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Dechlan Jarrett

social Check out our social guide for those of you who need a break from exams

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May 2010


uess what? It is that


level. That is why in this edition of fusion \RXZLOOÀQG top exam tips from the LSS and do not forget to check out our social guide for the best places to visit on those nights off. Good Luck!

Ross Editor


time of year again when assignments DUHQHDUO\ÀQLVKHGDQG exams are the only thing that are stopping you from enjoying sunny days out on the 8QLYHUVLW\ÀHOGZLWK large quantities of SU tipples. But the importance of exams cannot be highlighted enough. For you second years out there the exam period will be coming to an end and Work Based Learning will be the next thing on your mind while it is just beginning for you ÀUVWDQGÀQDO\HDUV Either way it is important to highlight WKHVLJQLÀFDQFHRI exams as they could mean the between a degree mark or you progressing to the next


Eeeek it’s Exam time,

May 2010 fusion


A-Z n


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n o i s i v e R m a x E and Tips

>> FEELING VLFNJRWEXWWHUà LHVNHHS double checking that you have at least three working pens? Then you are probably in a queue waiting for an exam to start after all it is that time of year again. Don’t panic though! fusion has teamed up with Jeanette Rowley, study skills advisor, from Learning Support Services (LSS) to bring you an A to Z guide to tackling those all important tests.


m, elp fro t Services h h t i W or g Supp Learnin


orget the m yth that stu exams. It is dents do no more likely t mind th at they share doubts you d the same o. of the ed capacity it m li e h T . ppreciate vision time to re n la p so , emory . short term m term memory g n lo r u o y refresh


n take ur of revisio o h ry e v e r o mind. reaks. F hydrate the re to st re 5 minute

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t dy space tha u st d te a ic d ere you reate. A de . A place wh d e x la re l e me. makes you fe a period of ti r fo te a tr n can conce


ion r exam quest u o y k a re B nderline econstruct. ing asked? U e b u o y re a down. What s. the key word


this eals because m ff o t u p the at. Don’t not getting is y d o b r u o y of means that ing in a lack lt su re ts n ie ing right nutr in the morn e g id rr o P . n me concentratio until lunchti st la u o y t a perties. enusures th releasing pro w o sl s it to thanks

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May 2010


ood study pla n. A thought will go along out study pla way to ensu n ring that yo right inform u revise the ation at the right time. A study plan w well divised ill also ease nerves.


ighlight the key informa and in the e tion while re xam. It help vising s y ou to refer b WKDWSLHFHR ack to ILQIRUPDWLR QLQDTXLFND manner. QGHIĂ€FLHQW


ndex cards a re very usefu summarising l when large amoun ts of notes. write a key On one side word while on the other bullet points write key . This way y ou are const reinforcing e a ntly xisting inform ation in you r head.


uggle your w orkload. Ensu prioritise yo re that you ur differing topics in ord much time y er of how ou think you should spen d on them




Dechlan Jarrett “I WILL WORK VERY HARD TO PROVIDE UNIVERSITY OF CHESTER STUDENTS WITH THE BEST EXPERIENCES POSSIBLE” Newly elected and raring to go. Ross MushetÀQGVRXW what Dechlan Jarrett has planned for the CSU and whyhe advocates “freedom” and peoples right to choose.



May 2010


his year’s election for the new Student’s Union president was shrouded in controversy after it was found that the online voting system could be rigged. Voters who knew the student numbers and passwords of others could log in and vote more than once. The uproar meant that the hundreds of votes cast were scrapped and voters had to turn out in person to cast their decision once again. Thanks to hard work from the current CSU team and a massive 1,091 votes later Dechlan Jarrett was crowned

the new president and boy he has plans. From the Shropshire town of Telford, Dechlan is FRPLQJWRWKHHQGRIKLVÀQDO year studying sports and excercise science. ARE YOU A BIG SPORTS FAN THEN? “I am a massive sports person, I like allsorts of sports. It is DERXWNHHSLQJÀWDQGKHDOWK\ My main sport though has got to be football.” WHAT FOOTBALL TEAM DO YOU SUPPORT THEN? “Well I kind of follow three teams. I support Manchester


United but I also follow Tottenham because of my Dad then there is Wolverhampton Wanders because of the locality to where I live. SO NOT MANY THEN? [Laughs] “I used to play football semi-professionally but then I came to Uni. I still play for the Uni 1st team and have done for the past three years.�

HOW DO YOU THINK THE ELECTION CAMPAIGN WENT? “Apart from the chaos surrounding the voting system the campaign went extremely well. The support I received was mind blowing. People obviously agreed with what I had to say.

