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VERTICAL FORESTS The Jotun Architectural Trends Collection

“Every great architect is, necessarily, a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.” Frank Lloyd Wright

Architecture is more than art; it is a defining characteristic of an ever-changing culture. Today more than ever we are seeing a great shift in the blending of function and design. A “sense of place” is strongly driving design to empower people and inspire them in environments that are more meaningful, engaging and sustainable. At Jotun, we understand the need to continuously push your creative limits and stay on top of emerging industry trends. That’s why we have created our Architectural Trends Collection. Inspired by five key industry movements, we have hand-picked a range of powder coatings that add light and shade, highlight focal points, evoke emotion and add unique textural effects to your designs. Discover the latest trends shaping the future of architecture.

VERTICAL FORESTS “Good architecture lets nature in.” MARIO PEI

For decades, architects and urban planners have tried to strike a balance between functional projects and green spaces. Today, the trend is to blur this line completely and give a new meaning to “green architecture”.

The emerging Vertical Forests trend is now being used within high-density cities to evoke a sense of calmness and relaxation. As city dwellers feel the squeeze on their living space and recreational areas, Vertical Forests offer a refreshing change with their use of sprawling plant life, cascading foliage and garden rooftops.

ANTILIA TOWER. PERKINS AND WILL. MUMBAI, INDIA. A masterpiece in vertical horticulture, Antilia Tower is a private residence completely covered in foliage. From living walls that enclose all four sides, to hanging gardens and a green rooftop, the structure couldn’t be greener. More than just adding beauty, the greenery also acts as an energy-saving device by absorbing sunlight and reflecting it away from living spaces.

BOSCO VERTICALE. BOERI STUDIO. MILAN, ITALY. The seed that grew an entire architectural movement, Boeri’s design replaced traditional façade materials with the ever-changing tapestry of leaves. The two towers are covered with more than 750 trees, 11,000 perennial plants, and 5,000 shrubs. Planted traditionally, that would cover 20,000 square metres of forest and undergrowth. In addition to a dynamic home for its inhabitants, it is also a growing part of the ecosystem and home for local fauna.

Our nature-inspired range of powder coatings has been specifically chosen to bring your urban jungle to life. These hues play with natural light to transform space as the sun rises and falls. When it comes to designing your Vertical Forest, the sky really is the limit. Watch your design bloom into life.


Root is a canvas on which the rich greens of garden growth pop - where the line between natural and man-made are lost. As a hue, it elevates nature-inspired design, rising through the branches to enrich form and build impact.


The balancing blend of Harmony and nature promotes a sense of unity between urban jungle and the wild. It’s a powerful shade that serves as a backdrop for a living façade that is constantly growing and changing.


As a tree’s foliage casts shadow on the world below, Canopy reflects the calming shade cast under branches spread wide. When used on cladding alongside growing greens and earth tones, the colour provides a stark contrast that emphasises the natural gradients and everchanging hues of the greenery itself.


Not only can beautiful design take your breath away, but it can purify the very air you breathe. Vertical Forests filter dust particles in urban environments, promoting a balance of clean living and urban progress. Air is a colour that reflects this drive. With lightness, it highlights the contrast of sharp geometric forms with flowing natural growth.