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29 April 2010 £1.00

This fortnight’s best beauty products from just 99p! Professional makeup tips to achieve that summer glow

5 page Toni&Guy special! Women’s shocking facts and habits!

Find out the favourite styles and this summer’s hottest hair cut


This Fortnight

The summer months are fast approaching and this fortnight we are bringing you some of the hottest hair styles and products that will keep you on trend throughout the summer. This fortnight we are bringing you professional tips from Toni&Guy. They will be sharing their favourite styles with you in a five page special and also included is a ‘how to ‘ on how you can achieve these styles. Now most of us get conscious about how our make up looks in the summer because of the heat so we are featuring Page 3 an interview with a The best beauty professional makeup products artist who will tell you all online. you need to know about looking perfect through the summer weather. Page 4&5 Also as a treat to you, we Interview with have researched and found Professional the best and cheapest makeup artist products online for you. We hope ‘Katrina Potter’ . you feel more confident about the summer after Page 6 reading all our tips.


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Katrina’s how to...

Katrina Potter photographed by Mark Betts


Page 7 Northamptonshire’s best salons with the best prices. Pages 8-12 Toni&Guy hair care special. Page 13 We find out what beauty products you cant live without. Page 14-15 Women’s shocking facts and figures.


products for bargain prices!

Beauty writer Samantha Kennedy checks out this fortnight’s best buys...

Longer Lashes This amazing mascara has a thick brush and thin end to target all those lashes and give a fuller look.


Marvellous Mavala Fabulously Dont break the bank with a Fake professional french manicure when the Mavala set is so cheap.


This Fortnight’s

L’Oreal is designed to reflect your natural skin tone to give you a healthy glow. No more looking orange!

Best Online Deals! Summer shades Maybelline presents new and improved Water Shine Lipstick with a new applicator that releases drops to control colour and shine.



Images taken from Google Images

Trendy Trio

Rimmel eye shadow is perfect for the summer to achieve shimmer and brighten your eyes. It comes in a variety of colours for whatever outfit you are wearing.

99p Flawless Foundation

This daily moisturiser contains Maxfactor foundation to not only give an even complexion but also to reduce fine lines. May Beautyful Page 3


Katrina Potter talks to Katrina discusses her top beauty tips and this summer’s best trends.

Katrina Potter taken by Mark Betts

By Samantha Kennedy. Awaiting the arrival of a professional makeup artist was a nervous and self-conscious feeling. Much time had been taken to attempt to apply my own makeup correctly to spare the embarrassment of knowing this professional will possibly take one look and tell me it is all wrong. Instead the relief overcame as this very pretty lady greeted me with a handshake and politely introduced herself as Katrina Potter. Katrina began to discuss how her passion in life was in the beauty industry and loved making women feel like princesses. “I’ve always had an interest in beauty; however, being in a well paid job outside of the beauty industry has meant I never pursued it. The money just isn’t there, so I decided to enter it freelance, part time in addition to my full time job and specialise in something that I had passion for.” Katrina chased her dream by studying at the Academy School of Makeup in Portsmouth. Here she learned how to accommodate different skin tones, textures and colours to suit every customer she was destined to have after setting up her own freelance business ‘Beauty Artistry’. The business was set up to teach women how to apply their makeup through lessons and to specialise in weddings and photography. One of the most important things to remember when applying makeup is to not get stuck in a rut claims Katrina. “Your makeup application should change according to your age, your lifestyle and the seasons” She also says that when applying her own makeup, she takes into consideration her hairstyle and hair colour if it has changed. “If you have a fringe, go for darker colour’s to accentuate the eyes as they can go unnoticed, if you have recently gone lighter with your hair colour, add more colour to your face” Getting comfortable on a subject that is of May Beautyful Page 4

interest to myself and so many different women, we got onto the most important aspect of the interview which was how to achieve perfect makeup in the summer. Katrina advises that if you feel comfortable enough avoid foundations and go for a tinted moisturiser to give a more natural glow. “If you have to wear foundation then go for a dewy product instead of a matt.” She advises that if you have to wear foundation, use blotting paper to take off the excess that is not needed; this will give a more even complexion. When asked what she does differently in the summer to the winter, she replied that brighter colours, especially on the eyes, would brighten up the whole face. “Pastel colours are really on trend at the moment and used together they are very complimentary.”

