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Chester MAY 2010


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Dear reader,

Summer, summer, summer! Summer time is here, and Chester has never been a better place for attractions. The Chester Races hit town this month, meaning the streets will be filled with the classiest of suits and dresses. The city park will be a must see in the sunshine - make sure to take your frisbee and remember to lotion up! There will also be a great selection of plays and performances for you to see. Summer is also the time of year when Hollywood releases its best blockbusters, be sure to catch one of those in the case of rain. If you’re feeling like a particularly scenic ride, hit the river; either enjoy a boat ride, or get into one of the smaller vessels that you can pedal. Chester Tourist will bring you all the information you need to enjoy this beautiful city. Inside, we present to you the must-sees of the city in the summer. So make sure to give the magazine a go, and see if it helps make your holiday that extra bit special. And thanks to the size, you can fit it in your backpack or handbag!

Enjoy your holiday, Anastasia Vartanyan

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In this Issue: Your Tour of Chester Lifestyles Music Theatre & Cinema Food & Drink

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Your Tour of C



Tour Spots: 01. The Town Hall 02. Abbey Gateway 03. Abbey Square 04. Bell Tower 05. Eastgate Claock 06. The Roman


07. St John’s church 08. Norman Weir 09. The Bear and Billet 10. St Mary’s Church 11. Chester Castle 12. Magistrate’s Court 13. The Three

Old Arches

14. 1 Bridge Street 15. Browns of Chester 16. 33 Eastgate Street 17. Chester Cathedral


Your Tour The Town Hall This gothic style building, designed by WH Lynn, sits opposite the cathedral. It was opened by the Prince of Wales, who later became Edward VII, in 1869. The town hall contains an assembly room, council chamber by TM Lockwood and Lord Mayor’s parlour.

Abbey Gateway This medieval gatehouse was the entrance to a Benedictine abbey which was dedicated to St. Werburgh. There are several sandstone bosses inside, including the faces of Jesus Christ, St. John the Baptist and St. Werburgh. The upper storey is an addition made in the late 18th century addition which is not accessible to the general public.

Abbey Square

The houses situated here were built in the 18th century in the “London style”, although houses adjacent to the gateway itself were not completed until the 1820s. The design of the terraces in the area was uniformly designed, whilst every house had different detailing on it, to preserve a sense of individuality.

Your Tour


Bell tower The Chester bell tower was designed and built after the central tower of the Cathedral suffered structural problems, forcing the bell tower to be built to house the thirteen bells. Chester’s bell tower was also the first detached bell tower to be built for an English cathedral after the Reformation.

Eastgate Clock The Eastgate, on which the clock is situated, replaced the medieval gateway in 1769, which had replaced the older Roman gate known as the Porta Principalis Sinistra. John Douglas designed the clock, and Douglas’s cousin, James Swindley, did the ironwork around the clock.

The Roman Amphitheatre The first amphitheatre was built on the site around 80AD. Improvements in the form of additional seating and extra external staircases were made around 95AD. The structure was further remodeled in about 200AD, with an outer wall, decorative façade and internal staircases being added. The arena was used for gladiatorial combat and executions.


Your Tour St John’s Church

Norman Weir

Between 1075 and 1102, the building was the cathedral for the diocese of Lichfield, and was rebuilt over the course of three centuries. The interior gives an indication of the size and scope of the original building. The ruins at the eastern side were once the chancel and chapel, but were cut off from the main building in the 16th century.

The weir here provided power for a corn mill on the north bank of the river, which by the 17th century, served eleven water wheels, six of which were used for grinding corn, which provided the Earldom with a lot of profit.

The Bear and Billet Built in 1664, the Bear and Billet Inn was one of the last major timber-framed houses to be built in Chester until the style was popularised again in the 19th century. The house itself replaced an earlier building which was destroyed in the 1640s in the Civil War.

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St Mary’s Church The original St Mary’s church was originally in Chester Castle, in the Agricola Tower, but was deemed too small in 1350, and so the current church was built outside the Castle walls. The church is the final resting place for many prisoners and noteworthy people, including three witches sentenced to hang in 1656.

