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May 5, 2011

Work-out at home The truth about being too thin

Chest Expander. - Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and your back straight. Bend your knees slightly and sink your weight into your legs. Look straight ahead throughout the exercise. Fold your arms in front of your chest. Slowly and rhythmically begin swinging your arms out to the sides, then back into the folded position in front of your chest. Feel your chest and shoulders expanding and stretching.

The Circuit:

1. Start with push ups. x10

Get in shape at home The living-room workout

You don’t need a gym membership to get rid of that unwanted flab and look fit. In fact, you don’t even need equipment.

How to do it:

Follow these simple instructions as a circuit, repeating the number of sets of each exercise without resting. After completing two rounds of the circuit, rest for two minutes, drink some water and then do the routine a further three times. Try starting with Push-Ups. - What type you do will depend on your current fitness level. If it has been quite a while since you have done anything physical you can start by doing a modified push up. That means keep your knees to the floor and cross over your legs. Ab Exercise 1. Standard Crunches – This is done lying with your back flat against the floor with your ankles crossed and knees raised toward your chest. Your Hands can be put together in the front or placed behind the head with elbows straight out to the sides. Squeeze the abdo-

men muscles and lift your shoulders off the floor. Do not strain your neck and leave your lower back flat. Ab Exercise 2. Leg Lifts – Another good abdominal exercise to work the lower abs is to lie flat on the floor with your legs straight out, hands to your sides or under your buttocks and lift your legs about 5 – 12 inches off the floor and hold for a few seconds. Keep the position for as long as you can without straining your neck or arching your lower spine. Repeat this step as many times as you can. While doing the exercises keep your abdominal muscles tight and your lower back flat to the floor. Squat. - Stand with your feet a little more than shoulder width apart. Keep your back straight. When you are standing and when you are lowering yourself into a squat remember to keep your back straight up and down. Lower yourself into a squat position. Keeping your feet planted and your back straight, lower your backside toward the floor. You want your knees to be over your feet, but not extending past them. Lift yourself into your original standing position.

2. Ab Exercise 1. x10 3. Squats. x10 4. Chester Expander. x10 5. Ab Exercise 2. x10 After completing the circuit four times, ensure to stretch the whole body to cool down.

Women: Common bad skin habits: Having beautiful skin is the dream of every woman, regardless of gender or age. People often ask how they can get this incredible skin. In reality, it is very easy to get rid of some bad habits that limit the true beauty of your skin.

4. Gaining or losing weight too fast

Here are 12 examples of habits we NEED to break in order to improve the health of our skin:

Now, we’re not taking away all your fun—you can still have a glass of something. But drink more than one cocktail a day, and your skin suffers. Alcohol dehydrates your skin, causing skin dryness and magnifying skin irregularities such as wrinkles. However, Drinking a glass of red wine a day provides antioxidants that is beneficial to your skin, but drinking too much alcohol doesn’t.

1. Sleeping or exercising with your make-up on We all have lazy moments when we want to skip washing at night or before the gym, but wearing make-up overnight or during a workout is not sensible. Not only can eye make-up spread to your eyes, causing irritation and eyelash loss, but it can lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

Gaining or losing weight too fast weakens your skin, causing premature sagging, stretch marks, and cellulite and lines.

5. Drinking too much alcohol

3. Smoking cigarettes Smoking decreases the flow of oxygen, speeding the ageing process. Causing Premature ageing, wrinkles, dryness, discolouration, and your complexion will become dull and shallow. Smoking also causes lines around your mouth as you have to pucker your lips over and over. The solution is to just kick the habit!

8. Over-exfoliating Exfoliants are great in creating baby-smooth skin, but over-doing it your face will dry out or overcompensate by producing more oil, which can trigger breakouts. It also may cause irritated, inflamed rough skin because of the lack of natural oils.