“Avoid foundations that contain titanium dioxide, they reflect the sun making the skin appear very pale”

Images taken from Google Image

o Beautyful! She recommends you go for light pinks, blues and yellows. “One of the most important tips I can give is to avoid foundations with titanium dioxide in them. This reflects the light off of your face and can make you appear very pale, especially in photos.” Katrina has been a professional makeup artist for a few years now and one of the most common mistakes she sees on a regular basis is women wearing the wrong shade foundation. “Peoples skin changes constantly and the shades and textures that may have worked for you last year may not work this year.” Blusher and bronzer is also one of the products that people tend to slap on without taking into consideration the shape of the face or cheekbones. “A tip would be to smile when applying it and follow the shape of the cheek.” Katrina recommends experimenting with different shades with friends. Having a makeup party and trying each other’s products can really help to find what looks best and suits your skin. Katrina only uses products that she has complete faith in so I asked for her favorite products. “I love Chanel for their eye shadows and eye pencils. I use Christian Dior for foundations and tinted moisturisers and Laura Mercier for their blushers.” These products are more expensive than the usual Maxfactor and Rimmel but she says you cannot put a price on quality. Lastly I had to know what makeup product she considers the most important. “Concealer is the most important because it hides areas and also accentuates. It can transform tired looking skin into bright and fresh. Mascara is always a must because it opens up the eyes and it is usually the first part of the face people look at. Blusher can also make you look healthy even if you are not feeling under the weather.” Being comfortable in what you are wearing on your face is more important than anything. If you feel confident you will look confident. “Just remember to experiment and mix up your makeup bag.” May Beautyful Page 5

Katrina’s makeup bag Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser Chanel eyeshadow

Laura Mercier blusher

Christian Dior foundation

Katrina’s How to... Professional makeup artist Katrina Potter gives a step by step on how to achieve this summer’s best makeup looks. The Bright eye shimmer look

“Bigger and brighter eyes are the trend for this summer” says Katrina. All you need is the tips to show you how to do this. Step 1. The most important thing to do is apply the eye makeup first. This is because you may get shimmer all over the face and stick to the foundation. Step 2. Choose a bright coloured eyeliner. Katrina recommends bright blue to open up the eyes. “Choose a colour that reflects your eye colour so they stand out more”. Step 3. Use an eye shadow brush and sweep white shimmer underneath the eyebrow to make the eyes appear bigger. Sweep it over the eyelid to create a base. Step 4. This next part works best with a very thin brush. Katrina advises a cotton bud, as it is just the right shape. Dab the cotton bud into the white shimmer and run it under the bottom eye lashes from one end to the other. Make it thicker in the corner of the eye. Step 5. Choose a colour that will compliment the eyeliner and sweep over the white on the eyelid to blend in. “Do not make this dark because the mascara will be dark and it may cause the eyes to look smaller.” Step 6. Apply the eyeliner above and beneath the bottom eyelashes so it looks thick. Step 7. Apply the mascara as you normally would. “Curling the eyelashes will help to open up the eyes more. Finally add the foundation and blusher as you normally would.

Images taken by Samantha Kennedy

The smoky effect

Smoky eyes are perfect for more formal occasions and here’s how to do it. Step 1. Again do not put foundation on first because if the dark eye shadow gets on the face it will be difficult to get off without ruining the foundation. Step 2. Run the eye shadow brush with white shimmer underneath the eyebrow and also underneath the eye lashes at the bottom. “This will open up the eyes because the dark eye shadow tends to make them look smaller.” Step 3. Sweep the white shimmer over the eyelid to create a base. Step 4. Choose two dark colours, one darker than the other and sweep the darker colour over the eyelid. Step 5. Start at the crease of the eyelid and apply the lighter shade up to the eyebrow. Step 6. Use a thicker brush and lightly brush over the crease to blend the colours evenly. Step 7. Again with a cotton bud, use the lighter shade colour and apply just beneath the shimmer and meet at the corner of the eye. Step 8. Apply black eyeliner and also black mascara as normal. Use eyelash curlers to open up the eyes. May Beautyful Page 6

This fortnight Beautyful comes to... Northamptonshire! We travelled to Northamptonshire to check out the best beauty salons that bring you the cheapest deals. Start booking those appointments!

Images taken by Samantha Kennedy

Choose any two treatments for £39 every weekday from 10AM until 2PM. These include an Indian head massage, nail file and polish, mini manicure, tranquillity scalp massage, half leg and bikini wax, eyebrow shape, eyebrow tint and eye lash tint or a back, neck and shoulder massage. The Thatched Cottage is on the Higham Ferrers Market Square in Northamptonshire.

Rush Tan is offering a full body spray tan for just £10. This offer is available on a weekday and is on until the 13th of May. Rush Tan is situated in Rushden on Wellingborough Road.

