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FlipSnack is  an  amazing  way  to  put  all  the  

information you’re  trying  to  say  in  a  creative,  fun  way!   Once  you  click  on  “Make  a  Flipbook,”  you  have  to  add  a   .pdf  file.  After  that,  it  converts  it  to  a  flipping  book!  It’s   super  easy.  According  to      

“FlipSnack is  an  online  flipping  book  software  that  allows  you  to  

convert PDF  documents  into  Flash  page  flip  digital  publications.  It's   the  ideal  solution  for  those  who  wish  to  embed  a  book,  magazine,   catalog,  newspaper,  portfolio  or  any  other  kind  of  document  into  a   website  or  blog.   Once  created,  you  can  embed  your  flipping  book  collection,  download   them  or  share  them  on  social  networking  websites  such  as  Facebook.   P.S.  With  FlipSnack  you  can  upload  several  documents  at  once,   allowing  you  to  embed  not  only  one,  but  multiple  page  flip   publications  in  the  same  Flash  widget.”    

Finances:   FlipSnack  is  free,  and  you  have  access  the  most  of  its   features.    That  said,  10  points  can  be  paid  to  get  the   watermark  off  of  your  flipping  book.    You  can  also  buy  the   VIP  membership.    For  the  most  part,  there  won’t  be  a   disadvantage  to  not  paying  to  use   FlipSnack.                    

Technology:   One  piece  of  technology  you  have  to  have  in  order  to   use  FlipSnack  is  obviously  a  computer.    Without  it,  you   cannot  use  this  program.    You  also  have  to  be  able  to   download  .pdf  files  to  your  computer.  This  is  what  makes   up  your  flipping  book.          

Reception:     Most  people  love  using  FlipSnacks!  Teachers  think  it’s   really  great,  because  they  can  use  it  to  easily  teach.    People   in  business  also  find  it  really  helpful.    It’s  a  great  way  to   showcase  your  information  or  projects.    

“I am  always  looking  for  new  ways  to  publish  student  work  on  teacher  

websites and  on  my  blog.    I  was  excited  to  learn  about  Flipsnack  from  one  of   my  favorite  blogs,       Flipsnack  is  a  new  application  that  will  make  an  online  flipping  book  (with   turning  pages)  from  your  student  work  in  minutes!    Just  create  a  .PDF   document  from  your  student  work  and  upload  it.    Flipsnack  creates  an   embeddable  code  that  you  can  then  place  in  your  website  or  blog  or  share   online  via  Facebook  or  Twitter.”  –  real  review  from  Koren  Ogen  


“The page  flip  software  is  as  easy  as  1,  2,  3:  

• 1. Add  your  PDF  documents.  You  can  add  one  or  more  PDF  documents  from   your  hard  disk  or  from  the  Web.   • 2.  Customize  your  flipping  book.  Here  you  can  choose  cover  type,  set  the   flipping  book's  size,  color  scheme  etc.   3.  Publish.  Once  published,  your  flipping  book  collection  can  be  shared  on  the   web  in  every  way  imaginable.”    

You can  even  upload  to  Facebook!  



               Example  of  flipping  books!

Web 2.0: FlipSnack  

All about the Web 2.0 program FlipSnack! You can make lovely flipping books that help you present whatever information you need to.

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