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More needs to be done for personality disorder awareness More needs to be done to develop awareness of personality disorders in society. As a counsellor and peer supporter for individuals suffering from mental health problems many of the worries i come across are from individuals who feel misunderstood because of impulsivities which they feel they have no control over. The problem with society is they never look at a picture as a whole, many individuals have limited or no knowledge of mental health problems and this can lead to a great deal of stress for the sufferer. Someone who smiles for the benefit of others, will be described as a happy and pleasant individual while inside they may be suffering the most endless amounts of suffering from depression. Someone who is promiscuous through impulsivity may be described as a “whore”, “slut” or “slag”. While the individual may not be able to control their impulsivity and does not deserve to be given these harsh titles. The same is for the impulsivity of drug using and someone calling them a “junkie”. While someone craving attention will be seen as a “selfobsessed” individual who people do not like they may have attention problems because they were neglected in the past and have missed out on years of general attention through normal parental love. The list goes on and on, and I believe a better understanding of mental health illness’s or the impulsivities of personality disorders should be made more knowledgeable in society. As when society shuts these individuals out they feel hurt, hated and abandoned for something which they cannot control even if they are seeking therapy and psychiatric help. As a mental health professional I see the problem partially lies with society not the patient for not having Byjudging JM any understanding of an individual and people on how they have been brought up to, Dip.child.psch, Dip.couns.skills judge individuals.

Article on societies perception of personality disorders  

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