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BEAUTE THIS WEEK FASHION... BEAUTY... STYLE... 3. Life Behind The Lens Stylist and model Jessica shows us the world of fashion from behind the lens.

Best Buys On The Highstreet... Office £50

4. Floral Fashion Shoot


If, like us, the sun is making you want to bare those pins, then fret not! Our summer photoshoot has the best floral dresses on the highstreet. We also show you how to match your makeup to those feminine threads. Enjoy this weeks issue ladies! 2 Beaute June 2011

When the sun rises, come out to play in floral prints and feminine accessories.

New Look £6

8. How To Dress Your Man Us ladies will be looking sizzling this summer, so it’s only fair our fellas look just

Topshop £40

as hot.

10. Summer Make Over The Beauty Spot embraces the summer look by looking pretty in pink.

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“Modelling for Victoria Beckham is the high point of my career” Model and stylist Jessica Stebbings, 27 from Bolton, tells Beaute how her Prada heels have made serious prints in the fashion world. What made you want to get into styling? I started modelling at 18 so experienced first hand what stylist actually did. I studied Graphic Design at Salford University and would be forever collecting magazines and photos of quirky outfits. How did you get into the industry? I moved to London at 22 and worked as the Fashion Assistant for Esquire magazine. I also kept up my modelling but I missed home a lot and having a regular schedule. I decided to move back home and worked for Gap in Manchester as a visual merchandiser. However, I found this wasn’t challenging enough an felt my passion called for styling. How did you get into the styling? I did photoshoot tests where a makeup artist, photographer, stylist and model all work for free, in the hope of producing quality work to build up a portfolio. As a model, I am signed to Boss Model Management and they have now signed me as a stylist after seeing my tests.

Jessica styling on a shoot

Jessica Stebbings model and stylist Tell us about the shoots you’ve done... I’ve worked on sport shoots for brands such as Adidas, Nike and Umbro, as well as catalogues such as Very and G Star. What is the favourite shoot you have styled for? I really enjoyed styling a childrens television commercial. The kids were all so good and we got time for some sunbathing! Can a stylists job be stressful? It can be really hard work. Clients will want an exact suit or dress so if designers don’t have it, it is my job to source tailors from London and take the model for exact measurements. One client I worked with wanted a pair of specific gloves which I had to source from Hong Kong and have shipped here. How do you decide on the clothes you are going to dress the models in? I will search the highstreet and visit vintage and charity shops. The client will have a basic theme in mind and it is my job to find the outfit to fit the theme.

Which big celebrities have you worked with? I have worked with footballers such as Steven Gerrard, Dimitar Bervatov and Fernando Torres, where I oversee the shoot and organise the clothing for the day. The high point of my career so far is modelling for Victoria Beckham as part of her perfume campaign. She was lovely and so down to earth. I was wearing my Prada shoes and she told me how pretty they were. Those heels have barely left my feet since! Can you share any fashion trends we should be following this summer? Block bold colours are all over the catwalk and jersey maxi dresses are making a return again this year. Florals will be big over the summer, especially 70s style prints. A tip I have for all you fashionistas is to mix up your clothes and don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours. And what’s next for you? I aim to carry on building up my client base and eventually move to London, where there are more opportunities. I would like to start doing shoots for magazines and working with high profile people in the future.

June 2011 Beaute




Summer welcomes the return of boohoo chic with an elegant floral twist. Think over sized corsages and dainty ditsy prints... 4 Beaute June 2011

STAND OUT IN THE GREENERY WITH COLOURED ROSES APLENTY SOPHIE (LEFT) WEARS: Dress, £48; shoes, £60 both Topshop. Flower headband, £10; lace socks £6 both Miss Selfrige.


Dress, £50 , Mango. Corsage, £5, Next. Necklace, £4, H&M.

June 2011 Beaute


6 Beaute June 2011

DARE TO BARE THE WOODS IN PRETTY DRESSES TEAMED WITH QUIRKY FOOTWEAR THIS PAGE: Dress, £50, Lipsy. Bag, £15, Accessorize. Shoes, £35; head band, £6, both Topshop.

OPPOSITE PAGE, CARMEN (LEFT WEARS): Dress, £30; Jacket, £40, both Miss Selfridge. Boots, £50, Office. Socks, £6; flower, £5, both Topshop.

