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Lowe’s commercial with Larry By Elise L. Arvidson

An almost true story

Copyright c 2011

Elise L. Arvidson

1 VIDEO Open with shot of man in waving at camera. Shot of Larry at Lowe’s register, buying a hot water heater. Shots of Larry measuring old unit, picking out heater according to a piece of paper; shot of Larry easing the heater down a steep flight of stairs, braced against his shoulder and the stair, one stair at a time, bottom of heater on Larry’s shoulder. Shot of Larry looking between two heaters, new (set up) and old shoved out of the way. Sequence to Larry’s ideas.

Larry’s idea 1: Larry turns the old heater on its side and slides it out the door to the bottom of the stairs, leans against stairs. Gets a rope. Larry ties the rope to the fixtures on top of the heater and goes up the stairs. Larry ties the rope to the end of a large 7-passenger van, gets in the driver’s seat and revvs the engine. Shot of heater moving a little up the stairs. CU of rope breaking with a snap. Heater falls down the rest of the stairs and gouges a chunk out of basement wall. Larry’s idea 2:


ANNOUNCER: This is Larry. He just bought a new hot water heater from Lowe’s. ANNOUNCER: Larry’s a pretty smart guy. He made sure his measurements were right on, and he picked a model that was similar to the old heater. He even figured out a safe way to get it down the stairs by himself.

ANNOUNCER: The only thing Larry didn’t quite figure out was how to get rid of the old heater. But he had some possible ideas.



Larry turns heater on side, slides to bottom of stairs, where he leans up against the stairs, this time gets a chain. He attaches chain to fixtures on the top of the heater, and the other end to the van. Gets in driver’s side and revvs engine. Shot of heater being pulled up stairs slowly. CU of heater catching on one of the stairs and turning sideways. keeps moving up, but takes out stairway railings and rips the walls on both sides. Larry’s idea 3: Larry turns heater on side, slides to bottom of stairs, leans heater against stairs. Gets a heavy duty bungee cord. Attaches to heater and van. Revvs engine. Shot of heater moving slowly up. Suddenly gets air. Shot of heater flying up the rest of the stairs. Shot of heater flying between downstairs door and garage door. Shot of heater slamming into back of van, completely destroying trunk door. Shot of Larry talking, smiling, shaking hands with Lowe’s employees. Employees carry old heater up the stairs. Shot of Larry waving at Lowe’s truck driving away from his house.

ANNOUNCER: Good thing Larry decided to call Lowe’s free removal service. They picked up his old heater and saved him all the damage it could have caused. ANNOUNCER: Larry’s a pretty smart guy. He bought a heater for a low price at Lowe’s, and they got rid of his old heater for free. That’s the smartest way to go.

3 VIDEO Ending shot of Lowe’s logo.


Lowe's commercial with Larry  

Copyright c 2011 Elise L. Arvidson An almost true story for my Writing for the Media class. This is independently writt...

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