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Navy Engineers Honored with Army Awards for Protecting MV Cape Ray Crew with CBR Defense System John Joyce NSWC Dahlgren Division Corporate Communications

Chief of Naval Research tours NSWC Dahlgren


Dahlgren – Navy engineers received Army awards March 11 for their efforts to protect personnel deployed to destroy Syrian chemical weapons aboard the container ship MV Cape Ray. Carmen Spencer, Joint Program Executive Officer for Chemical and Biological Defense, honored 13 Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) engineers with Department of the Army awards during the ceremony on Tuesday. “What you did is truly historic,” he told the NSWCDD chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) Defense personnel. “Thank you for your tremendous efforts.” Spencer presented the Commander’s Award for Civilian Service medal to five NSWCDD engineers and the Army Certificate of Achievement to eight engineers. The citations commended the awardees with achievements that were “invaluable and directly contributed to the success of the installation of collective protection on the MV Cape Ray for the Syrian See CBR, page 2

Atlantic Ocean - Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) engineer John Garmon makes adjustments to ductwork for one of the collective protection system air filtration units aboard MV Cape Ray off the coast of Virginia in January. The vessel was modified to dispose of Syrian chemical materials in accordance with terms Syria agreed to in late 2013. (U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Isaiah Sellers/Released)

Rogue Warrior insights 9

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“Muppets Most Wanted” screening at White House


Fredericksburg — Creator of SEAL Team Six and founder of Red Cell Richard Marcinko spent an afternoon autographing his latest book “Curse of the Infidel.” The novel is the 16th in the Rogue Warrior military action series featuring “Demo Dick” Marcinko

the “Shark Man of the Delta” as the hero protagonist. The retired Navy Commander who founded the type of special operations unit that took down Osama bin Laden sat down to discuss his novels at Barnes and Noble in Central Park on Mar. 8. See SEAL, page 3


U.K. Military Delegation observes NSWC Dahlgren Technical Capabilities

Part I: Dick Marcinko discusses “Curse of the Infidel”

©Marty van Duyne/News Net News

Rogue Warrior Dick Marcinko stands ready to sign copies of his latest novel “Curse of the Infidel” for fans at Barnes and Noble.

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March 2014 • THE SOURCE

Five Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) engineers hold their Army Commander’s Award for Civilian Service certificates after Joint Program Executive Officer for Chemical and Biological Defense Carmen Spencer (far right) pinned them with the award’s medal at a March 11 ceremony. NSWCDD Technical Director Dennis McLaughlin (far left) and NSWCDD Commander Capt. Brian Durant stand with the awardees, left to right - Mike Pompeii, Kevin Cogley, John Garmon, Brian Liska, Richard Warder - and Spencer. (U.S. Navy photo by John Joyce/Released)

Eight NSWCDD engineers hold their Army Certificates of Achievement at a March 11 awards ceremony. Carmen Spencer (far right) presented the chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) defense engineers with the certificates. NSWCDD Technical Director Dennis McLaughlin (far left) and NSWCDD Commander Capt. Brian Durant stand with the awardees, left to right - Robert Fitzgerald, Matthew Wolski, Bruce Corso, James Lee, Jonathan Matteson, Brett Meyer, Helmer Flores, Walter Dzula - and Spencer. (U.S. Navy photo by John Joyce/Released)

Carmen Spencer, right, pins the Army Commander’s Award for Civilian Service Medal on Mike Pompeii in recognition of his leadership in the successful installation of collective protection on the MV Cape Ray for the Syrian chemical weapons neutralization (U.S. Navy photo by John Joyce/Released) mission.

CBR: Awards From page 1 chemical weapons neutralization mission.” “The selfless commitment of their time and resources over the holiday period ensures the nation provides a capability that meets all international commitments and makes the world a safer place,” said Spencer. The story began in early December 2013 when the Defense Threat Reduction Agency issued an urgent request for the installation. The NSWC Dahlgren-based engineers – responding immediately to integrate the full-time air filtration system into the ship’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system – worked away from their homesandfamiliesthroughweekends and the Christmas holiday. “This was a total team effort by

some top-notch engineers,” said Mike Pompeii, NSWCDD chief CBR defense engineer and project manager for this effort. “We were given 30 to 45 days to complete the work before the ship deployed, and we accomplished that goal. And I can tell you that Cape Ray now has a world-class system for protecting the crew and all the embarked personnel.” TheNSWCDD-designedcollective protective systems ensure safe, clean air in all of the ship’s working, living,