Neat Nails in Higham Ferrers is offering a pedicure for as little as £10. This includes a moisturising foot massage as well as buffing of the nails, a file, polish and a colour of your choice. Neat Nails is situated on Higham Ferrers High Street in Northamptonshire. The Hair Company is offering half price on head colours until the end of May with any Simply Beauty is a tanning and nail cut and blow dry. This offer needs to be taken salon that are doing a package deal. advantage of. This offer includes half head, For £30 you can get a full body spray full head and you can even have more than one tan and a French manicure. This is colour. The Hair Company is at the bottom perfect if you have a special occasion of Rushden High Street. coming up and will save you a lot of money. Simply Beauty is on Hamblin Court in Rushden.

May Beautyful Page 7

Storm is a unisex hair salon offering a cut and blow dry for just £10. This is the cheapest hair cut around this area and you had better be quick as it’s only a limited offer. There is no need for appointments, just pop in. Storm is located on the High Street in Rushden.

5 Page Special w According to stylists at Toni&Guy, there are two styles this summer to keep your hair looking beach fabulous! Follow our easy steps and look Beautyful.

How To... Do A Plait And Beach Wave Your Hair. Fishtail Plait! Step 1. Decide where you would like the plait to be positioned and divide the section of hair into two. Step 2. On the right side of the right section of hair, take about a fifth of the hair and cross it over to the left section and add to it. Step 3. From the left section of hair, take a fifth of the hair from the left side and cross over to the right side. Step 4. Continue step 2 and 3 until the end of the plait. If you do not have long hair, you can clip in extensions and no one will know the difference.

Images taken by Samantha Kennedy

Rope Plait!

Step 1. Decide where you would like the plait to be positioned and divide the hair into 4 sections. From left to right the sections are 1,2,3 and 4. Step 2. Take section 1 and cross it over with section 2. Now cross section 3 with what is now in place of section 2. Step 3. The remaining section 4 goes under the section closest to it, which will be in the place of section 3. Step 4. Continue these steps until the end of the plait. You should be left with a loose rope looking plait. If you have soft hair or shorter layers, try using Label M styling wax ÂŁ11.25. This will give the ends definition and keep it looking neater. May Beautyful Page 8

with The Beach Waves! This look can be done on any length hair as long as there is enough hair to twirl around a curling iron. Step 1. This look is perfect if you have just stepped off the beach. To achieve this look, wash the hair using minimal shampoo and conditioner. Step 2. Blow-dry the hair (if you have time let it air dry) and spray on some sea salt spray. Label M Sea Salt Spray ÂŁ11.50 Images taken by Samantha Kennedy

Step 3. Use a curling iron with a width larger than an inch. Wrap the hair around the iron up to the root of the hair and hold for 10-15 seconds. It is important not to clip the hair into the iron because this will cause a kink in the bottom. Step 4. After each curl take a pin and clip the curl up to your head. When the hair is all curled and pinned, take all the pins out and you will have beach waves to last the whole day and night. To complete this style, add a flower hair piece by clipping one side of the top of the hair back. You could also try plaiting the front of the hair to give a girly look.

Celebrity Fans of these styles

Diane Kruger goes for a thick rope plait on the side.

Jennifer Aniston is a beach babe with these waves.

Images taken from Google Image

Fearne Cotton goes for a casual fishtail plait on the side. May Beautyful Page 9


Victoria Beckham shows you can still be glamorous with short choppy hair. May Beautyful Page 10

Images taken from Google Image

TE CUT FOR THE SUMMER! The Pixie Cut It was a unanimous agreement in the Toni&Guy salon that the favourite hair style for the summer of 2010 was the pixie haircut. With two of the hairdressers beautifully demonstrating to customers how trendy the pixie cut is, they sport their style with a big floral bow to finish off the look. They have reassured that this haircut is suitable for everyone, however it works best at accentuating dainty features like Victoria Beckham has. This haircut can be styled whichever way you want the hair to go. For the full pixie look, Toni&Guy recommend a short choppy look all over like Victoria Beckham. This would look great with a vibrant hair colour. If you want a fringe with your pixie look, ask for longer hair at the front and go for a classier

Sarah Harding goes for a choppy look with a full fringe. May Beautyful Page 11

look like Rhianna. This style also looks just as amazing with longer hair. The Saturdays Frankie Sandford shows off her pixie features with the longer style cut. The pixie cut is perfect for this summer because it will keep you nice and cool through the soaring temperatures. You also wont have to worry too much about styling it because as promised by Toni&Guy staff, it is a very low maintenance hair style. Toni&Guy recommend you finish the style with Label M Styling Wax for ÂŁ11.25. Simply add this to the ends of the hair to give it a more definitive look and perfect style. Here are some funky headbands to complete the look. The latest trend shows big bow headbands. Go for bright and patterned to achieve a bold summer look.

Frankie Salford’s dainty features accentuate her long pixie cut.

Rhianna has a short pixie cut on top with a face skimming fringe.

