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Monday, Feb. 13, 2017

Trump Inauguration Sparks Protests Women’s March: Global District Pledges to Support Movement Close to Home Undocumented Students By Cindy Zhang Editor in Chief

Sophomore Maya Rijhwani holds up a handmade sign reading “Diversity, Equality, Unity” at the Women’s March in Oakland, one of many that took place across the globe following Donald Trump’s inauguration.

60,000 people took part in the march in Oakland. People also demonstrated in other countries. It is estimated that between 4 and 5 million demonstrated worldwide. According to the official Women’s March website, there was a total of 763 marches. Protests took place on all seven continents (there were two marches in Antarctica). “I wanted to be in D.C. because I thought that would have the most impact,” said Ms. Fergusson. “The march was incredible. It was wonderful to be with such a huge group of people. We completely filled the route so we couldn’t even march. And it was completely peaceful. There wasn’t one arrest. There were women in pink hats with ears everywhere.”

In response to the election of President Donald Trump, the San Mateo Union High School District (SMUHSD) passed a resolution supporting undocumented immigrants and their families. The SMUHSD Board of Trustees formally adopted Superintendent Dr. Kevin Skelly’s resolution at its Dec. 15, 2016 meeting. “The board loves its students. (We

Bearcats Rally for Education The protest was for the push toward racial Teachers and and religious public education equality in supporters rallied public school nationwide systems, in response including public to policies universities. proposed by It also Secretary of advocated equal Education Betsy opportunities DeVos, who was for students with confirmed by the Teachers hold up signs supporting public disabilities and education near San Mateo’s main entrance. Senate, 51-50, protection for the on Tuesday, Feb. 7 with Vice President LGBTQ community. In addition, “the Mike Pence’s tie-breaking vote — protest was a show of solidarity,” said believed to be the first time that a vice Ms. Shoshana Kalinski, history teacher. president has needed to break a tie for a “The protest was a good show of cabinet nominee. unity and support of public schools,” Numerous students, teachers and said Ms. Jessica Moore, history teacher. staff of SMHS gathered at the entrance “It was a good way to stay politically of campus at 7:30 on Jan. 19 for the active and showed support of opinions National Day of Action. important to us as individuals.”

Junior Lauren Young was named the Jefferson Award Winner for January 2017. The award honors “unsung heroes” in the community.

VOCATIONAL/ CERTIFICATE FAIR Thursday, Feb. 16 at lunch in the Flex Theater SIX WEEK MARKING PERIOD Friday, Feb. 17 MANDATORY SENIOR TAKEOVER DAY MEETING Friday, Feb. 17 at lunch in the Flex Theater NO SCHOOL Monday, Feb. 20 HEALTH WEEK Tuesday, Feb. 21 to Friday, Feb. 24 JUNIOR PARENT NIGHT Wednesday, Feb. 22 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Flex Theater CHORAL CONCERT Thursday, Feb. 23 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the PAC NEXT ISSUE OF THE HI Thursday, March 9

Up Beet for Health Week By Lane Mahoney Managing Editor

Health Week, from Tuesday, Feb. 21 to Friday, Feb. 24, will be a blast. Tuesday’s theme is mental health; there will be free stress balls and students can pop balloons with messages. Wednesday’s theme is physical health and a taekwondo instructor will come during lunch. Thursday’s theme is emotional health, and there will be a food market, a watermelon-eating contest and Olaiha’s band on the Spirit Lawn. Friday’s theme is spiritual health and Mr. Moreno will lead Zumba. Go out and get healthy, bearcats! — Cindy Zhang and Ellen Zhu contributed reporting.

District Art Show Opens

Bearcats Win Big SMHS Mock Trial Takes First in MLK Contest Ten bearcats were recently honored at the 34th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay, Poetry and Art Contest hosted by the King Center and North Central Neighborhood Association. Kalyn Chang and Christina Lin took first and third places, respectively, for 9th grade poetry. Jack Warren and Moriah Shih took first and second, respectively, for 10th grade essay. William Lin and Khylah Ragler took first and second, respectively for 11th grade essay. Zion Shih won first place for 12th grade poetry. Freshmen Anna Charnyshou, Ruiz Borlongan and Laen Chan won first, second and third, respectively for art.

By Cindy Zhang Editor in Chief The annual San Mateo Union High School District Art Show opened on Wednesday, Feb. 1, in the SMHS Art Gallery. The show, featuring artwork from fall 2016, includes various




San Mateo High School’s varsity Mock Trial team took first place in the North division last Tuesday, Feb. 7. After performing exceptionally well last Tuesday — the last of three rounds of competition — the varsity team moved from second to first place overall, earning a ticket to the San Mateo County Mock Trial semifinals for the second year in a row. The bearcats, led by seniors Chitra Kulkarni and Ramya Jois, will be competing in semifinals on Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 5:30 p.m. in the South San Francisco courthouse (1050 Mission Road, South San Francisco). All are welcome to attend and cheer on the SMHS team.


Lauren Young January Jefferson Award Winner

See SMUHSD, Page 11

By Ellen Zhu Photo/Graphics Editor

Congrats, Bearcats!

“Congrats Bearcats!” was started to recognize some of our (numerous) amazingly talented students for what they have done. If you, or someone you know, has won an award or competition recently or done something great, please send an email to along with your name and grade, the nominee’s name and grade (if you are nominating someone else) and a quick description of what the nominee has done.

want to) make sure we look out for them and make sure they are safe,” explained Dr. Skelly, whose proposal follows Trump’s campaign pledge to deport “millions and millions of undocumented immigrants,” as reported in the Washington Post. “In light of recent developments and rhetoric throughout the course of the recent national elections, many of the District’s students and families have expressed fear and concern, owing


The Women’s March on Washington was the largest single day of protest in U.S. history, with somewhere between 3.3 and 4.6 million people gathering in cities across the nation on Jan. 21 to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump the day before, according to the Independent. Many students from San Mateo High School went to the marches in the Bay Area. Hayley Schaumkel, sophomore, attended the march in San Francisco. “I was so happy to be there,” said Hayley. “I felt very inspired by everyone around me. Most of these people were there to show support and love to people. San Francisco is an amazing city.” Journalism advisor Ms. Patsy Fergusson flew to Washington D.C. for the march. “I wanted the new president to see that people are against his policies of exclusion including the wall and the Muslim ban. I saw signs addressing a wide range of issues including climate change and support for Planned Parenthood,” she said. The estimated attendance for the central march in Washington D.C. was 500,000. The Women’s March in Los Angeles consisted of 750,000 people, outnumbering the march in D.C. The population for the New York march was 250,000, and the march in Chicago was also 250,000. In the Bay Area, the Women’s March in San Francisco had over 100,000 participants, and over


By Maya Rijhwani Web Editor

Upcoming Events

“Beyoncé. She is amazing, and I would really like to know her.”

“Georgia Pertsch. Because.”

“LeBron James. I love him, is there anything else to say?”

“Elizabeth Olsen. She is my favorite actress.”

Daria Amit, freshman

Daniel Basman, sophomore

Elizabeth Tang, junior

Vidhu Raj, senior

mediums, from painting and digital photography to ceramics and film. Student pieces from Aragon, Burlingame, Capuchino, Hillsdale, Mills and San Mateo high schools are on display. The gallery runs until Friday, Feb. 17 and is free and open to all.

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Monday, Feb. 13, 2017


Celebrity Opinions America: United by Division Are Allowed By Sienna Ropert Opinion Editor Nov. 8, 2016 was one of the worst days of my life. I was in shock, in absolute disbelief. I cried for hours, mortified to be a citizen of a country that willingly elected an irrational, disrespectful, lying, fear mongering, divisive, corrupt, manipulative tyrant to lead it. And yet, in only the first few days of Trump’s presidency, I have never felt more proud to be American. This man, a master of division, has somehow managed to be one of the greatest uniting forces in American history. He has awakened American people who have never before participated in politics and inspired them to have a voice. His inauguration inspired an entire gender to unite in the largest single day protest in the history of the world. His first actions as President were immediately protested with an intense political passion that this country hasn’t seen in many years. In fact, although these next four years might be disheartening, I honestly believe that they are going to be good for this country. People needed to be woken up. People needed to realize that America is not immune to demagogues; we needed to learn that America can fail. I believe these next four years will be a period of transition. A period where we evolve from idly experiencing politics to consciously creating them. A time in which we’ll remind our government from whom their power to govern is derived. It is often true in history that things have to get bad before they get better. We couldn’t have kept going the way we were and we needed something extreme to convince

GRAPHIC BY SIENNA ROPERT GRAPHIC BY SIENNA ROPERT Although Trump’s election is disheartening, he has awakened the American people and inspired them to use their political voice.

us of that. Mr. Trump, thus far, has been very successful at doing just that. This election has been an extremely important learning experience for me, and many others. As well as convincing me of the importance of politics and civic participation, it has tested the extent of my empathy. On the day of the election, I was disgusted by Trump supporters. I thought they were ignorant, racist, sexist, irrational, unthinking idiots manipulated by a man who told them exactly what they wanted to hear. Having this type of mindset regarding the opposing party is extremely unproductive and dangerous. It further alienates these people who already believe liberals to be entitled and pretentious. As my anger lessened with time, I stopped thinking of Trump supporters as this evil mass of ignorance and instead attempted to empathize with them and understand their actions. Many Trump supporters are uneducated, jobless and desperate. They have been forgotten and ignored by their country, both citizens and government. They finally heard someone tell them that he will help them and that they aren’t

forgotten, and they bought it. They knew an establishment president would do nothing for them and this unconventional “businessman” came and told him that he would bring their jobs back. They didn’t need an explanation; desperation and alienation often lead to irrational behavior. I strongly believe in the importance of listening to the opposing opinions of others. If we listen, we can begin to understand, which can help us improve everyone’s lives. It is vital that we don’t further alienate Trump supporters. Expanding the divide between conservatives and liberals will do nothing but increase the corruption of our government and decrease its productivity. If the next four years are a reflection of the last couple of weeks, I have faith that we’re going to be okay. We must not be afraid. We instead must be aware, strong and resolved to protect our rights. We’re going to show him the power of the people’s will and remind him that without it, he is nothing. So, Mr. Trump, I hope you enjoy your stay at the White House; it’s going to be epic.

Colleges Aren’t Just Brands A brand name is a powerful tool– especially in America. Our distinctly American brands reach across the world, as Asian students sport the latest Nike apparel and our signature drink, Coca-Cola, is drunk as far as Antarctica. Even our biggest tourist destination, Times Square, is a commercial fantasyland, lit by the incandescent glow of corporate advertising. However, our obsession with branding goes beyond consumer culture, and has leaked into the world of higher education. As seniors begin receiving their acceptance decisions, rounding out the college application season, their tension is palpable. For years, these students have been working toward the goal of attending a “good” university, whether it be for themselves, their parents or their peers. However, we have a vastly distorted view of what going to a “good” university really means– we focus less on the educational quality of the institution and more on the name. Driven students often see their chosen college as a defining factor of themselves– it’s easy to draw conclusions about the stereotypical Harvard student. Often, but not always, they’re extremely hard-working, smart as a whip and serious about their future. It’s why we’re supposed to feel shock watching “Legally Blonde,” and wondering how in the world


By Nic Wratten Social Media Editor

Colleges have become brands, no longer valued for their academics.

ditzy fashion-merchandising student Elle Woods was admitted to Harvard Law. It’s why students are hesitant about attending a less well-known, less “prestigious” university– how can people make (good) conclusions about them if they’re not familiar with the college they attend? However, it’s not all self-validation. Here’s a commonly used example: Two equally-capable, equallyadvantaged students are applying for a job at a prestigious law firm. Both are seemingly identical, except for the college from which they graduated. One attended Cornell University, the other College of the Ozarks. The employer is likely to hire the Cornell grad, even if the College of the Ozarks grad is equally (or more) qualified. However, Cornell has a higher acceptance rate– it’s simply the name

recognition of Cornell, along with its Ivy League status, that makes it more attractive to employers. It’s a sad reality, and one that students keep in mind as they choose a college. Prestigious universities are extremely savvy at marketing– it’s why we see people all over the country wearing Harvard sweatshirts, UCLA tank tops or Duke sweats, even if they have no affiliation with the college. Somehow, we’ve begun to treat these schools as we treat our brands, harming the legitimacy and quality education lesserknown universities can offer. As we begin to choose our schools, it’s crucial to remember that the “fit” is more important than the “name.” It’s four long years, do we really want to attend a university just so we get the most likes on our Facebook announcement?

