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COREX Services Ltd, Egypt Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Pressure Volume Testing PVT Services



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COREX (UK) Ltd – Libya Branch


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Company Profile History COREX is a privately owned limited company. The Company provides specialist services principally in the analysis of geological samples for the oil and gas industry. COREX was established in the mid 1970’s. Over the last 35 years it has become established as one of the world’s leading Core Analysis facilities providing services to the majority of the world’s major oil companies.

The COREX Family COREX has overseas laboratories in the United Kingdom (Aberdeen), Egypt (Cairo), Libya (Tripoli), United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) and Kazakhstan (Atyrau) as well as associations with laboratories/ offices in Colombia, Venezuela, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Syria, Iran and Russia. COREX’s acquisition of the Core Analysis business and assets of Fugro Robertson Ltd in 2004 has increased the experience, innovation and resources available to the company. The combined resources of the two businesses have allowed COREX to enhance their own services, invest in new technologies and develop new markets. Allied to the purchase by COREX of Advantica’s in-situ saturation monitoring system, it makes COREX one of the world’s largest providers of Core Analysis services. The Aberdeen laboratory acts as a parent or guardian to the other COREX associated international laboratories providing much more than management, administration and spare parts. The technology gained in the North Sea has led to Aberdeen providing essential technical support to these international laboratories. Technicians and engineers from Aberdeen regularly visit the international labs to provide training and to meet and discuss problems with their clients. The overseas labs are encouraged to use Aberdeen as often as possible to ensure that their clients get the most from the COREX years of experience.

Major Strength Along with it’s international diversity, COREX’s major strength is the unique position the Company has attained at the high-tech end of analytical services. The Formation Damage Group is staffed by a combination of experienced geologists and engineers. The department conducts laboratory tests to re-create the conditions prevailing in producing oil and gas wells. By conducting tests to simulate the exact drilling conditions, completion, injection and production histories of a well, the COREX engineers can predict causes of damage in the near wellbore area. The results of such analyses can assist an oil company by highlighting factors which will increase the production of hydrocarbons or increase the length of the production life of a field. COREX is undoubtedly leading the industry in these services.


Company Profile Mission Statement “COREX will provide a world class service in the analysis of rock and fluid samples to the international oil and gas industry. Our aim is to deliver these services in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, to add value to our clients, shareholders, employees and all other stakeholders.”

Quality Both the UK and Cairo laboratories have implemented systems to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, achieving accreditation in 2008 and 2009 respectively. The company’s internal customer quality statement is “always to meet or exceed our client’s expectations.” This is achieved by adherence to the work scope specification, meeting milestones/ deadlines, timely and accurate reporting, providing support, advice and clear and consistent communication.

Health, Safety and Environment It is the intention of COREX to conduct its business in such a manner that employees and others who may be affected by the Company’s activities are not thereby subjected to risk to their health or safety. The Company therefore fully accepts its statutory and moral responsibilities and will implement applicable current and future Health and Safety Legislation in all activities. COREX also recognises the importance of the natural environment to the well being of present and future generations, not only of people but of the animals and plants with whom we share our environment. To that end the Company intends that Company activities will be conducted in such a way as to prevent so far as is reasonably practicable damage to the environment. The Company in its commercial dealings will give preference to those companies who have established environmental protection policies.


Company Profile Experience With more than 35 years of experience, COREX have analysed millions of samples and are in the leading market position to give advice and recommendations to assist with client problems. There is a broad spread of qualifications and experience throughout the Company. In general senior staff and technicians are qualified to graduate level or higher. In the UK North Sea, the COREX Formation Damage Group has assisted every major operator and consults with many clients both in the UK and internationally advising them of Formation Damage issues both prior to field development and in remediation of damaged wells. Leading The Way - Experience Counts In many areas of High-Tech Core Analysis such as Formation Damage and Microbial Souring; COREX are leading the industry. It is only the experience that COREX has gained Worldwide that has enabled the company to provide this technology to an international client base.

COREX = Experience Adapting To Provide Solutions The experience gained in the North Sea with its difficult and widely varying lithologies, pressures, depths and environments has meant that COREX has had to be at the forefront of technology. COREX have adapted under these ever changing conditions to provide quality data, as operators drill deeper in difficult lithologies using new and varied mud types. Close liaison with clients and an ongoing education programme combined with regular laboratory visits have ensured that COREX has been able to provide solutions for horizontal wells, unconsolidated wells, High H2S wells, fractured formations, HP/HT wells and numerous other problems that have been encountered. Software Design COREX is involved in a number of projects aimed at providing a comprehensive suite of linked software designed to ensure that quality systems and programs are in place covering all aspects of its operations. These include Heath and Safety systems, training programs, data evaluation and reporting packages as well as individual programs designed for a specific purpose.


