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Jo Therese Tolentino l a n d s c a p e

a r c h i t e c t u r e

E ducation University of Florida (UF)

2012 - 2017

Design Charrette (Indonesia) Project Leader

Feb. 22 Mar. 03 2016

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Graduating on May 2017 Supervisor: Dan Zhu (352) 219 – 7679 Guided analysis and design for a polluted lake through culturally and environmentally-sensitive redevelopment

GPA: 3.72 / 4.00

E xperience

H ello !

A Design is at first a creative idea, guided by cultural and ecological sensitivity, that ultimately shapes the spaces we live in. As a Filipino growing up in the US, I enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures, history and art. I spend much of my time biking, hiking and painting with loved ones.

S kills Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator AutoDesk AutoCAD SketchUp

Smart Landscapes (Atlanta, GA) Intern

June - July 2016

Canin Associates (Orlando, FL) Intern

May - Dec. 2015

Principal: Elise Cormier (678) 503 - 8918 Researched and produced graphics for academic institution and regional park projects Principal: Greg Witherspoon (407) 422 - 4040 Assisted in design and production for master/community planning and hospitality projects

E ngagement ASLA Advocacy Day FL. Student Representative


Student Chapter ASLA Vice President

2016 - 2017

Spoke with legislators regarding policies on transportation, national parks, and land and water conservation

FL ASLA Conference volunteer

College of DCP Ambassadors K-12 Advocacy Chair Habitat for Humanity volunteer

ArcGIS Hand graphics Microsoft Office

2015 - 2016 2014 - 2016 2013 - 2015

H onors Herrick H. Smith Fellowship Merit-Based


Recognizing leadership, scholarship, and potential professional distinction

I nfo Phone: Email: Portfolio:

(352) 226 - 2045 Jtn.Tolentino @ / JoThereseTolentino

Jon and Elizabeth Seymore Scholarship Merit-Based

2015 - 2016

Tremron Innovative Paving Design Competition Award


Gilkey 3rd-Year Planting Design Award


Gilkey 2nd-Year Best Pin-Up Display Award


Dean’s List at the University of Florida

2012 - 2016

Contents Independent S tudy


Designing Abroad (Indonesia) Shaping an Identity

Studio Experience


Transitioning Urban Form Finding a Sanctuary A Healing Network

Professional Practice


Canin Associates Smart Landscapes

C reative Work Fine Arts Photography


Designing Abroad I served as Project Lead to a team of 13 students that worked on a design charrette held for the local government. The project consisted of 3 areas for potential improvement tackled by 3 teams from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), with UF’s assistance.

Kacang Pedang

Sudirman St.

Pankalpinang, Indonesia

Adandoned Gov. housing Steep, eroded land Lacks utilities

Adandoned Gov. housing Steep, eroded land Lacks utilities

Teluk Bayur

city map

Areas of Improvement: 1. Kacang Pedang - regional stormwater lake 2. Sudirman Street - main connector 3. Teluk Bayur - Central Business District

Adandoned Gov. housing Steep, eroded land Lacks utilities 0km


activity centers Hillside District Regional park


immediate site

Multi-family housing

Historic District

Cultural plaza 1-2 story retail

Mix-use: commercial, hotel, entertainment

12 Martyrs Bridge

Martyr Islands Lake

Expanded retention walls Regraded pools Wetland vegetation

Ali Samid (1/12 Martyrs) 0m




plan: the land of the people

autoCAD, sketchup, photoshop - team effort


My team worked on the Kacang Pedang area. Through analysis, we found that it has many issues arising from poor stormwater management and infrastructure. It is polluted, prone to flooding and sedimentation, and lacks maintenance.

hillside dsitrict dock - D. Octaviano

kacang pedang

We researched and participated in tours of the culture and history of the area, its means of economic development (industrial), and its people.