9. Eating the wrong foods Too much salt dehydrates your skin. Too much sugar can cause winkles and skin inflammation. So switch from processed fast food such as burgers and chips to fruits and vegetables. Eating healthily will also give your skin a gorgeous glow.

10. Using unsanitary make-up tools and old cosmetics When it’s time to bin old makeup, sometimes hygiene is forgotten about. What is important to remember is that your unwashed powder-puff and year-old mascara can be hoarding millions of bacteria.

2. Forgetting to put on suncream Sun-cream is important no matter what season it is. Sun’s rays damage the skin’s elastic fibre and collagen, causing brown spots, wrinkles and skin cancer. Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or greater every day, and avoid the sun during peak intensity (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.). Also, invest in sunglasses that block UVA rays to prevent wrinkles around the eyes that can result from squinting in the sun.

terrible acne, plus you can destroy skin tissue and get some ugly scars.

6. Lack of sleep

11. Stress

Lack of sleep. Having a few hours of sleep is not as good as your body produces stress hormones that attract the oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Get at least eight hours of “beauty sleep” every night and wake up each morning with a feeling of freshness.

Stress, the enemy of all. Stress causes the block function in our brains to weaken the skin, making it more prone to acne and fine lines. Time to relax more!

7. Squeezing spots Yes, that giant white-head looks unsightly. But will an infected red spot that lasts three times as long look better? When you squeeze or pick at blemishes, you merely spread bad bacteria around and into your pores, causing more breakouts. Squeezing spots is more dangerous than you think, it can turn those few into

12. Chatting on the phone...Seriously! Talking on the phone and resting your face against the receiver can lead to breakouts. Even if the phone is clean, just leaning against it can cause friction and high temperatures which can result in spots. Using earphones or putting your phone on speaker will help solve this problem.


If you’re anything like the team at Pro Fitness UK, then you’ll get very annoyed by women who come to the gym with perfectly straightened hair and full make-up on. Not only do they look silly, come on ladies, who are you trying to impress at the gym? It also gives off the impression that they are not going to do a very serious workout and they are just there for attention, which effectively makes women who go, stripped of make-up, ready to sweat-off away the calories, feel insecure about how they look.

The key to balancing fitness and still feeling good about how you look, is to buy cute but work-out appropriate outfits. Here are some perfect examples, which will make you look effortlessly great at the gym:

Diet Tips

1) Use the smallest plate and cutlery you’ll tell your subconscious mind that you’re eating more than you really are!

Reader weight-loss diary by Susan Sinclair

Wednesday, March 16th I have started my diet gradually, because apparently this will help maintain my eventual weight-loss. For Breakfast I have been eating a small bowl of fruit and fibre and a cup of tea. For lunch I have eaten either a tuna or a ham sandwich. (on brown bread- until we ran out of that and then I naughtily ate some of the children’s yummy white bread) I don’t like making hundreds of separate meals at dinner time, so I just had the same as everyone else, which admittedly sometimes wasn’t that healthy.

2) If you take sugar in tea or coffee and can’t bear the taste of artificial sweeteners, cut down the amount of sugar you use over a week or so. This allows the palate to adjust gradually and even the hardened ‘two sugars’ drinker can cut down to a quarter spoon easily! 3) Park in a space further away from your destination and enjoy a brisk walk to and from your car.

Good days: 10 Naughty days: 4 Glasses of wine: 5

Wednesday, March 30th Week 3 and 4: I have definitely tried much harder. I have started each day with a bowl of cereal, followed by fruit and nuts to snack on. For lunch I have had pasta or soup- My biggest improvement this week though, was eating much smaller meals at dinner time. If I’m honest, I have gone to bed a couple of nights hungry, but hopefully it will be worth it by the end of the month.

5) Put your fork down between bites - it’ll make you eat more slowly and you’ll feel fuller on less food. 6) Eat several smaller meals instead of a single huge one. 7) Don’t give up your favourite food treat completely. Just have a sensible amount of it.