By Sydnee Tan Staff Writer Although the decision that Donald Trump will become America’s next president has already been made, many controversies are still arising regarding the impressions he made during his campaign. People have been voicing their opinions about the situation publicly, especially on social media outlets like Twitter. Of course, as people, we all have the right to share our opinions openly and should not be forced to stay silent. However, many actors and musicians have tried to voice their opinions as well, but received backlash from their former fans. This, ultimately, makes them take back their opinion and take the side that is more popular in order to save their career. Over the years, there have been many examples of celebrities expressing their opinions, and not just politically. Recently, singer Carrie Underwood has been under a lot of pressure from listeners about her support of same-sex marriage. Underwood’s appearance at Atlanta’s Passion 2017 Concert was criticized by the director of American Family Association, a Christian nonprofit organization. In an interview with The Independent, Underwood stated “As a married person myself, I don't know what it's like to be told I can't marry somebody I love, and want to marry. I can't imagine how that must feel. I definitely think we should all have the right to love, and love publicly, the people that we want to love.” Regarding the controversy about Donald Trump’s candidacy, country singer Blake Shelton received criticism from his interview with Billboard, in which he talked about how he “wishes there was another option, but there isn’t.” Many tweets and blogs have been posted about how Shelton was just endorsing Donald Trump. Shelton then fired back, saying that he was in no way trying to endorse Trump, but rather explaining the reality of the situation, and that no one can change the fact that he was elected. Another country singer, Dolly Parton, tried to explain how she thought it would be nice to have a female president and showed support for Hillary Clinton, but her opinions were rejected to the point where she took back her comment. Singer Justin Moore also conveyed his opposition toward Trump, saying that Trump was “wacky enough to actually go for it.” After backlash for the comment, he changed his mind and stated that he was a Trump and Republican supporter. In many of these circumstances, an actor or singer has gone back on their own opinions in order to maintain a career. Without popularity with fans, a celebrity can’t maintain the

social status that society has created. Personally, I believe that celebrities are really brave to stand up and risk their career in order to share their true opinions. But, a lot of times, the opinions of the celebrities change, since they are trying to appeal to their fans and gain more popularity. One circumstance which I find really inspiring was the speech from Meryl Streep at the Golden Globe Awards. In this six-minute speech, Meryl Streep never mentioned the name of Donald Trump, but only referenced him and the impact his presidency may have on this country. During her acceptance speech for the Cecile B. DeMille Award, Streep explained how she was upset that this country elected someone who bullied a disabled reporter; she was referencing Donald Trump’s imitation of a disabled reporter. Streep explains how this country is built on immigrants and foreigners, and if we kick everyone out, all that will be left is football and MMA, “which are not the arts,” said Streep. Not only did Streep risk backlash from our future president himself, but she also openly shared her opinion in an extremely public and honored setting. As predicted, Trump fired back at Streep tweeting, “Meryl Streep, one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood, doesn’t know me but attacked me last night at the Golden Globes. She is a Hillary flunky who lost big.” He then goes on to explain, “for the 100th time” that he had never mocked a disabled reporter. Many fans of Streep have supported the actress and even tweeted back at Trump saying how they regretted their decision to vote for him. Many pro-Streepers and anti-Trumpers immediately started the hashtag #ThingsTrumpThinksAreOverrated. As an ongoing joke, responders have answered with “decency,” “the popular vote” or “cancer cure.” I think Meryl Streep’s speech could not have been more of a success. As such an influential actress, she risked her reputation to share her opinion, and I believe more celebrities should follow her lead. In this circumstance, Streep had the support of many of her fans, who called her brave and inspiring for standing up for her opinions. It is impossible for any celebrity not to receive backlash for sharing their opinions, but I think that even after these incidents, entertainers should not change their minds. Actors and musicians should not feel obligated to change their opinion only to satisfy their fans. Celebrities should be able to exercise their freedom of speech with the support of the fans urging them to continue. I definitely support entertainers like Meryl Streep, who are brave enough to fight for their rights as American citizens.

Monday, Feb. 13, 2017

Social Media is a Chore

By Alex Owen Photo Assistant

I still remember the day in middle school when my parents gave me the okay to download Instagram and Snapchat. Suddenly I felt like a part of society. But why? Maybe because at that time the apps were the new hit thing. Or maybe it was because social media gave me another responsibility. Or was it the fact that I had the control to say whatever I wanted on my posts without a second glance? However, all of those years of snapping and hashtagging away ended over winter break. Personally, I found Instagram a chore. Every morning I would open the app the moment I got up. I would spend at least a whole hour just liking other accounts’ feeds and the recommended posts as well. If I had a picture on my camera roll that seemed “hip” or “cool” I would devote a few minutes to create an appropriate caption and if necessary, a hashtag as well. Over time, the app became boring. It felt like a job I had to do but didn’t really enjoy anymore. I no longer wanted to express my feelings on the latest news or share where I was every time I took a trip; therefore, I deleted the app. Since I have deleted the app I have found myself less glued to screens

and social media. Reflecting on social media use, I noticed I had become overly obsessed with a fake popularity revolving around how many likes or followers I had. To me, more followers made me a better person than everyone else. I became overly aggravated when a user unfollowed or blocked me. I also realized how many people were online pretending to be someone else. On the daily I would get direct messages regarding advertisements, random questions and requests. Because of my once unbreakable connection with my Instagram, I related to Meg Dowell’s article “4 Reasons Why People Who Don’t Rely On Social Media Are More Confident” when she stated, “People who don’t rely so heavily on social media actually make an effort to keep in touch with those they care about.” I missed out on many family gatherings due to my necessity to be on my Instagram. In addition to Dowell’s article, I agree that “People who don’t rely on social media have trained themselves to speak up without a protective shield.” Due to multiple accounts posting very hurtful comments which had no filter or boundaries, I disabled my account numerous times just to take time to recover from a virtual bullying. Ridiculous, right?

On the other hand, in an article titled “Why do we ‘like’ Social Media” by Ciarán McMahon, McMahon believes “Even beyond the updates posted by our connections, social media sites generally update their design every couple of months, simply to keep our attention.” McMahon also adds how social media notifications being bright and alarming captures the user’s attention to make a move. “After we have run out of people we know, we will move on to people we only slightly know, who are less likely to reciprocate when we ‘add as friend’ or ‘follow’ them,” McMahon added. Stephanie Nguyen, junior, said, “I decided to use Instagram because I like to keep in touch with my distant friends and family just to see how they are doing.” Also she added, “I think Instagram is interesting because of the blogs and vibrant photos.” On the other hand Nataly Sanchez, junior, said, “I don’t like to focus on the likes that my picture could get; therefore I don’t use it as often.” Social media will always be a part of our society despite the diversity of different users with varying intentions. Whether one uses social media to spread news or keep in touch with family, using it is a personal preference. Whatever the case, use it wisely!

Your Higher Education Doesn’t Define Your Intelligence By Sienna Ropert Opinion Editor

College application season is upon us and, like every year, it’s dragging sleepdeprived, stressed, flustered seniors into their futures, even if they aren’t ready to face them yet. The value placed on an impressive college experience is one of the many factors that create incredible stress for students applying to college. However, in the emotional process that is college applications, it is important to understand that you can be happy wherever you end up. Don’t believe me? Well, it turns out that science supports this idea; according to research, it’s not the school you get into, but what you do there, that is most important. Studies show that it is surprisingly common that students with lower class ranks at the best schools often do worse than students at the top of their class at worse colleges after graduating. Why? ASAPScience explains using the concept of the Big Fish - Little Pond Effect, which they define as “comparing ourselves not globally, but to our neighbors or people who are in same boat as we are. As a result, students at top schools compare themselves to their brilliant peers, and if you’re in the bottom half of your class, you’re likely to have feelings of inadequacy. Even though compared to the rest of the world you are at the top. If you’re very intelligent at an elite school, you may end up being a little fish in a very big pond,” they explained. Not only that, but getting into your first-choice school might not be good for you. ASAPScience went on to point out that feeling as though you’re at the bottom, even though you may really be at the top, impacts your confidence and ultimately your motivation. “For example, 50 percent of US students in STEM programs drop out in the first or second year of school. But for every 10 point decrease in the school’s average SAT score, degree completion rises by 2 percent! Meaning, you’re much more likely to even get your degree if you don’t go to your top pick.”

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Just because you don’t get into your top school doesn’t mean you won’t be successful. The college you go to doesn’t define your life, or your intelligence.

But that isn’t the only problem. The system of higher education in this country is one of many flaws. It’s elitist, stressful, discouraging, and undermining to education’s purpose and incredible potential. It forces high school students to aspire to almost unreachable goals and inspires terrible self-disappointment if these goals are not reached. It depletes young people and discourages them from pursuing education. And on top of all of this, the admissions process is incredibly unfair. For one, everyone learns in different ways. Some of us are good at taking standardized tests and some of us are not at all. However, colleges don’t have the time to accommodate each individual’s way of learning and test them accordingly. So the SAT it is. Another clearly unfair aspect is the price of college tuition. It is absolutely ridiculous that, in order to get a good education, a student must be burdened by incredible debt the moment they step into independence. Aside from the outrageous price, the competition of admittance has corrupted the once pure concept of higher education. As The New York Times’ Frank Bruni explains, “for too many parents and their children, acceptance by an elite institution isn’t just another challenge, just another

goal. A yes or no from Amherst or the University of Virginia or the University of Chicago is seen as the conclusive measure of a young person’s worth, an uncontestable harbinger of the accomplishments or disappointments to come. Winner or loser: This is when the judgment is made. This is the great, brutal culling. What madness. And what nonsense.” The way that higher education is dealt with in this country is unfortunate on so many levels. As Bruni said, “it yields some bitter fruits, among them a perversion of higher education’s purpose and potential. College is a singular opportunity to rummage through and luxuriate in ideas, to realize how very large the world is and to contemplate your desired place in it. And that’s lost in the admissions mania, which sends the message that college is a sanctum to be breached — a border to be crossed — rather than a land to be inhabited and tilled for all that it’s worth.” So seniors, as you apply and get into colleges, remember that these couple of months will not determine the course of your life. You are not defined by what college you go to. You are defined by your decisions, your passions, your thoughts, your hobbies and your dreams, not the name of an institution on a college diploma.


Spotify Should Pay Musicians More GRAPHIC BY QUINN HUGHES

Although Spotify is an incredible music service, it fails to pay artists a fair amount. Musicians should be paid for their art.

