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volunteering, it makes a much larger impact on our community than we can ever be truly aware of. There are lots of studies out there that promote the mental and physical health benefits of volunteering, to say nothing of the good it does for our friends and neighbors.



But it all comes down to this: heart. Volunteering is a gift we give to others and a gift we give ourselves. It is the gift of our own wide open heart that can then become the wide open heart of our relationships and our community. If you would like more information on volunteering with Hospice Partners of the Central Coast, please call Steve Willey at 782-8608.


ACROSS 1. Adherents of Sikhism 6. Before tac and toe 9. Chap or fella 13. Ivy progression 14. *Richard Gere to Cindy Crawford: “_ __” in 1991 15. Kim Jong-il leads the north section of this region 16. Independent African ruler 17. No vote 18. Relating to ulna 19. *South Africa’s first black president 21. Skier’s delight 23. Salt in Spanish 24. Hawaiian dance 25. Brown messenger 28. *Garth of “Wayne’s World” 30. Mourner’s song 34. Stiff hair or bristle 36. ____ en scene

38. Swarms 40. *”The Lion King” villain 41. *Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” e.g. 43. It leads to flight? 44. “Three’s Company” landlord 46. “Will be,” according to Day 47. Evoke emotion 48. Cloak 50. Longest division of time, pl. 52. *He played John Spartan in “Demolition Man” 53. Another spelling for #50 Across, sing. 55. As opposed to rent 57. Cursed 60. *It featured Rachel and Monica, among others 64. “_____ in comparison,” past tense 65. Followed third Super Bowl 67. Not here 68. Swelling from fluid accumulation 69. Large coffee pot 70. *Franjo Tudjman, e.g. 71. *Site of showdown with Branch Davidians

72. *”___ About You” 73. What Elmer Fudd does DOWN 1. Ponzi scheme, e.g. 2. Shirley MacLaine’s 1963 character 3. “A ____ eye” 4. Minds or listens 5. Impressive display, as in food 6. She plays Liz on “30 Rock” 7. Civil rights advocate Wells 8. Aquatic South American rodent resembling beaver 9. *Dream Team’s reward 10. White-tailed sea eagle 11. Not far 12. Applied before feathers 15. *Where U.S. intervened 20. Children’s book “Is Your Mama a _____?” 22. Days of ___ 24. Like one who’s washed-up 25. *Country until 1991 26. Legendary cowboy Bill

27. Locker room infection? 29. Nadas 31. Fair-play watchdogs 32. Dineros or loots 33. *Form of communication that took off 35. Length times width 37. *New money 39. Nimble and quick 42. Lord’s estate 45. *Hutu-Tutsi conflict site 49. Civil War general 51. “The wind began to ______, the house to pitch...” 54. Abomination 56. Jawaharlal _____ 57. Dad to a baby 58. *Starred in “The Hunt For Red October” 59. Circulates in an office 60. Discover 61. Ne 62. Exclamation of annoyance 63. They make up a tennis match 64. Church seat 66. Roth ___



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