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#1 JANUARY 2013

Editorial All my life, I’ve been lucky

Art by itself serves no

Our amazing fortune has seen

enough to have been

purpose – but, if you view art

us sponsored by a number of

surrounded with incessantly

as a conversation rather than

youth focused organisations,

useful people. My family

as just a creation, that’s where

without which this magazine

is filled with practical,

you give it the opportunity to

would not exist. In particular,

constructive talents – lawyers,

become not only useful;

collaborating with Infinitism

accountants, entrepreneurs,

but meaningful as well.

was the Metropolitan Migrant

mechanics. My friends are

For art to become a

Resource Centre, who housed

equally handy, studying and

conversation, you need more

a workshop for a group of

working as chiropractors,

than just artwork.

culturally and linguistically

psychologists and chefs.

diverse youths. You need writers, designers,

Run over several weeks,

While knowing such people

photographers, sculptors –

the workshops introduced

is certainly convenient,

in other words, a messenger;

the participants to magazines,

at the same time, it led

you need an audience,

their creation and their

me three years ago to a

and finally, you need a way

maintenance. The youths

misunderstanding that I once

for the two to connect.

were guided in the formation

viewed as a truth.

of their own publication,

As a creative, I believed,

It is this connection that

involving the sharing and

you have no real world

sparks ideas, changes minds,

collation of their life stories

application. You have no

broadens views, inspires,

and cultural backgrounds.

function. Personally,

entertains, and shares;

The happy result was the

my own creations don’t feed

and it is here that Infinitism

first issue of CaLD magazine;

anyone, and I deal in whimsy

comes in: as a publication

a motivational and positive

rather than numbers.

that provides a platform for

project encompassing

Any understanding that I hold

creatives, both emerging

individuals, community,

of anatomy or mechanics

and established. Creating

personal expression and

serves only to illustrate,

and conveying meaning is a

most importantly; storytelling.

rather than to fix, and while

collaborative effort, and this

my hands are dextrous, they

magazine provides the means

can’t be trusted to set bones

to make this effort a more

or to even make coffee (these

expansive and accessible

thoughts were not helped

experience. Hailing from

when every person I knew

Perth, Infinitism aims to

was endlessly rushing around,

create a network of domestic

tangibly making the world a

and international talent -

better place while every step

a place for minds with ideas

of my work process seemed

and minds interested in those

suspiciously like play

ideas to go forth and have a

or sleep).

wonderful chemistry –

Aster McBee

and with any luck, multiply. In the following months, my realisation had grown.


Founder Jourdan Sungkar


Creative Director Robert Miller


Contributing Writers Adrienne Downes

Graham Withey

Aster McBee Dee Findlay

We would like to thank those

No part of this magazine may

Cover Image

people who helped make this

be used or reproduced in

A Compass from Andrew

magazine possible, and those

any manner without written

Goodlich’s pre-digital graphic

who gave their time to share

permission from the creator,

design toolbox.

pricesless advice. Thanks go

except in the content of reviews. Front Inside Cover

out to Raihanity, Jarrad Seng, Catherine Chakalunta, MMRC,

Every reasonable attempt has

“International Markers”

Dee Finlay, Drew Straker,

been made to identify owners

by Baxta Blvd.

Zac Collopy, Lee Ingram,

of copyright. Errors or omissions

and all the creatives that have

will be corrected in subsequent

Back Inside Cover

honored our magazine with

releases in the fututre.

“Dead Prez”

their amazing work.

by Robert Miller

Infinitism magazine is proudly

Inquires and Submissions

Feature Cover Illustrations

sponsored by Healthway,

Handcrafted by Zac Collopy.

promoting the Drug Aware message, and Propel Youth Arts WA.


Ryan Boserio


Qashif Masud


Alia Gabres


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David Garland


Mid Century


Marcel Lock


TJ Signs


James Whineray


Andrew Goodlich




Student Projects


Qashif Masud

Qashif Masud


Qashif Masud works to embody and share his love of all things handmade. Both a designer and a craftsman, Qashif uses wood as his medium to form various artistic pieces, specialising in carved

Iqra; Read

Every time I came home, I would look at it and admire the craftsmanship.

calligraphy. Born and raised in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Qashif went on to study at the University of Salford in Manchester, focusing on construction project management - but was left with no prospects in his studied field due to the recession that hit the UK in 2009. Using more than just talent, he remembers his culture and heritage with each piece he makes, resulting in a focus and honesty that makes viewing his work a happy and interesting affair. When it comes to the woodworking process and customer experience, Qashif enhances both by sourcing wood based not only on beautiful textures and drenched colours, but also for their unique scent - he brings another sense into play, which is a memorable feat for a discipline usually restricted to stimulating our visual and tactile senses. As he holds an appreciation for the intimacy of traditional machinery and hand tools, Qashif chooses not to use computerised machinery, giving his projects a personality they might not otherwise hold. In line with his handmade aesthetic, his works emphasise the natural characteristics of wood to bring beauty and character to his pieces. For those interested in his work and his discipline, Qashif advocates patience, time and effort; along with the advice that creativity is important, especially when combined with research of methods and

How did you get into wood crafting - was it passed on to you?

materials. With his functional and decorative work and an

shoemakers and other trades.

bought a wooden clock

My great-grandfather was

from Pakistan, which had

a carpenter and previous

intricate designs and Islamic

generations of our family

calligraphy. Every time I came

intelligent mix of culture and unexpected materials, Qashif

In Pakistan and other places,

were also carpenters - so it

home, I would look at it and

Masud should certainly be paid plenty of attention as a talented

you have a social caste

was in my blood. I never knew

admire the craftsmanship.

and thoughtful emerging artist.

system. In Kashmir where

I was going to be a carpenter,

I studied a degree in

I’m from, you have farmers,

though. I became one about

construction, but work didn’t

carpenters, goldsmiths,

six years ago - my parents

pull through; so at that point

Aster McBee

Qashif Masud



I felt like I needed something in my life - an enjoyable career.

