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Certification courses in 3D Animation and Graphics   Animation and multimedia is a field which requires blend of creativity and hard work in order  to establish and progress. Innovative thinking and thorough knowledge of graphic designing  skills makes the candidate to aspire with more skills. The difference is when motion induced  into graphics; it becomes animation, while sound infused into this animation becomes  multimedia.  Animation is a sequence of 2D or 3D artwork images included in multimedia. Today, the world  is famous for animation and multimedia designs. Creative thinking not only matters in  multimedia, technical competency is also required.  There are several coaching centers that offer a good quality & high tech courses for your  budget. After completion of the course, more opportunities are available.  CMTES is one of the best coaching center it provides good quality animation & multimedia  courses to the students. Here we are provided some of our Animation and Graphics course  details  •

Certification in 3D Animation Film Making 

Certification in 3D Animations & Visual Effects 

Certification in Image Graphics & Designing 

Certification in Vivid Animatronics 

Certification in 3D Digital Imaging 

Certification in 3D Animation Film Making  The course exposes students to the details of Pre‐Production and Digital Film making, along  with an overall understanding of the 3D Animation pipeline. Students are given training right  from the basic traditional animation to the sophisticated 3D animation and film making.  Prerequisites: Computer fundamentals with a skill for in designing & painting                       









Duration: 6 months Course Modules: •


3Ds Max 


Motion Builder 



Certification in 3D Animations & Visual Effects  The course provides the student with an expertise in 3D animation and film making. Upon  completion of the course students will gain real‐time exposure to industry demands and  creative and business challenges of animation.  Prerequisites: Knowledge in basic computer concepts and components Duration: 6 months Course Modules: •


Premiere Pro 

3Ds Max 

After Effects 

Animated characters with After Effects 


Certification in Image Graphics & Designing  The course aims to provide hands-on knowledge on creating and designing graphics and animations for various applications. On completion of this course the trainee would be efficient                       









in creative designs, producing symbols, logos, illustrations & animations for gaming, advertising and film making.

Prerequisites: Knowledge in basic computer concepts and components. Duration: 6 months Course Modules: •

3D Max 

Premier Pro 

AVID Media composer 




Certification in Vivid Animatronics  The course imparts knowledge on current techniques in computer animation. Upon completion of the course, the students would have learned the computational methods for modeling of motions in the physical and virtual world, be able to storyboard, light, compose, and render an animated sequence and be able to read and critically evaluate the current literature in computer animation. Prerequisites: Basics of Computer fundamentals with hands on experience of drawing & designing Duration: 6 months Course Modules: •

Flash scripting 

3D Max                       



After effects 








Eligibility for Animation and Graphics courses: •

12 + 

Graduate in any discipline 

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Certification courses in 3d animation and graphics  

The 3D Animation Film making course of CMTES is dedicated towards developing the learner to generate 3D Animation films. Students are given...

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