Sports Bra: Nike- £ 22 Gray shorts: Pineapple£ 15 Trainers: Nike- £ 60 Shorts: Nike- £ 22

9) Brush your teeth immediately after your meal to discourage yourself from eating more. 10) Write down everything you eat in a week. You’ll be able to see what you need to avoid eating and when. 11) Thinking about joining a gym? Don’t leave it to January, do it in the autumn and ask for a discount. Save money and start getting fit sooner. 12) Eat before you go shopping, never, ever shop on an empty stomach (saves money too! )


Week 1 and 2 weight-loss: 1 pounds (it’s a start)

4) Don’t impulse buy in the supermarket - write a list before you go shopping and stick to it. If you don’t have ice-cream, chocolate or cake in the house, you can’t eat it!

8) Whatever diet you’re on it’s important to stay hydrated so drink plenty of water. It’ll help to kill your appetite too.

“I’ve never felt this confident.”

Week 3 and 4 weight-loss: 3 pounds :) Good days: 13 Naughty days: 1


Glasses of wine: 2

Wednesday, April 13th

Wednesday, March 2nd 2011

I have been terrible this last couple of weeks. I have been very busy and very hungry. I have stuck to just cereal for breakfast, but lunch I have had crisps and sandwiches, I think a pork-pie slipped in there too. Feeling bad.

Good days: 12

Today, I start my two month weight loss plan and I

Week 5 and 6 weight-loss: 1 pound

Naughty days: 2

Good days: 2

Glasses of wine: 2

Naughty days: 12

Wednesday, May 4th

Glasses of wine: 8

My final weeks of dieting. This experience has been great and I am really pleased with myself that I managed to keep it up and finally lose some weight. I will definitely be continuing with the healthy eating and the jogging.

am feeling very excited and committed. My technique is going to be to cut my regular food potions in half. I will eat exactly the same foods as normal, just half the quantity. I have been desperate to loose these few extra pounds for around a year now, but just haven’t had the time or the drive to do it. I have now run out of excuses. Every two weeks I will document my progress, which (all being well) will inspire more women to loose weight with me. Susan Start weight: 9st 6Ib

Wednesday, April 27th I have been extremely good these two weeks. I have been jogging every morning and I am getting used to a stricter diet. Next week I am going to test out not eating after 8pm, apparently this is a good technique to speed up weight-loss, so we’ll see. Week 4 weight-loss: 4 pounds :D

Overall total weight-loss: 11 pounds Thanks, Pro Fitness UK Magazine

Susan :D

Skinny Genes

Gaining weight the healthy way Certain types of exercise are the best way to gain muscle, which will increase your body mass. Weight-lifting exercises that are designed to build muscle should be included with your weightgaining diet and cutting back on cardiovascular exercise will also help.

She’s gorgeous, blonde and has a figure super models would be envious of. An ideal for many young woman of the twenty-first century. The media is constantly shoving images of skinny girls down consumers throats, whether it’s an advertisement for skin-care or a new car, the bar of how a successful woman should look, has been set and many girls are struggling to compete.

Possible reasons for being under-weight or naturally thin: •


One girl, who doesn’t share the harrows of trying to loose weight is sales assistant, Sophie Lee, who has suffered her entire teenage years with being classified as ‘too skinny.’

Physical illnesses can result in excessive weight loss.

Eating disorders can result in massive weight loss and can, in fact, result in death from the lack of nutrition.

Sophie tells Pro Fitness Magazine exactly how she has dealt with being on the opposite side of the spectrum, as she explains that being skinny is definitely not all that it is cracked up to be.

• Then there are others who lose their appetite, experience a change in metabolism, and/or lose poundage and muscle mass fast because of various reasons, including illness, chronic pain, depression, stress, and side effects from drugs.

PFM: Hi Sophie, how much do you currently weigh? Sophie: Hello, at the moment I am around 6 stone, which is not so bad. I am five-foot-four inches tall- I think that’s fairly average for women.