Personal Contribution As a Project Lead Set daily goals for all members Prioritized key analyses + factors - Area history/culture - Main site issues + solutions Facilitated conceptual design plan, sections+ perspectives Assigned tasks that met the City and Mayor’s desires - Showed proposed solutions to site issues Encouraged and welcomed feedback + criticism

determination island - T.M. Hasriza

trail, road, wall - R. Lopez

hisotric district bridge - C. Slaney progress work, critiques + meetings

Team Contribution 3

Shaping an Identity: Analysis of the Philippine Cultural Center H C , FL. illsborough


Growing up in the US, I felt out of touch with my heritage. Located centrally in the Tampa Bay Area, the Philippine Cultural Center (PCC) is a place that engages both Filipinos and the greater community. The PCC is managed by a non-profit organization that has been successful in holding cultural events and programs (i.e. performance and music), and special occasions (i.e. weddings). However, the PCC infrastructure is lacking and disconnected. I analyzed the site’s circulation, bare hardscape, abundance of softscape and proximity to wetlands. I will focus on improving pedestrian/ visitor experience by providing spaces for various uses and creating an environment that imbues the culture and land of the Philippines.








Inspiration through Theory - On Tradition and Vernacular “Tradition can no longer be thought of as the static legacy of a past.... It must be understood as a dynamic project for the reinterpretation of this past in light of the needs of the present and a future.” - Nezar AlSayyad

Legend counties major roads waterbodies site location filipino bsns. asian bsns. % 100 asian % 10 asian % 0-10 asian

Cultural plaza

Indoor Center

Asian population

Legend structures paved stormwater wetland destination

Legend counties major roads 1-mile diam. most suitable site location institutional commercial centers

plan: existing

Similar land uses Legend counties major roads institutional residential wetlands highlands

Legend existing proposed destination 0’

Proximity to wetlands



plan: pedestrian experience


SWOT Analysis and Synthesis Strengths • Successful community • Frequent weekly, monthly, annual events • Proximal to wetland

Weaknesses • Lack of identity • Generic plaza space • Private community experience • Minimal stormwater

illustrator, photoshop

Opportunities Threats • Create unity within • Little financial and • Educational + inviting emotional support atmosphere via culture from community • Multi-functional spaces • Environmentally for year-round activity sensitive areas • Sustainability methods

A TG ransitioning Urban Form , FL. ainesville

South Downtown Depot is a sustainable, walkable, up-and-coming destination in downtown Gainesville. The opportunities and constraints of the site, New Urbanism principles and inspiration from European architecture shaped the design for this industrial space. As an urban, T6-zoned area, it is an optimal location for mix-use housing, commercial and retail to revitalize the surrounding uses.

economic development

housing trends

urban form



sense of community

SWOT Analysis and Synthesis illustrator, photoshop Economic development - Opp. for development on site: near Downtown Park, trail connections Opp. for Urban form via urban streets, spaces and Architecture, and Business activity through introduction of retail Infrastructure - walkability and Accessible transportation within .5 mi of destinations, opp. for development Sustainability - Opp. for rain gardens, stormwater planting, drainage towards Depot Park Sense of Community - Opp. for design influence from industrial and RTS transportation history


active street

interior courtyard

hammock area character sketches

concept: public vs. private


concept: connections

final concept: start-up revival

graphite, marker


PROGRAM ELEMENTS 4-6 story mix-use buildings - 20 shop and restaurant spaces - Office spaces - 1340 affordable dwelling units - Elementary School »» Amenities – Urban promenade – Movable outdoor seating - Central community spaces and interior courtyards - Welcome rest area and trailhead »» Stormwater planting »» Comfortable urban streets and pathways »» 300 indoor parking spaces »»

Depot Park Historic Residential signage and trailhead

South Downtown Depot

commercial boulevard

5-story: School + Offices 3-story: Offices + Residential A

4-story: Parking + Residential Interior courtyard

5-story: Parking + Residential

Amenitized courtyard

Complete Street

community space

A’ 0’




plan: sustainable growth

autoCAD, illustrator, photoshop


interior courtyard

veh and ped bridge

interpretation boards

complete street

littoral planting

bike repair station

hammock area

A’ A

section: complete experience

autoCAD, photoshop



perspective: dynamic boulevard

autoCAD, sketchUp, photoshop

Finding a Sanctuary G , FL. ainesville

Place of worship

The Corner Sanctuary central park helps Gainesville feel like home by taking the user on a journey through Florida ecosystems. It starts on the southern end at a wading pool, representing the ocean, in a coastal uplands ecosystem. Three pavilions on the southern areas of the site represent waves, which create shade and event space for the user. The paths and bioswale/retained stream pass through pine flatwoods, a mature hardwood forest, and down a sinkhole. The variety of vegetation and grading gradually changes with each ecosystem, from palm trees and sand dunes, to pine trees and grasses, to maples, oaks and inland hills.

