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We are so glad you have jumped in with us on this oily journey! I wanted to take a second and say "hello" and let you know what all our team has to offer you for support along the way.  You should be receiving your starter kit of oils in the next 7-10 days and you can find tracking in your virtual office under "my account.” Beyond the health aspect of using Essential Oils and natural products, this has become a really great community to connect with others in the same season of life, seasons before us, and seasons we have gone through.  Wherever you are, just know that we are here to support you and encourage you!  Thank you for trusting us to walk alongside of you in this journey, it is an honor! xo, The Rooted Society Team


Open That Kit Video

+ Open that kit video here: + Now that you have your kit, you have officially started your journey! We are here to guide you every step of the way, but first we want to invite you to open up those cute little bottles of goodness and start putting them to good use! Below are just a couple of ways you can use each oil in your kit! Watch the video and we will go over EVERYTHING else that comes along with your oils and some quick tips to make your life EASY and CONVENIENT while using oils!!! 

+Lavender: Your skins hero. Your ticket to relaxation and sleep. +Lemon: Add to your water for cleansing. Great boost to your tough cleaning jobs. Great for disinfecting your fruit, 3 drops in a bowl of water. +Peppermint: Say bye muscle tension. Say hello to tummy relief. For energy and to cool down apply to the back of your neck. +Frankincense: #1 favorite for skincare, also a favorite for emotional grounding. Supports the immune system. +Thieves: Best for your immune system. Amazing for cleaning. +Copaiba: Promotes wellness. Mix with honey for a throat treat. Apply to sore muscles or areas of pain. Rub on baby gums when teething. +DiGize: Supports the digestive system. Never travel without it! +PanAway: Icy hot sensation. Your sore muscles will thank you +Purification: Great for eliminating odors. Extends the life of your fresh flowers. Gets rid of pesky outdoor bugs. +R.C.: Stands for Respiratory-Congestion. Rub on your chest or diffuse for relief. +Stress Away: This Vanilla/Lime combo combats stress and helps lighten your mood.
 Here are the links to some of the tools that we talk about in the video: +Empty Vegetable Capsules: +Fractionated Coconut oil for diluting EOs: +Young Living V6 oil to dilute:

How To Apply Your Oils How to apply oils TOPICAL - INHALE - DIFFUSE - INGEST

+ How to apply your oils video: + We at The Rooted Society want to make sure you know how to apply and use your oils! +TOPICAL: Oils are great to rub directly onto your skin. A good place to start is the bottom of your feet.  This is a non-sensitive area and it should be your go-to place for applying oils to babies!  Depending on the need you can apply oils neat (undiluted) or diluted with coconut, olive, or Young Living’s V-6 oil straight to the location that you’re needing it for.  When you are applying to babies or children, always dilute with a carrier oil. +AROMATIC / INHALING / DIFFUSING: Take a drop of Lavender oil in your hand and smell it. Those tiny molecules are entering your nose and being absorbed by your blood stream! This method of inhaling is a great one you can use quickly and easily with any aromatic oil. You can also place drops of oils in your diffuser and the cool mist will spray them into the air so that you breathe them as you move about your home or office. +INGESTING / INTERNAL: By ingesting oils, you are getting the most benefit of every drop.  You can place drops under the tongue, swab the oil on the inside of your cheek, or place drops into a vegetable capsule to swallow.  We also like to add oils into our glass water bottles to encourage water consumption throughout the day as well as add the benefits of the oils to your body!  Ingestion is a great go-to method while working to boost your health.  Be sure to check that the specific oil is labeled for internal use first! Quick tip: if the oil comes as part of the 5ml Vitality Line with a white label, it is safe to consume.

Oils + Babies HOW TO USE

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Q: What is the safest way to use oils on babies? A: One of the most common concerns when it comes to essential oils is about using them on infants and children. As a pharmacist and a mom, I feel completely comfortable using oils on my son and recommending them to other parents, with a few caveats: + Dilute, dilute, dilute...and when in doubt, dilute! Babies have very absorbent skin because their bodies have a higher water content than adults. This translates to meaning that they require less exposure to an oil to receive its benefits. + I recommend diluting oils before applying to infants and children. We typically dilute 1:1, meaning equal parts carrier oil and essential oil. (See the tip above for some of our favorite carriers!) + Of course, there is an exception to the dilution rule. We apply Copaiba neat (without dilution) to the gums for teething and Lavender neat to bug bites. Always check your EOPR or Gentle Babies for information about specific oils! + Always dilute "hot" oils such as peppermint, oregano, thyme, cinnamon, clove, lemongrass, Thieves and Exodus II. When applied to the skin, these oils can cause a hot or burning sensation. I recommend diluting 1:1 and only using these oils on the bottom of the baby's feet. -Our Resident Pharmacist