How to eat to promote weight-gain:

PFM: Yes, the average height today in Britain is roughly five-footfour and a half. What has been your lowest weight?

(such as unsaturated fats, like, olive oil, sunflower oil, almonds and walnuts). The majority of your food should be carbohydrates and the rest balanced between protein and fat should help you reach your goal.

• Enjoy meals with the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats

Sophie: when I was seventeen, I weighed about five and a half stone. But, I was used to being thin by then, the hardest time I think, was at about fifteen, because my friends would be wearing high heals and short skirts and I would just look ridiculous because I could basically fit one hand abound my thighs, so wearing heals made my feet look like giants feet. normally. PFM: Sophie, do you have an eating disorder? PFM: Are people worried about how little you weigh? Sophie: I have always been thin and my mother was too when she was my age, but I think as I have gotten older I have become more anxious about eating in front of people because I suffer from a lot of judgement, so in effect, I may have an eating disorder from already being skinny, if that makes any sense?

Sophie: My parents are always concerned. It is always a topic of conversation and it gets very boring, I don’t choose to be this thin and I always say, if I could just take some one else’s extra weight I would immediately.

PFM: In one day how many calories do you think you consume?

PFM: I am sure many people would offer you some of their extra pounds.

Sophie: I really don’t diet, I just eat when I am hungry, one day I may eat 2,500 calories and then the next maybe 1,000, food is not an obsession in my life- I could take it or leave it.

Sophie: (laughs) Yea, I have had many offers, it’s a shame it doesn’t work like that.

PFM: How do you feel about being so thin?

PFM: Have you been tormented at all?

Sophie: Yes, in school I was picked on, because people didn’t Sophie: I hate it. I hate no having boobs, I hate how people say they understand that I didn’t choose to be so thin, girls would just are jealous of me, when they have no idea what it is like. accuse me of never eating and loving the attention. Also, my ex-boyfriend was often quite harsh, he would make me feel PFM: What is it like? ugly and insecure, saying he didn’t enjoy dating a boy. Sophie: Well, buying clothes is a hassle, many things look terrible because I have the figure of an eight-year-old boy. About two years PFM: That sounds awful, Sophie. a go, I would wear loads of layers to try and conceal how skinny Sophie: It was, people have a problem with being sympathetic I looked, I am not sure if it fooled anyone though. Now, it seems towards me, because many of my friends were desperately impossible for me to put weight on and it is a huge frustration. trying to loose weight. I would often get insensitive comments like: ‘it’s all-right for you, you can eat whatever and not PFM: How have you tried to gain weight? worry about it, skinny bitch.’ People hardly ever realised they Sophie: I have tried weight-gain milkshakes, but they taste disgust- were hurting my feelings by calling me skinny because I know ing after a week of drinking them and they can be really expensive. most girls take it as a compliment. My sister bought me these 1,000 calorie each flap-jacks, which I tried eating for a while- but I felt so unhealthy, they just made me PFM: Are you insecure about the way you look? feel sick and bloated. I never go to the gym, I just live my life really

Sophie: Not so much any more, I can accept the way I am, I just wish other people would. If I could change my weight I definitely would, but I can’t. People need to get over it. I am skinny and probably always will be. (laughs) PFM: What do you usually tell people, when they talk about your weight? Sophie: I just say I must have a really fast metabolism. And then I’ll make a joke, that once I’ve had children, I’ll probably get really fat. I’m looking forward to that in a sense, my mother was really slim like me when she was young then after her third child, she got a big bum and some fantastic boobs, I’m hoping for the same outcome.