ONTO SERIOUS MATTERS, WHO ENCOURAGED YOU TO STAND FOR PRESIDENT? ´7KHYHU\ÀUVWSHUVRQWR PHQWLRQLWÀUVWZDVP\EHVW friend from home, Dominik Wakelin. Although, I am sure he just wants to me to stay in Chester so he has somewhere to stay after a night out. The ÀUVWSHUVRQZKRWKRXJKWLW EHQHÀFLDOWRWKH8QLZDV3HWH Last. He has been wicked throughout. He was backed up by another good friend, Diva.� Dech’s campaign poster was probably the best one!

Dechlan, Diva and Pete before a night out. WAS SHE NOT ON THAT CHANNEL 4 PROGRAM SHIPWRECKED? [Laughs] Yes, she was!

WHAT DO YOU THINK THE UNIVERSITY IS IN DESPERATE NEED OF? “In total honesty, aside from the Warrington bar staying open, there is not a need for anything as such. Those who are here, to study for their degree, can enjoy a vast amount of sports and societies during the day and good nights out. But, we all have to remember students are here to get a degree.� BUT WHAT WOULD YOU SAY NEEDS ADDRESSING?


“If anything, stability would be the issue. We had problems this year such has who was UXQQLQJWKHRIĂ€FLDOVWXGHQW night. I will always advocate freedom and that everyone KDVDFKRLFHEXWZHĂ€UVW need to know what those choices are. Personally, I feel that the University is terrically balanced. The place is not too big and not too small and it is close to the town centre. Though I am a realist and nothing is perfect. We need to address security around student houses, Kingsway problems and campus parking. Finally, I would like to see some more cohesion between the Chester campus and Warrington.â€? SO STUDENTS CAN EXPECT LOTS FROM YOU? [Smiles] “Yes! There will be alot of interaction from myself whether it be through social networking or through the Uni channels. I know the team will work very hard to provided Univeristy of Chester students with the best experiences possible whether it be on the social or academic circuit. I am an easily-approachable guy so hopefully the students will feel they have an readily available output for any issues the may have.â€? BACK TO THE TRIVIAL STUFF, WHATS YOUR FAOURITE COLOUR? “Ooo tough one! I haven’t got one really. Most of my clothes are either black or grey. None of which is a colour.â€? May 2010 fusion




WHAT’S YOU FAVOURITE TIPPLE ON A NIGHT OUT? “Erm, well my favourite drink is Southern Comfort with a hint of lemonade. But I need a pint of lager to start me off!”

ANY FINAL THOUGHTS? “Go out enjoy yourself but remember the work. Get on your studies, get on the library, get on the gym! Get ONNIT!”

CSU SUMMER BALL, ARE YOU GOING TO IT? “I am going yes, have my ticket. I have never been before so I am really excited for it.”



ome June 28 Dechlan will take up his new role permanently and start preparation fpr the new

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO THOSE UNSURE ABOUT WHETHER TO GO? “To those who are unsure, if you are leaving this year especially, what better way is there of saying goodbye to your university experiences and friends. Plus a DJ set from Pendulum what more could you want?”

Your New Chester Students Union sabbatical officers. President: Dechlan Jarrett Vice-President: Jason Mason [Chester] Vice-President: Sam Wright [Warrington] General Manager: Laura Pearsons



May 2010

academic year in September. I DPFRQÀGHQWWKDWWKHULJKW candidate was picked. Honest, straight talking and as he admits, very approachable. The CSU could have been worse off but fortunately the students know what they want and clearly think Deccy J (as he is known) can deliver. Roll on September! Words: Ross Mushet Photos: Dechlan Jarrett and Ross Mushet.