sleeping, hospital, and office areas for the Cape Ray crew – including Army chemical specialists who will use the Field Deployable Hydrolysis System’s capability to neutralize and dispose of chemical weapons. “I applaud the herculean efforts of you and your team,” Capt. Rich Dromerhauser, Commander Task Force 64, told Pompeii in an email after the system was fully installed aboard the Cape Ray. “Know that we are truly grateful for what you have done to ensure the safety of all those aboard and mission accomplishment.” Specifically, the team added collective protection to the ship’s house and temporary deck berthing space. The effort included design, procurement, fabrication, installation, testing, and training of the crew. The system provides the ship’s forces and processing personnel with working locations safe from potential chemical incidents. They also trained the Cape Ray crew – a mix of 35 civilian mariners, about 64 chemical specialists from the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center in Maryland, a security team and representatives from U.S. European Command – to operate and maintain the collective protection system. “I feel comfortable that we will complete this mission safely because of your work on the Cape Hundreds of military / defense / intel related Jobs from over 50 Employers are available on Post your Resume, Search for Jobs and Apply! DoDIntelJobs is not a government agency and is not sponsored by or affiliated with the Department of Defense or any other government agency.

Ray,” said Spencer as he shared his perspective with the engineers. “The system’s reliability is the big key. I find the simplicity you built into it remarkable.” The Cape Ray – currently standing ready in Rota, Spain – will receive the chemical materials from a Danish ship at an Italian port before heading out to international waters where the process of destroying those chemical materials will commence. The Field Deployable Hydrolysis System’s proven hydrolysis technology will be used to neutralize the chemicals at sea in international waters. All waste from the hydrolysis process aboard MV Cape Ray will be safely and properly stored on board until it is disposed of at commercial facilities to be determined by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. No hydrolysis byproducts will be released into the sea or air. NSWCDDCBRDefenseengineers designed the shipboard collective protection system to protect Sailors, critical operations, and equipment within selected areas of a ship, or zones, from CBR contamination when the ship is operating in a

contaminated environment. While in the protected zone, personnel do not need to wear protective clothing or masks which impose heat stress and can impact crew members’ performance. The Department of the Army, Commander’s Award for Civilian Service awardees were: Mike Pompeii, John Garmon, Richard Warder, Kevin Cogley, and Brian Liska. The Department of the Army, Certificate of Achievement awardees were: Bruce Corso, Walter Dzula, Robert Fitzgerald, Helmer Flores, Brett Meyer, Jonathan Matteson, Matthew Wolski, and James Lee. The Navy collaborates closely with the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical Biological Defense. The NSWCDD CBR Defense Division’s development and acquisition of new shipboard CBR defense equipment comes through the JPEO-CBD. A Navy leader in CBR Defense, NSWCDD’s CBR Defense Division provides a full complement of capabilities that support the naval warfighter both on land and at sea as well as the joint and Homeland Defense communities.



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THE SOURCE • March 2014

SEAL: 16th in the series From page 1 There is a bit of a new twist to his current book, “other than I’m getting older,” said Marcinko. “I incorporate what happens in the real world with a contract team like mine with an assist from my old SEAL Team Six which is now Dev Group (Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU)),” said Marcinko. “And I tie in the CIA and other agencies.” He said in today’s world of counterterrorism you have to borrow from everybody. “That’s in this book more than just being my hand-select team doing something,” said Marcinko. “It shows the interface.” Like previous novels, “Curse of the Infidel” shows Marcinko’s irreverent attitude toward intelligence and investigative organizations and a bureaucracy that is not always forthcoming. “In a real sense, in today’s world it is because political correctness has tied the hands of too many people,” said Marcinko. He refers to his novels, most of which have demonstrated holes in national security as “fiction or prediction.” Marcinko became the protagonist in the Rogue Warrior series by accident. When his autobiography, “Rogue Warrior” hit No. 1 on the New York Times Best Seller List Marcinko signed a contract with Simon and Schuster for additional books. According to Marcinko, since books like “Red Cell” were based on real events, his first editor Judith Regan said, “Why don’t we just bring you into the story?” “She was the one that picked the title “Rogue Warrior,” said Marcinko. Since then, the Rogue Warrior novels have stayed that same course. Referring to current SEAL Team Six and Red Cell characters, Marcinko said “I have always put the kids in the novels.” He chuckled as he acknowledged that maintaining that course is also a wise move, “because we realize that I can’t stay young forever.” In “Curse of the Infidel” the fading youth of 73-year-old Marcinko is witnessed as he struggles with the effect of bad knees. Most of the characters in the novels are a reflection of real people according to Marcinko. “Somebody broke the code,” said Marcinko. “If I used your real name I didn’t like you, otherwise I gave you the slang name or the name we had for each other.”