• The world food association suggests that you eat six to 11 servings of foods from the bread and cereal group. At least three of those servings should be from 100 percent whole grain products. Whole grains are a great source of fibre and nutrients. • Add more nutritious calories in each serving. For example, you may add scrambled eggs to mashed potatoes, fresh chicken to soups and salads, cheese in casseroles, and full-fat milk or cream in soups, shakes, and mashed potatoes. • Eat starchy vegetables such as potatoes and sweet-corn more often. However, You don’t want to avoid healthy green vegetables just because they are low in calories, because green vegetables have a lot of nutritional value. You can add healthy calories to these vegetables by topping them with nutritious dairy products like cheese. PFM: Only time will tell. Thank you very much for this interview Sophie and good luck with your future weight-gain. For more information on Sophie’s story, you can e-mail her at

Healthy Recipes Garlic, Basil and Tomato Soup Serves 4 - 65 calories a portion 1 head of garlic 2 lb/900g ripe tomatoes or 3 x 400g cans of good plum tomatoes 6 spring onions, chopped 2 tbsp fresh basil, chopped Preheat oven to190C/375F/gas mark 5. Peel outer skin from garlic head and place in the oven along with the fresh tomatoes for 30 minutes. You can skin the tomatoes first by placing in boiling water for 1 minute. Or if short of time use a bought smoked garlic crown and tinned toms. Puree fresh or tinned tomatoes until smooth, add garlic and spring onions and bring up to the boil. Simmer for 10 minutes, adding a little vegetable stock if too thick. Stir in basil and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Healthy pancakes Serves 4 - around 70 calories per pancake 1 egg 4oz/ 100g plain flour 1/2 pint /275 ml skimmed milk a little sunflower oil to fry Place flour in bowl and make a well in centre. Add egg to well and stir, gradually adding milk until smooth. Heat frying pan and add 1-2 tablespoons of batter and cook, turning over half way. Serve warm with strawberries and a spoonful of natural yoghurt, or alternatively with sugar and lemon.

Fruit Smoothie Fresh fruit is low in calories, select from: blueberries, strawberries, bananas, apples, peaches, nectarines, plums, blackcurrants, blackberries, raspberries, pineapple, lemons, melon and oranges. For a low-calorie base use natural yoghurt - fresh or frozen. Strawberry Smoothie 1 cup of strawberries -fresh or frozen 1 banana 2 tbsp natural yoghurt 4-6 ice cubes 1 cup of water or orange juice or skimmed milk or natural yoghurt - depends how low in calories you would like it. Mix up in a blender until creamy and serve.

For more information visit:

Introducing, a brand new and exclusive personal training centre to the contemporary Introducing, a brand new and exVillage of Hale, Cheshire.

Grilled Chicken and Salad This is an easy, quick and tasty dish for lunch or dinner. Wash a couple of lean chicken breast portions, slice them in half for quick cooking and brush with a small amount of olive oil. Sprinkle with seasoning (garlic or pepper) Grill, turning regularly until the juices run clear. Add a couple of tomato halves, (grilled too if you like) and some salad with a low calorie dressing. Eat with some wholemeal bread or a little savoury rice. To make your own low-cal salad dressing, just use oil and lemon. A very quick meal to make, but always ensure chicken is fully cooked before serving.

Charlie Ravey has opened a new training centre with the ambition to get Hale healthier. The Gym opens on the 2nd of April. Full of top of the range equipment including cardiovascular, weights and core stability equipment, with two other Personal Trainers on site.

Charlie is adamant that working out with a Trainer twice a week for three weeks a noticeable change would be obvious, and a full eight weeks of training could improve fitness dramatically. Studies show that three quarters of people who take advice from a professional trainer keep their weight down, whilst leaving it to will power alone can prove unsuccessful The Gym also offers circuit classes for people with different ranges of fitness. A women only class on Wednesday mornings at ten and a mixed advanced class on Thursday evenings at seven. The gyms unique selling point is that the gym is available to hire so you and your friends or family can use it to train together, completely on your own as your own private gym. Whatever your current fitness level a personal trainer from Hale Personal Training can help, whether it is with dietary issues or keeping your body healthy during a pregnancy. If you want to build muscle or the strength and attitude to run a marathon, most of all if you just want to achieve general fitness and well-being. Two sessions a week can guarantee your personal goals will be achieved. A personal goal of Charlie’s is to help battle weight issues with children and can devise individual sessions with your child to get them to become more active and teach them new and fun exercises. The gym also has a physiotherapy room with professional therapists that offer a variety of injury relief and sports massage. Currently the gym is offering a selection of introductory prices and special offers. For example, purchase a block of ten and receive two free.