Photographs: Courtesy of the relevant venue


HERE is a preconception that all students do is drink and party while the academic work is given second priority. Now while this maybe true for a small minority the majority of us have our priorities sorted and as a result work hard in order to play hard. Exam time can be stressful so therefore we at fusion have come up with a quick social guide of all the best places to party the night away and where you can go for a foaming afternoon pint. Be sure to check out September’s edition of fusion for a full guide for all the freshers.

social May 2010 fusion



WKHWKLUGDQGÀQDO destination is Rbs where you ne of the oldest can dance into the early hours clubs in Chester, of the morning Rbs or Rosie’s as it providing you do not have an is lovingly known exam the next day. Be sure to head out early because Thursby the locals SURYLGHVWKUHHà RRUVRI&KHHVH day nights are probably the Dance and RnB. There are three busiest as the local students key nights aimed at students. head out too. Be sure to check 7KHÀUVWEHLQJRQD:HGQHVGD\ out the latest acts performing IRU \RXU RIÀFLDO &68 QLJKW RXW at Rbs with big names such as with Team Story. Tickets cost Tinie Tempah on the way. £3 from the Students Union with £2 going back into the Su. Drinks are also cheap at just £1 on selected beverages. The other big nights include Thursdays for Three in a Bed. he newest club in +HDGWR\RXUÀUVWYHQXHRIWKH Chester , Cruise, Red Lion purchase a drink and plays host to do not forget to ask for your Chester’s biggest pass! Then head over to student night, Lakota ZKHUH \RX ZLOO ÀQG D second pass waiting. Finally Beans. Celebrating its tenth






May 2010

anniversary Beans, which used to be held at RBs, takes place every Monday. Tickets are on sale on the day from mid-afternoon in the SU bar. Mike Hannigan, director of Beans, said: “This night is always jam packed regardless of the occasion. With an indie, GDQFHDQGFKHHV\SRSĂ RRU there is something for everyone.â€? Cruise offers WKUHHĂ RRUVDOOWDVWHIXOO\GHForated and with good drinks prices it is always a hit. Other nights at Cruise include Pure on a Thursday and the weekend is always booked with entertainment with past acts ranging from Ollie Murs to Miniviva. Be aware however at the weekend prices are quite steep for a student budget and it is over 21s only.


Destiny & Elite

Telford’s Warehouse


or those who are looking for an alternative to clubbing Telford’s may just be what your looking for. Set beside the Shropshire canal, close to the University, this picturesque pub, music venue, and restaurant offers great entertainment all year round. Plus with the summer beaming down upon us it is a great place to sit outside and

watch canal boats go by while VDPSOLQJÀQHDOHV Live music from unsigned acts is what Telford’s specilises in with past performers including Nizlopi who sang the JCB song. Telford’s also offers a variety of activities whether it be art classes to salsa classes you can be sure there is something to cater for everyone. The restaurant section also impresses. Although not cheap the food is top quality and the portions are very very generous. Upcoming acts performing at Telford’s include Trevor Roots and the Collaborators and Rose Elinor Dougall. Other events include Doodleplanet and Mancuban Latin Night. Be sure to check them out at; May 2010 fusion


Words: Ross Mushet Photos: Ross Mushet


he new kids on the block, Destiny & Elite, have really come out of the blocks ÀULQJRQDOOF\OLQGHUV%DVHG at Cheshire Oaks, Ellesmere Port, the enormous club puts on a student-only night on Wednesday’s called SLick. For just £5 they provide a fun bus there and back as well as your club entry fee. The drink prices are nearly illegal at just 99p a go. It is not a night to be missed. Team Slick’s slogan as Pete Last, manager of Team Slick, stated: “Get Onnit!” The venue itself is actually two clubs and it is open at

weekends to locals but has been known to recieve bad press. The student night however is one you should not miss. Remember to take your student ID!

Chester Racecourse

May Festival Wed 5th - Fri 7th call: 01244 304600

12 Ross fusion Photograph: Mushet May 2010

Ross Mushet pdf  
Ross Mushet pdf  

social Dechlan Jarrett REVISION LSS and fusion's Man of the moment... Plan the perfect night out May 2010/Issue01/ FREE Serving the Chester...