That premise is evident in the first few chapters of his current book. The main plot of “Curse of the Infidel” has Marcinko and his Red Cell team pursuing a bank official suspected of laundering money for the al Qaeda-sponsored terrorist organization Allah’s Rule. But the story opens with Marcinko being beaten in a Saudi Arabia prison in which he purposely became incarcerated in order to rescue Garrett Taylor, the son of a former shipmate. Once he makes contact, he takes us back to his Red Cell International team’s mission in Germany several days before. Here, Marcinko is working with Paul “Shotgun” Fox and “Mongoose” (Thomas Yamya) to break into the American International Bank computer. The three run into problems accessing the building

then Marcinko needs an assist from across the Atlantic from “Shunt” Paul Guido Falcone to access the data. In addition to technical obstacles, two men show up to rob the bank and trigger the alarm as the team is completing their mission. Marcinko stumbles into a covert operation run by the CIA (Christians in Action) who blame him for ruining their operation and demand that his Red Cell International organization work for them. He and his team embark on their mission and Marcinko soon realizes there are more factors in play than the CIA revealed leading his team into dire straits with a luxury liner loaded with contraband and explosives. Marcinko recruits members of original SEAL Team Six to help prevent an impending disaster at a U.S. port. The teams are equipped with all

the latest state of the art weaponry and technological gadgets to ease ingress and egress whether jumping from planes or arriving by submarine. As in his past novels, this thriller provides lots of action, on land, in the air, and on the sea as subplots intertwine with the Red Cell International’s main mission. “Curse of the Infidel” was written with Jim DeFelice who will also collaborate on additional Rogue Warrior novels. Among the crowd gathered at Barnes and Noble were men and women, young and old, some Veterans, and some just fans of his work, but all excited to meet the Rogue Warrior in person. (Editors note: This is part one of Rogue Warrior Insights. Read “Rogue Warrior insights Part II: Dick Marcinko discusses SEALS Past, Present, and Future” in the April 2014 Dahlgren Source)

Rogue Warrior Dick Marcinko is featured at a book-signing event at Barnes and Noble in Central Park.

©Marty van Duyne/News Net News

Learn more about “Rogue Warrior” Richard Marcinko at:


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March 2014 • THE SOURCE

Chief of Naval Research tours NSWC Dahlgren Division. Above: Chief of Naval Research Rear Adm. Matthew Klunder, right, and Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) Technical Director Dennis McLaughlin examine metal plates while NSWCDD Directed Energy Warfare Office Director Dr. Frank Peterkin looks on during Klunder’s tour of NSWCDD March 7. The plates were part of testing to evaluate the effects of a high energy laser weapon. The NSWCDD laser lethality laboratory tests a wide variety of materials for Navy and joint laser weapon applications. Klunder’s tour of NSWCDD also featured the Potomac River Test Range and various laboratories. Left: Directed Energy Warfare Office High-Energy Laser Area Director Ron Flatley, left, briefs Chief of Naval Research Rear Adm. Matthew Klunder on the A/N SEQ-3(XN-1) Solid State Laser-Quick Reaction Capability system’s beam director and tracking mount during Klunder’s tour here March 7. The Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division directed energy team is performing integration tests on the Potomac River Test Range in preparation for the solid-state laser’s deployment aboard USS Ponce (AFSB-I), an Austin-class amphibious transport dock, in the summer of 2014. Officials consider the system a revolutionary technology that gives the Navy an extremely affordable, multi-mission weapon with a deep magazine and unmatched precision, targeting and control functions. Since lasers run on electricity, they can be fired as long as there is power and provide a measure of safety as they don’t require carrying propellants and explosives aboard ships. The advancing technology gives Sailors a variety of options they never had before, including the ability to control a laser weapon’s output and perform actions ranging from non-lethal disabling and deterrence all the way up to destruction. (U.S. Navy photos by John Joyce/Released)

