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INTERACTIVE SPACES The Jotun Architectural Trends Collection

“Every great architect is, necessarily, a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.” Frank Lloyd Wright

Architecture is more than art; it is a defining characteristic of an ever-changing culture. Today more than ever we are seeing a great shift in the blending of function and design. A “sense of place” is strongly driving design to empower people and inspire them in environments that are more meaningful, engaging and sustainable. At Jotun, we understand the need to continuously push your creative limits and stay on top of emerging industry trends. That’s why we have created our Architectural Trends Collection. Inspired by five key industry movements, we have hand-picked a range of powder coatings that add light and shade, highlight focal points, evoke emotion and add unique textural effects to your designs. Discover the latest trends shaping the future of architecture.

INTERACTIVE SPACES “The most creative spaces are those which hurl us together.

These days, people want to immerse themselves within environments that

It is the human friction that makes the sparks.�

open up opportunities to engage and interact with others. Spaces that break


down both physical and psychological barriers, and connect people rather than separate them.

This emerging trend is all about making spaces more responsive, and using physical space as an arena for human interaction. Artists and architects are now collaborating to create transitional spaces that combine interaction, design, architecture and media arts. This trend is also being used to shift the culture of public architecture as a tool for social change.

KUNSTHAUS GRAZ. CRAB STUDIO. GRAZ, AUSTRIA. Affectionately called ‘The Friendly Alien’ by its architects, the Kunsthaus Graz is an exhibition center for contemporary art. As such, the building itself serves as both a gallery space and an art attraction. Yet, it’s not just the interior of the space that surprises and delights. The skin of the structure is a fully programmable interactive media façade. In the blink of an eye, the Kunsthaus Graz transforms from an amorphous blob into a breathtaking screen in the heart of the city.

MODIFIED SOCIAL BENCHES. JEPPE HEIN. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK CITY, USA. Danish designer and artist Jeppe Hein is known for his whimsical, playful installations that invite the audience and incite curiosity. Modified Social Benches was part of an 18-piece installation exhibit for Brooklyn Bridge Park. Aptly named, the show was called Please Touch the Art, and encouraged audiences to explore and interact. More than a dozen bright orange benches each twisted and bent in response to their environment, changing expectations of such a familiar object.

SPUN. THOMAS HEATHERWICK. VARIOUS LOCATIONS. Originally presented at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, Heatherwick’s design has only a passing resemblance to others in its category. Chairs. Somewhere between furniture and objet d’art, Spun was the designer’s attempt to create a functional object with perfect rotational symmetry. In the years since its first showing, Spun has been exhibited around the world and has captivated crowds as an interactive experience wherever it spins.

Our range of powder coatings has been hand selected to help you inspire change through your architectural designs - to encourage you to create a sense of whimsy, belonging and excitement. Be playful and incidental, rather than deliberate.


It’s rare that a single shade can draw an emotion the way Delight does. It’s playful and engaging, and it creates interplay with the audience even before they begin to explore the form of the interactive space it decorates. With bright, even lighting, it feels youthful and jovial. And with more subtle lighting, it takes on an athletic, active personality.


Deep, rich and intoxicating, the depths of Charm demand to be explored. Swathes of the hue can create bold ambiance with a sense of passion. And when used in conjunction with neutral tones, Charm stands out and can guide the eye and audience through an interactive space.


Designed to capture the mesmerising shifting shades of deep water, Spectacle is serene. It can be used to provoke feelings of self-reflection and create a personal connection with open, spacious structures. It is as infinite as the evening sky, a dark tone yet to be broken by the first star to shine its light.


From a distance, the colours of interactive spaces can seem one-dimensional – flowing into flat, unified shades. Yet as the audience approaches, Marvel comes to life. A field of darkness speckled with twinkling gems, the hue is mystifying. It seems to ever change, transforming in the shifting light and inviting the eye to gaze deeply within.