Chester Castle Originally built by William I in 1070 as a typical Norman motte and bailey castle, which has been upgraded over the years. The entranceway, which was inspired by the Propylaeum of the Acropolis in Athens, was finished in 1822. The Agricola Tower once stood as the gateway to the Castle itself, and the chapel is still used by the Chester Regiment.

Magistrate’s Court Built in 1991 to replace the old Magistrate’s Court in the town Hall, this is an example of how a trully modern builing can make a positive contribution to a historic setting.

12 The three round headed arches formed the basis of the Row frontage of the 13th century hall built here, which was enlarged in the 14th century to form a stone hall running parallel to Bridge Street. The brickwork of the upper level is dated from the 18th century, and lots of the original medieval stonework survives inside.

Your Tour

The Three Old Arches

1 Bridge Street During the second half of the 19th century, lots of central Chester was rebuilt in the blackand-white half-timbered style. The Victorian style was inspired by 16th and 17th century buildings, but the more recent examples tend to be larger and more highly decorated than the inspirations.

Browns of Chester Established in the late 18th century, Brown’s of Chester was the forefront of Chester’s importance as a fashionable shopping centre, and has been described as the “Harrod’s of the North”. The Classical building opened in 1828, and the extension opened in 1856 and was designed to reflect the early 14th century stone vaulted undercroft.

Your Tour


33 Eastgate Street The NatWest bank here was commissioned in the late 1850s, and controversially was built in the Classical design when everything else nearby was built in the black and white vernacular style. Even thirty years later, when many nearby buildings had been given the half-timbered style, the bank was still out of place.

Chester Cathedral The Saxon church on this ground was refounded as a Benedictine abbey in 1092, and later as the great Gothic building which formed the cathedral in 1541. The west front dates from the early 16th century, but was restored between 1868-76.


Lifes t y l e C h e s t e r The Chester Roodee is preparing to great thousands of people this summer as the new racing season starts on the on the 5th of May. This year, the May Festival will introduce some of the best horseracing in England, including Chester Cup and the two Epson Derby trials: the Chester Vase on the 6th, and the Dee Stakes on the 7th. This year, the new fixture -Roman Day - will occur on the Racecourse on the 22nd of May, that will include Chariot races, stunt riders and many fun activities for you and your children, that will inevitably transport you back into the Age of Roman Empire. The Chester Races is the event suitable for everyone. Ladies will have a chance to shine with style and fashion on Boodles Ladies Day all through the season, with the glamorous Ladies Evening in June, proving the competition to see who is really

R a c e s

the most fashionable Best Dressed Lady of Chester. For gourmet racegoers, there will be a great variety of culinary delights from award winning chefs, from French cuisine at Turf Restaurant, to British cooking of 1539, to Gastro pub experience at Horse & Jockey, offering a variety of menus for any taste. Apart from that, the races will be cattered with an extensive range of wines and champagne - another note to create a important atmosphere of the event. Chester Racecourse is one of the oldest in Britain, dating back to Medieval Era, and is a landmark for many historical affairs. Don’t miss your chance to experience the meeting of Êpoques in one of the most exciting events this summer! For more information, visit

Lifes t y l e


Shell Marathon

Free Salsa Lessons

All you Salsa lovers, put on your dancing shoes for a free Salsa lesson at D’ Meltin’ Pot on Watergate Row, Chester’s most atmospheric music and dance venue. Every Tuesday, there are Cuban Salsa and Bachata classes with Cuban native teacher. They also include Rueda, so that everyone can enjoy the authentic dancing experience. On Sundays, the venue hosts Salsa classes for all levels, with an opportunity to dance after the lesson is finished. Apart from that, on the 1st of May, D’ Meltin’ Pot is organizing the Funky Salsa Party, a monthly Latin extravaganza with DJ Mike. Salsa, bachata, cha cha and many other dances are making up the program of the event. For more information, visit

Chester Ghost Tour

Chester is a heaven for everyone, who loves mystery and supernatural. This May, join a late night ghost hunt in one of the oldest and most haunted cities in Britain, as you step on the trail to well-known spooky places, will tales of ghost, poltergeists, spectres and things that crawl in the night. The tour runs from 19.30 from the Town Hall every Saturday through out the year. For more information, visit

