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and Food and Beverage Director at a large restaurant in Pismo Beach—both had their roots in cooking. In 2003 they had two restaurants, one in Pismo and one in SLO. For simplicity they split the partnership and each took one of the restaurants. Many locals and travelers alike were quickly attracted to this style of food. Some of the same people—some for the last six years. The restaurant in Pismo that former partner, Bob, owned was sold and Bob now travels around the world seeing everything he can. They keep in touch by email.


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The origins of Cajun foods comes from people called Acadiens. They were from the New Brunswick area. They left the New Brunswick area and after years of re-settling, followed a course down the Mississippi river until they got to the end, which was New Orleans. These were the poor people who settled in the Bayou areas. They also harvested foods that no one wanted to eat – lots of red beans and rice. Because the food was not of interest to the others, the Acadiens were left alone. Gumbo is their main dish. Etouffe, another popular entree, is a noble Cajun dish made by cooking down bell pepper, onions and celery and mixing it with fish stock, lots of spice, tomatoes, and brown roux. The Creole are the ancestors of the first European inhabitants of Louisiana. After Columbus landed there it was the hot spot of trade. They had their European cultures of cooking. Spain and France were the most influential countries in New Orleans. The


Creole dishes came out of Spanish and French recipes. Lots of spices wound up in Louisiana, lending themselves to the spicy Creole dishes that developed. Shrimp creole is a very popular dish. The Creole sauce is tomato based and has chunky cut vegetables. The use of many spices make these dishes unique. The word Creole in French means mixture. History is very important in understanding this food and people. Creole is both a food and a type of people. Louisiana Creole people refers to those who are descended from the colonial settlers in Louisiana, especially those of French and Spanish descent. The term was first used during colonial times by the settlers to refer to those who were born in the colony, as opposed to those born in the Old World. Phil and his chefs make all the ingredients from scratch because, he says, it is more fun and better for you than opening cans. Bon Temps means good times. He and Bob decided on that name as it is common in the south. And, for Phil, he likes to let the good times roll.

Rizzoli’s Automotive is my mechanic. Thanks Rizzol i’s ! Dave and Melanie know that, if they take care of their car, their car will take care of them. That’s why they always drive back to Rizzoli’s Automotive.

Now offeRiNg: All Makes – 30k, 60k & 90k Services, Check Engine Light Diagnosis, BMW Inspections, MBZ A&B Services, Lexus and Audi Services.

Rizzoli’s customers Dave and Melanie Marshall with their dog, Toby, in Avila Beach.

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