By Quinn Hughes Staff Writer Spotify is a music streaming service with over 100 million users. Spotify provides users like myself with thousands of songs and the ability to download as many as you can fit on your device for a flat rate. It’s also free if you opt not to download songs, but you still can stream unlimited music from a computer. In fact, I’m doing it right now. This is a dream for someone like me who listens to thousands of songs a month and downloads new tracks daily. The service saves me a ton of money over a more traditional store like iTunes where each track would cost me a dollar. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t work out on a financial level on all ends of the deal. The artists who put in all the hard work to write, record and release the song–sometimes an entire team is behind the production–get paid an average of $0.006-$0.0084 per play. The majority of the money from streaming revenues goes straight to the record company who has the distribution contract with Spotify. Depending on the artist’s contract with the label, they make between 15 and 20 percent of the profits. This is extremely low. Back in the day when CDs were the common medium of music distribution, artists would make about 50 percent of the revenue. The other half went to the parties involved in the distribution of the music. The problem with paying artists so little for their work is that without a substantial living coming from music, they have to take other jobs. The term “starving artist” is one that is very true for a lot of musicians, and this is especially true for more niche genres like metal, alternative hip hop and EDM sub genres that are more obscure. When artists aren’t able to make their living solely from music, they are forced to take jobs to pay rent and put food on the table. When you work a 40 hour week, you have far less time and energy to be creative. This is very discouraging for many. When you worry about all the busywork you have to do, it’s harder to clear your mind and be creative. When all is said and done, underpaying musicians forces them to look for other sources of income which causes less creating and less music. With music being an important part of my life and many others’, we shouldn’t continue to

underpay the artists who make the music that we enjoy throughout the day. The solution to this problem is very easy to find. Look back to the 1990s and 2000s. As stated earlier, during the days of CDs, artists were paid 50 percent of the revenue generated from their music. The other 50 percent would go to the record company and distributor. This is the way revenue should be divided. A counterargument to this proposal, usually coming from record companies, is that distributors and record companies should make most of the money from music because without them, the music wouldn’t be “out there” in the first place. To get music “out there” refers to putting it out for consumption. Where this argument falls apart is when it relies on the claim that record companies are the most important part of releasing music. Okay, great, let’s take the musician out of the equation, now let the record label release the music. Oh wait, that’s right. Without the artists, there is no music to distribute. Now let’s look at the scenario when the roles are reversed. Take away the record labels and distribution networks, but keep the musicians. In this situation, musicians still can make music; they just have a more difficult, but not impossible, time releasing their work. This hasn’t stopped people in the past. Machine Gun Kelly, otherwise known as MGK, grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and began writing and recording hip hop in a makeshift studio. He would pack CDs full of his mixtapes and sell them out of a backpack on the street. Now he plays world tours and has worked with the likes of Papa Roach, Kid Rock, Tech N9ne and Lil Jon. Music is a key part of many peoples’ lives and something that I personally consume more than food. Streaming services like Spotify are very convenient ways to listen to massive amounts of music wherever you are. But the downside to this system is that musicians get very little of the money generated from their work. In order to keep musicians creating, they need to be paid for the art they create, specifically half of the revenue. Half of the revenue should be given to the artists because they are the critical component to music being created. Musicians make art and artists should be paid for what they create.

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Monday, Feb. 13, 2017


By Jacqueline Kao Photo Assistant

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Chinese New Year welcomed 2017 on Jan. 28 with its celebration of the Year of the Rooster. People who were born in the Year of the Rooster include 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1992, 2005, and 2017. According to the Chinese zodiac horoscope, people who are born in the Year of the Rooster carry virtues of confidence, dexterity in sports, trustworthiness and military honor, courage and kindness. Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is celebrated around the world, including the United States. Chinese New Year goes by the Lunar calendar so the new year date changes every year. Chinese New Year is a two-week long celebration starting Jan. 28. It is

By Sydnee Tan Staff Writer Happy year of the rooster! Another year has gone by, and come back around to that time for red envelopes and firecrackers, Chinese New Year. The animal on the zodiac this year is the rooster. Here are some the traditions and stories of Chinese New Year. A lot of the famous Chinese New Year traditions are shaped around the legend of “Nian” which means year in Chinese. The story is about a beast named “Nian” who lives in caves and wakes up on the night before the first day of the year to terrorize villages by eating all the crops and causing children to go missing. According to legend, an old man, who was a god in disguise, gave the villagers advice about protecting their village. The beast was supposedly very scared of the color red and loud noises. He advised the villagers to hang up red decorations and light firecrackers to scare away the creature. The children were also given lanterns with fire inside and masks to wear. Many traditions are based on this myth to scare away “Nian.” Before the New Year commences, there are some preparations that need to be completed. Before New Year’s Eve, it is tradition for the house to go through a deep cleaning process. Make sure to sweep the floor and all the dust away, as this symbolizes “sweeping” away all the “residue” and bad luck from this year and starting clean in the new year. This process also includes settling all debts and resolving conflicts to start off with a clean slate. On the night before New Years, the tradition goes that a reunion dinner

a time for family and friends to get together. The tradition of this cultural holiday began thousands of years ago to celebrate the reawakening of nature and wish for a good harvest. During Chinese New Year, you may notice potted flowering plants and oranges. Blooming plants symbolize rebirth and new growth. Oranges and tangerines represent happiness. Let’s not forget the red envelopes or “lai see” that are given out. The color red symbolizes good luck. Red envelopes are given out to wish happiness and good luck. Usually only unmarried children (including adults) receive red envelopes. The Chinese New Year festivities in San Francisco include the Flower Market Fair, the Miss Chinatown U.S.A. Pageant, Community Street Fair, and of course the infamous parade. The San Francisco Chinese New Year festival and parade is the largest must be held. This dinner resembles the tradition of Thanksgiving dinner in America. Families and close friends should gather together have a large feast. Even some of the food symbolizes more luck and good omens for the coming year. Eating fish during this feast is essential, as the word fish in Chinese is pronounced similarly to the word surplus. Eating whole fish also symbolizes having a good beginning and end of the year, as well as a sense of completion Before going to bed, a tradition is to cook a full pot of rice. This represents having leftovers for next day, and not depleting all your resources from this year. Since the house has already been cleaned before New Year’s Eve, superstition dictates that there is to be no cleaning on New Year’s Day, which would wash away the New Year’s luck. Another superstition is that food needs to be prepared before, so that no knives are used on the day of. This is because knives will “cut off” the luck from New Year’s Day. On the morning of New Year’s Day, children are supposed to wake up early and make tea for their parents as a sign of respect. When the tea is served to the parents, children are supposed to say “happy New Year” and wish the elders good health and luck. In return, the parents usually give a red envelope filled with money. The colors red and gold on the envelope represents hope for luck and prosperity. Red envelopes are traditionally given by married couples to anyone, regardless of age, who is single and a child. When you get married though, it is then your turn to give your parents red envelopes. For really small children, usually

celebration of Asian culture outside of Asia. The parade attracts over three million spectators and television viewers throughout the U.S., Canada and Asia and has been a San Francisco tradition since after the Gold Rush. This parade includes traditional and new Chinese performances, floats, marching bands, community groups and traditional lion dances. Along with the launching of firecrackers, the lion symbolizes good luck and the dance is to scare away the evil spirits. One of the units performing in the parade this year is the Foster City Chinese Club’s fan dance troupe. The troupe formed in 2006 and has been performing in the parade for the past 11 years. The parade is also a competition. The troupe has won first or second place titles six times in their category which is quite an achievement! “I think my fondest memories are just watching our kids from Foster City and San Mateo dancing in the parade and being able to share and absorb the Chinese and Asian culture of this tremendous event,” said Henry Chiu, former leader of the troupe and a past performer in the Chinese New Year Parade. Mr. Chiu has passed down the tradition of parade participation. His daughters Ashley and Kylie Chiu, both SMHS alumni, were lead dancers and choreographers in the troupe. “It’s a feeling of being part of a great event. They will always remember it.” If you are looking to see something exciting, cultural and free, stop by San Francisco’s Chinatown to watch the parade. It can also be viewed on TV on Feb. 11 on KTVU channel 2 and KTSF on channel 26 from 6 to 8 p.m.


Foster City Chinese Club’s Fan Dance Troupe will be marching in the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade this year.


Celebrating the Year of the Rooster

Chinese New Year was on Jan. 28 this year and included many festivities and colorful costumes, marking the beginning of the Year of the Rooster.

five years old or younger, the red envelopes are put underneath their pillows while they sleep. In Chinese, the word for money sounds similar to the word age, so the red envelopes represent the child’s age and the pillow is suppressing the age, so the child doesn’t grow up so fast. If anything bad happens on New Year’s, like breaking a glass or tripping and causing an injury, the tradition is to say a proverb that is auspicious to try and make light of the situation. Another tradition is to wear new clothes, that are typically red on New Year’s Day. These are only some of the traditions that occur during Chinese New Year, although every family is different. “For Chinese New Year, I usually eat dinner with my grandparents, we exchange red envelopes and we watch the Lunar New Year Special on TV together,” said sophomore Carina Lo. Another student sometimes travels “back to China and go over to my grandparents for dinner,” said freshman Harold Zhang. Even if you don’t celebrate this holiday, it is always nice to get together with family for some quality time.

By Teddy Pei Staff Writer

There are many stories to tell how the 12 animals on the wheel came about. The story I’ll tell is the most widespread version. The story begins with the Jade Emperor, the emperor in heaven, deciding there should be a way to measure time. He orders 12 animals to be designated as calendar signs through a race where the first 12 animals to arrive will be made a part of the calendar. The race includes a fast-flowing river which these animals have to cross. The rat and cat, good friends, are worried about this part of the race since they are poor swimmers. They ask the ox to carry them across the river. Being kind, the ox agrees to carry them across the river but only if they let him get first place. At this point of time, the rat pushes the cat off the ox in the middle of the river, leaving the cat to struggle in the water. When the ox is just about to reach the opposite river bank, the rat quickly jumps off of the ox’s head and wins first place. The ox, having been tricked by the rat, receives second place. The tiger, clawing his way to the river bank, gets third place. The next one to arrive is the rabbit, who has hopped across on stepping stones and onto a log to shore. A dragon then swoops down from the sky and is rewarded as the fifth animal. Coming in sixth was the snake as it had scared the horse to lag behind to be in seventh place. After a while, a raft arrived with goat, monkey, and rooster in it. They all climbed onto shore and

were pronounced eighth, ninth, and tenth on the zodiac. Dog then swims up to become the 11th animal and the pig was last as it had overslept but then became the 12th animal. But why is there no cat in the Zodiac? Well, in ancient times, it seems that there were no cats in China. An interpretation by a scholar in the Song Dynasty, Hong Xun, related the Zodiac to a Yin-Yang theory. Yin-Yang, a negative-positive relation that is interdependent, means they can’t survive without the other and also can’t be separate. Why is this related to the Chinese Zodiac? Well, there are 12 animals. Hong Xun says that six of these animals have an odd number of toes. This relates to YinYang as Hong Xun says that Yin is on the negative side, the even numbers would be considered Yin while the Yang would have the odd numbers to go to the positive side. Another question that is commonly asked is why the rat first place? Well, it has been said in Chinese mythology that the world arose due to the rat. In the beginning, the universe was in a egg and the rat bit a crack and let air into the egg. A saying that also supports this is that the rat’s forepaws have four toes while his hind paws have five toes. Yin Yang makes the rat special as its paws seem to be very balanced. All in all though, this doesn’t mean that the online website full of Chinese Zodiac predictions is real. But in truth, there are a lot of facts about the Chinese Zodiac that are extremely interesting.

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Ms. Burke poses in her classroom, awaiting the arrival of her next class.

Ms. Burke, an English teacher at San Mateo for over 25 years, has shared some of her thoughts and experiences with us. Over the years, how have you seen SMHS change? Over the years I’ve seen the SMHS population demographic shift, which has shifted our priorities, class offerings and clubs. I’ve seen so many new and diverse clubs established and contributing to our ‘family’ in positive ways. I see the same spirit (which is what we’re known for) that I’ve seen for 26 years. Although the Canned Food Drive used to be about triple the size and outcome it is now, I’ve seen other giving programs emerge, like UNICEF and Girl Up (and others I’m sure I’m missing). I also see more diverse participation in clubs and elected positions, which had been a weakness, I think, until now. Of course the size of SMHS has increased dramatically this year, which I thought might have a bigger effect on the students; but I’ve noticed no complaints or issues. It has had a big an effect on how the teachers must share space, but the students seem unfazed. Another change has been with having a permanent, credentialed librarian, which the district no longer funds. We had one credentialed librarian years ago who brought so much life and focus to the library that it became the center for the school. Now, I mainly see kids playing cards and talking a lot or just messing around on the computers. There are so many great books, especially art and photography books, that it’s a shame they go unused. I mourn the loss of some courses and vocational tracks, like AP Art History and Latin, the horticulture class and the automotive and woodworking programs, which were housed in the M building. Those classes were popular and offered skills students could acquire skills they could use directly after high school. But our cooking classes, hospitality program, biotech classes and internships and dance classes have all expanded, which also lead to opportunities directly out of high school. The arts and electives always suffer with enrollment expansions with no funding to compensate. I love that

we’ve added APES, the AP studio art class, the art certificate, Digital Photography and more dance classes. One big change I’ve seen is the use of technology and the acquisition of so many computer labs and carts. This one-to-one digital increase had to happen to keep up with the world, but I think we’ve been way ahead and well-equipped in this need to remain current. Although I’ve been teaching for over 32 years (I taught in an alternative private school in the ’80’s), my going digital this year has felt like beginning again as a new teacher. I’ve changed almost everything I do and what the students do, in a good way. I can more easily track how hard they’re working, what they do and don’t understand. They are working harder in my class, and I KNOW they will be even more prepared for the world after high school, no matter what path the individual takes. Without this computer experience, students would not be as employable and educated. I hope all of our students realize what a gift this is.

