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Cornejo 1 Jose Cornejo Technology Patricia Zaldumbide

Picture Editing:

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In this project I gathered pictures that I found interesting to edit and created surrealistic pictures of a similar topic. The idea I had to do this project was air, motions in the air and landscapes of sunsets and daylight in different times of the day. Also I did pictures of floating things like a pug or my cousin´s son. All of the pictures were pictures I took with my camera.

Cornejo 2 Picture #1:

Comment: ! For this picture I used a technique to alter the contrast in different arts of the picture that was called “curve” it allowed me to make some parts of the picture brighter and others darker. ! Also I used the “smudge” tool to remove dark stains that were caused because of a dirty lens in my camera.

Cornejo 3 Picture#2:

Comment: -In this picture I also had to eliminate black spots using the “smudge tool� -To create a more interesting view of the picture I added more contrast to the picture so the light that shined over the cloud had a ore attracting event and the picture became more surrealist.

Cornejo 4 Picture # 3

Comment: ! I reduced the brightness in the image and cleared the black spots from the lens that made the image look bad. ! Then I overlapped a picture of a pug dog that became the focal point of the picture it came out very good.

Cornejo 5 Image #4:

Comment: - I added more contrast and brightness to the picture so it had a weird conception of shadows and colors in the background.

Cornejo 6 Image #5:

Comment: -I used the Smudge tool to create a new and varied image very different from the original picture.

Cornejo 7 Image #6:

Comments: -I added more contrast to the picture and used the smudge tool again to create better background and to make it look more interesting.

Cornejo 8 Picture #7:

Comment: -To edit this picture I added more contrast to the colors and created a brighter color in the sunset color. Also I drew a tree coming out of another tree to create a focal point in the drawing.

Picture editing  

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