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THE SOURCE • March 2014


JWAC Annual Awards Presented The Joint Warfare Analysis Center (JWAC) honored more than 50 employees for their leadership, innovation, teamwork, initiative, ambition, and dedication to the war-fighter during 2013 at its annual honorary awards ceremony February 27th. Wendi L. Hall received the JWAC Warfighter Support Award, which recognizes a person whose dedication and excellence in support of the war-fighter made a significant contribution by advancing JWAC’s operational goals and objectives, improving support to the War on Terror, and completing JWAC charter mission of dedicated support. Ms. Hall volunteered for a six-month deployment to Afghanistan where she provided outstanding analytical support to combat troops. Specifically, she established a seamless flow of information between intelligence agencies and soldiers in the field that allowed them to respond much more quickly to enemy movements. She also studied thousands of lines of information, tracked hundreds of important people across ten countries, coordinated with three combatant commands, and discovered a cross –border terrorist supply line, which was subsequently shut down. In addition, Hall helped develop a new analytical tool that made analysis more efficient and saved much time and money. Mary Scott Coffey received the Individual Award of Excellence in Service Award, which recognizes an individual whose dedication, c u s t om e r s e r v i c e , pro c e s s streamlining, and excellence in providing support made a significant contribution to JWAC during the year. Ms. Coffey consistently demonstrated exceptional customer service as a human resources advisor and awards program manager. She applied the many Air Force rules and regulations for hiring, for the Priority Placement Program procedures, and during the furlough and government shutdown. She also

Business Management Division updated the command’s awards program to comply with Air Force guidelines, added six new awards to JWAC’s program, and rewrote the awards instruction. She led the design and technical development of JWAC’s new human resource portal. She enthusiastically embraced challenges and exuded confidence when responding to customers. In everything she did, Ms. Coffey showed dedication to the command, its mission, and to her coworkers. The Business Management Division received the Group Award for Excellence in Service Award, which recognizes a support group whose dedication, customer service, and process streamlining made a significant contribution to JWAC during the year. Employees in this division were Lelia L. Baker, Crystal

P. Breen, Cindy T. Dials, Kelley J. Fitzsimmons, JoAnn J. Hamlet, Josh Hefner, Air Force Maj Alec E. Porter, Kathie E. Potter, Alison K. Raines, Jennifer L. Riley, Allison D. Sanford, Paul D. Schneider, Rita M. Smith, Laura A. Stevens, and Gretchen A. Toliver. Overseeing the command’s purchasing needs, they supported re quirements de velopment, financial management, execution, and contracting processes under new Air Force rules, all without any negative impact to JWAC. In addition, they increased the transparency of the budget planning, decisions, and processes, ensuring information was quickly made available and providing a technically rigorous description of funding impacts. They worked with other departments for participation in budgetary planning, increasing

the amount of information shared and building trust across the command. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Veronica J. Babauta received the Spirit of JWAC Award, which recognizes an employee who consistently demonstrates the command’s core values of integrity, courage, and service at work and in the local community. Sgt. Babauta led a sixperson team of military and civilian intelligence analysts in support of the command’s most important project affecting national policy. She developed operationally-focused and comprehensive intelligence analysis that directly supported the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ’s concept of operations as well as national ballistic missile defense policy. She served as vice president of the JWAC Enlisted Association

in which she led fourteen enlisted members to improve themselves, the command, and the community through ten fundraisers that raised more than $2,500 for local and national charities. She also served as JWAC’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Victim Advocate providing round-the-clock care and support for the entire command. The Operations Support Team received the Award of Merit for Group Achievement, which recognizes a group effort of high value to JWAC’s charter, mission, strategic goals, and objectives. Team members were Patrick M. Arens, Bonnie M. Behnke, Daniel Bowling, Serenity K. Boyd-Hinsch, Charles W. Caldwell, Carrie-Ann Slattery Dioro, Natalie G. Ernst, See JWAC, page 6

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NSWC Federal Credit Union

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March 2014 • THE SOURCE

Operations Support Team

JWAC: Annual awards From page 1 David Fishering, Wendi L. Hall, Alexander F. Hanisch, Chad M. Hinsch, Air Force Maj. Jody L. Hodges, Christopher M. Ivory, Daniel L. Lorentz, Jessica G. McDonald, Paul F. McNiel, Mike J. Medina, Lawrence C. Melton, Nate Mensch, Devon S. Miller, Aaron C. Mountain, Deronda K. Newton, Warren Polensky, Romona




I. Rhodes, Brian A. Seals, Army Maj. Donald P. Smith, Karian M. Smith, Thomas M. Strong, Navy Lt. Michelle R. Williams, Emerson E. Winder, and April S. Weld. Together, they provided consistent and outstanding direct support to Operation Enduring Freedom by identifying, training, and providing high-performing deployed analysts to Afghanistan. They made 90 high-quality, analytically rigorous

products to combat forces, which helped disrupt many planned attacks against U.S. and allied forces as well as destroyed important enemy networks in Afghanistan. They supported four customers in theater while developing a broader customer engagement plan, establishing new customers, and significantly increasing demand and coordination. Their dedication to excellence extended to capability

advancement, training and workforce development, integrated JWAC solutions, and community service. They developed seven new tools, incorporated many disciplines, and consistently made operational development and analysts training a priority. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Adam A. Yankush received the Military Member of the Year Award for the Mid-Tier Level for displaying