University Avenue

‘Wave’ pavilions


Wading Pool


NW 13th St.

graphite, marker, clay

The user can find both community gathering spaces, as well as more private reading areas along terraced mounds. The northern area connects with mix-use businesses, allowing space for mingling. Thoughtful pathways direct the user along the most used routes through the area. The sinkhole offers an iconic symbol, for which the Alachua County is named after.



Coastal uplands:

Palm trees, grasses and sand dunes ‘Wave’ pavilions ‘Ocean’ wading pool

Pine Flatwoods:

Pine trees and shrubs ‘Prairie’ open fields Winding ‘creek’

Upland Mesic Hardwood Forest: Oaks, hickories and magnolias Terraced/amphitheater ‘hills’ ‘Sinkhole’

Mix-use: Commercial/Resid.


Pine prairie


‘Hills’ seating + play

plan: water connectivity

pen, colored pencil, marker





section: ecosystem relationships




model: organic form



A HG ealing Network , FL. ainesville

The Institue of Aging, a modern building on campus, serves many people with disabilities. This design aims to connect with people by taking them from the modernity of the Institute through a more naturalistic landscape that ends at a pond. In Planting Design, I learned to search for both native and exotic plants in databases and to design through vegetation. Through LA Construction 1 and 2 I learned the technical side of LA. Utilizing AutoCAD, I was exposed to grading, required sight distance, pavement layout, constructing a bus stop (SketchUp)and many other aspects of LA. I learned to create details of joints, pavers, columns, railing, decks and irrigation. I put it all together to form a construction document.





Plan: colors of bloom autoCAD, photoshop

sections: interactive clusters

autoCAD, photoshop 0’

perspective: resilience 12




















document: landscape


document: hardscape

autoCAD, sketchup


Interning at Canin Associates O , FL. rlando

At Canin Assoc., a multi-disciplinary firm, I experienced the professional side of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning. I worked on master + community planning, recreation, resort, signage and transportation design. I worked with programs such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, Indesign and Photoshop, and became familiar with GIS, Lumion and Land FX. Among some of the projects I was involved in were international (Panama), national (Texas), and regional (Central Florida).

regional analysis

gis, autoCAD, photoshop

streetscape and park design



© 2015 Canin Associates, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Section: slowing down


Typical Section (Hickham Ave. and Rencher Ave.) Panama Pacifico



June 08, 2015

Signage: guiding the way

trailhead: place to recharge sketchup, photoshop


CA Job N

Interning at Smart Landscapes A , GA. tlanta

At Smart Landscapes, a woman-owned, small firm, I was able to have a one-on-one learning experience with my mentor, Elise. I worked on academic institutional and regional park projects from the analysis, conceptual and final design phases. I updated the firm portfolio by producing graphic. I often did research for administrative purposes as well as for on-going projects (playground equipment). Most of the projects I was involved in were regional, located in Georgia and Alabama.

preschool play area

community revitalization 16

sustainable, interactive park

park entryway and native vegetation 17

Creating : Art and Photography XXX

Soundscape Park Miami, FL

South Pointe Miami Beach, FL


Vietnam Veterans Memorial Washington, DC

Bryant Park New York, NY

Restored creek San Luis Obispo, CA

Smoky Mountain Atlanta, GA

DuSable Bridge Chicago, IL

Barton Springs Austin, TX

Cuidad Perdida Santa Marta, Colombia


Jo Tolentino (352) 226 - 2045 Jtn.Tolentino @ skype: JoTherese

Jo Tolentino // Portfolio February 2017  

Jo Tolentino // This Landscape Architecture portfolio is a collection of my undergraduate work (Aug. 2012-Feb. 2017) at the University of Fl...

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