Men & Pilates Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise with so many benefits, especially for men. However, even though pilates was invented by a man, specifically for men, it has been known since and a women’s exercise or branded as being easy and not a real workout. German born boxer and gymnast, Joseph H. Pilates, devoted his life to improve his physical well-being by conditioning and strengthening his body. He is now remembered for developing the fastest growing fitness exercise in the world. Men are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits pilates has to offer.

Benefits of pilates for men Pilates exercises is a comprehensive all-over-body workout, which focuses on core strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. It is one of the best choices for sculpting your entire abdominal area, giving you the “six pack” that most men aim for. Other recorded benefits include, improved posture and a reduction of chronic pain and fatigue. Men of all ages can do pilates, it will give them a full body conditioning workout, prevent injuries and connect the mind and body. John Gardener, 58, from Manchester, has been doing pilates for just over a year now, he said: “Pilates, has changed my life. I go twice a week, my mates from the pub thought it was a joke at first and I did get a lot of stick for it, but since then I have persuaded a couple of them to come with me and they really seemed to enjoy it too.” Joseph Pilates invented over 500 exercises to be performed to develop to improve the health of the body.

A Young Look into Hair Transplantations His methods teach controlled movements that can be used in everyday life. The main objectives of pilates is to learn to be aware of how the body functions to help maintain a healthy mind and lifestyle. Pilates exercises will make the entire body stronger and more powerful, so that participation in a mixture of sports is easily achievable. Many famous male professional athletes such as Tiger Woods have also added Pilates exercises to their training regimes to further develop their strength and flexibility. Athlete, Nicolas Wilkinson, was instructed by his trainer to take up pilates in addition to his 40 hour a week training schedule. Wilkinson said: “Pilates is not advertised enough as an effective way to keep in shape for guys. It took me a while to get into it, but now I am, I love it can definitely feel the benefits.” Wilkinson made it clear that for him it was his female friends that carried the assumption that pilates was strictly for women. Liverpool based pilates instructor, Elaine Morris has taught many men in group classes and used to teach a Pilates For Men class, she said: “I am always trying to encourage more men to come along. I have noticed that men often find that demonstrating pilates with equipment, rather than mat based exercises are easier on their bodies, other than that the difference between men and women has been minimal. Pilates is also a great exercise for couples to do together.” For more information on pilates for men read The Complete Book of Pilates for Men: The Lifetime Plan for Strength, Power & Peak Performance, available from amazon.

It has been reported that three out of five men will suffer from some degree of hair loss before the age of 50. Some men have learned to accept and live with hair loss. Others choose to be more proactive and ‘do something about it.’

A young man who did exactly that, is twenty-two year old Tom Parsons, from Manchester. Parsons noticed a he was losing his hair at twenty-one and decided, after much consideration, to take drastic action, he said: “I thought it was important to get my hair transplant done before I lost too much of my hair, because I really didn’t want it to be noticeable. One day you see me and I am bald and the next I have loads of hair- that would have been too obvious.” A hair transplantation is a surgical procedure used to treat baldness or hair loss (alopecia). The procedure typically involves, removing tiny patches of scalp from the back and sides of the head and implanting them into the bald spots in the front and top of the head. A case like Parsons is fairly rare, not many surgeons will operate on a man so young. Parsons said: “I was really persistent, I tried every pill, cream, shampoo available, they were all a load of crap and didn’t work.” In men, hair loss and baldness are most commonly due to genetic factors and age. Male pattern baldness, in which the hairline gradually recedes to expose more and more of the forehead, is the most common form. Men may also have a thinning

of hair at the crown of their head, or very top of the skull.

restoration operations were carried out by The Hospital Group.

