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BY YOUR SIDE as each of your graduates makes that special walk. Your partner in honoring traditions, recognizing student achievement and capturing the college experience for over a century and counting. At Jostens, our resources are poised to offer your students, your colleagues and your alumni unparalleled experiences. For over 117 years, we’ve been driven to be the most trusted partner in celebrating and capturing all the moments that matter in our customers’ lives. As the leader in academic recognition, we’ve remained focused on providing the college market with dedicated representatives, passionate customer service coordinators and marketing personnel, programs and products that are unmatched in the industry.


Our mission is our driving philosophy, it extends as a unifying thread throughout everything we do and with every interaction with our customers. These three words define the Jostens Difference, and we look forward to the opportunity to deliver on the Jostens Difference and provide the best experience for the esteemed achievements of your institution and community. 2 ·


GOWNS fit for your graduates, faculty and institution. Your students are not only representing their achievement at graduation, but your school as well. Make sure they look their best. The details are so important — from fabric composition, color and cut, to customization options. The Jostens team can help create a program that is uniquely yours and one that adheres to the standards of the Academic Costume Code. We promise to fulfill both your aesthetic and institutional needs. We offer exceptional collections of regalia for undergraduates, advanced degree recipients, faculty, administration and distinguished guests. Whether you’re purchasing or renting, Jostens ensures the highest standards of quality are maintained for every participant.


Regalia eSolutions and Regalia HomeShip services will simplify your distribution efforts and make student ordering easier and more efficient. TM

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A choice demanding consideration. Jostens is proud to offer two exceptional gown collections for students and faculty — one based in tradition, and one with a very clear environmental message for the future. BDG Collection™: Traditional with timeless details, this true classic offers a matte finish with enduring color. Made of 100% breathable polyester, this gown is lightweight and wrinkle-resistant. Elements Collection®: Made with premium quality and design, the Elements Collection is made from fiber obtained from renewable managed forests — providing exceptional drape and heightened comfort. The fabric used in the Elements Collection cap, gown and hood shell is a USDA certified biobased product and has been shown in scientific tests to biodegrade under controlled conditions.* This gown sets the standard and sends a responsible message. Jostens offers a full line of color options for both the Elements and BDG collections. Contact your Jostens representative to find the right color that will correctly display your college brand. *In a laboratory test conducted by an independent testing facility in accordance with

ASTM D5511 and ISO 15985, biodegradation of 85.5% was achieved within two months under specific temperature and humidity conditions. Results under different conditions or at landfills in your area may vary and continued decomposition rates are unknown.


The Elements Collection Student Give-Back Program gives students a chance to take a more active role in sustainability. Visit to learn more. 3

CUSTOMIZE your ceremony. Create a unified look for your ceremony with custom regalia and accessories.

GOWN CUSTOMIZATION Whether a beautiful patch, silkscreened or embroidered seal, customizing the gown can create a cohesive look for all those participating in the ceremony.

REGALIA ACCESSORIES Enhance your ceremony with regalia accessories — from stoles to cords and medallions to tassels, accessories allow your school brand to be present throughout the ceremony and support that significant achievement.



Your Jostens representative can help you deliver a coordinated look for everyone participating in the ceremony — from graduates to faculty and distinguished speakers. Contact your Jostens representative for details.

FINE QUALITY for the Professional. Present your faculty with a cohesive and coordinated look. Designed in accordance with the Academic Costume Code and featuring three-piece construction and a tailored yoke — our Fine Quality line offers a strong collection of gowns at different values. SUSSEX Our most popular design offers these key design upgrades that enhance both comfort and appearance: • Regal braid and button on the yoke • Satin-lined and belled sleeves • Fluting across the shoulders and back • Discipline or school-specific piping

WINDSOR Our finest design offers you the most tailored look, with the following upgrades from the Sussex: • Adjustable cuffs on the satin-lined, belled sleeves • Fully-concealed zipper • Hand-crocheted button and regal braid on a pleated yoke • Additional construction elements to aid in drape and flow

Hoods are available for all of our academic regalia. Master and Bachelor gowns are also available. Looking for rental gown options? Contact your Jostens representative for details.


A DIPLOMA worthy of their achievement. The final moment of honor during graduation rests on the diploma.


Jostens Diploma HomeShip is a premium service offering to schools that saves you time and energy by allowing you to print, fulfill and ship the Diploma HomeShip package to individual degree recipients. At Jostens we want to offer schools simple solutions that take the work out of graduation — Contact your Jostens representative for details. SM

DIPLOMAS The diploma is the single most important document in a student’s college career — the crowning achievement after years of commitment — that’s what makes the choice of paper so critical. Choose from a selection of archivalquality papers, including recycled, cotton-based and traditional parchments.

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PRINTING Whether it’s engraved, fineline, lithography or a combination — Jostens will help you create the perfect look for your school. Our designers will work with you to incorporate your school’s seal, etchings and/or school colors into your diploma — making it a document each recipient will be proud to display for years to come.



Graduation’s official accessories. A. HONOR STICKERS Recognize outstanding performance with an honor seal affixed to their diploma.