SOPHIE (RIGHT WEARS): Dress, £25, H&M. Waistcoat, £20, Wallis. Boots, £30, New Look. Head scarf, £7; flower

June 2011 Beaute


The Beauty Spot


ith summer fast approaching, it’s time to embrace the acid pink shade. Whether it’s on your lip or cheeks, this summers make-up trend will bring your makeup bag bang upto date. To enhance any look, eye lashes are going to be key for any summer event. Think bbq’s, holidays and festivals; the bigger the lash, the better the flutter. Beaute challenged reader Sarah Fanning, 21 from Manchester, to trial and test a nail varnish, lipstick and false lashes. Sarah works for Tesco as a checkout manager and often works 12 hour shifts. “With my job, I am on my feet all day and don’t have chance to keep reapplying makeup. It’s really important that makeup is therefore durable, as well as looking good.” Sarah admits to having a slight eye lash addicttion, confessing that she can’t even face the gym without sporting her false lashes: “I used to only wear my lash extensions on nights out but soon found myself wearing them everyday. They really open my eyes up and I definitely feel more glamorous. I am very critical when it comes to false lashes so will be judging these quite harshly!’

8 Beaute June 2011

Weapons of mass seduction Same old makeup, brand new colours


Sarah’s verdict...

There is a very good way to make your nails stand out in a crowd; experiment with neon brights. A good varnish should only require one coat and last without chipping. Sarah tested Dior, Pink Acid, £12. This particular colour really stood out to us through the bottle and the shade is the perfect acid colour. TIP... To help your nail varnish last longer, and prevent discolouration, keep the bottle in the fridge.

“I love the colour of this nail varnish. It will look great over the summer, especially when I’m on holiday. The colour is bright but not too in your face, meaning it will go with most of my summer wardrobe. I don’t experiment with bold colours but I like the change.”

False Eye Lashes...

Sarah’s verdict...

Eyes are the first place that people are often drawn to. Lash extensions can open up your eyes as well as creating thickness. It’s important to use strong glue to ensure the lash strip stays in place at all times. Sarah tried MAC, Lash 21, £10. These extensions are described as ‘full lash, designed for creating thickness.’ TIP... Add mascara to your own lashes to ensure they blend in with the strip.


To maintain soft, smooth lips, it is important to keep lips moisturised. Vaseline is a good way to do this, before building up colour with a lipstick. Sarah sampled Maxfactor, Plush lips, £7. This will be a winner for those real girly girls as when we say this is pink, we mean pink! TIP... If you suffer from extremely dry lips, rub a toothbrush lightly over them to reduce the chapping.

“As a false lash lover, I was really impressed with these extensions. They look really full and thick and create lots of volume. I feel I could wear these in the day and still feel glamorous enough for the evening.”

Sarah’s verdict... “This colour is really striking,

so I don’t think I would feel comfortable wearing it in the day. It will look great on nights out though, especially when wearing white so my lips stand out even more.”

June 2011 Beaute


HOW TO DRESS YOUR MAN THIS SUMMER Because us girls will be looking extra gorgeous this summer, it’s only right that the men in our lives follow in our glamorous footsteps. Here we take a look at the trends that are hitting the highstreet this summer. Just make sure you leave this page open on his side of the bed.


icture the scene. You’ve walked down the stairs in your prettiest playsuit. Your greeted on the landing by your fella, dressed in sandals. And yes, their paired with socks. Either you go to the summer bbq you’ve been looking forward to for weeks, or you do a quick sprint straight back up the stairs. We know which one we would do, before ripping the sandals off his feet first, of course! So how exactly do we tease our men out of those chinos he’s had since high school and into that checked shirt you bought him for Christmas? The problem is, men are stuck in their comfort zone. Whether they will only wear a particular colour, or shop in a certain store, males are not open to change. Luckily for us, the high street have heard our demands and packed the shelves full of this seasons hottest looks. Store manager at Gap in Manchester, Steven Howell, says that the highstreet has really embraced block bold colours this summer: “It’s all about pairing different colours that you wouldn’t really put together. Don’t be afraid to play about with acid brights such as yellow and pink. Put them with neutral coloured shorts and they will really make the colours pop.” And the biggest feature of this years wardrobe seems to be a simple T-shirt. Steve says: “You can’t beat a simple T-shirt. Whether its a plain colour or a graphic print, don’t underestimate the power of a T-shirt!”

10 Beaute June 2011

And it seems that it isn’t only Gap who are following in the less is more rule. Topshop is also embracing the simple things in fashion. Visual Merchandiser Lee Smedley, 21 from Salford, says that Accessories for men are huge this summer: “To make a mans outfit quirky this summer, Topman have designed a lot of accessories. From Patterned scarves to straw hats, its good to try new things. We are also selling a lot of bags. From small ‘man bags’ to big holdalls, they’re all useful for men over the summer when going on holidays or to festivals.” And it seems that festivals are a huge Inspiration to the clothes in the stores at the moment. Steve told Beaute: “I went to V Festival last year and saw a lot of men mix and match with wellington boots and rigger style boots. I didn’t think this was a look that was accessible for all but sure enough they’ve hit the high street and are more mainstream now. I do think that buyers take a look at what is out there and replicate the look for the high street.” So when we’re packing our fellas suitcases, what should we be putting on the top of the pile? Lee told us: “I would definitely say pack a bit of denim. Obviously leave your jeans at home but waistcoats or short sleeve shirts work well on holiday. They look a bit different and can make a plain T-shirt look more on trend.”