God is Beautiful

I felt like I needed something

I’m working Monday to Friday

What do you love most

in my life - an enjoyable

on wood in my workshop,

about working with wood?

career. So, then I decided to

and I work weekends at

do something completely

Manchester Airport. I’m not

Creating something out of

different. I knew I had the

getting a great amount of

nothing. God has given us

skills to be creative and be

orders for my woodworks,

beautiful trees that we see

in that industry, so I decided

but people are inquiring so I’m

every day, and we never

to look into crafting wooden

happy about that. Woodwork

really appreciate the real

clocks with intricate designs.

right now is a priority for me.

beauty inside these trees. I

I bought a basic wood hobby

All through the week, I’m in

love it when people look at

I started to find types that

with them. Especially with

How do you choose certain

machine that only lasted a

my workshop. I have custom

my work and are amazed

are red, purple, black, yellow

Islamic craftsmen -

types of wood?

couple of weeks and it took

orders which require specific

with how it is handcrafted

and orange - woods that are

they usually stick on the safe

off from there.

designs that are quite time-

from trees. The colours and

really exciting. Finding out

side of using common wood

Different woods have

consuming, and I try to work

smells that come out of wood

about these different types

types, so working with diverse

different characteristics.

Are you working with your

on my own personal designs

are amazing. When I started,

of wood gave me the leap

types of wood really felt

A plank cut from the same

craft as a profession?

in between those.

I only used hardwoods such

to woodwork. I wanted to

like I was doing something

tree would be completely

as walnut and oak. After

expose these amazing wood

different and opening

different from another part

some research on wood,

types and what I could do

people’s eyes.

of it. It’s not a slow process

Qashif Masud


When you hold a handmade item, you can see the little imperfections, but you can appreciate the skills a craftsman uses.

The Footprint

for me - it’s more for what

Rosewood, but it’s name is

connection with the wood,

pleases the eye. I always keep

deceiving - it smells like

its feel, or its smell. I use

my eye out for new types of

horse manure.

tools like scroll saws, jointers,

wood I haven’t seen before.

planers and most importantly,

I import some woods from

From the images you sent

my hands. When you use

North America, which sells

in, it seems that you only

advanced technology, it’s just

a vast range. I have to travel

use traditional tools

too clean. It doesn’t show much

up to 100 miles to my local

and machines?

character. When you hold a

supplier for my imports.

handmade item, you can see

Even the smell of the wood is

I try to stay away from

the little imperfections,

a unique characteristic.

computerised machines

but you can appreciate the

like CNC machines.

skills a craftsman uses. It’s like that with many things.

One of the most fragrant is the Cedar of Lebanon:

Not to offend people who

I thank God that I have gone

its odour is absolutely

use them, but I find that you

down the route of traditional

amazing; sweet and fresh.

don’t get the intimacy you get

woodcrafting, as I probably

But on the other side there

with traditional machinery.

wouldn’t have been working

is a type called Nigerian

There’s no appreciation and

with exotic woods like I do now.


David Garland

David Garland



Mid Century Archive

Mid Century Archive


We live in the world of technology, what don’t we use it for? Basic maths, research, socialising, design, purchasing products,it is an important part of our everyday lives. It wasn’t that long ago though that human skill was taught differently, individuals were seen for their true talents and not how well they could manage a computer mouse. The graphic designers of today rely upon Photoshop and other programs to construct and manipulate a visual, however before this reliance evolved designers handcrafted their work. The images featured in this section are a preview of the rare and impressively crafted mid-century design archive. Andrew Goodlich is a 49 year old Academic Sessional lecturer at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. He provided this portfolio of work from a collection he has of a relatives graphic design portfolio, these artefacts are a work of pure aptitude.

The current cultural field of

The swinging sixties was an

feel making resurgence in

the world for people aged

era that boasted the likes of

our current culture, graphic

between 15 and 30 has taken

revolutionary music from The

designers are bringing the old

on a retro 60’s faced. People

Beatles, power to the people

back to be new.

are opting for the old vintage

activist Martin Luther King Jr,

feel for their home décor,

the assassination of J F Kennedy

Whether that’s for a music

personal fashion, marketing

and many other cultural

poster, fast food outlet or

material and all things,

events that have shaped the

retail outlets, this style is very

dare we say it, hipster.

world we see today. With this

popular at present.

Mid Century Archive


Mid Century Archive


Infinitism Issue #1  
Infinitism Issue #1  

Infinitism is a self-published archive for emerging and established creatives in visual arts, photography and graphic design. It came out of...