COVERS One of the key decisions for any institution is how you will carry out the ceremonial awarding of degrees. Jostens custom diploma covers are an excellent way to present, as well as protect, what’s held inside. With a wide variety of options for cover materials, design features and personalization options — we can customize a product that best fits the needs of your institution and budget.

B. MINIATURE DIPLOMAS Provide a great commemorative gift to your students with a replica of their actual diploma. A great way to get your Alumni Association information out to each student. C. DIPLOMA MAILERS Keep diplomas flat and in pristine condition. Customizable with the school’s address and other critical messaging.



Achievement CERTIFICATES Recognize performance and dedication with an impressive certificate. Graduation isn’t the only time to honor achievement. Jostens has developed a quality line of certificates for multiple recognition needs. Partner with our designers to produce professional certificates and presentation covers that acknowledge newly accepted students, Dean’s List achievers, athletic letter winners and distinguished alumni donors. A selection of faculty recognition certificates is also available.


Jostens GradTrack® provides both services and resources to help you simplify their daily activities. You can order diplomas, diploma covers and graduation regalia, and have an immediate view of the orders you are placing, order status, as well as tracking information on orders that have shipped. Contact your Jostens representative for more information. · 11 9

BECAUSE YOUR STUDENTS deserve only the best. A student’s graduation announcement is about pride in personal accomplishment. It’s also about pride in your institution. Through our most popular announcement offering, the personalized graduation announcement, we can develop a program that will support your college image while allowing your students to highlight their individual achievements.

THE JOSTENS DIFFERENCE Jostens Grad Finale® program is a great way to remove some of the uncertainty your students have about graduation readiness. Contact your Jostens representative for more information on how we can prepare your students for their walk across the stage with this one-stop event.



Personalized assistance. Whether it’s personal assistance provided on campus at our Grad Finale® events or the easy-to-use online ordering process, your students will find the assistance necessary to order their personalized graduation packages and products. Online ordering can be done 24-hoursa-day, 7-days-a-week. When your students are ready to order their announcements, Jostens will be there to help.

Announcement programs for retail. Jostens retail packaging allows you year-round revenue opportunities. In addition to our traditional announcement products, Jostens offers retail packaging for our most popular accessories: note cards, envelope seals and tissue inserts. · 13

THE RING that tells your shared story. With endless combinations, students can create a piece of jewelry as unique and individual as their experience at your institution. Their ring. Your school. One shared story.


Jostens Ring Designer™, an industry exclusive, provides an unmatched online experience for browsing and buying a ring. The ease of purchase through Ring Designer will help you drive sales and build revenue. Contact your Jostens representative for more information.

14 ¡ 12

At Jostens, we have the ability to reach students, family members and alumni, and the ability to leverage consumer insight to deliver a college ring program that’s tailored to your needs. Our goal is to help build your brand by emotionally connecting every student back to their collegiate experience and helping them retell their story through a college ring.

To us, every grad is a new tradition, that’s why we offer a range of college ring collections that appeal to just about every taste and budget. Rings that let your students stylishly tell the world they’ve arrived, with dozens of ring side designs that let them personalize and capture their unique journey. We match this with a dynamic customer experience and a world-class warranty, so they know it’s protected for a lifetime. · 13 15

Recognize the effort behind THEIR ACHIEVEMENT. Create a treasured and personal team award. Your student athletes earned the right to wear the ring — day after day, year after year, leading to the championship. And now it’s time to provide them with a way to treasure their achievement for the rest of their lives.

We can help them enjoy the victory for years to come with a symbol of pride that will be passed on for generations. Contact your Jostens representative for more details.


Jostens offers one of the most liberal, all-inclusive warranties in the industry. The majority of adjustments, from resizing to refinishing and repair, are provided at no cost.

See for more details. 16 ·

Help your athletes share stories of personal pride. It’s time to provide your students with a symbol of their achievement in collegiate athletics. Jostens is honored to offer your school the College Letterwinner Program, dedicated to showcasing athletic achievements through a great selection of products which athletes can proudly wear or display. For more information, visit


Earned with years of dedication Honored for years with DISTINCTION. Help them preserve and proudly display their accomplishment.

After earning the right to cross the stage and receive the diploma, the final place to honor their most important college paper will be hanging proudly on their wall for years to come. Jostens offers a broad line of diploma frames that will ensure the document is surrounded by a frame worthy of that accomplishment.


As a trusted partner in products surrounding the graduation ceremony, Jostens is proud to expand our product standards and superior experience to offer diploma frames. As with all our products, the Jostens team is here to help you develop the product offering that’s a perfect fit for your institution.


Professional frame accent features. Our museum-quality frames offer a broad range of design choices with premium customization options allowing them to display their pride in achieving that degree through your institution. Whether it’s with a beautiful 22K gold-plated medallion or your school name foiled into the matting, your brand, and their achievement, will be on display for all to see.


Jostens retail program capitalizes on the strength of the retail environment coupled with the power of Jostens online presence. Ask your Jostens representative about creating that perfect in-store mix and how our Grad FinaleÂŽ program can help maximize your sales.


To find out more, contact your Jostens representative or call 1.800.854.7464. The most trusted partner in celebrating moments that matter.

Help us build a brighter future. Please recycle. JOSTENS.COM/SUSTAINABILITY

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