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Simple Steps To Bigger Muscles Summer Fashion: What To Wear Healthy Eating Pointers Holiday Like A Premiership Footballer The Best Food To Eat Post Workout Using Your Fitness For A Good Cause PLUS! YOUR FREE PERSONAL TRAINER BOOKLET INSIDE


Get ready for summer 2010 After months of cold, miserable weather it appears that summer is slowly creeping around the corner. Now comes the time of hot weather (hopefully!), no more freak snow storms, relaxing in beer gardens and enjoying some time in the sun. This issue of edge is packed full of useful tips to get your body to perfection, just in time for the coming months where you can strip off and reveal all your hardwork of training from the past few months. And for those of you who are just starting training or trying to slim down then there is just as many tips to get you feeling extra confident for summer. This months issue also features lots of style and fashion tips so you have can have a good look for the summer times ahead. Be sure to check our website for up to date tips and pointers.

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5 Don’t skip it! Why eating breakfast is important COVER STORIES

4 Healthy Eating

Check this month’s notice board for the foods which benefit your body and your health the most

6 Refuel Your Body

Learn a recipe that will help you on the way to recover your muscles after a workout

Paradise found?


10 Fitness Hero

An average man who used his atheleticism for charity

12 Fashion & Style Get the summer look and styles with our fashion guide


The best workout to get you ripped

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less calories consumed per meal if you eat an apple first

Red wine can stop weight gain??? A daily glass of red can stop from storing fat, and even better, fat specifically round your waist!


of your RDA of calcium is contained in one can of sardines

Foods rich in zinc are great for the brain! Have a small portion of crab to get half your RDA of zinc

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VINEGAR! Vinegar-based food dressings have been found to boost weight loss

Health and Nutrition

Are you skipping breakfast? edge spoke to Dr Basma Ellahi from the University of Chester about why you shouldn’t be skipping your most important meal Breakfast is a very important meal of the day, but is the meal the majority of men just doesn’t bother with. Whether that is because they are in a rush to get to work or lessons. Some even miss it purposely in an effort to lose weight. “Breakfast is to break the fast your body has gone through during the night,” says Dr Basma Ellahi, “It is the most important meal of the day, and also the meal a large majority of people skip. “You need breakfast to speed up your metabolism and it’s very important for improving your performance throughout

your entire day” But does skipping breakfast actually help with weight loss? As Basma explained: “While there is a little truth to this, missing breakfast is not the right time to cut down on calories in order for you to lose weight. “If you skip breakfast, then you’re more likely to gain weight as your body will store the fat cells.” So now that you know why you shouldn’t skip it, what types of foods should you be eating? “Wholegrain food is the best type, as is fruit, as they have slow release energy, meaning they will benefit you more than a fry-up would,” says Basma. For those of you who do rush in the mornings then the best solution is making porridge. It’s easy to make and provides you with all the energy you need in the morning. Not to

mention that certain brands allow you to microwave those oats in two minutes. So there you have it. There’s no longer an excuse for not eating breakfast.

A recent study at the University of Chester looked into men’s breakfast habits. The results showed that…

61% always ate breakfast 28% often ate breakfast 11% never ate breakfast

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Health and Nutrition The basic ingredients

The basics: 2 Duck breasts

Plain rice

Green beans

6 edge May 2010

FOOD THAT REFUELS Here’s a recipe that will work wonders post workout

After hitting the gym from an intense, heavy workout you need to supply your body with a good deal of protein and also a fair amount of carbs if you want your muscles to recover. But instead of opting for the normal protein shake, why not make a meal that will taste better and isn’t time consuming! This month we are showing how simple duck can be turned into a delicious healthy meal that will help your nutrition. Firstly duck, like chicken, is full of protein that your body craves for after a workout. One duck breast will provide you with enough protein to aid muscle recovery. Secondly, ignore the myths that carbs are the ultimate evil. You do need carbohydrates in your diet. They can help restore muscle, and if your post workout meal has no carbohydrates then your body could actually break down muscle tissue, instead of repairing and building it, and you don’t want that do you! Now follow the simple steps on the next page to create a fantastic meal that will put a smile on your face and bulk up those muscles of yours.

Health and Nutrition

Step one: Cut the duck breasts into small chunks and also cut away at any fat underneath the breasts.

Step two: Boil the rice in a saucepan, and also the green beans at the same time but on a lower heat.

Step three: Shallow fry the duck in a little vegetable oil until the chunks darken. By this point the rice and green beans should be boil. Step four: Poor in some low fat hoisin sauce into the frying pan and stir around the duck

Step five: Plate up!

The finished product

Drain the rice and serve it on a warm plate. Then place the green beans over the rice. Next, Poor the duck in hoisin sauce over the green beans and rice. Step six: Enjoy!

For more information about this recipe, and to find others, visit the edge website

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Press for more muscle Techniques to improve your strength and increase your chest muscles Flat dumbell press on swiss ball

<< Lie flat on a swiss ball making sure your shoulders are supported. Using two dumbells, raise your arms over your chest as if you are bench pressing. Next, bring one arm down until you feel your chest muscle tighten. Push the weight back up and alternate onto your other arm. Do 3 sets of 6 reps.



Forward press on strength machine


Using a strength machine, put two weights on both sides that are slightly heavier than your normal load. Next, lean slightly forward and push the right bar with both arms until fully extended. Ensure you bring it back slowly to avoid injury. Do 3 sets of 8 reps



Press up on swiss ball


Assume a press up position on a swiss ball, making sure you are balanced. Next, push down on the ball, as if you were doing a normal press up. Do 2 sets of 20 reps

Please ensure that the weights used are suitable. If you are unsure about any of these exercises, then seek advice from staff at your gym or personal trainers.