Company Profile Research And Development Besides involvement in Research and Development with major operators and chemical companies, COREX is committed to continuing its own ‘in-house’ Research & Development. The results of past R&D has seen COREX introduce key laboratory equipment to the international oil industry and also introduce several new and proprietary techniques into its own procedures. The Laboratory Spectral Core Gamma, Digital Probe Permeameter and Core Preservation Containers (CPC), are three COREX innovations that have become standard in all quality Core Analysis facilities worldwide. COREX will continue to be at the leading edge of technology.

Training Across the COREX Group, training is seen as an important and integral part of the drive towards continuous improvement. Each staff member is allocated a training schedule which covers a wide range of topics from computing skills to total quality management. Technical development in specific areas is addressed in this schedule. Staff members are encouraged to attend relevant technical conferences. Conferences are selected according to their suitability and particular benefit for each staff member. Furthermore staff members are encouraged to join relevant technical societies and organisations. COREX supports and encourages publications and presentations of technical papers and posters. A list of COREX publications is available upon request. The Company subscribes to many regular publications and magazines and all material is available in an extensive COREX library. All staff member training is continually monitored and formally assessed annually. Staff members are expected to show measured improvements in both technical and other areas addressed in their own training schedule.

For further information regarding COREX Training please visit:


Company Profile COREX (UK) Ltd, Scotland Aberdeen is seen as the centre for the oil industry in North West Europe and it is here the main COREX laboratory is situated. Within minutes of Aberdeen International Airport, the laboratory in Dyce handles thousands of feet of core per year from the North Sea and around the world. The Aberdeen location ensures that COREX has a presence as a leading service company in the industry. This is highlighted by the numerous visitors to the laboratory each year. COREX has a presence at technical seminars and trade shows in the Aberdeen area and staff have the opportunity to mix with specialists from oil companies and service companies in the region. COREX provides clients a Core Analysis programme of preparation, testing and archiving, typically divided into two distinct sequential stages:

* Routine Core Analysis * Special Core Analysis Routine Core Analysis Services The Routine Core Analysis component of the sequence combines bulk core handling and processing, with statistically targeted point analysis, aimed at the quantification of a series of key petrophysical parameters. There is an emphasis on rapid turnaround to assist the client in the initial phase of formation evaluation and in the preservation of the rock material for future and complimentary examination. Analytical Measurements * Wellsite Core Handling and Preservation * Resin Injection for Soft Sediment Preservation * Specialist Sample Cutting (Liquid Nitrogen, Brine, Mineral Oil) * Specialist Sample Drying (Humidity Ovens, Critical Point Drying) * Spectral Core Gamma Log * Fluid Saturation by Retort * Fluid Saturation by Dean Stark * Sedimentological Descriptions and Sampling * Petrography * Klinkenberg Permeability * Nitrogen Permeability * Helium Porosity * Grain Density

Ancillary Services * * * * * *

Core Slabbing Core Resination Core Photography in White and UV light COREX Core Fingerprint Core Storage Digital Photography and Database Management


Company Profile Special Core Analysis Services Special Core Analysis forms the second part of a comprehensive Core Analysis programme. The focus is on multiple measurement types performed on a restricted number of samples from specific zones of interest. These samples are selected on the basis of the produced porosity, permeability and lithological values. To design a Special Core Analysis programme COREX offers the services of one of its in-house consultants to ensure the spread of testing formats is ‘fit for purpose’. The spread of measurement types available in COREX laboratories across the world may be summarised under the following headings:

* * * * *

Formation Factor Resistivity Index Wettability Relative Permeability Reservoir Condition Flood Tests

* * * *

Acoustic Velocity Measurements Water Sensitivity Tests Overburden Measurements Capillary Pressure Measurements

Formation Damage and Stimulation Testing COREX is keen to undertake studies in known damaged areas and to work with companies looking to increase production from previously drilled wells that are known to have been damaged. The Formation Damage laboratory in Aberdeen now has nine independent Formation Damage flood test rigs. COREX has established this expert niche in Formation Damage measurements by conducting tests at reservoir temperature and pressures to simulate the exact reservoir conditions.