On 17th of May, the West Cheshire Athletic Club is organizing the Shell Chester Half Marathon, and event aimed to raise sponsorship for the Countess of Chester Hospital Relative Comfort Appeal. The race will consist of a fast and well-measured course, with Chester Racecourse serving as a stqarting and finishing points. This year, there will be up to 2,800 people participating, with the age of participants starting from 17 years on the day of the race. For those wanting to join in, you must enter in advance, for there will be no entries on the day. As part of the event, there will also be a 1 mile Family Fun Run starting at 09:45. The entry will be £2 on the day of the race, will awards to all the finishers. For more information, visit

‘How to...’ - Pots of Style

Grosvenor Gardening School invites locals and guest of the city to take part in the seminar from their ‘How to…’ series - Pots of Style. The event will take place on the 19th of May from 6pm to 8pm, and will consist of a panel will demonstrations by a garden designer, author and radio presenter Jenny Hendy, who will share with you her creative ideas for patio pots and containers. The presentation will be followed by a buffet dinner and drinks. The entrance fee £25 all inclusive. For more information, visit



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For details, visit www.chester-

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Activities include concerts,



Roger Sanchez

The month of races kicks in from the start, with a renowned Roger Sanchez setting up the beat in his 3 hour set on May 1st. In addition to the newest sound, the program will include contributions from Alan Hartley, Seanos, The Dubmonkeys, James Balmer and many others. If the programm gets to hot, one of the arena’s is turned into a Chillout lounge with refreshments. The event will be broadcasted life on Radio City 96.7 across all of North West. For additional information, visit


Unplugged open mic night continues it’s ten year old tradition of combining good food and excellent music in one. With genres variating from jazz and blues, to roots and rock, Alexander’s Live continues to lead in creating the ultimate Musical venue for Chester. This month, take your burger and eat it to the sound of Chester’s unique music culture. For information and tickets, visit

Commercial Jazz Night The Commercial Hotel hosts the Commercial Jazz night will some of the UK’s best Jazz musicians playing live every Wednesday from 8.30pm. To learn more, go to

Stephen Bayliss

Convivio Bar & Restaurant is hosting a special event this summer, opening it’s doors to one of the soulful musicians, Stephen Bayliss, on May 20th. Stephen’s stage presence is simply captivating, so if you want to relieve your youth, or just enjoy the swing of 50s, this is one gig you shouldn’t miss. For more information, visit or



Theatre & Cinema John Godber: Up ‘n’ Under From May 8th to May 15th, The Tip Tip Production are putting on their version of John Godber’s Up ‘n’ Under on the stage of The forum Studio Theatre. This sparkling comedy revolves around Arthur, played by Mark Newman, who is trying to shape up a rugby team for a big game to win a bet, with banter, ridiculous amounts of macho nonsense and an occasional pint in a local pub.

This play is a representation of everything John Godber was good at: good-hearted humor with a silver lining of social satire, turning situations more and more ridiculous as the story progresses. The final match is brilliantly recreated on stage, making the spectator laugh, cry and inevitably have a good time. For more information, visit www.tiptopproductions.



Corona Comedy Night This summer, every Tuesday from 8pm, the Commercial Hotel is hosting The Corona Commercial Comedy Night, giving the stage to the best and funniest stand up comedians in UK, as well as an opportunity to share your material on a open mic spot. The event will also be showcasing the pre-Edinburgh warm up shows. Just for a visitor, the hotel and bar is giving a special offer: £2 for a bottle of Corona, as well as selected bar snacks. The admission fee is also £2. For more information, visit

Robin Hood Ridley Scott’s new movie with Russell Crow as Robin Hood in a historical drama, inspired by a world famous story of a nottingham woodland thief. Release date: 14/05

Hot tub time Machine Childhood friends Adam (John Cusack), Lou (Rob Corddry) and Nick (Craig Robinson) meet up after years apart, and somehow end up travelling 20 years into their past. Release date: 07/05