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THE DOCTOR ORDERED! How using a medicine ball can greatly improve your core strength On the outside, it’s just a ball. A little bit heavy, but still, just a ball. But to many fitness trainers and athletes, the medicine ball can be an invaluable tool for core strength, which is your abs and part of your back. Strengthening your core will fortify joints in your elbows, shoulders, and knees that will help you get more power for your arms and legs. The value of the medicine ball is that it is excellent for building up your abs with simple exercises, that don’t require an infinite amount of sit-ups. Medicine balls come in many varieties and sizes, often filled with sand or solid rubber. For beginners, a 2 – 6 pound ball is the general starting point, or a 6 – 12 pounds ball for those who have a decent abdominal strength. “Medicine balls are great tools for perfecting your abdominals,” says personal trainer Mike Lee. “Most people don’t understand what they are meant for, or even those who do, just don’t use them, but they are far better than doing stomach crunches. “The key is to make sure your using a comfortable weighted ball and know what you’re doing.” One of the best moves to use is the bicycle. “Lie on your back, leaning up as if you’re about to sit up. With your legs up, begin cycling like you are riding a bike, whilst also feeding the ball between your legs as they go up and down.” This move is effective for defining your abs and hip abductors. For more information about the medicine ball check out the edge website for help and tips.

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Running for a cause

Every wondered about putting your fitness to good use? Runner Lee Wythe explains why it’s something you should consider doing...

“I’ve always been a run-

ner” says Lee, “but I’ve never really done a run for charity or anything sport like for charity if I’m being totally honest.” But that all changed last month when Lee completed the Brighton Marathon. Lee regularly takes parts in runs for fun but this time decided to do something a bit different. “I knew I wanted to do something for charity, I didn’t really have a reason, it just felt like the right thing to do.” Lee decided not to bother

with short 5km’s or half marathon runs and instead dived right into the deep end and opted for the full 26miles marathon in Brighton. “I’ve never ran a full marathon before, but I wasnt nervous about going through with it.

“ I knew I wanted

to do something for just felt like the right thing to do.”

Initially when I signed up for the marathon I had a target time of around four to four and a half hours. However a knee ligament injury played a major part in my training routine since the very end of November and is still in rehabilitation at present. Which is why I think the 5 hours that I did it in is still an achievement for a completion time. “But that’s not the most important thing to me about completing this marathon. To me it was about raising the money to help my charity of choice the Samaritans, who

A relaxed Lee

10 edge May 2010

Fitness then go on to help others in need. “The Samaritans was my charity of choice because I feel they don’t get enough credit for the 24/7 service they provide throughout the entire country.”

“ Nutrition is really

important in running. Whether it’s for an early morning jog or a marathon, your body needs fuel to help you maintain pace and speed.” Lee trained on average four

times a week for the Brighton marathon. “I generally ran around 4 times a week, with most days being in the week as I liked to rest on the weekends. If I didn’t have much time then I’ll just do a 6 mile run. But if I had more time then I would then push for 9 miles. Nutrition is really important in running. Whether it’s for an early morning jog or a marathon, your body needs fuel to help you maintain pace and speed. Lee recommends eating a banana if your really short for time before doing any training session, otherwise you should

try to get some good carbs for more energy. “I would love for more people to put their fitness to good use. At the end of the day, the majority of the edge readers will already be fit enough or even fitter than me, and could really help out charities and people who really need some support.” Thanks to Lee Wythe for the interview and providing edge magazine with a photograph

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Style and Fashion

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Welcome to La Manga

Is this true paradise? Matt Royle spent some time at the La Manga Club and gives his impressions of the stunning resort

What do Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard have in common besides being great footballers? They both regually hang out at La Manga Club in Murcia, Spain. The resort, which has

14 edge May 2010

been dubbed the ‘celebrity football hangout’, is a 5 star luxury get-away. Boasting three award-winning golf courses, 28 tennis courts, spas and a football training ground that has been visited by Chelsea FC, La Manga is a paradise. I found myself lost for words when I arrived through the entrance. Situated at the very bottom of Spain, facing the Mediterranean Sea, this is a place that can offer you anything. Whether you want to relax on a beach cove, play some sport (which can

be cricket, rugby, mountain biking and much more), or want some good nights out, if you’re here for a short stay, then you’ve got some tough decision to make on where to go, what to do and what to see.

“If you’re planning on

going away for a break in the summer, then I have to recommend La Manga Club”

There is a vast amount of

restaurants, bars and clubs across the 1400 acres. Note worthy bars include ‘The Last Drop’ and the Irish bar ‘Mulligans’ for their generous amounts of alcohol served in their drinks (a single is more like a triple). The town of Murcia is just a short ride away, and features old heritage buildings, a huge marina and the famous ‘La Manga Strip’, which is one long road of bars and restaurants that make it unbelievably hard to choose where to go.

Travel But wherever you end up and whatever you’re doing, the staff and locals are very friendly and are always offering suggestions and help if you need it.

“The only downside

to La Manga is when you know you have to leave” If you’re planning on going away for a break in the

summer, then I have to recommend La Manga Club. There are a variety of places to stay, from the massive 5 star hotel to penthouse apartments, though prices will vary. The only downside to La Manga is when you know you have to leave. If your interested in visiting La Manga Club or wondering about prices then I suggest visiting www. Photographs taken by Matt Royle

An oasis of beauty

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