Future Strides in Robotics By Jessie Jiang Copy Editor

With great strides and advances in technology, we sometimes forget just how complicated our devices can be. From early automatons in ancient Greece and Rome to voiceactivated technology and drones, tech has come a long way, and continues on an upward slope. Tech has no shortage of surprising inventions. For instance, a new cooking device dubbed Moley, which is set for launch this year. At this point in time, the machine only knows how to make lobster bisque with all the ingredients placed in specific locations, as according to Grub Street. However, the inventors plan to have a vast “ iTunes’ style library of recipes,” as stated on their website. With the flip of a switch, Moley will be able to create a restaurantworthy dish; you won’t even need to pay or leave the house. This goes to show that technology moves quickly, and can produce machines that are quick and convenient. Many worry that robots will replace certain jobs in the future (including chefs). This is a certain possibility. With the technology

and intelligence that we have access to, there’s no telling how quickly we will reach this conclusion. Machines have the precision, consistency and focus that makes them more reliable. They may also “pay for themselves” in the long run-- the costs for purchase and maintenance are lower than that if

you were to hire workers and pay hourly. In order to cut costs and improve competition, companies will employ robots, and in turn put countless workers out of jobs. In a factory where machines are working, there would only be “a minimal number of workers

New Technology to Kill Viruses

What makes you stay at SMHS? If you had told me in 1991 that I’d still be at the same school until I retired, I wouldn’t have believed it, would’ve thought there was no way, that I’d feel trapped and burnt out. But, I love this school and couldn’t imagine changing professions. Although we teachers do what we do for the students and make them the focus of our efforts and decisions, and although I think we have the kindest and most spirited students in the district, it is actually the faculty that keeps me going. I love the people I work with so much. I’ve observed other faculties and schools and have found them all lacking compared to us. The kids come and go (I’ve had over 3000 of them!), but the family of dedicated and engaging teachers remains. I hope the students see that as their biggest gift. Do you have any parting advice for our seniors? It doesn’t matter what job you get or what college you attend, it’s more important what you do when you get there. That is what will define the experience and, by extension, define you. A good education isn’t something you receive, it’s something you do.

assigned for production, logistics, testing, and inspection processes,” said Jia-Peng to CNBC. The use of robots cuts production costs and could lower the price of goods. Robots can take up jobs that are high-risk or extremely repetitive, which is a pro. In fact, with the right program and technology in the future, robots can take virtually any job. “It’s not just about lower-skilled jobs either. People with college degrees, even professional degrees, people like lawyers are doing things that ultimately are predictable. A lot of those jobs are going to be susceptible over time,” according to However, humans are more reliable in some cases. We do make human errors, but we also have the ability of problem-solving. If a robot’s software has a bug, software engineers are the ones who can track down the issue and fix it. Mechanical engineers, designers and others must plan and create the robots. Human intelligence forms the ideas of things such as machines. In the end, the absence of jobs taken by robots will raise unemployment, disturb the economy and can possibly be a push for higher education; it’s just a matter of whether or not we think that technology should go that far. GRAPHIC BY JESSIE JIANG


Ms. Burke the Book Lover


CRISPR could help save lives in the future by destroying deadly viruses.

By Cindy Yan Copy Editor

CRISPR, short for clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats, is an adaptive immune system used by microbes to defend against bacteriophages and other malignant viruses. Though it was first discovered in 1989, scientists have only recently reported that the CRISPR system can be used as a reliable genome-editor. In 2016, it was used on vegetables, mosquitoes and many other organisms. This year, scientists are planning to use CRISPR on human cancer patients for the first time. CRISPR was first discovered by Francisco Mojica in 1989 during his doctoral studies in Spain, according to an article published in the scientific journal “Cell” by Eric S. Lander, called “The Heroes of CRISPR.” He was studying altered DNA fragments of a microbe and found multiple copies of a repeated sequence that did not fall into any family of known repeats. Entranced by this mysterious occurrence, he began to searching for an explanation. More than ten years later, in 2003, Mojica started studying the spacers in those sequences rather than the repeats themselves. After quite a


To conclude our dedications to teachers who have been with San Mateo High for over 25 years, we have interviewed Ms. Burke, a beloved English teacher and language enthusiast.

By Landon Finn Graphics Assistant

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bit of experimenting, he concluded that the repeats encoded an adaptive immune system that prevented specific infections in microbes. He wrote a paper outlining his discovery, but it took nearly two years of struggling to find a journal that would publish it. It finally appeared in the “Journal of Molecular Evolution” on Feb. 1, 2005. In 2012, scientists “tweaked the system to make it more standardized and user-friendly, and showed that not just bacterial DNA but any piece of DNA has this ability,” said a Time article. Months later, they discovered that the CRISPR system allowed a cell’s genome to be cut at any specific location, so that existing genes could be removed or new genes could be added. In 2016, CRISPR was used to create mushrooms that don’t brown, dogs with DNA-boosted cells, produce that is nutritionally superior and even genetically modified mosquitoes to fight malaria and the Zika virus. In labs, scientists have already figured out how to snip out the HIV virus from infected cells, both in human and rodent cells. They are making huge advances in correcting the defect behind sicklecell anemia, and are “making equally promising progress in treating rare forms of genetic blindness and

muscular dystrophy,” said Time. “In 2016, the U.K. has also approved use of this technology in human embryos for research.” In 2017, CRISPR is planned to be used on 18 human cancer patients for the first time. On Jan. 26, 2017, scientists reported in “Cell” that, using CRISPR, “pig embryos that had been injected with human stem cells when they were only a few days old began to grow organs containing human cells,” said STAT News. “These human-pig ‘chimeras’ were not allowed to develop past the fetal stage,” but this experiment showed that, in the future, human organs used for transplants could be grown in other animals, like pigs, out of stem cells. “For the most part, I don’t think we are getting ahead of ourselves with the CRISPR applications,” said Feng Zhang, one of the first scientists that developed CRISPR into an editing tool. “What we need to do is really engage the public, to make sure people understand what are the really exciting potential applications and what are the immediate limitations of the technology,” he told Time. “I think CRISPR will be an incredibly useful tool that will help fight genetic disease and other problems that are hard to cure,” said Jake Ferneborg, freshman. “It might finally give scientists the edge they need to cure cancer.” “I think CRISPR needs to be tightly controlled. You can’t just let people do whatever they want with it,” said Lingyun Li, a scientist at a pharmaceutical company. “It needs to be purely for medical purposes.” Scientists are making huge advances in medicinal technology using CRISPR, and new discoveries are being made every day. Many fatal genetic diseases, along with cancer, could potentially be cured with the CRISPR system. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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student stories of sexual as


“I was on a bus, a school bus, when it happened. I was 11 at the time and had just started sixth grade,” said Christina*, sophomore, arms slightly crossed and face tilted downward. “There was this guy Lucas*, an eighth-grader, who had been asking for my number repeatedly, even though I didn’t know him. So that day, I got trapped in the back of the bus with him and his friends. His friends made a box around me,” she explained, gesturing with her hands.

Light, an organization working to end child abuse. Among college women, only 12 percent of rapes are reported to the police, slightly lower than the national average of 16 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Although Christina told both her parents and a therapist about the incident, she had difficulty from both the bus driver and school administrators. "I was crying and confused, and the bus driver just told me that 'there was no reason to be sad' and that Lucas had only been 'fooling around,'" explained Christina. And when she tried to "He groped me, explain what had happened to pulling at my dress. the principal, she was blamed and accused of making things The fabric ripped." up. "I was a sixth-grade girl with ADHD, anxiety and potentially “It’s all kind of blurry, it Asperger’s, so I couldn’t tell a happened so fast,” Christina took clear story," said Christina. "They a deep breath, pausing before had me convinced that I did continuing. “I set my phone down something wrong." and he grabbed it. Then, all of a Christina's sentiments are sudden, he groped me, pulling at not unusual, especially among my dress. The fabric ripped, and I women. "A majority of women was scared that he was going to believe some rape victims pull my clothes off, so I hit him. I should take responsibility for was crying and didn’t know what what happened," according to to do.” the BBC. "One-third (of the men Christina is one of millions and women surveyed in a study) of Americans who have been blamed victims who had dressed sexually assaulted as a child. provocatively or gone back to the According to the Rape, Abuse and attacker's house for a drink." Incest National Network (RAINN), every year approximately 63,000 "They had me children are victims of sexual abuse. The majority, 82 percent, convinced that I did of child victims are female and something wrong." around two-thirds are between the ages of 12 and 17. Despite the prevalence of child And while Christina's parents sexual abuse — in America, "child proved to be supportive, that protective services substantiates, isn't always the case. According or finds evidence for, a claim of to RAINN, "37 percent (of child abuse" every eight minutes victims) experience family/friend — the issue is often swept under problems, including getting into the rug, with a mere 38 percent arguments more frequently than of victims "disclos(ing) the fact before, not feeling able to trust that they have been sexually their family/friends or not feeling abused," according to Darkness to as close to them as before." Junior

Emma* was raped two years ago, but her parents are still skeptical. "(My parent) doesn't believe that what I experienced was rape, which upsets me a bit," said Emma, whose parents think that she exaggerated the incident. "I think this whole thing has been a bit hard for my parents to swallow." Although only between two and eight percent of reported rapes are false, according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, intercollegiate athletes believe that half of all reported rapes were "invented by women," according to an article in the Contemporary Issues in Education Research journal.

The remainder of sixth grade wasn't easy. "After the event, his friends would bring it up and constantly remind me about what had happened," said Christina, who says that besides the assault, Lucas and his friends inundated her with racial slurs and sexual innuendo, calling her a "b*tch" and other names. She paused, voice soft. "I just wanted to forget about it. But they kept bringing it up." Christina's unease faded away in her last two years of middle school, after her perpetrator had graduated, especially as she became friends with a boy who had been raped by three girls when he was eight. When some didn't believe Christina, she was able to relate with her friend, who was often dismissed because "I just wanted to of the widespread sentiment forget. But they kept that males don't get raped. Approximately one in every ten bringing it up." rape victims is male, according to RAINN. The skepticism sometimes But the incident contributed associated with reports of sexual to her depression, and Christina harassment, sexual assault and said it was part of why she began rape often leads to reduced, or self-harming. Statistics from no, consequences for the accused. RAINN show that 30 percent of Only six out of every 1,000 rapes in women who are raped experience the United States result in jail time symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress for the perpetrators, according to Disorder nine months afterward, RAINN. In comparison, that figure 33 percent contemplate suicide is 20 out of 1,000 for robberies. and 13 percent attempt suicide. "His friends backed him up by Sexual assault victims are also saying that I had hit him, and the 3.4 times more likely to use guy just got away with it," said marijuana, six times more likely Christina. "I wound up having to to use cocaine and 10 times more sit in the front of the bus, on the likely to use other major drugs. first seat, for the rest of the school year, but Lucas could get into "Inside, I was whatever bus he wanted and sit completely panicking." in whatever seat he wanted. And it wasn’t until two years ago that I realized how unfair that was. But in sixth grade, I didn’t know And even when victims appear better and sort of just said 'okay.' to be recovered, seeing someone I was already scared enough similar to their perpetrator may and thought Lucas might do prompt fear or unwelcome something to me, especially since reactions. “There’s this guy named I knew he lived close by.” Joseph* in my geometry class

who looks just like Lucas. Same style, same facial features. I was placed near him in the beginning of the year and immediately thought, 'I need to transfer,'" said Christina, who had first seen Joseph on picture day, about a week before starting high school. "He had been walking toward me to talk to his friends on picture day and I was just like, 'Oh, sh*t. I need to keep my cool and not be noticed.' But inside, I was completely panicking." And when Christina ran into Lucas at San Mateo High last year, she had a similar reaction. "(The fear) came back when I saw him, even though I look completely different now and know that he probably couldn’t recognize me. I was really uneasy, and knew that I didn’t want to get stuck with unfamiliar guys anywhere,” said Christina. "After that, I was more conscious. Last year, I made sure to instantly go home after school; I didn’t want to be here when he was around."