Company Profile The range of services COREX can offer vary widely but may include:

* * * * * * * * * *

Improved understanding of multiphase fluid flow processes in the near well bore region Injection Water Quality Water Compatibility Scale/Corrosion Inhibitors; Biocide additives; Clay mineral stabilisers; Demulsifiers & Pour Point Depressants. Drilling Mud Evaluation Tests Chemicals/Surfactant/Polymer Flooding evaluation tests. Sand Production Evaluation Fracing Fluid Tests Migration of Fines Studies Microbial Screening

The results of such analyses can assist clients not only to maximise the absolute recovery but to vastly increase the economic recovery of a field. Independent Mud Studies Many forward thinking oil companies and indeed some of the largest exploration companies in the world are now using COREX to screen all drilling and other introduced fluids prior to commencing work in new wells. This minimises the possibility of Formation Damage occurring. Even simulating the effect of over and under balance drilling practices are giving clients vital information to allow them to select the most suitable mud to be used for a particular formation. COREX is not associated with any mud company and therefore holds a unique position in the industry. Microbial Screening COREX has recently established itself in the field of microbiology with respect to the analysis of problems caused by sulphate reducing bacteria within hydrocarbon reservoirs. The growth of bacteria in the near wellbore region not only causes problems with the production of H2S gas but these bacterial colonies can restrict oil production. COREX has also recently completed a four-year research project funded by the UK government in association with six major oil companies to research this important area of Formation Damage. The results are of major importance to every oil company in the world.


Company Profile Reservoir Geology (Geological Services)

COREX’s Reservoir Geology Group operates globally offering a complete range of geological, sedimentological, petrographical and consultancy services. We provide a fully integrated analysis of core or surface samples, both on siliciclastic and carbonate rocks with a view to evaluating the reservoir potential of given sediments. COREX prides itself on providing high quality Reservoir Geology services and products tailored to the specific needs of the client. The range of COREX Reservoir Geology services on offer are:

* * * * * * * *

Provide Information about Exploration/Production Area Core Logging and Interpretation Fracture/Paleo-direction Analysis by Goniometry Thin Section Analysis Rock Typing XRD/QemScan Analysis SEM Analysis plus EDAX Facility Stable Isotope Analysis and Organic Geochemistry

Services which are not listed here may be provided by COREX on request. COREX are always open to new approaches and demands that have to be faced in order to fully understand the characteristics and features of sedimentary rocks with respect to their reservoir potential. COREX Reservoir Geology Group are highly enthusiastic about developing new procedures and techniques, working with clients to achieve the best results possible.


Company Profile COREX Services Ltd, Egypt The COREX Egypt office was established in 1987 and has expanded to include Routine Core Analysis, Special Core Analysis, Geological Services, Biostratigraphy, and PVT. It is the most diverse of the COREX operations. With a staff of 50 the laboratory is an integrated geoscience establishment where Egyptian operators have become accustomed to the quality of data they deserve. The regional experience is surpassed by no other company in North Africa. The Cairo office has performed studies on wells throughout Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East. COREX Egypt has become recognised for its vast regional experience. The following services are available in the Cairo laboratory:

Routine Core Analysis * * * * * *

Wellsite Core Handling and Preservation Spectral Core Gamma Log Fluid Saturation by Dean Stark or Retort Nitrogen Permeability Digital Probe Permeability Helium Porosity and Grain Density

Special Core Analysis * * * * *

Ancillary Services * * * * * *

Core Slabbing Core Resination Core Photography in White & UV light COREX Core Fingerprint Core and Data Storage Digital Photography and Database Management

Formation Factor Resistivity Index Capillary Pressure Measurements Amott Wettability Measurements Relative Permeability Measurements

Geological Services * * * *

Sedimentological Descriptions and Sampling Petrography Computer Aided Goniometery Biostratigraphy

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Analysis COREX’s new NMR facility helps clients reduce tool and data uncertainty by providing quality data, benchmarking results, integrating data with NMR log interpretation and providing unique sedimentological analysis. COREX’s Maran Ultra NMR core analyser is the industry standard and the first commercial machine in North Africa. * NMR Analysis and Sedimentological Correlation * NMR Core Analysis Data Measurements * NMR Log Calibration and Interpretation


Company Profile Pressure Volume Testing (PVT) Services COREX Egypt are experts in providing a tailor made PVT analysis plan for every client and every job. COREX pride themselves on the 24 hour, 7 day a week service they provide, allowing close to real time results to be supplied if required. This dedication in turn, allows early decisions to be taken and can lead to huge cost savings in rig time, also facilitating the decision whether to run expensive wire line tools. Further to this, the Egypt Branch can transfer samples to COREX owned cylinders in a timely manner releasing the expensive wire line chambers, saving rental costs and freeing up the samplers for further runs. The following PVT Services are available in the Egypt Laboratory:

* * * * * *


Wellsite PVT sampling Black Oil Studies Volatile Oil Studies Condensate Studies Dry and Wet Gas Studies PVT Cylinder Rental and Storage

