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ECO STRUCTURES The Jotun Architectural Trends Collection

“Every great architect is, necessarily, a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.” Frank Lloyd Wright

Architecture is more than art; it is a defining characteristic of an ever-changing culture. Today more than ever we are seeing a great shift in the blending of function and design. A “sense of place” is strongly driving design to empower people and inspire them in environments that are more meaningful, engaging and sustainable. At Jotun, we understand the need to continuously push your creative limits and stay on top of emerging industry trends. That’s why we have created our Architectural Trends Collection. Inspired by five key industry movements, we have hand-picked a range of powder coatings that add light and shade, highlight focal points, evoke emotion and add unique textural effects to your designs. Discover the latest trends shaping the future of architecture.

ECO STRUCTURES “We have to base architecture on the environment.� TOYO ITO

As green building technologies advance at a monumental pace, architects around the world are following suit, offering innovative interpretations of sustainable trends.

Eco Structures represent a growing trend to incorporate functional sustainability benefits, such as natural temperature control, in the architectural design principles for a project. This principle of cooling by natural ventilation and protection from the sun can be planned at the earliest design stage. Innovative solutions, such as wind funnels, curtain façades and solar panels are all being used to reduce or even eliminate the need for mechanical cooling systems. MAIN POINT KARLÍN, DAM.ARCHITEKTI. PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC. Awarded at MIPIM, the world’s leading property exhibition, for its innovative office design, Main Point Karlín is a building made in harmony with its environment. In addition to the striking façade that acts as a series of sun-breaks, the office cooling system is powered using water from an adjacent river. The designers’ consideration of the natural environment is reflected in their commitment to making the office a comfortable working environment as well. Myriad windows offer an abundance of natural light and a sophisticated, passive ventilation system silently keeps the office cool.



Fittingly, not only is The Crystal one of the world’s most sustainable buildings, but it is also home to the world’s largest exhibition on the future of city design. Created by Siemens as both an office and exhibition space, the building is all-electric and generates its energy from solar power and ground source heat. With more than a dozen sustainability accolades and awards, it serves as a reference and role model for sustainable design worldwide.

This design is one of many on the WU campus that reflect the university’s ‘Green Building’ concept. The idea is to create a campus where all facilities are as energy-efficient as possible. Hadid’s Library and Learning Centre combines sharp, rigid exteriors with free-flowing, organic interior design.

THE LIGHTHOUSE. SHEPPARD ROBSON. WATFORD, ENGLAND. The goal of Robson’s Lighthouse was to create a home with the least environmental impact while not compromising the quality of the occupants’ lives. The result is the UK’s first net-zero-carbon home that also meets the highest level of the Code for Sustainable Homes. The exterior is arranged to capture the sun’s rays and benefit from ambient winds, while the interior is a collection of adaptable, flexible spaces that conform to various needs and uses.

Our range of colourful powder coating has been hand-picked to reflect the Eco Structures trend. These sleek, neutral hues create a soothing, nature-friendly atmosphere that can complement the most minimalist of designs. Use these on their own, or mixed with brighter tones to help bring your eco-design vision to life. Conscious design with nature in mind.


When designing Eco Structures, every aspect of conception and construction is an opportunity. An opportunity to reduce environmental impact and to create visual impact. Crisp blends elements of both. It is a beautiful, modern neutral tone and it reflects the fresh spirit of the trend.


Equally powerful on a building’s exterior or interior, Pure is a colour that blossoms as part of an overall eco-friendly design. For exterior work, it reflects more light than darker tones. And when used strategically inside, it helps lighten up any room.


Designing Eco Structures requires a thorough understanding of the environments where they will rise. Truth is a calming, natural shade that places the structure in harmony with its environment. The richness of the hue seems to shift as the sun rises and falls.


Shades of dark and light, the Eco Structures palette blends both sides of the spectrum. While the colours can be used individually, they become even more visually powerful in combination. Balance is a visual counterpoint to Crisp, Pure and Truth. It works beautifully as a single shade and ignites the other hues when used together.