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Jos Timmer on How to Stand Out as a Writer Anyone who has dived into recent-date literature knows that it has one particular big flaw. Its authors tend to be too immersed into themselves. This is not the case with Jos Timmer, though. The fresh but season writer has reached a much different level. What is it that makes his writing so different and more palatable to real literature enthusiasts? As Mr. Timmer once declared, it is the self-absorption that one must beware when creating fiction. He avoids inserting all those useless details about one's daily habits or schedule. Instead of describing how his hero drinks a cappuccino in the morning, he takes it out there in the wild world and confronts him with the dangers and challenges. This is no new technique though, as Jos Timmer declares. Many of the successful writer of other centuries had employed this successfully. Nowadays it can be used to separate one's literary work from that of the contemporaries. This is exactly with what has happened with our outstanding Mr. Timmer, Jos.

Jos Timmer on How to Stand Out as a Writer