Company Profile KAZCORERESEARCH (KCR) COREX formed a joint venture: KAZCORERESEARCH, in 2002. KCR is based in Atyrau providing Core Analysis services to many of Kazakhstan’s oil and gas operators. The laboratory is staffed by experienced local staff supported technically by COREX’s UK operations. The laboratory combines state of the art equipment with a large warehouse capacity for geological sample and data storage with excellent viewing facilities. The following services are available in the Kazakhstan Laboratory:

Analytical Measurements * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wellsite Core Handling and Preservation Resin Injection for Soft Sediment Preservation Specialist Sample Cutting (Liquid Nitrogen, Brine, Mineral Oil) Specialist Sample Drying (Humidity Ovens, Critical Point Drying) Spectral Core Gamma Log Fluid Saturation by Retort Fluid Saturation by Dean Stark Sedimentological Descriptions and Sampling Petrography Klinkenberg Permeability Nitrogen Permeability Helium Porosity Grain Density Ancillary Service

* * * * *

Core Slabbing Core Resination Core Photography in White and UV light COREX Core fingerprint Digital Photography

Storage and Viewing * * * * * *

Core Storage Geological Sample Storage Data Storage Database and Tracking system Viewing facilities Specialist storage

Other services such as Special Core Analysis, Formation Damage, Flow Assurance, Geological and Petrological Services, PVT Services, Environmental Testing and Geochemistry can all be provided by KCR using COREX’s expertise.


Company Profile COREX (UK) Ltd – Libya Branch COREX (U.K.) Ltd - Libya Branch: Provides technical services for a wide range of activities, including laboratory analyses and field services. The Libya laboratory is supported by the COREX UK Head Office and Egypt branch. The following services are available in the Libyan Laboratory:

Analytical Measurements Routine Core Analysis * * * * * *

Wellsite Core Handling and Preservation Spectral Core Gamma Log Fluid Saturation by Retort and Dean Stark Nitrogen Permeability Digital Probe Permeability Helium Porosity Ancillary Services

* * * * * * * *

Core Slabbing Core Resination Core Photography in White and UV light Core Storage Core Stabilisation Unconsolidated Sand Analysis Core Preservation for Special Core Analysis and Formation Damage Analysis High Resolution Core Scanning

In addition COREX Libya is integrated with the Head Office and branches for the following services:

* * * *


Special Core Analysis PVT Analysis Petrographic Analysis Formation Damage Analysis

Company Profile COREX Almansoori – Abu Dhabi COREX AlMansoori: Offers a full range of wellsite services for both land and offshore activities with a large, new laboratory in Abu Dhabi offering full range of routine and PVT oil/gas analysis. Formation Damage, NMR, Reservoir Geology and SCAL are supported by our Egypt and Aberdeen laboratories. The following services available in the Abu Dhabi laboratory:

Wellsite Core Handling * * * * * * * * * *

Preservation Resin or Foam Stabilization Gamma Fracture Analysis On-site Photography Frozen Core Handling Core Transportation Unconsolidated Core Handling Rig Site Core Sampling Mobile Permeameter for rapid Permeability Measurements Routine Core Analysis

* * * * * * *

Core Slabbing Core Resination Core Photography in White and UV light Fluid Saturations by Dean Stark or Retort Core Storage Core Stabilisation Core Preservation for Special Core Analysis and Formation Damage Analysis PVT Analysis

All services from sampling to validation bubble point, recombination, viscosity, compositional, solubility, gas condensate, phase behaviour as well as working with H2S sour gas/oil. In addition COREX Almansoori is integrated with the Head Office and branches for the following services:

* Special Core Analysis * Petrographic Analysis * Reservoir Geology Studies

* Formation Damage Analysis * NMR


Company Profile Principal Addresses COREX employs approximately 140 people worldwide and occupies 30,000 sq ft of offices and laboratories:


COREX (UK) LTD Noffleen Area P.O Box (6271) Tripoli Libya

COREX (UK) LTD Units B1 - B3 Airport Industrial Park Howe Moss Drive Dyce, Aberdeen AB21 0GL



+ 44 1224 770434


+ 44 1224 771716


+218 21 7100 071



+218 21 7263 339



KAZCORERESEARCH Severnaya Promzona 32 Atyrau Republic of Kazakhstan


+771 22 29 29 36


+771 22 29 29 31

E-Mail: f.kuanyshev@ COREX EGYPT 176, Sector No. 6th Industrial Area Zahraa El Maadi Helwan Egypt



+ 202 252 18 446/7 COREX EGYPT


+ 20 2 251 75 261


COREX ALMANSOORI P.O. Box 7663 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


+971 2 659 4 700


+971 2 555 9 713




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