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Announcing the 2015 Global Digital Health 100

Announcing the Global Digital Health 100

Recognising Innovation in Mobile, Digital and Connected Healthcare We are delighted to be able to announce our Global Digital Health 100 Award List for 2015. Building upon the amazing response that we had from the industry to our 2014 award list this year’s 100 have been compiled from a combination of nominations and industry research to identify the most innovative and effective companies, from around the world, operating in the mobile, digital and connected care industries today. And, what a remarkable 100 they are! The diversity of this year’s list stands out straight away. With innovations targeting just about every corner of healthcare the honouree companies offer technologies across a range of categories including, clinical solutions, wearable technologies, healthcare applications, medical devices, and data analytics. These are all solutions and services that are transforming, or have the potential to transform, and disrupt the way in which healthcare is delivered.


Reflecting the growing prominence of mobile, digital and connected solutions in the healthcare sector, the Global Digital Health 100 acknowledges the significant work being carried out by organisations from around the globe. This year’s list similarly recognises an industry that is showing the signs of early maturity. As we progress from what some would describe as digital health 1.0 to digital health 2.0, 3.0 and beyond, then we can expect the role that these organisations play in everyday healthcare delivery to become greater and more widespread.

December 2015

The Global Digital Health 100 represents 6 months of analysis by the editorial and advisory team at the Journal, who consider the offerings and innovations from companies across the digital health ecosystem, prior to selecting the final 100. The judging criteria analysed 10 different quantitative and qualitative evaluation metrics including: disruptive impact; proof of concept; technology innovation; social value; effectiveness; execution of strategy; and, industry integration. The selected 100 companies demonstrate true innovation and the opportunity to disrupt the delivery of healthcare at scale. The selection criteria ensure that companies are considered truly upon innovation, allowing startup offerings to be compared alongside established and larger organisations. Digital health solutions from 15 different countries The Global Digital Health 100 is already seen by many as a benchmark of industry activity for digital health solutions and we hope that this year’s list will provide critical insight into the sector that will be beneficial across numerous perspectives. This year’s list reveals some interesting insights into the growing adoption

of mobile and digital technologies. The largest proportion of honouree companies (53 per cent) come from the North American market which is down from 63 per cent in 2014. European companies make up a larger proportion of the list this year rising to 40 per cent, with 7 per cent or recipients coming from the rest of the world. This seems to reflect a wider growth trend for digital healthcare solutions across European markets. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the organisations honoured in this year’s list. We applaud your work and hope that 2016 proves to be another year of innovation and achievement! We will be releasing further insight on the recipients of Global Digital Health 100 over coming weeks and watch out for our next issue of the Journal in February that will include in-depth coverage of the 100. Submissions for the 2016 Award list will begin in February, so if you are interested in nominating you may register your interest now by emailing journalofmhealth@simedics.org. n

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