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"Everybody should stand up. It's just the right thing to do." Christina, who hasn't run into or even seen Lucas at all this year, has started to move past the incident. But even so, she still cannot fathom how so many bystanders could remain silent, and how Lucas's friends — some of whom were girls — could defend his actions. "I don't see how people can do that," said Christina, voice forceful, but expression slightly bewildered. "They should've stood up against him. Everybody should stand up for anybody if something like that is happening. It's just the right thing to do." *All names have been changed Article by Cindy Zhang, Editor in Chief


If you o by talki texting Nationa Rape Tra Rape Ho

Monday, Feb. 13, 2017



The following essay is a student's firstperson account of surviving sexual assault. Our guest writer's name has been withheld for privacy and protection.

I am a junior at San Mateo High School. I have survived sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape. When I was 12, I went on a schoolsponsored camping trip. I remember being in the woods when one of my classmates approached me. “I am going to drown you in the ocean tonight,” he told me. “After you are dead, I will call the eighth graders so that they can rape you while your body is still warm.” As a seventh-grader, I didn’t realize how serious rape threats were; I shrugged it off and went about my business. I didn’t encounter harassment like this again until my freshman year. Near the beginning of freshman year, I experienced sexual assault for the first time. I was in PE, getting a drink of water, when I was cornered by another student who proceeded to press his genitals against me, thinking it was funny. I didn’t know better and merely dismissed this behavior as simply immature. Later in the year, I was harassed by a drunk man. I was at Starbucks with my friend after school, practicing for a choir audition, when a man complimented my voice, calling me “an angel.” I thanked him and my friend and I began to walk away. The man, however, did not want us to leave. He yelled, “Wait, I’m coming with you!” and began to run after me. He grabbed my hand and kissed it. He refused to leave me alone, continually trying to keep a grip on my hand. Frightened, I began to tear up, but it did not seem to matter to him. It wasn’t until my friend pulled out her phone, prepared to call the police, that he finally retreated.



ake of current events, the topics of sexual assault and rape culture have been widely d, especially given the series of high-profile incidences at schools across the nation: swimmer Brock Turner was convicted of sexual assault, UC Berkeley's Interfraternity uspended social events following sexual assault reports, Harvard's men's soccer team mbia's men's wrestling team were suspended for lewd messages, a former UC Santa ent recently received a $1.5 million Title IX settlement after her professor allegedly raped hwestern University just received reports that a date rape drug was used to sexually assault omen at a fraternity and the U.S. Department of Education is currently investigating a os Altos High School student's claims of rape and inadequate administration response.

w news reports have examined sexual assault in the context of high school, much less chool, many students — including some at San Mateo High School — have experienced, g degrees, sexual abuse or harassment. This month, we have decided to share the stories current San Mateo High School students to make people aware of a problem that many s face. Names have been changed to protect all involved parties. As always, we welcome ughts and comments — simply send us an email at


"Frightened, I began to tear up, but it did not seem to matter."



or someone that you know has been sexually abused, get help ing to San Mateo High School's guidance or wellness counselors; "START" to the Crisis Text Line at 741741; or calling the RAINN al Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-HOPE, the San Mateo County auma Services at 650-692-7273 or the Bay Area Women Against otline at 510-845-7273.

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Several witnesses a little ways down the sidewalk alerted Ms. Shiu, who called the police to get my statement. The man was arrested. I later found out that he was a registered sex offender who had a history of assaulting young girls. To this day, I am very grateful to my friend, the girls who told Ms. Shiu and Ms. Shiu herself. My first boyfriend did not understand consent. He did not understand that all parties involved in a sexual act should give permission prior to the act. After what wasn’t quite a month of dating, he tried to take things too far with me. I remember sitting, frozen, while he told me to cooperate and touched me in a highly sexual way. I didn’t want him to. It was when he tried to physically push me to perform oral sex that I said, “I’m sorry.” Under pressure, I had apologized to him for not wanting to perform a sexual act. I now realize that, out of the two of us, it wasn’t me who needed to apologize.

He immediately realized his mistake, asking me to promise not to tell anyone. “I don’t want you telling people that I raped you or something,” he said.

"I now realize that it wasn't me who needed to apologize." I was heartbroken. I felt dirty and I had already been struggling with suicidal thoughts for some time. This made it worse; I felt used and unclean. I felt that I, 14 at the time, was too young. The worst experience I’ve ever had occurred when I was still 14. At the time, I was both suicidal and self-harming. A boy three years my senior wanted to have sex with me. He took me to a locked room and asked me over and over again. Each time I answered, “I don’t know.” Finally, he had his way. He told me we couldn’t stop when I said I didn’t want to continue. He didn't want me to stop until he was satisfied. After the incident, I felt filthy and as though I no longer had any reason to live.

"I felt filthy and as though I no longer had any reason to live." But the nightmare wasn’t over — the aftermath was just as bad. Two months later, I was called into Student Services. I was asked what had happened between the boy and me. I broke down crying and told the administrators in the room about how I hadn’t wanted to have sex but had eventually given in. They didn’t seem fazed and, to my shock, told me, “We’ve been alerted that you plan to harm (this boy) and have reason to believe you are hiding a weapon.” I was scared. I never had any intention of harming anyone, and such an accusation was frightening. Two of the administrators searched my backpack and my locker. Over the next week, they sent security guards with passes to fetch me from class. To this day, my heart still speeds up whenever anyone delivers a pass to a class I’m in. My parents took me to our local police department where the boy was investigated. The school was unable to find any evidence of my plotting crime and dismissed accusations against me. The campus police officer and some of the counselors who were informed about my situation were sympathetic towards me. However, I never forgave the administrators who seemed to ignore what I’d been through and instead focused solely on false accusations.*

with suicidal thoughts and had just had my virginity stripped from me, but to be treated like a criminal was heartbreaking. I remember walking around school, hearing whispers while people asked, “Why weren’t you in class?” I never could answer. When I was going through my worst times, I talked to Ms. Diana DeGuzman, a wellness counselor here at San Mateo. I frequently visited the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network website,, to try to help myself recover. My parents are very supportive of what I’ve endured and are always available to talk. I’ve made friends who I can always rely on for support. I’m healing. While many people face this type of abuse within their lifetimes, few

"I want survivors to know they do not need to be silent." choose to speak of it. Some survivors are ashamed and afraid. They live in fear and desperately try to ignore the traumatic flashbacks and memories. Some never recover, forever silenced by the wounds of their pasts. I want survivors to know that resources are available to them and that they do not need to be silent. Sexual assault is normalized in today’s society. There are songs such as “Blurred Lines” that convey to people it is okay to push boundaries. It’s not okay. People don’t realize how much of a problem it is. I lived through this all. I survived what was hell for me and I’m alright. I don’t self-harm anymore. I like who I am. I feel like I finally belong at San Mateo High School. Now, I want to work on creating awareness and eliminating rape

"Hope exists. People themselves possess the strength to survive."

culture. We as a society need to work to let people know that these traumatic experiences are no reason for shame and that normalizing sexual assault, whether it’s in the media or just everyday conversation, is not acceptable. I will continue to fight for awareness. I want to show people that hope exists. I want people to know that they themselves possess the strength to survive. *"The Administration's goal is to provide each student a safe learning environment. We strive to handle each student concern/issue consistently, fairly and promptly. However, we understand that the outcome is not always as desired for all parties involved," said "I don't know how I Principal Yvonne Shiu. "Counselors and survived that time." Wellness Counselors are available to all students. If you feel you need to speak I don’t know how I survived that to an adult at any time regarding any time. I was young, depressed, issue or concern, please do not hesitate ashamed and terrified. It was hard to seek out their assistance." enough to live when I was struggling Article edited by Cindy Zhang, Editor in Chief


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Monday, Feb. 13, 2017




Searching For Love

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Alone By Jessie Jiang Copy Editor

Word Bank: Valentine














Forget the tissues, all you single ladies and guys. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be spent with a significant other (although, if it is, I applaud you). Don’t forget that there are tons of fabulous single people out there, including you. Feb. 14 is going to be an exciting day; don’t deny it, because you can’t stop the feeling. Listed below are a few things that you can do while flying solo on Valentine’s Day. First off, if you feel like you’re missing out on the Valentine’s Day spirit, go ahead and buy yourself a box of chocolates and flowers. You could also send yourself a card, and write “your secret admirer” as the sender (that’ll fool them). I won’t judge, so feel free to show yourself some love! It’s a classic ― you may know it as the crying-while-eating-ice-cream-andbinge- watching-Netflix, but minus the crying. There’s no need to spend Feb. 14 in sorrow. Find a good show to watch; comedies are great to keep you light-hearted on this fateful day. Valentine’s Day calls for Valentine’s decorations, a DIY-er’s paradise. Bust out the pink and red paint, rolling pins, cookie cutters and especially those killer dance moves. A few things to try can include putting up streamers, making your own Valentines and cutting out heart-shaped decorations. Or, if you’re

not into DIY-ing, but still want to put your time into a good cause, you could volunteer and help those who could use a little extra love and care. Volunteer your time at a senior center, a shelter for strays, a community dance; the possibilities are endless. And, both parties benefit. If you’re not the type to say “I’ll be Obama-self this Valentine’s Day,” try hosting a singles party, an antiValentine’s Day party (if you’re feeling edgy) or simply spend some quality time with your amazing friends and/ or family. There’ll be no shortage of happiness to go around when you’re with the ones you love. Get out of town, go to the movies, catch up with someone you haven’t seen in awhile. No matter what, a Valentine’s Day spent in a good mood is a day well spent. To be honest, the easiest solution is to forgo the whole Valentine’s Day process … but where’s the fun in that? I’m kidding, any decision you make is superb, as long as you enjoy yourself. Still have no idea of what to do this Valentine’s Day? Ask your friends! “You could stay at home and watch romantic movies, like Titanic,” said Jessie Jassal, freshman. Another freshman, Megan Saclayan, said, “Hang out with friends and eat chocolate.” Being a single Pringle comes with its benefits ― so don’t forget to mingle and sing a jingle this Valentine’s Day.