0 72 % FOR



outstanding professional p er for mance, le adership, devotion to duty, and professional competence. As the Section NonCommissioned Officer-In-Charge, he led and eleven enlisted members in many intelligence disciplines. He demonstrated robust analytical skills, collaboration, and relationship building with intelligence agencies. He surpassed command and customer expectations through the














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THE SOURCE • March 2014

discovery and exploitation of 175 previously unreleased documents that were pivotal for a missile vulnerabilities assignment. He also streamlined message handling, thereby saving the command more than 1,300 hours in support of two high-value areas of interest. In everything he did, Sgt Yankush showed professionalism, technical skills, and self-improvement. Air Force Capt. Jody L. Hodges was chosen the Company Grade Officer of the Year Award. He worked with 23 employees to review 97 Air Force checklists with 4,684 separate items. He got five reservists at no extra cost to

JWAC to ensure the support of seven combatant commands. He adeptly led the military requisition process forecasting future needs and achieving 100 percent enlisted manning. Working with the J3 department, he resolved a fiscal year 2014 and 2015 joint individual augmentation deployment sourcing dilemma to fortify U.S. Special Operations Command’s combat capability. Capt. Hodges displayed professionalism, technical skills, and self-improvement in all his work. Navy Lt. Cdr. Joseph Murphy received the Field Grade Officer Military Member of the Year Award.

As the command’s only liaison officer to the Joint Staff, he met regularly with general and flag officers and senior executives. He defined, planned, and directed a series of highly complex analytical tasks for the Joint Staff. The results were used by the vice chairman to develop both a concept of operations and policy recommendations from the NationalSecuritystaff.Cdr.Murphy’s success contributed to unparalleled access to sensitive information and increased collaboration with special partners. Brian M. Williamson received the Senior Civilian of the Year Award, which recognizes an

employee at the GS-9 through GS13 non-supervisory level whose performance and contributions were clearly above and beyond their expected job performance. As a project lead, he led six engineering and modeling analysts on a combatant command’s toughest operational problems, identifying critical intelligence gaps and refocusing intelligence collection efforts. Over six months, he directed the work of a geographicallyseparated reserve unit and saved tremendous time and money. He wrote an intelligence white paper that received praise in both the intelligence community and

the Department of Defense. He delivered analysis that outlined a strategic approach to national threat systems. Mr. Williamson See More JWAC, page 9


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March 2014 • THE SOURCE

JWAC Presents Quarterly Awards






The Joint Warfare Analysis Center (JWAC) held a quarterly awards ceremony for the fourth quarter of 2013 on February 5th. Navy IS2 James T. Chen was chosen the Mid-Tier Enlisted of the Quarter for his leadership and exceptional performance as a project team lead, command fitness leader, and community volunteer. As a team lead, Chen led four other enlisted members who provided analytical support to U.S. Strategic Command. He also worked with five intelligence and Pentagon agencies to support concepts of operation for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In addition, Chen improved the command’s fitness program. He introduced two new workouts to increase participation and expand its impact. His efforts in this regard resulted in a 100 percent physical fitness test pass rate. He also volunteered four hours at the USO-Dahlgren office, providing outstanding support and hospitality to those in need. Air Force Capt. Jody L. Hodges was chosen the Company Grade Officer of the Quarter for his leadership and exceptional performance. During the fourth quarter, he worked with 23 co-workers to review nearly 100 Air Force checklists that included a combined 4,684 items. He not only uncovered some deviations from Air Force regulations, but proposed a remedy to ensure 100 percent compliance. Hodges also recruited four reservists at no cost to JWAC who provided support to seven combatant commands and he worked to ensure that the command’s future military staffing needs were met.