Mike wears a yellow acid T-shirt teamed with beige jophur style trousers. The denim shirt is paired with a blue and white stripy scarf and navy blue pumps. This look works especially well as the acid brights are mixed with the neutral shades. This look would also work with shorts or with three quarter length denim trousers. Don’t be afraid to mix different shades of denims together, your man can make any look work. MICHAEL WEARS: Jophurs, £30, H&M. T-shirt, £10, Gap. Denim shirt, Burtons, £25. Scarf, £12, River Island. Shoes, £40, Topman.

And it’s not only denim that should be packed in the case. This season welcomes the return of the ‘preppy look’, which is an American inspired style. Think shorts, polo tops and cardigans. Personal stylist Erin Barry thinks that this trend I’ll see us right through the summer season: “The preppy look was around last seaon but has really come into its own this summer. It is a very relaxed style and easy to pull off. You don’t need to wear the bow tie or the socks, keep it simple by opening a few buttons and rolling up the sleeves or wearing loafers with no socks. It’s all about ease and comfort but still creating style. Perfect for summer holidays!” Erin told us another style that men should be following this summer is the nautical theme: “Stripes were big on the catwalk, especially nautical. So whether you team stripes with white or navy shorts, this trend is all over the highstreet. Whats great about the nautical theme is not only will it look great abroad, but also home bound.” And for the men who like to dress to impress all the time, Topshop have designed a soft style suit which has been dubbed the City Refined Suit. Lee told

Beaute: “It’s a classic gentlemans suit

but has been tailored to the summer sun. Its lightweight material means it is easier to wear in the summer. The suit can be worn for work or dressed up for an evening out. A silver shade has been designed and works brilliantly with a

The donít of mens fashion

When shopping with your man, try to stick to these rules: Don’t be too busy. Stay clear of mixing different patterns together. Don’t buy clothes that are too over sized. It can look messy. Wearing trainers with everything, tell him to experiment with different styles of footwear, dependent on the season. Don’t encourage your man to wear jewellery. A simple piece can look nice but over done can look tacky. A floral printed T-shirt can look nice whereas a Hawaiian printed shirt can just look nasty. Pull him in the right direction!

shirt placed underneath. The suit also comes in a chocolate brown and black colour. The silver shade is proving to be our most popular seller as it is easy to wear and the colour is rather different.” A trend that swept the catwalks in the Spring Summer 2011 shows was black. Louis Vitton, Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciga all embraced the all black theme and styled their models in the shade from head to toe. Steve told us: “You wouldn’t expect to see much black around in the summer but infact if you put an all black outfit together, it can look really stylish. “ Coats were also heavily featured on the catwalks. Thin, lightweight jackets in different styles took centre stage. Steven went on to tell us: “Dior had a great range of jackets in their Spring Summer collection. Cascading coats and capes were modelled as well as lightweight jackets. They were kept to a minimal look and drew on very few shades which were white, black and grey. The high street have done great version of these coats though so it isn’t necessary to spend a small fortune on a summer coat.” And this seems to be a running theme throughout. Personal Stylist Erin tells us that when her clients visit her they often have a style in mind: “Customers who come to see me will have seen a style or look that they like on the catwalk. They are often surprised when I am able to recreate this look but at a fraction of the price. I would urge all you male fashionistas to give the personal styling service a go. It is complimentary and a great way to try out new trends and receive an honest opinion.” So what are we waiting for ladies? With all this expert advice there is no need to find our other half awkwardly stood at the foot of our stairs in an unflattering outfit ever again. So with all the bbq’s, garden parties and days out approaching, it is time to kit our men out. One last piece of advice: “Us men can be very stuck in our ways and like to put on our comfy jeans we know fit,” says Steve, “so when you take us out shopping, be gentle!” See you in the mens changing rooms ladies!

Mike embraced the sailor image with this look and modelled a stripy blue and white Tshirt with a pair of pale blue chinos and navy blue pumps. Don’t be afraid to encourage your beau to wear different shades of the same colour. Glasses are also a great way to create a different style to an outfit. They can bring a retro or modern feel to clothing and can bring a style right up to date. There’s plenty of different shades, shapes and styles out there, so get your man to try several pairs on. MICHAEL WEARS: Chinos, £30, GAP. T-shirt, £15, Zara. Shoes, £40, Topman. Glasses, £120, Ray Ban.

June 2011 Beaute


Victoria Howell - Beaute  

your man This weeks best buys June £2.99 Smarten up your beau 00 UT $4.50 ET $5.00 00000 0000

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