Social Media


The Rooted Society has a Facebook group and an Instagram! Follow along with us on both— Facebook: Instagram: @therootedsociety + How to navigate The Rooted Society Facebook: + In the video, we will show you step by step how to utilize Facebook as a resource for education, and invite you to thoroughly enjoy the community that we have here! +You will be added into The Rooted Society group when you purchase your starter kit. This is where you can search for any questions regarding how to use a particular oil, or what oil can be used for different situations that come up in your life! You can also ask questions and read through testimonies!! +Make sure to check out the Pinned Post at the top of the member group where you will find a list of links to all of our resources, videos, and classes! +Make sure to check in with your sponsor if you are ever interested in being added to additional groups such as: -The Oil Collective (on Instagram & Facebook) -The Business Groups -The Oil Lounge -Golden Girls -Science Groups -The Essential Oil Club (E.O.C.) -The Farmacist (Lindsey Elmore, YL Pharmacist) -Other Resource Groups (like Essential Families) +We are also on Instagram! We will be sharing regular inspiration and loads of info to help us understand how to get the most benefits from oils and natural products. Tag your photos with #therootedsociety so we can find you!


Virtual Office

navigating the virtual

+ Virtual office video here: + Your Virtual Office (VO) is where all of the Young Living Company magic happens! In the video, The video is going to walk you through how to order, how to see promos, as well as show you how you can access the Live Chat feature! We want to ensure that you know all that is available through your Virtual Office— all of these features are exclusive to you as a wholesale member! Save your log-in, password, and pin in your notes page for your phone so that when you’re ready to re-order or when you have a question for YL you are ready to go! As always, we understand that questions may come up so if you get stuck or feel a little paralyzed when you log in, then please do not hesitate to reach out to your sponsor who will gladly show you around and answer any questions that you may have!

https:// 214519182


A HUGE perk of joining our team is gaining access to the beautiful and informative resources that are exclusively created by some amazing bossbabes for YOU..... our incredible members! +THE BEAUTY BOOK- +THE CLEAN BOOK - +THE KIDS BOOK- +START THE JOURNEY- is a great resource to share with friends and family who are wanting to know more about essential oils. The Rooted Society "hello" page will walk you through what it means to join Young Living.  There are pages to explain what Ningxia Red is, what it means to become an Essential Rewards Member, and a tab exclusively for team leaders. +We are part of a mother group called Essential Families that also provide great resources, including online classes. They have further education and online classes on babies, travel, green cleaning, etc. ESSENTIAL FAMILIES: Password: “efgetyourlearnon” A great investment into your education on essential oils is the "Essential Oil Pocket Reference Guide" by Life Science Publishing.  It has in depth information about oils, how they are made, and where they originated from.  It is also your guide to an oily "medicine cabinet".  Listed in the book are common health battles like "sore throat", "cuts and burns", "the flu", "hormone imbalance,” etc.  It will list the ailment and the oils to try with it.  There's also an entire section on each individual oil, how to use it, and it's origins. It's a must have!  You can buy it here.  Below are links to some of our fave online resources as well as a few of our fave outside resources that we use on the daily!
 +The Guide - Intro to Oils: +Link to Pocket Reference App on iphone: +EO Pocket Reference Book: +Gentle Babies by D. Rayburn: +Chemistry of Essential Oils: +Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Even Simpler: +Healing Oils of the Bible: +Taming the Dragon Within:


Oil Accessories

Sometimes it can be intimidating or overwhelming staring at your oils fresh out of the box, where to start and how you are going to maximize each oil’s use. Well the BEST way to use your oils is to make them as easy to use as possible! Purchasing items such as roll-ons and sprays to make different pre-diluted blends allows you to have your oils at your fingertips anywhere you may find yourself! Q: What is a carrier oil? A: This is one of the questions we get most often in the group. Carrier oils are the perfect way to dilute essential oils. Some that we recommend: Young Living's V6, unrefined coconut oil, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil! MAKE YOUR OWN ROLLER RECIPES! To make a roller ball you can use half essential oils and half carrier oil. Always look at the back of the bottle to see if the oil needs to be diluted 1:1 or 1:4 and go by that. + Tummy Calmer: 40 drops DiGize + 20 drops Peppermint (top with carrier oil for 15 mL) + This is great for tummy trouble. Apply to belly in a clockwise motion or to feet if smell is too strong. Also great for indigestion, gas, heartburn, candida, etc. + Sleepy Time: 25 drops Lavender + 25 drops Cedarwood (top with carrier oil for 15 mL) + Apply to rim of ears, big toe, wrists and sweet dreams! + For Sniffles: 25 drops Lemon + 25 drops RC (top with carrier oil for 15 mL). + Apply this three times a day at the first sign of a cold. + Wellness Bomb: 10 drops Melaleuca Alternifolia + 10 drops Peppermint + 10 drops Thieves + 10 drops Lemon + 10 drops Oregano (top with carrier oil for 5 mL, you can double or triple) + Texas Time: 10 drops Lavender + 10 drops Copaiba + 10 drops Peppermint + 10 drops Lemon + Use directly for stronger effect or top with carrier oil for 5 mL, you can double for 10 mL + Apply around nostrils, wrists, and/or on chest. Great for opening up the sinuses and combating allergens. Apply 2-4 times a day on the feet until symptoms decrease and then two times a day for maintenance. Q: Where do I get roll-ons, spray bottles, and other goodies: A: Amazon, which nearly everyone uses, has TONS to choose from! +This is our favorite to shop: +Perfect for Thieves Household Cleaner: +Small Spray Bottle Perfect for a variety of DIYs: 
 +Plain 10ml Rollers— +Wool Dryer Balls:

the magic of essential rewards THE MAGIC OF

Essential Rewards

+ How to enroll in ER through your Virtual Office video + You've probably been hearing a lot about Essential Rewards. So… What is it?   Essential rewards is Young Living’s monthly subscription box that is COMPLETELY customizable at only $50/month, giving you access to free products, and free points to use towards any products at any time! Honestly, it’s the best subscription box out there right now. Now I know what you may be thinking- what’s the fine print?…there IS no fine print! YOU pick out what you want in your cart and choose your favorite oils and products each month to ship straight to your door on the day of your choice.  It might be better for your budget to order on the 1st of the month or maybe it's better on the 15th, it’s up to you!  Here is the even better part!  Every order you place through ER, you will earn product credit back you can use to buy free oils, supplements, or products!  There are even exclusive ER discount packages to choose from when you join, only available to ER members.  The skinny on Essential Rewards, aka “My Monthly Wellness Box”: +50pv minimum order per month +the longer you participate in the program, the greater the percentage of points that you earn back and save—+ 10% back months 1-3 + 20% back months 4-24 + 25% back month 25 and on +can cancel at anytime for no fee or jumping through hoops, we will even call with you to make sure you’re taken off the program if you’re not satisfied. +orders earn you free goodies through the monthly promotions that Young Living offers +promotions are based on how much you order, starting at 100pv up to 300pv. Do not walk, but RUN to your sponsor and beg them to help ensure you are signed up TODAY because it’s like Christmas every month when that box shows up at your doorstep! You can see other people's orders with the hashtag: #whatsinmyer.
 The benefits are endless and far surpass ANY other company when it comes to rewards for their customers.  If you would like more information, click here to listen to a quick ER class.



We at The Rooted Society love everything about Young Living, especially that the company is more than just essential oils. Young Living’s Seed to Seal promise doesn't just apply to the essential oils that we love, but also to every product Young Living creates. All plant based, chemical free, all natural, and all infused with essential oils. Here are a few of our favorites: +Supplements & Health Did you know: Due to our current diets and nutrition levels, our bodies only absorb 15-20% of store-bought supplements. However, Young Living supplements, because they are infused with essential oils and specially formulated, are absorbed at 75-80% into the body. —Dr. JB Haggerton, E.O.C. + Ningxia Red + Multivitamins + Joint & Mobility Support + Slique Weight Management Program +Personal Care + Savvy Minerals All-Natural Makeup Line + ART Skincare System + Oral Care + Hair Care + KidScents Children’s Care Line + Seedlings Baby Care Line +Household Care + Thieves Cleaning Line + Animal Scents Pet Care Line + Healthy Snacking

The Business Side OF YOUNG LIVING

By now you have caught a little glimpse of how much fun we have, and how helping amazing people like yourself learn and incorporate oils into their family’s lives brings us incredible joy! So much so that we pinch ourselves every time the month comes to an end, and that glorious paycheck shows up in our mailbox! For us that paycheck represents so many families being impacted, it represents freedom! Freedom that comes from feeling WELL, and freedom that comes from working a job that is a perfect fit for the dreams and vision you have for yourself and for your family. If you could see yourself doing what we do, then let us know and we will answer any questions you have and chat! Our lives have been changed forever by this business and there is always room at our table for one more. Your reason may be you want to quit your 40 hour a week job. You may want to stay at home with your kids. You may want to experience financial freedom. You may want the community of women that comes with this team. You may want to step into better health for you and your family. You may be tired of just settling for the norm and want better. You may just want to do an overhaul on your body and home and that's why you want to start using and sharing Young Living. Whatever your reason is, you deserve it. You deserve it all. And each of us here are ready and willing to help you get started. Just reach out. 

Create a YL Personalized Link for a friend to buy a kit here: 

Any time we mention money, we want to show you the FACTS. Below is the Young Living income disclosure at each rank within the company. #royalcrowndiamond

"Sometime the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.” -unknown


New Member Guide  

Welcome to a lifestyle of essential oils and natural wellness.

New Member Guide  

Welcome to a lifestyle of essential oils and natural wellness.