Nightmare on Elm Street A long-anticipated remake of a famous 80s horror movie finally hits the screen on the 7th of May. With Jackie Earle Haley as new Freddy Krueger, a horribly disfigured child-killer from Elm Street, this movie might be one of the most awaited releases this year. This film also marks a cinematographic debut of Samuel Bayer, known for his work on a great number of music videos for bands like Nirvana and Green Day. For more informatoin, go to

Prince of Percia Action-packed adventure of a rogue prince Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) in a race for the possession of a magical dagger with the Sands of Time. Release date: 21/05

Sex and the City 2 A sequel to a 2008 movie signifies the return of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her friends, as they decide to have a vacation and - maybe - find new love. Release date: 28/05




Farmers Market On Friday 14th of May, the Grosvenor Garnden Centre opens it’s doors for everyone wishing to taste the natural produce, grown and hand-picked by the expert farmers of Cheshire and North Wales, as well as organis eggs and meats, cheeses and fruits. As a guarantee of quality, the Market is approved by FARMA, the National Farmer’s Assosiation, a leading specialist in all aspects of local goods, from production to sale of farm products, as well as a whole package of issues that comes with farm retailing. It has over two decades of experience, and strives for excellent and pushing boundaries of the national agriculture. The Farmer’s market occurs on the second Friday of every month, all year long. For more information, visit

Marco Pierre White Steakhouse, Bar & Grill An unforgettable cuisine experience can be found right here in the Chester Hilton Hotel Doubletree. You can’t expect anything else from the place that brought the first british chef and the youngest in the world to be awarded 3 Michelin Stars. Going by the name itself, it has all the traditional fares you would come to expect from a steakhouse but of a much higher quality. Fresh ingredients and expert chefs make all the difference. For further information, visit the website:

Telfords Wa r e h o u s e Don’t want to spend a lot of money, but still get your money worth? Than Telfords Warehouse is your place. Excellecnt quiet venue, with tasty food and calm music on one day, boiling open mic night on the other - everyone can find his own peice of heaven. The editor’s favorite on the menu is their 6oz Steak - probably the best steak in town. But Shh! It’s a secter. For further information, go to

Drink Mark your calendars because on the 13th of May, Chester plays host to a Beer Festival. You can get tipsy on over 40 different cask ales and beers. Beguile your taste buds with the many flavors. Taking place at the Chester Racecourse , satisfy your thirst for ale along with tasty finger treats. This festival is tailor made for those who can hold their beer though it would be wise not to over indulge. Keep your stamina up as there is another Charity Beer festival in Chester on the 15th May. Perfect for the person who enjoys the sports bar ambience with large screen TV, special draft lagers. Go hungry because there is a barbeque buffet. This is probably not for the young ones, but ideal for an outdoor get together so bring your friends and help raise money for a few of the local charities in the area.


Beer Festival

For more information visit the website:

ABarMC ABarMC is one of the recent additions to Chester’s pub and bar culture, and what an addition it is. A late-night lounge bar, serving a variety of professionally mixed cocktails and carefully chosen Champagne, with the smooth sound of life music - it creates an atmosphere of sass and sophistication, with notes of funky fun. Not in a mood for Bubbly? ABarMC also has a wide range of wines, bottled beers and lagers, not to mention soft drinks, virgin cocktails, smoothies and so much more. And if you are feeling hungry, you can always top your drink with snack, or move to MC CafÊ Bar & Grill. More information at

Y e Olde Boot Inn If you are looking for and authentic pub experience, Boot Inn is a place just for you. Located in the centre of the city, it represents in itself everything a pub should be: from a warm friendly atmosphere to a heart-warming variety of beer and lager. Cozy interior fits wonderfully with a warm glow of yellow lamps, it is a stable corner of the city where you can forget about trouble with a good drink, surrounded by everlasting classics of pub culture and a few very interesting historical memorabilia. More info at

Chester Tourist  

A lifestyle publication highlighting all that Chester has to offer. Produced by Anatasia Vartanyan.

Chester Tourist  

A lifestyle publication highlighting all that Chester has to offer. Produced by Anatasia Vartanyan.