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THE GOLDEN HOUR The Jotun Architectural Trends Collection

“Every great architect is, necessarily, a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.” Frank Lloyd Wright

Architecture is more than art; it is a defining characteristic of an ever-changing culture. Today more than ever we are seeing a great shift in the blending of function and design. A “sense of place” is strongly driving design to empower people and inspire them in environments that are more meaningful, engaging and sustainable. At Jotun, we understand the need to continuously push your creative limits and stay on top of emerging industry trends. That’s why we have created our Architectural Trends Collection. Inspired by five key industry movements, we have hand-picked a range of powder coatings that add light and shade, highlight focal points, evoke emotion and add unique textural effects to your designs. Discover the latest trends shaping the future of architecture.

THE GOLDEN HOUR “The sun never knew how great it was, until it hit the side of a building.� LOUIS KAHN

Gold tones are one of the latest trends being used everywhere in the design world, from art, fashion and beauty, to interior design.

Golden tones like rose gold, copper and brass not only add a modern twist to a design, but also warm up a space, reflect surfaces and allow light to bounce in unique ways. Designers are starting to rethink the relationship between architecture and art by using gold as an accent colour or contrasting it with different textural materials. Using gold against wood or even smoked glass can create a variety of feels from mid-century cool to Scandinavian luxury.

COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION. DOMINIQUE PERRAULT ARCHITECTURE. LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG. When designing the newly reconstructed European Court of Justice, Dominique Perrault sought to answer the question “if the law were a colour, what would it be?” At first, gold may seem a strange answer to that question, until you see the building within its environment. Surrounded by low-rise buildings, the two towers stand out against the light blue Luxembourg sky. And they shimmer in the sun with a brilliance that makes the architecture feel just as noble as the task of the courts inside.

BIBLIOTHEK LUCKENWALKDE. FF ARCHITEKTEN. LUCKENWALDE, GERMANY. When the town of Luckenwalde sought to covert their old, unused train station into a public library, they wanted to create a stunning modern structure that didn’t lose the heritage of the original building. To accomplish this, FF Architekten renovated the interior of the train station and then built a new addition on the side of it – a dazzling golden structure that holds a children’s library and youth center. Abstract in the building’s shape and façade, the golden cladding (shown here) plays in contrast to the traditional architecture of the original building.

Our gold colour range of powder coating has been designed specifically to catch light in a dramatic way, drawing in the gaze. This palette allows you to be bold and confident in your creativity without being gaudy or ostentatious. Create focal points, highlight features and demand attention with this unique range. Rethink the relationship between architecture and art.


While gold leaf has been used in architecture for centuries, modern uses bring a new look to contemporary design. Like a magician skilled in legerdemain, Coin catches and bounces light in all directions. It can be used as a subtle accent, a whispered elegance or to explode in brilliance as a dramatic faรงade.


We cherish the gold we find because it shines like the sun overhead, an eternal beauty always out of reach. Crown is a colour to cherish. It captures the warmth of the rising sun, shimmering against the horizon at all hours of the day.


Like the bejewelled treasures it’s named for, Ring can transform a look even when used subtly and sparingly Yet, when used sweepingly on cladding or a structure, it seems to produce its own glow. As the sun rises behind Ring, it appears that the building is not only engulfed in warm light, but that it is the radiant source itself.