Hodges earned his master of business administration in human resource management, graduating summa cum laude. Army Maj. Donald P. Smith was chosen the Field Grade Officer of the Quarter for his leadership and exceptional performance as the command’s United States Forces Korea liaison officer, a difficult and demanding position for which he received almost no time to prepare. In this role, he led JWAC’s support of several annual military exercises. Kathleen M. Peterson was chosen the Junior Civilian of

the Quarter for her exceptional performance, tremendous work ethic, and positive attitude as the command executive secretary. She provided outstanding leadership and expertise that directly impacted the efficiency and effectiveness of the command. Her initiative, attention to detail, and understanding of the commander’s goals and priorities ensured a consistent product and message both within and outside the command. David M. Kale was chosen the Senior Civilian of the Quarter for his technical leadership in planning and

establishing the Industrial Controls Laboratory. His work helped create an analytic and targeting capability for the Pentagon as well as making JWAC’s own products better. He was cited for his dedication and professionalism in working with other agencies, increasing engagement options, and providing

access to information to support modeling efforts. His dedication and teamwork reflected a tremendous work ethic and positive attitude. The final award was for length of service and was presented to Robert S. Eagle III who completed 30 years of government service on February 8th.

The Dahlgren Source is published by The Journal Press, Inc. For more info, visit The Journal’s website

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THE SOURCE • March 2014


U.K. Military Delegation observes NSWC Dahlgren Division Technical Capabilities Right: Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division and U.K. military officials are pictured at NSWCDD headquarters during the U.K. delegation’s tour of NSWCDD laboratories and its research, development, test and evaluation facilities Feb. 25. The British Defense Staff’s U.S. Naval Attaché U.K. Royal Navy Commodore Richard Allen (center, holding a book chronicling Dahlgren’s history, ‘The Sound of Freedom’) - led the delegation who engaged Dahlgren scientists and engineers in discussions and learned more about U.S. technological programs and capabilities, including directed energy weapons and the Potomac River Test Range. NSWCDD Commander Capt. Brian Durant (pictured on Allen’s right) presented a command overview and facilities brief. U.K. Royal Navy Lt. Cmdr. Steven Conneely (far right) played a leading role in planning the delegation’s Dahlgren tours and information exchange. Conneely - the Personnel Exchange Program’s U.K. Naval officer assigned to NSWCDD presented an overview prior to an NSWCDD-U.K. engagement overview and open discussion. The Personnel Exchange Program - formalized in the 1970s to develop closer ties between the U.S. Navy and foreign services - enhances inter-service relationships, encouraging mutual confidence and understanding, and prepares officer and enlisted personnel for future assignments involving multinational operations. Standing left to right: Anthony Fletcher, British Defense Staff; Jed Ryan, NSWCDD International Partnering Office Lead; Thomas

Forbes, British Defense Staff; Stuart Koch, NSWCDD Technical Operations Manager; Allen; Durant; June Drake, NSWCDD Chief Technology Officer; Cmdr. John Kelly, U.K. Royal Navy; Conneely. (U.S. Navy photo by George Smith/ Released)

Below Right: Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division Commander Capt. Brian Durant (right) presents the Dahlgren history book, ‘The Sound of Freedom’, to U.K. Royal Navy Commodore Richard Allen who led a U.K. delegation’s tour of NSWCDD laboratories and

its research, development, test and evaluation facilities Feb. 25. Allen, the British Defense Staff U.S. Naval Attaché, and his delegation engaged Dahlgren scientists and engineers in discussions and learned more about U.S. technological programs and capabilities, including directed energy weapons and the Potomac River Test Range. (U.S. Navy photo by George Smith/Released)

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From page 7 also received the U.S. Strategic Command J3 Senior Civilian of the Year Award for 2013. Carrie-Ann Slattery Dioro was chosen the Executive Civilian of the Year, which recognizes an employee at the GS-13 supervisory through GS-15 level whose performance and contributions were clearly above and beyond their expected job performance. She is a model for excellence, dedication, and selfless devotion to duty. She provided exceptional leadership to the command’s theater support branch, providing clear guidance and direction to a diverse technical team

while mentoring and empowering team members. She combined technical expertise with a drive for continual discipline advancement to ensure that responsive and cutting edge analytical support was provided to engaged forces. Additionally, she led external engagement efforts that strengthened and broadened relationships with the command’s Special Operations customers. Paul F. Guy received the Bob Hudson Leadership Award, named in honor of JWAC’s first executive director and given to an individual whose ongoing leadership and vision assures JWAC will continue to serve the needs of national decision makers and war-fighters into the

21st century. Through his strong vision and persistent dedication to his field and outstanding ability to work across the command and the U.S. government, Mr. Guy raised the capability to a level of prominence both inside JWAC and in the national community. He advanced the capability on many levels by establishing new external partnerships, transitioning advanced capabilities to the analytic workforce, and providing technical leadership to shape employment of advanced tools and methods to support war-fighter operations. He recognized that with tighter budgets he needed to work with outside partners to get technical information, expertise, tools, and testing equipment

to advance JWAC’s technical capability. Through his leadership, he established a new working relationship with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to provide support to their mission with minimal impact to JWAC, while subsequently gaining important resources to support JWAC’s technical development, thus saving the command millions of dollars. He also led the establishment of a new partnership with the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center that has the potential to provide new weapons to support JWAC analysis. All the award winners provided sustained superior contributions to JWAC and the local community during 2013.