A hair transplantation is an expensive cosmetic procedure performed on men and sometimes women who have significant hair loss, thinning hair, or bald spots where hair no longer grows.

Many well-known celebrities have admitted to have the surgery done, such as John Cleese, James Nesbitt and Gordan Ramsay. This is helping towards reducing the stigma associated with hair transplantations.

Parsons had his surgery done in February, 2011 and he said it was the best thing he had ever done. He said:

The surgery is incredibly intricate and many transplant surgeons view themselves as artists. Dr Antonio Armani, the director of the Alvi Armani clinic where Ramsay reportedly had his operation, wrote on his website of how he is “inspired by the genius Leonardo Da Vinci” and he remodels patient’s hair according to “Vitruvian design . . . inspired by Roman/Italian art.”

“It cost me £2,500 for around 1500 grafts done. My hairline was receding, but I hadn’t lost the majority of my hair yet. It hasn’t grown through much at the moment, my head is just a little itchy. I am excited to see the final results.”

Plastic surgeon, Dr Ziering, from The Hospital Group, the UK’s largest hair transplant provider, where Parsons had his surgery, said: I am very happy with the results of Tom’s procedure, it went very well and I am sure the desired effect will be achieved.” According to some figures released by The Hospital Group, the number of men having hair surgery increased 444% between 2004 and 2010. From January of last year until September, a total of 1,166 hair

Parsons would encourage anyone who is insecure about their hair to go for it and get it done. He said: “If you’ve got the money and don’t mind a small amount of pain, it is a great way to improve confidence. I am happy with my decision to get the operation.”

If you’re considering a hair transplant be sure to consultant a doctor first. There are many other hair restoration options, another could bebetter suited to you.

Gym workout designed for men One week of fitness with personal trainer Liam Evans Important tips: Firstly, if you are a beginner then it is important that you start very slow with any routines for gym workouts, Because, when the proper technique while exercising is not followed, you can easily injure yourself. Also, it is important for beginners to progress slowly, from low intensity workout routines, to a higher intensity one. However, this particular plan is most suitable for those who are athletes, aiming at body-building, or even for those who want to just keep really fit. While doing your daily workout, make sure you follow a balanced nutritious diet too, and take adequate rest too, to maintain optimum health.

Different Types of Gym Exercises

American sports in the sun

Cardio Workout: Cardiovascular exercises help you to lose weight, and help to increase the heart and lungs capacity. In the half an hour cardio workout, you can use different cardio machines. At the gym, you should expect to see cardio-equipment such as, a treadmill, an elliptical (cross-trainer), rower and a spinning bicycle. Try doing 15 minutes each on two different machines. Strength Training: Strength training will help you to tone up the body, and build muscles. Using free-weights and machine-weights accordingly will ensure strength and power. Stretching: Stretching for 5 minutes after a strength training is very important. Stretches will help you to increase your flexibility, and secondly, it will help you to cool-off after the workout. Monday

Half hour of cardio workout

15 minute of shoulder exercises

5 minutes of stretching

Half hour of cardio workout

15 minute of abdominal exercises

5 minutes of stretching



Half hour of cardio workout

15 minute of triceps and biceps exercises

5 minutes of stretching

Half hour of cardio workout

15 minute of chest exercises

5 minutes of stretching

Half hour of cardio workout

15 minute of bottom and leg exercises

5 minutes of stretching

Half hour of cardio workout

15 minute of back exercises

5 minutes of stretching




Sunday This is the day when you don’t go to the gym. One day in the week should be given the body to relax. So, on Sundays don’t do a workout.

In California, college lacrosse and soccer is played in the heat. Not fair ey?

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Thinking about a hair transplant?


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