The History of Valentine’s Day By Cindy Yan Copy Editor

Valentine’s Day, also known as St. Valentine’s Day, is celebrated annually on Feb. 14. It is widely known as a day of romance and love. Chocolates and cards are commonly gifted to loved ones. But how did this holiday come to be? Valentine’s Day contains traces of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition, according to There are many legend about who the original Saint Valentine was, and why Valentine’s Day was created in his name. There were at least three early Christian saints by that name. These saints all lived in different places and led very different lives, but, miraculously, they were all martyred on Feb. 14. Quite a few legends surround the speculation about who was the original Valentine. One such legend, states that Valentine was a priest during Emperor Claudius II’s rule in Rome in the third century. Claudius outlawed marriage for young men, deciding that single men were better soldiers than those with wives and families. Valentine thought this decree was absurd, and continued to perform marriages in

secret. Claudius eventually found out, and ordered him put to death. Another story says that an imprisoned Valentine fell in love with a young girl, and wrote her letters. It is rumored that, right before his death, Valentine signed a letter “From your Valentine,” which gave rise to the popular phrase that we still use today. But, the validity of this Valentine legend remains unclear today. Along with the original Saint Valentine, the reason for choosing Feb. 14 as the date is also a mystery. Some say that the date marks the anniversary of Valentine’s death. The most plausible reason, however, is that Valentine’s Day was a result of the Christian church trying to “Christianize” the pagan celebration of Lupercalia, which was dedicated to the Roman god of agriculture. Lupercalia was banned and was deemed “un-Christian,” and, during the fifth century, Pope Gelasius declared Feb. 14 St. Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day soon became associated with love, and written valentine greetings became popular. The oldest discovered valentine was written in 1415 by Charles, the Duke of Orleans. Americans started exchanging

hand-made valentine gifts in the early 1700s, and the first mass-produced valentines started being sold in the 1840s. Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the U.K. About one billion Valentine's Day cards are exchanged each year, according to Along with cards, other gifts like chocolate and flowers are also commonly given between couples and friends. Exchanging gifts isn’t the only thing people like to do, though. “I like to watch movies with my friends on Valentine’s Day,” said Angela Leong, freshman. Though most people think of Valentine’s Day as a day for romance, some think the purpose of Valentine’s Day is “to appreciate your loved ones,” said Julia Matsumoto-Deveaux, freshman. “But, I think you should appreciate them every day. Every day should be Valentine’s Day,” she added. Valentine’s Day has come a long way, starting as a decree of the Christian church, slowly evolving into the day of love and romance that it is today.


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“Rebel Without a Cause” is a Thrilling Movie

By Quinn Hughes Staff Writer

Fast cars, a knife fight and a battle for a young woman’s love make Nicholas Ray’s 1955 “Rebel Without a Cause” an instant classic. It was also the breakout film for both stars James Dean and Natalie Wood that gives insight into the mind of teenagers on the cusp of adulthood. The film revolves around Jim Stark, portrayed by James Dean, who moves to a new town to avoid his rough past. On one of the first nights in town, Stark gets arrested for drinking to drown his sadness and while intoxicated in the police station, sees Judy, portrayed by Natalie Wood, leave the building. Also in the police station, Stark meets John “Plato” Crawford was seen shivering in tears. During a later conversation between the police commissioner and Stark, we learn that Stark has moved from town to town in order to wipe the slate clean after schoolyard brawls get him in hot water. “Rebel Without a Cause” would become a classic among teenagers and young adults because of the plot’s exploration of the central theme. The

also film gets its status partially because and was killed instantly. As a result, he Side Story.” Like Dean, she embodied of the leads Dean and Wood. Dean has left a legacy of living freely and someone who struggled with her starred in two other films during his recklessly: something that is left out in coming of age and the responsibilities career: “East of Eden” and “Giant.” He a lot of today’s films for better or worse. of adulthood. Unlike Dean, she lived to see adulthood, was an icon getting married and for teenagers in the 1950s, having children. Despite her symbolizing freedom, successful career and seemingly rebellion happy life, she too and overall would die young. coolness. His While on a weekend style is easily cruise on Nov. 28, recognizable 1981, Wood fell with a white from the boat and t-shirt and a drowned. After her red or black body was recovered, jacket. After filming the autopsy revealed that she had been “ R e b e l taking a medication Without for motion sickness a Cause,” and a painkiller. he began She also had been auto racing GRAPHIC BY QUINN HUGHES drinking, but nothing around the c o u n t r y . “Rebel Without a Cause” is a film classic from the 1950s that explores a truly timeless issue that everyone conclusively linked to her death because H o w e v e r, faces in their life. It is a film that connects to most everyone on one level or another. he tragically passed away on Sept. 30, Natalie Wood also left quite a legacy nobody knew how she fell into the 1955, a month prior to the film’s release after her death. She starred in many water. The talented actress left a legacy on Oct. 27, 1955. He was 24 years old. films after “Rebel Without a Cause,” as a beauteous and strong women Dean crashed his car on a way to a race including: “The Great Race” and “West throughout her life and her untimely

“Passengers” is Sleepy By Landon Finn Graphics Assistant The unfulfilling movie “Passengers” was written by Jon Spaihts in 2007. Spaihts is known in the film industry as “a go-to guy for space thrillers,” said Variety and has written other movies such as “Prometheus” and “Doctor Strange.” After an auction in 2014, Sony acquired the rights to the movie and chose Morten Tyldum to direct it. Tyldum has directed other movies such as “The Imitation Game.” “Passengers” stars Chris Pratt as Jim Preston, Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora Lane and Michael Sheen as the android bartender of the ship. The film was released in the United States on Dec. 21, 2016 by Columbia Pictures. Aboard the starship Avalon, 5,000 people have been placed in cryo sleep, so that they do not age during the 120-year journey to colonize a new planet called Homestead II. Two passengers by the name of Jim Preston and Aurora Lane have a malfunction in their chambers and wake up 90 years before they arrive at their destination. In its opening weekend, “Passengers” grossed $15.1 million, finishing third at

the box office behind “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and “Sing.” The New York Times calls it a love story, “whose attempt to be an interstellar ‘Titanic’ eventually falls flat.” The “storyline feels half-hearted and unfinished,” said The Atlantic. “Passengers” has an intriguing premise and beautiful CGI, as well as Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, two A-list actors who work well together. However, all this is not enough to save the movie. Full of plot holes and unconvincing writing, this movie that had lots of potential became mediocre at best. The first two- thirds of the movie was thought-provoking and interesting, but the closing of the film was certainly lacking. Near the end, there is a plot device that is used for a good 30 minutes or more that could easily have been removed from the movie without changing the conclusion in the slightest. This was merely a filler to make it a two-hour feature film. While not totally awful, “Passengers” is a movie that “has billion-dollar ideas and five-cent guts,” as Chris Klimek from NPR put it. If you don't expect too much from it, and have two hours of your life to spare, “Passengers” is a decent way to pass the time.

Get Ready For Bach

By Damian Kaplan Business Manager

Top music hits today will likely be forgotten next year, but composer Johann Sebastian Bach has remained a favorite among young musicians for more than four centuries. Hundreds of the Bay Area’s best young musicians gather each year to compete for a spot to play in the Junior Bach Festival. Founded in Berkeley, California, in 1953, the Junior Bach Festival is led by a group of music teachers and musicians dedicated to celebrating the life and music of J.S. Bach. The festival commemorates Bach through 10 Bay Area concerts held around March 21, Bach's birthday. It’s a chance for music lovers to witness the breadth of young local talent and gain a deeper appreciation for the syncopated, classical music mastery of Bach. Bach was born on March 21, 1685 in Eisenach, Germany and died on July 28, 1750 in Leipzig, Germany. He was a Baroque composer whose music

was influenced by Italy and France. Bach is essential to every musician. His music is practiced and performed by beginners, as well as musicians of professional levels. Bach is one of the most well-known classical musicians of all time. To win a spot to play in the festival, musicians under the age of 21 must learn and memorize a piece composed by or arranged by Bach and then perform for the judges. Auditions are held in late January. Hundreds of top musicians of various instruments gather on the UC Berkeley campus. Auditioners who get accepted into the festival ― only 20 to 30 percent of participants get picked ― play live in one concert that will be featured at either Menlo Park, Portola Valley, San Francisco or Berkeley. The Junior Bach Festival has united music enthusiasts for over 60 years. Young musicians travel from all over North California to participate in this event to commemorate the birth and legacy of Bach.

death only adds to her status. Between Wood’s and Dean’s early deaths, “Rebel Without a Cause” is a film that has a unique spirit unlike any other film. The film gets its timeless reputation because of the lesson it teaches. The film dives into the fragile relationships between teenagers on the brink of adulthood and their parents, as well as the struggles of becoming an adult at the age of 17. Stark wants his father to teach him to be a man by acting as a leading example, but instead, he has little respect for his father. He sees his father as a coward who fears his wife’s criticism and won’t express an opinion that differs from the status quo. Without a strong father to show him how to be a man, Stark feels lost and turns to drinking and fighting. “Rebel Without a Cause” is a film classic from the 1950s that explores a truly timeless issue that everyone faces in their life. It is a film that connects to most everyone on one level or another. James Dean and Natalie Wood may have passed away, but this film will carry their legacy. Grab some popcorn and a red jacket, and go experience a phenomenal film.

“La La Land” Doesn’t Land It

GRAPHIC BY NIC WRATTEN “La La Land breathes new life into a bygone genre with thrillingly assured direction, powerful performances and an irresistible excess of heart,” says a critic on Rotten Tomatoes.

By Nic Wratten Social Media Editor If there’s an “it” film of the year, it’s the Damien Chazelle-directed “La La Land.” Starring the dynamic duo of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, “La La Land” tells the story of two struggling artists barely getting by in modern-day Los Angeles. With song and dance infused into its narrative, “La La Land” harkens back to the classic movie musicals of the mid-20th century, iconography and all. Though it boasts an outstanding cast, an infectious score and lush cinematography, “La La Land” feels uneven on the whole. The first third of the film is spectacular, living up to the hype that so many have cultivated for it. However, it loses itself midway through, as the songs begin to dwindle and the drama begins to heighten. Problems in a movie-musical are great; however, they’re usually supplemented with a rousing ballad or a poignant love duet. In “La La Land,” they’re not; you’re shown dialogue scene

after dialogue scene, with one shoehorned song by John Legend to nonnarratively cut the rising tension. “La La Land” also fails to doubledown on a genre. While some of the best musicals are also romantic comedies, “La La Land” does not cohesively blend the two. Stone and Gosling share zero songs together, save one soft-shoe tap number. Instead of duets, Chazelle chooses long-winded shots of the two experiencing the Los Angeles landscape, from the Getty Observatory to The Lighthouse Cafe. This indulgent cinematic behavior is beautiful, but does little to further the narrative or strengthen the relationship between the two lead characters. Speaking of narrative, it largely hides behind the film’s outward beauty. The story is lacking, and simply borrows from the clichéd storylines of “girl meets boy” and “girl becomes star.” In addition, I was hoping for higher stakes - though Stone and Gosling often artistically fail, you never see them really struggle. They both live comfy lives in unrealistically big apartments,

despite working as a backup musician and studio barista. Stone and Gosling should have drawn on their experiences of trying to make it big in Hollywood to bring about a real sense of urgency for success. And while it may have been in the back of their minds, you never forgot it was two established actors playing these characters. However, the entertainment industry disagrees. The film has been nominated for a record-breaking fourteen Academy Awards, rivaling only “Titantic” and “All About Eve.” While “La La Land” certainly has its flaws, Hollywood insiders are eager to celebrate their hometown, and the hard work they once put in to make their dreams a reality. Despite “La La Land’s” technical problems, it remains an enjoyable and inspiring film to see, especially in the last 10 minutes (which I refuse to spoil). If the film had retained the excellency of its first third and last 10 minutes, and had cut the unnecessary fat of the middle, it’d be a force to be reckoned with.

