORDINATORS S. Mildred McGovern S. EMILY NABHOLZ Steve McNeil Tim\Brenda Nabholz Greg Nabholz Robert\Barbara Nabholz Charitable Trust S. TERESA ROSE NABHOLZ Tim\Brenda Nabholz Connie Lusher Greg Nabholz Elinor Rohlman Kenneth McNeil S. Mary Austin Donovan S. Alice Garrity S. Peggy Fowkes Robert\Barbara Nabholz Charitable Trust HELEN O’BRYAN S. Helen Blodgett S. MARIE CELINE OSBOURN Jacqueline Jackson Connie\Charles Blake PATSY O’TOOLE S. Pat Worley AURA PANKRATZ\CARE OF GRACE Kent Pankratz GRACE PANKRATZ Kent Pankratz REV. JOSEPH PETRILLO S. Mary Angela Shaughnessy DOROTHY POITRAST S. Miriam Corcoran PEGGY QUINN David Quinn RAINBOW JUBILARIANS S. Phyllis Dullea S. Barbara MacDonald S. JUDY RALEY S. Grace Maria Saia S. MARY MARGARET REID S. Mildred McGovern S. ANNA MARIE RHODES S. Mary Jane Rhodes S. MARY JANE RHODES S. Anna Marie Rhodes ANN ROBILIO S. Evelyn Hurley S. MARGARET RODERICKS David Barnett S. CAROL ROGERS\ BIRTHDAY S. Barbara MacDonald S. Phyllis Dullea S. CLEMENT MARIE SABOL Sally Dreher S. GRACE MARIA SAIA Pete\Joy Hibbard SCN DRIVERS\NAZARETH S. Irene Satory SCN\As FRIENDS\LIVING S. Betty MacDougall

SCNs\ST. BARNABAS Mark\Kathleen Smith SCNs WHO TAUGHT AT HOLY NAMES SCHOOL\ MEMPHIS, TENN.\ LIVING Josephine M. Wood SCNs WHO TAUGHT AT LITTLE FLOWER\ MEMPHIS, TENN.\ LIVING Carol Handwerker John Blendell ED\DENISE\J.D. SEXTON S. Regina Atkins DON\JEAN SHARRETTS Vincent\Georgette Brocato S. MARY ANGELA SHAUGHNESSY S. Maria Cecilia Emanuelli S. MARILYN SHEA Tammy Mattingly Robert M. Fugazzi ROBERT SPEARS\PEACE ACADEMY FACULTY S. Betty MacDougall HARLAND SMITH S. Anna Marie Rhodes KEN\LYNDA SOLES S. Maria Cecilia Emanuelli S. MARIAN STENKEN Carol Heilman THELMA STERLING Joann Kaelin Jones S. ROSE SULLIVAN Robert M. Fugazzi DON\DOTTIE SYRIAC\50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY S. Connie Tarallo TERESA TEDDER S. Anna Marie Canary TELECOMMUNICATIONS OFFICE S. Mildred McGovern HELEN TILLOTSON Sandy Tillotson CAROL\HAROLD TRAINER S. Miriam Corcoran ROGER TROIANI Yolanda Ferzoco KENT\JULIE\KATIE VALENTINE S. Regina Atkins S. BETTY VANNUCCI Dr. Robert B. Scripko S. ROSE ANDREW WALLER S. Mary Austin Donovan BRADLEY\DYAN WARRENBURG S. Maria Cecilia Emanuelli FRANCES WEBB S. Maria Cecilia Emanuelli S. MARY WEDDING Robert M. Fugazzi WESTERN PROVINCE LEADERSHIP TEAM S. Mary Jane Rhodes S. Regina Atkins S. Mildred McGovern S. Mary Margaret Reid S. JOSEPH MARITA WHEATLEY S. Alice Garrity S. Peggy Fowkes FRANCES BLODGETT WHEELER S. Helen Blodgett NANCY\LEE WILLIAMS Ken Williams S. JOAN WILSON Lois Wilson S. KITTY WILSON Lois Wilson S. KAY WINFIELD Betty\Joseph T. Barnett LOYCE WINFIELD Betty\Joseph T. Barnett S. ALICE TERESA WOOD Mabel C. Hayden Ruby Shull S. ALICE TERESA WOOD FAMILY MEMBERS\ LIVING S. Alice Teresa Wood SARAH WOOD\BIRTHDAY S. Mary Anne Burkardt S. PAT WORLEY Timothy Gill HIDEKI\GERI\OLIVIA\ ZACHARY YOSHIOKA S. Regina Atkins

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth • Vol II 2009


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Louisville, KY Permit No. 715 Office of Congregational Advancement P.O. Box 9 • Nazareth, Kentucky 40048-0009

We Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are an international Congregation in a multicultural world. Impelled by the love of Christ, in the tradition of Vincent de Paul and the pioneer spirit of Catherine Spalding, we and our Associates are committed to work for justice in solidarity with oppressed peoples, especially the economically poor and women, and to care for the earth. We risk our lives and resources, both personally and corporately, as we engage in diverse ministries in carrying out this mission.


PICNIC Saturday, August 22, 2009 2:00 - 8:00 p.m. Motherhouse Campus, Nazareth, KY The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth invite everyone to the Nazareth Picnic. A fried chicken dinner will be served in the airconditioned Motherhouse dining room from 2:00 - 7:00 p.m. Hotdogs and hamburgers will also be available on the picnic grounds. A variety of prize booths will be featured. Raffle items include cash prizes and a hand-made queen-size quilt along with other specialties. Entertainment and children’s activities will be offered throughout the day. If you would like to volunteer at the Nazareth Picnic and/or for more information about this event, please contact us at (502) 348-1578. Come and enjoy!

The Journey 2009 Volume II  

We Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are an international Congregation in a multicultural world. Impelled by the love of Christ, in the traditi...