March 2014 • THE SOURCE

Physics Professor Enlightens, Inspires, Empowers and Touches Navy Audience about STEM and Diversity

Dr. Arlene Maclin speaks about “Physics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” during the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) African American/Black History Month Celebration Feb. 19.

(U.S. Navy photo by Jimmy Waits/Released)

By John Joyce NSWC Dahlgren Division Corporate Communications Dahlgren — Enlightening. Inspirat ional. Emp ower ing. Touching. That’s how Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) weapon systems test engineer Janaf Wyche described the keynote speech that took place at the command’s African American/ Black History Month Celebration Feb. 19. In other words, the speech – “Physics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” – perfectly touched the hearts and minds of military personnel, government civilians and contractors gathered at the University of Mary Washington Dahlgren Campus for one reason: the speaker. It wasn’t the first time that Dr. Arlene Maclin’s words of wisdom, knowledge and insight impacted Wyche and four of her colleagues. T h e N S WC D D ( s c i e n c e , t e c h n o l o g y, e n g i n e e r i n g , mathematics) STEM professionals are among Maclin’s accomplished former students. Ironically, Maclin – the Executive Director of the Mid-Atlantic Consortium’s Center for Academic Excellence at Morgan State University – also received the right touch of inspiration, empowerment and enlightenment. “One never knows how and whom one is influencing in the business of education but I was really touched by the outpouring of all of the people that I met last Thursday at Dahlgren,” said Maclin who said she enjoyed the reunion with her

former students. Clearly, Maclin is more than a professor to her current and former students. She is an advisor, mentor and at times – a recruiter. “Dr. Maclin was my professor for Quantum Mechanics and Materials Science,” said Wyche who has studied the Chinese language in the United States and in Nanjing, China. “Most importantly, she was my advisor and started me on my way to becoming a debt-free scholar and lifelong learner of foreign language. She recruited me from my high school in Prince George’s County, Md., and gave me the confidence that I could obtain a full scholarship at Norfolk State University if I just applied.” National Society of Black E n g i n e e r s Po t o m a c R i v e r Professional Chapter Vice President Angela Nunnally reflected on her “personal connection with Dr. Maclin” after the event. “She was my mentor and professor at Norfolk State University,” said Nunnally, a fiber optics engineer at the NSWCDD Warfare Systems Department. “I credit her for many experiences in undergrad that helped me get to where I am today – internships, conferences, grants, you name it. There are also several other people in attendance that she influenced. We are all very grateful for having her as a part of our lives.” Maclin likewise expressed the same gratefulness for the mentors in her career. The professor recounted how the mentoring of eminent scientists inspired her to look for ways to increase the numbers of students who receive degrees in STEM fields. “My college physics professor and lifelong mentor, Dr. Alexander Gardner was the first black person to receive a Ph.D. degree in physics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,” said Maclin. “Most of my mentors were among the first (African Americans) to receive doctoral degrees in their fields at major research universities.” Maclin’s mentors included Dr. J. Ernest Wilkins, who received his doctorate from the University of Chicago at age 19, and Herman Branson, a physicist and college president who worked with Nobel Prize-winning chemist Linus Pauling. Wilkins and Branson were faculty members at Howard University, where Maclin received her doctorate in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics – the

third African American woman to receive this degree. “I believed what my professors told me and I acted on much of that,” said Maclin, adding that she was the first member of her family to go to college. “I had spent the summer before going to college reading all of the 40 or so books that were recommended, including the great books such as Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’, Dostoevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’, and Richard Wright’s ‘The Invisible Man’.” At that point, Maclin answered two questions related to training 21st Century scientists and engineers. The first question – what must historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) do to survive? “Develop an institutional niche,” said Maclin, adding the following recommendations for the colleges: “Have bold leadership with brave sensibilities; make decisions based on data; presidents must speak out on national higher education issues; look at retention and graduation rates and if there is no change, they must make immediate change; learn to ‘manage up’ with their funders; diversify their student body; respect faculty and their input – happy faculty equals happy students; improve student (customer) services; choose leaders with diverse experiences and perspectives; take alumni giving seriously and cultivate it; and reach out to the communities that we serve.” The second question – what must federal agencies do to increase numbers of minorities in STEM Fields? “Federal agencies must develop meaningful partnerships with STEM faculty at minority serving institutions and provide student support through internships and student-based scholarships,” said Maclin. “Federal grants should include minority serving institutions in a meaningful way and a committee of experts developed to provide advice on human resource requirements for the next 50 years.” NSWCDD Commander Capt. Brian Durant emphasized this point in his opening remarks, reminding the audience of NSWCDD’s commitment to upholding the Chief of Naval Operations’ vision to develop a diverse workforce. “We will continue to ensure that every new Sailor and civilian has an equal chance of developing his or her talents to their fullest potential in an environment free of discrimination, preferential treatment, or any