La Esquina Latina Page 10

es “la liberalización gradual de la industria energética mexicana, que ha llevado a una reducción de los Ahorita en México esta pasando subsidios gubernamentales pero sin varias cosas. Protestas sobre los precios una verdadera competencia en el de gasolina hasta balacera en un club mercado.” nocturno. El presidente, Peña Nieto, La gente está ganando mientras de ha tenido que enfrentar que los precios son la realidad de que su caros. Analistas valuación con la gente han dicho que ha bajado a 12 por el ‘gasolinazo’ ciento y eso es lo más puede empeorar la bajo que ha sido en inflación del peso décadas, de acuerdo con mexicano si sigue VOA News. bajando de valor. Los precios del Después de combustible han sido que Trump incrementados desde asuma el cargo, 14 por ciento a 20.1 los residentes de por ciento. De acuerdo México tendrán con USA TODAY, que esperar y ver lo la gente ha “este mes que hará Nieto. De marcharon en las calles, acuerdo con NBC bloquearon carreteras, saquearon tiendas y Gráfico mostrando que está pasa entre el presidente de México y la gente. News, la promesa de Trump de un cerraron gasolineras en varios estados en México, la gente acuerdo comercial de renegociación para protestar ‘gasolinazo’, el salto en ha saqueado varios supermercados y con México y de tener altos aranceles el precio de la gasolina fijado por el otros negocios, de acuerdo con Fusion. sobre los bienes, pondrá a la clase gobierno.” Fusion también ha declarado de que trabajadora en peligro económico. Con Ahora con los precios de la gasolina la razon detras el ‘gasolinazo’, “hay el valor de dinero y con el gobierno que han subido, la gente tiene que pagar más por cosas básicas como muchos factores que contribuyen al subiendo los precios, la gente estará llamado gasolinazo, incluyendo la interesada. transportación pública y comida. Ahora se tendrá que esperar para El valor del peso mexicano ha corrupción y mala administración de la petrolera estatal mexicana PEMEX.” ver qué pasará con la ‘gasolinazo’ y la perdido 20 por ciento de su valor en No solo es la corrupción pero también economía de México. 2016. Además de bajar de valor en el GRAFICO PO: ZULMA CANAHUI-BAJXAC

año 2016, en enero del 2017, bajo otro 1.94 por ciento. Gente en México gana por lo menos cuatro dólares americanos por día, y la mayoría de las ganacias van a la familia para que puedan comer y tener otras cosas que necesitan para sobrevivir. Por estas razones es de que

Cosas Que Hacer en el Día de San Valentin Si Estás Solo GRAFICO PO: ZULMA CANAHUI-BAJXAC

todo tu dinero porque se puede arrepentir uno mismo. Otra opción es ver películas de terror, pero con las luces encendidas y con un grupo de personas, por si acaso necesita ir al baño y necesitas a alguien para caminar contigo. También puedes comprar una gran carga de alimentos, pero comerlo conscientemente y no comer todo en una sesión porque te arrepentirás. Puedes salir con tus amigas o amigos y ir a jugar boliche o ir a comer. Pasa tiempo con tu mejor amigo, asegúrate de que son solteros como tú o sino, van a querer pasarlo con su pareja. El día de San Valentín es un dia Gráfico sobre las emociones que muchos sienten durante el día de San Valentín. de sonreir, reir, y amar. Pero solo, seguramente tienes amigos no es un dia de odio, celos, ni Zulma Canahui-Bajxac Editora de La Esquina Latina que sienten lo mismo, así que lágrimas. También puedes celebrar el Día pásalo con ellos! ¡Feliz Día de San Valentín! de “Galentine”, donde celebras Hay muchas cosas alternativas Descargo de responsabilidad: con tus amigas o amigos. No se formaron lágrimas al que hacer en lugar de celebrar el día de amor por ti mismo. Los chicos pueden hacer esto escribir esta historia. también, ¡celebrar de que tus ¡Para las personas que están Puedes ir a patinar con un amigo. amigos estan contigo! Puede ser una mala idea si estás tristes por estar solos en el Día Esto vale para cualquier tratando de evitar hacer algo con de San Valentín, sonríe! Come persona que identifique como una pareja. un poco de chocolate, o compra Puedes ir de compras, disfrutar cualquier género. un paquete enorme de dulce ¡Tengan un gran día de San de algunos zapatos nuevos y otra agrio de jolly ranchero en forma Valentín o cualquier otro día! de corazón, ahogate con leche cosa. También puedes comprar Diviértanse en el baile de esa cosa que has querido por de chocolate, o mira películas “formal.” todo el dia. Está bien que estés un buen rato. Pero no gastes

Resolución para las Escuelas en SM


‘Gasolinazos’ en México

Zulma Canahui-Bajxac Editora de La Esquina Latina

Monday, Feb. 13, 2017


Grafico sobre el districto protegiendo a los estudiantes indocumentados

Zulma Canahui-Bajxac Editora de La Esquina Latina En el 18 de enero, la junta de educación del condado de San Mateo, sin oposición pasó la resolución cual protege a los estudiantes indocumentados. De acuerdo con esta resolución, la información relacionado con estatus migratorio, etnicidad, religión, orientación sexual, género, raza, socioeconómica, o origen no será disponible fácilmente. Los estudiantes que son indocumentados podrán sentirse más seguros en ir a la escuela, ya si es de que inmigración llega a preguntar a la escuela por información sobre el estatus migratorio de los estudiantes, el distrito no compartirá información personal con la agencia federal de inmigración. De acuerdo con el documento del Consejo de Administración de San Mateo Union High School, esta resolución fue pasada porque “los distritos escolares locales tienen un mandato constitucional para educar a los estudiantes que residen dentro de sus límites jurisdiccionales, cualquiera que sea el estatus migratorio del estudiante.” Varias familias expresó preocupación sobre los estudiantes indocumentados que estan a riesgo de ser deportados bajo el nuevo presidente y causó que el distrito pasar esta resolución, de acuerdo a Univision. Todas las escuelas en el condado de San Mateo apoyará y protegerá a los estudiantes indocumentados. Según a The Almanac, “La Superintendente del Condado, Anne Campbell, dijo que ella y la junta del condado ‘esperan que esta resolución envíe un fuerte mensaje a las familias de que los líderes y administradores del condado están listos para tomar todas las acciones legalmente permitidas para

proteger los derechos de nuestros estudiantes.’” El documento después sigue declarando de que el distrito no colectara información con respecto al estatus migratorio del estudiante y los padres cuando se matriculan en el distrito. Además, el distrito tomará cualquier medidas legales para proteger los derechos de privacidad de los estudiantes y sus familias. El distrito trabajará junto con agencias de gobierno y grupos de la comunidad para asegurar de que todos los estudiantes y familias, incluyendo a los indocumentados, podrán recibir educación en un lugar seguro. “Un esfuerzo federal para crear un registro basado en cualquier característica protegida, incluyendo origen nacional o religión, sería antiético a las Constituciones de los Estados Unidos y California y los valores del Distrito,” la resolución sigue con, “Me hace sentir bueno. Me hace sentir que le va a dar oportunidades a los estudiantes en el futuro para estudiar aquí en el condado de San Mateo. Van a poder seguir con sus estudios sin tener miedo de ser deportados,” dice Cesia Lopez, grado 12. En total de 12 distritos han aprobado la resolución, no solo el distrito de San Mateo, incluyendo al Distrito de Sequoia Union High School, el Distrito del Colegio Comunitario del Condado de San Mateo y el Distrito de San José. Ahora solo se espera de que los estudiantes pueden respirar tranquilamente y seguir yendo a la escuela. Estudiantes, no solo de San Mateo High, podran ir y venir a las escuelas y sus clases para aprender sin temer a las autoridades federales. Si tiene algunas preguntas, pueden ir a sus consejeros para ayudarlos. ¡Ningún humano es ilegal!

Monday, Feb. 13, 2017

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La Marcha de las Mujeres México Cree en en los Siete Continentes Respeto, No Muros

Gráfico el póster dice “Txxmp es un síntoma de la enfermedad” en la marcha.

Zulma Canahui-Bajxac Editora de La Esquina Latina Después de la inauguración, del nuevo presidente, ha habido protestas. Protestas y marchas violentas y calmadas. La marcha de las mujeres era una marcha donde no solo participaron las mujeres sino que también hombres, era una marcha para demostrar que los cuerpos de las mujeres, acoso sexual y los derechos de una persona son importantes. Varias personas asistieron la marcha en San Francisco, aunque estaba lloviendo y había vientos fuertes, la gente decidió asistir para mostrar apoyo.

Muchos llevaron pósters sobre “Black Lives Matter” hasta carteles sobre el nuevo presidente y como no es un buen presidente. La marcha estaba llena de energía de niños pequeños a personas de la tercera edad y todos los géneros. Empezó a llover pero aunque estaba frío y lloviendo recio, la gente siguió marchando al final, hacia Justin Herman Plaza. No solo había marchas en San Francisco, sino que también había marchas desde Sidney a Tokio hacia Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Oakland, San José, y Walnut Creek. Alrededor de 50.000 se reunieron en San Francisco, donde el municipio

se iluminó de color rosa en la lluvia para la marcha y la reunión, de acuerdo a Mercury News. El símbolo no oficial de la mayoría de la marcha era gorras rosadas con orejas de gatos, cual se llamaban “pussy hats” o “gatito”. Es un término craso que fue normalizado desde que salió una cinta del 2005 unas semanas antes de la elección de Trump en la cual él alardea explícitamente de agarrar a las mujeres por sus genitales. Con 673 marchas en los 50 estados también había marchas en 32 países, no solo en los Estados Unidos. Varios artistas y iconos feministas participaron en las marchas como Madonna y Gloria Steinem. No sólo la marcha era para los derechos de las mujeres, pero también para “Black Lives Matter, un movimiento que lucha para las vidas y derechos de los afroamericanos. También expandió para marchar para la protección del medio ambiente, control de armas, derechos de inmigrantes, LGBT, y apoyo a Planned Parenthood. Aunque había tensión entre la marcha de las mujeres y el movimiento “pro-life”, un movimiento contra la aborto, la marcha estuvo tranquilo. Era bonito ver gente de diferentes colores, formas, tamaños, culturas, religiones y antecedentes se reunieron para usar su voz.


UC Berkeley: Protesta Se Convierte en Alboroto

Gráfico sobre la “guerra” con Milo Yiannopoulos y Donald Trump.

Zulma Canahui-Bajxac Editora de La Esquina Latina Recientemente, UC Berkeley ha hecho titulares. Los estudiantes de Berkeley comenzaron los disturbios o las protestas, depende de con quien le preguntas. Un grupo de personas estaban marchando, rompiendo vidrios y poniendo cosas en llamas, para demostrar lo desafortunados que estaban con el orador invitado a la escuela. Milo Yiannopoulos, un conservador y editor de Breitbart News, fue el orador invitado. Él, al igual que UC Berkeley, ha hecho titulares, así como para crear una beca para “hombres blancos” para que puedan seguir con sus estudios en las universidades con mujeres y otras minorías. Ha estado en gira, dando discursos sobre sus pensamientos y opiniones conservadoras. En una entrevista

con CNN dijo: “Estoy hablando en los campus universitarios porque la educación... es realmente lo que importa. Es un crisol donde se forman estas malas ideas. Malas ideas como... justicia social progresista, feministas, Black Lives Matter... que creo que es tan cancerosa y tóxica para la libre expresión. “ Muchos estudiantes no estuvieron de acuerdo con su visita, Yiannopoulos ha estado en contra de los derechos LGBT y desde entonces ha expresado sus emociones sobre cómo “aburrido ser gay es”, de acuerdo con CNN Politics. Según CNN Politics, Yiannopoulos comenzó la beca el 31 de enero, con cada beca de $ 2,500. Después de toda la violencia y las protestas, Yiannopoulos, tuvo que cancelar su visita para evitar más caos. Unos días después de lo ocurrido, Yiannopoulos anunció a través de Facebook: “Estoy

planeando regresar a Berkeley para dar el discurso que se me impedía entregar. Esperemos que en los próximos meses. Te mantendré informado”, según a Mercury News. Huffington Post ha dicho: “Hay varias cuentas sobre lo que ocurrió el miércoles por la noche en la UC Berkeley, la mayoría de ellos indicando que los alborotadores no eran estudiantes, sino que eran invasores no deseados que transformaron una protesta pacífica en algo vergonzoso”. No eran los propios estudiantes de la Universidad de Berkeley, sino más bien antagonistas tratando de provocar a un grupo de personas que protestaban de una manera no pacífica. Trump ha expresado sus pensamientos o una advertencia, en Twitter, “If U.C. Berkeley no permite la libertad de expresión y practica la violencia contra personas inocentes con un punto de vista diferente NO FONDOS FEDERALES?” El Teniente Gobernador de California, Gavin Newsom, respondió a Trump con: “Como regente del UC estoy horrorizado por su disposición a deprivar más de 38.000 estudiantes a acceso a una educación debido a las acciones de unos pocos”. UCPD ha arrestado a un sospechoso que pudo haber estado implicado en el alboroto, Edward Thomas Kuo un hombre de 19 años, según The Daily Californian. El grupo de personas que fueron responsables del alboroto, no sólo dio a Yiannopoulos, sino a otros conservadores como él, la oportunidad de presentarse como la víctima. Tal vez la próxima vez y espero que si hay una protesta, entonces será pacífica.