Summer Products

Toni&Guy hair stylist Pascale Revell tells us the best products to be using this summer to keep our hair looking beach fabulous. Honey Oat Shampoo Dry Shampoo Sea Salt Spray and Conditioner Thinking of heading to the music This is the must have product of summer 2010 according to Pascale. “Sea salt spray can be used wherever you go, it looks perfect if you are on the beach and want your hair under control or whether you are going out and want a quick style.” Simply spray this £11.50 Label M Sea Salt Spray onto the hair from 10 cm away and scrunch it using your hand. For a more formal look curl the ends of your hair with a curling iron to make this style neater. This product also protects against UV rays.

“Shampoo and conditioners with added moisturisers will be the most needed product for healthy looking hair because the sun and water can dry the hair out leaving it looking life less and dull. Moisturising your hair just like your skin will leave it feeling manageable and less irritating through the hot weather because it also prevents flaky scalp. Label M Honey Oat Shampoo and Conditioner £10.50 will also protect the hair against heat styling and UV rays.

Images taken from Google Image

Funky Gum

If you have short hair, then this product is perfect for you. Toni&Guy Funky Gum £6.84 is like elastic. It will style your hair whichever way and style you want it to go. It will stay put throughout the whole day and will not melt in the sun. Bonus! May Beautyful Page 12

Texture Paste

Toni&Guy Texture Paste £5.86 is recommended for having the ability to sort out any bad hair day. “The texture allows the hair to separate allowing you to style it easier. Perfect if you have trouble styling your hair. Just use a pea size amount.

festivals this year? Well make sure you don’t leave without Toni&Guy Refreshing Dry Shampoo £5.37. This product is brilliant if you don’t have time to wash your hair or if it’s looking dull. “It will add volume and a cool texture which will keep it looking funky.”

Protein Protection

Toni&Guy Protein Protection Mist £5.37 is designed to lengthen and strengthen the hair. It will revitalise the hair to protect against the heat. “This is a must product for the summer, it will add minerals back into the hair that may be lost through the heat” Simply spray this product onto the hair after you shampoo or you can apply if the hair is feeling unmanageable. Take this down the beach with you to avoid salty and sandy hair.

What beauty product can you not live without?

Images taken by Samantha Kennedy

We went onto the streets of Northamptonshire to find out what beauty product women can not live without! Here’s what they said...

May Beautyful Page 13

Laura 21

Sally 25

“I cannot live without my foundation because I used to suffer from acne and now I am very concious of all the scars I have. I would not go out of the house without it on. I feel like foundation covers all my blemishes and makes me feel better”.

“I cannot live without mascara. My eyes are very little and if I didnt wear it they look tired and dull. Wearing mascara gives me confidence about having small eyes because it brightens them up”.

Leanne 23

Elaine 38

“I cannot go without fake tan. I do not feel confident without it. I am naturally very pale because of my bonde hair. I wear it all the time so that people do not know it is fake. I always use the same brand so I dont look different colours all the time”.

“I love to wear lipstick all the time whatever shade it is. I have small lips and listick makes them stand out and also gives my face a bit of colour. I also feel more glamorous with it on so I like to spend a bit more than usual on it”.

Carly 18

Lucy 18

“I always wear concealer and probably wouldn’t go out the house without it. It is very good at hiding the bags under my eyes and it also accentuates around the eyes to make them appear brighter”.

“I have to have blusher on wherever I go because I am very pale and do not look healthy. Wearing blusher gives me a healthier glow and adds colour to my face”.

Beautyful Women Facts This fortnight, we looked at the beauty secrets and habits of 100 women...





of women do not moisturise before putting on makeup.


A shocking

Just under

of women will go to bed without taking off their makeup.

of women have suffered from bad skin and acne.

May Beautyful Page 14


of women will not leave the house with no makeup on.

of women do not use sun cream on holiday.

86% of

women dye their hair on a regular basis.

Images taken from Google Image

of women have voted Cheryl Cole as having the best celebrity hair.

70%of women use sun beds on a regular basis.


64%of women are not happy with their body

May Beautyful Page 15

of women would consider having plastic surgery if money was no object.


of women voted Jessica alba as having the best beach body. Cheryl Cole came in second with



women wear fake tan regularly.


of women bite their nails.

30% Only

of women say they have a normal skin type. Dry skin came in second with


of women have had a pair of GHD’s. 20%

sams new mag  

Find out the favourite styles and this summer’s hottest hair cut 5 page Toni&Guy special! This fortnight’s best beauty products from jus...

sams new mag  

Find out the favourite styles and this summer’s hottest hair cut 5 page Toni&Guy special! This fortnight’s best beauty products from jus...