Standing left to right are: NSWCDD Black Employment Program Manager Michael Hobson; NSWCDD Disability Program Manager and Special Emphasis Program Coordinator Marcella Bushrod; NSWCDD Commander Capt. Brian Durant; NSWCDD Blacks in Government Chapter President Elma Williams-Coleman; and National Society of Black Engineers Potomac River Alumni Chapter President Dwayne (U.S. Navy photo by Jimmy Waits/Released) Nelson. manner of exclusion or intolerance,” the CNO affirms in his diversity vision. “Each Sailor and civilian will be inspired and empowered to contribute and to attain the highest levels of leadership based upon his or her sustained level of performance.” At NSWCDD, the best and brightest professionals from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and cultures are addressing today’s

challenges to ensure the Navy’s readiness for its future mission needs across the globe. “Our success depends upon the talents and hard work of a diverse workforce – men and women of all ethnic backgrounds who share a desire to meet the challenges of our mission, working side-by-side to develop innovative solutions for our warfighters and the Fleet,” said Durant.

THE SOURCE • March 2014


“Muppets Most Wanted” screening at White House Kermit the Frog salutes the military

Marty van Duyne News Net News Washington — Kermit the Frog saluted military families at a special While House screening of the Disney “Muppets Most Wanted” movie March 12. The film’s star joined First Lady Michelle Obama and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey on stage before the screening. Dempsey, who acknowledged his wife Deanie in the audience said, “We want you to know how much we love the children of our men and women who serve in uniform. You guys are terrific. And really, we couldn’t do what we do without you. So it’s really a great honor for me to be here today.” The General served as the warm up act and joked with the guests asking questions such as, “Why are teddy bears never hungry?” A participant responded, “Because they’re always stuffed.” The First Lady welcomed the military spouses, children, and Gold Star Families. But she focused on the youngsters telling them they were not just special guests, but also heroes. “Because you were so cool, and we wanted you to see the “Muppets Most Wanted,” we thought that it would be fun to invite an extra special guest with us,” said Obama

as Kermit the Frog walked onto the stage to a round of applause. Kermit greeted Obama with a continental kiss on her hand and said, “Well, it’s wonderful to be here. I would have been here sooner. I did get to take pictures with everybody earlier, but it took me a while to get through security.” “And I still don’t understand how a frog with no clothes could set off a metal detector,” said Kermit. The audience was in stitches when Dempsey, in dress uniform joked, “Try to get through with this on.” “I know you wish your mom and dad could be around more than they are. But because of that you’re all strong and brave and very grown up,” said Kermit addressing the children in the audience. “And that’s very cool. And I wish I had been that cool when I was a tadpole.” The trio wrapped up their introduction with Dempsey presenting Kermit, as the senior Muppet, a coin from the senior military officer. “Kermit, on behalf of the Armed Forces, and especially on behalf of this group of great soldier, sailor, airman, Marine spouses and children, I’d like to give you this coin,” said Dempsey. “I feel so honored and I can’t wait to show this to the gang,” said Kermit. Obama suggested that they get the movie started. And Kermit rendered a salute saying,” I may not be a Marine, but I am marine life.” The event was one of many held

Where the community comes to bank.

Top right: Kermit the Frog greets First Lady Michelle Obama. Top left:Senior military officer Gen. Martin Dempsey presents senior Muppet Kermit with a challenge coin. (Photos courtesy of Disney Studios)

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301-705-9850 301-843-2720

(©2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc.)

for military families since the First Lady and Dr. Jill Biden founded Joining Forces (www.WhiteHouse. Gov/JoiningForces) shortly after their husbands took office. Starring Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell and Tina Fey, Disney’s “Muppets Most Wanted” takes the entire Muppets gang on a global tour where they find themselves unwittingly entangled in an international crime caper. The film opens in area theaters Mar. 21. To view a trailer or purchase tickets and merchandise visit www. Muppets.Disney.Com

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