Zulma Canahui-Bajxac Editora de La Esquina Latina

México y los Estados Unidos tenían un junta planeada. El presidente de México iba a viajar hacia los Estados Unidos, pero había un cambio de planes. El presidente Enrique Peña Nieto, fue reclamado por los senadores de demandar respeto de los Estados Unidos, pero más del Presidente Trump. Peña Nieto fue aconsejado de que cancelara su viaje porque si iba a la junta con Trump, mostraría que México no quiere respeto. En una declaración de video, Peñ Nieto dijo que “México no cree en paredes. He dicho tiempo de nuevo; México no pagará por ninguna pared.” Desde que Trump declaró sus planes y sus opiniones de mexicanos, ha habido tensión entre México y los Estados Unidos. De acuerdo con Washington Post, Trump ha expresado su opinión de mexicanos, “Están enviando gente que tienen muchos problemas y están trayendo esos problemas con nosotros. Traen drogas. Traen delincuencia. Son violadores. Y algunos, supongo, son buenas personas.” No sólo insinuó cosas de mexicanos, pero después propuso que México sería responsable financieramente sobre un muro en la frontera de México y los Estados Unidos. El muro costará como un estimado de $12-$15 mil millones de dólares, ¿donde obtendrán esa cantidad de dinero? La gente está protestando en México sobre el aumento de los precios de la gasolina y ¿ahora tienen que pagar por un muro que dejarían que ellos pasen a este país por una vida mejor? La gente vive en el poco dinero que ganan, mientras que los políticos estarán llenos de solo tragar el dinero de la gente. Trump cree de que México pagará por el muro, pero si es de que si se pagaría, también la gente de los Estados Unidos pagaría. La administración de Trump ha propuesto la idea de una tarifa 20 por ciento. Lo que significa es de que la gente estaría pagando por el muro. De acuerdo con CNNMoney, “La idea de que un arancel del 20% es una forma de forzar a México

a pagar por el muro, es sólo una mentira, es una forma de obligar a los consumidores estadounidenses a pagar por el muro”, dice Edward Alden, experto en comercio del Council on Relaciones Extranjeros. Edward Alden dijo eso porque alrededor de 6 millón de trabajos en los Estados Unidos dependen del comercio con México y estarán en peligro si es de que la tarifa pasa. Desde automóviles hasta aguacates tendrán precios altos. Empresas como Ford, GM, Walmart y Best Buy serán afectadas porque muchas de estas compañías y otras porque envían partes hacia México para ser ensambladas. No solo afectará a México pero sino a los que viven en los Estados Unidos. México no estará pagando sino las compañías americanas y los consumidores que son nosotros. El presidente de los Estados Unidos, Trump, “twitteó” un mensaje hacia Peña Nieto de que “Si México no está dispuesto a pagar por el muro tan necesitado, entonces sería mejor cancelar la próxima reunión”, de acuerdo con NBC News. El muro no es tan necesitado como aseguranza de la salud o como ayuda para los estudiantes en los colegios o gente sin hogar. De acuerdo con CNN, aunque el presidente ha tenido problemas con su gente, él ha propuesto que “He pedido al ministro de Relaciones Exteriores que refuerce las medidas de protección a nuestros ciudadanos.” El explicó que 50 consulados mexicanos en los Estados Unidos defenderán los derechos de los inmigrantes en el país y los ayudarán como sea posible. Al final de su declaración de video, Peña Nieto terminó con decir, “México ofrece su amistad a la gente de los Estados Unidos y expresa su deseo de llegar a acuerdos con su gobierno, acuerdos que serán a favor de México y los mexicanos.” En un discurso, Peña Nieto dijo que su gobierno está dispuesto a negociar con Estados Unidos si se respeta la soberanía nacional de México. “Ni el enfrentamiento ni la sumisión, el diálogo es la solución”, dijo Peña Nieto.

District to Support Immigrants From SMUHSD, Page 1 to their immigration status,” read one of the points in the resolution, which was passed before Trump’s Jan. 27, 2017 immigration ban, which halted immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) for 90 days and banned refugees for 120 days. “The board anticipated (the travel ban and similar executive action) based on the fabric of (Trump’s) campaign,” explained Skelly. The district hopes to emphasize its “commitment to support all of its students and families, including those who are undocumented,” according to the resolution. “An undocumented immigration status does not have any effect on our students. Students have a constitutional right to have equal access to education regardless of their immigration status or their parents’ status,” said Principal Yvonne Shiu. “Our District enrolls students regardless of their immigration status and without discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin.” The San Mateo Union High School District does not collect information

about the immigration status of new students during enrollment, and has no plans to do so, according to the newly approved resolution. Additionally, the SMUHSD has resolved to “take all legally permissible actions to protect the privacy rights of its students and families” and has noted in particular that it will “resist ... involvement” in any federal effort to develop a registry based on religion, national origin or any other “protected characteristic.” “SMHS has always been proud of our diversity and ensuring student safety is paramount,” said Shiu. “I would encourage students to seek assistance if they feel unsafe.” “If the court orders us to do something, or if there is a law, we will do it, but there seems to be at this point no activity where ... kids (are) being threatened right now in California,” said Skelly. “ Myself, I came here (as an immigrant), and I think I have as much patriotism as anyone born here. Most of the kids who are in the district didn’t choose to move — their parents chose. They are as American as the kids born here.” — Angela Neta and Jessica Fetanatnia contributed reporting.


Varsity Girls Makin’ Baller Moves on the Court

Nadal and Federer Face Off in the Battle of the Decade By Damian Kaplan Business Manager

To kick off the year in professional tennis, the two best players in the history of the sport faced off in the 2017 Australian Open championship. It was the first time Rafael “Rafa” Nadal and Roger Federer met in a Grand Slam final since 2011. Federer finished with the trophy, but tennis fans will talk about the drama and sportsmanship of this Federer-Nadal match-up for years to come. Many are calling it one of the best tennis matches of all time. Broadcast live just after midnight on Saturday, Jan. 28, ESPN called it the mostwatched telecast ever in that time slot. It is likely to attract more fans to Grand Slam tournaments, which include the Australian Open in January, French Open in May, Wimbledon in July and U.S. Open in September. Nadal and Federer are models on and off the tennis court. Rafael’s humble behavior off the court is almost the opposite of his fierce playing style. He continues to climb the ranks of tennis’ top players, winning 14 grand slam titles, including nine French Open titles. Federer, the so-called Swiss maestro,

is already the greatest male tennis player of all time with 18 grand slam titles. Nadal and Federer were two of the most unlikely players to make the Australian Open final. Federer just returned from a six-month break to recover from a knee injury, while wrist injuries forced Nadal to end the 2016 season early. “I never dreamed to be back in the final of the Australian Open,” said Nadal. “It is a very special thing for both of us to be playing again in a major final. Neither of us probably thought we would be here again.” It was a tough battle to the finals, but some would say Nadal had the hard road to home as he played tough opponents and long, grueling matches. While Federer won matches more quickly and decisively, commentators kept pointing out his 35 years of age might not match the endurance of 30-year-old Nadal. They also stated that the pair played the same number of sets, but Nadal played nine more games, spent five hours on court, played 860 more shots and completed 70 percent more work than Federer. Nadal was the favorite to win the final, not only because he was playing

Monday, Feb. 13, 2017

so well in the tournament but also because of his 23-11 winning record over Federer. The only time Federer beat Nadal in a grand slam match was Wimbledon 2007, nearly a decade ago. The final was a five-set battle. After winning the first and third sets, Federer faced an intensifying Nadal, who looked determined to win it all. Somehow, Federer recovered in the fifth set to finish 6-1, 3-6, 6-1, 3-6, 6-3. The two veterans are long-time rivals on the court but support each other at charity events. They share respect for each other’s work ethic and dedication to tennis. During his victory speech, Federer said, “Tennis is a difficult sport. There are no ties. If there were, I would’ve been more than happy to share it with Rafa.” This match was what tennis fans all over the world had hoped for … and more. While many expect the careers of these two veterans to end soon, Federer and Nadal could be reaching yet another peak, and tennis fans could see them battle each other for more Grand Slam titles in the coming months. This is already an amazing, historic year for tennis.


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San Mateo bearcats are determined to win against the Aragon dons.

By Ariel Seidman Copy Editor The season for the varsity girl’s basketball team is wrapping up nicely as things are heating up with a triple-win streak and a recent victory against Capuchino High School. The girls have come a long way from the first half of the season, having made non-stop progress since the first day of practice. One thing the team has definitely improved on is their core strengths and coordination with each other as a whole.

“Our biggest improvement has been trusting each other and working together during games and practice. We struggled during preseason, but now I can definitely say we play like a team, not individual players,” said senior Alyssa Cho. “We definitely play hard against each other so that each teammate can improve.” Come support your fellow bearcats at their next game on Feb. 14 at 5:30 p.m. versus Mills High School at home. They are sure to thrill. Go bearcats!

Mateo Boys’ Basketball Boys’ Soccer Season Comes to Brings the Heat


When reflecting upon this current season of boys basketball, it is easy to be proud of how far our bearcat players have come. “I’d say our biggest accomplishment this season was our 9-3 preseason because it has us set up for a higher CCS ranking than we had last year,” said junior Viraj Chada. “I believe we achieved our record by playing great defense and holding teams under 40 points per game.” What makes this team a team is their cohesiveness through thick, thin, good, bad and even a little ugly. “The ability to work together has been a big improvement for this group. Early in the season, players were hesitant to cheer or encourage each other. Now, we have a loud bench and players have improved communication during games and practices,” said Gabe Rosenthal, head coach. Sportsmanship has been much of the backbone for the teams’ wins for this season, and the coach expects nothing less for the contribution of the returning leaders on next year’s team. JV and varsity teams have done an outstanding job, both snagging an overwhelming amount of wins for every fleeting loss. These past two months have been nothing short of successful. But, with fewer than two weeks and three league games left in the season, there is still room for the boys to improve.

A student from Carlmont High School takes a penalty free throw during one of San Mateo’s home basketball games.

The teams expect to compete just as hard in the next three games as they have in the last seven. “The team has worked hard to improve passing and the ability to work together on offense. This will continue during the last two weeks,” said Rosenthal. Not only is the individual player’s progression important for improvement, but their ability to apply their skill to the game as a team is important as well.

Although the two teams have room for growth, we can’t forget all they have accomplished and proven in the past several games. The JV and varsity teams have multiple players who are able to make plays, steal passes and drive to the basket. Varsity’s closest game thus far was against Evergreen Valley High School, with the bearcats victorious with a score of 54-49.


a Successful End

By Ariel Seidman Copy Editor

Senior Marcos Fonseca passes the ball to his teammate.

By Angie Neta Staff Writer With 4 games left to play this season, the boys soccer season is slowly beginning to wrap up. Starting off strong, the bearcats have had many wins. With wins ranging from two points ahead to being a full eight points ahead, the players positively reflect on their performance this past season. Sophomore Noa Mandorf has enjoyed the season so far and aims to win the division as a team and score more. He believes that “playing as a team not as individuals” is extremely important for success in the sport. At the beginning of the season, both the junior varsity and varsity teams beat Mills High school, JV with a score of five to zero and varsity with a score of six to one. The boys continued to play successfully, JV having tied with

Half Moon Bay with a score of two to two and varsity securing a win with a final score of three to one. Varsity then grabbed a win from Capuchino High School with a score of three to one and another win from Terra Nova with a score of four to one. With both the JV and Varsity teams having beat Jefferson, JV eight to zero and varsity three to zero, our bearcats have started the season off great! Overall, varsity has already had five wins and JV three wins and one tie. With the goal of winning the games to follow, the boys are looking forward to completing a great season. Come out to the next game versus Mills High School at home on Feb. 15, JV at 4:30 p.m. and varsity at 3 p.m.

February 2017  
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