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Elise Arvidson WRT 216 Write Right documentary Flip camera Small screening to DVD Color Approx. 5 minutes RT Statement of Purpose Student workers often provide services for which they are never acknowledged. Ranging from the physically difficult, to the emotionally difficult, the documentary will attempt to portray the tireless work of these students. They are meant as a reminder not to take others for granted, and to passon our knowledge and help to others who need it. No story has been told this way, from the perspective of the editors. Most often, peer editors and teachers are made fun of by the regular students. They helpers are often overlooked in the telling of a story. That’s why this document will be relevant; it will show a different side of the learning process. Summary of project Peer-editing can sometimes be a nasty business, especially with friends. This documentary follows three student peer-editors as they deal with egos, incorrect grammar, and last-minute read-throughs. Armed with pens, style guides and dictionaries, these students correct run-on sentences, check coherency, and look up words—all while working on their own homework during the down-time. The hours are long, but the service is helpful. Theseare 20 questions that will be asked: • Did you use this service before your employment? • How did this help you? • How long have you been employed? • What type of training did you need before being employed? • What is the purpose of this type of peer-editing? • What are your goals when you edit? • What are students’ goals for your edits? • Why does it help to be familiar with teacher grading styles? • Which collegiate styles do you encounter most often? • Do you need to be well-versed in all of the styles before you are hired? • Are there any “regulars”? • Have you seen improvements in their work? • How often do students disagree with your edits? • Do you get many “last-minute” read throughs? • What is the most common grammatical mistake? • What is the most repeated word?

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What time of the day is most common for students to hand in work? How often do students confuse two different styles of writing? What are you working on when you’re not with a student? How does this service help students?

Production schedule 11 Apr Pre-production —find students who use this service and ask if it helps them. Find out if they are frequent users, or infrequent. Discover what they think about peereditors, better or worse than passing a paper around in the classroom? Production —two cameras, one used as video log for editors only, the other used for wide, interaction shots. Post-production —thank all the interviewees. Compile the tapes into a comprehensive documentary. 12 Apr Edit —document clips and structure into documentary. Budget 2 Flip Cameras…$300 blank DVDs……...$10 _________________________ Total $310 Cast Heather Nesbitt Deena Williams Justin Cloyd Crew Elise Arvidson, camera 1 and 2


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