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clients. If you’ve ever thought about getting implants but held back because you were afraid they wouldn’t look natural, now is a great time, as you have more choices than ever.

Q: When is the right time to start having plastic surgery?

There are generally two reasons for plastic surgery: restoration and enhancement. When to start really depends on your motivations, which are personal, unique, and should be discussed with your surgeon. I typically operate on women between the ages of 30 and 45, but I’ve also operated on women in their 90s! So there is no “perfect” time that applies for everyone. That being said, silicone gel implants are only FDA-approved for cosmetic reasons for women 22 years and older. Your body should be at a stable place (no major weight fluctuations) before considering plastic surgery.

Q: How long do surgical results last?

Lily Lee, MD

THE CALIFORNIA CLINIC PLASTIC SURGERY Dr. Lee is a relatively new transplant to Pasadena. Her Chinese ethnicity, Texan upbringing, Midwest education and west coast surgical training have shaped her career into a well-rounded medical practice. Dr. Lee graduated with honors from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, OH. She then spent the next 10 years, post-grad, at the University of Southern California (USC) honing her skills in all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Lee is passionate about helping people look their personal best and specializes in aesthetic surgery of the face and breast.

Q: What’s new on the market that you are most excited about?

The world of plastic surgery is constantly improving and expanding. We now have a huge spectrum of services to offer ranging from prescription topicals to life changing surgery. There truly is “something for everyone.” I am especially pleased that I can offer my clients a wide range of highly effective sun-protection and restorative topical skincare products. These are spa-like products with medical grade effectiveness — they are only available from a physician and cannot be sold over the counter. Even better, they are

affordable! Why pay the same or more, when you can have a stronger, more effective product that has been selected in consultation with your doctor? The latest and greatest in plastic surgery are the FDA-approved “gummy bear” breast implants. These are shaped, form stable silicone breast implants that provide clients with a very natural look and feel. We can even control the shape of these implants, so it is now possible to augment breasts with a much more natural looking slope. And, unlike implants from previous generations, if you cut into these breast implants, the silicone stays put and will not leak out, providing greater peace of mind to my

That is a really tricky question that I am asked every day! Surgery is certainly the thing that is most meant for permanence in my tool belt. I say the word “permanence” with some caution, as there are just so many factors involved. Everyone’s face and body changes over time. Your surgical results will change with you, too. Age, gravity and your environment contribute to the amount of time that you have with your surgical result. I can help reverse time, but the goal is not to stop time completely. How much time, exactly, depends on your genetics and sun protection regimen. Fortunately, a good regimen of non-surgicals (topicals, lasers and peels) can maximize surgical results for longer periods of time.

Q: What is the average recovery time from surgery?

Probably not as long as you think. Many of my eyelid and breast augmentation patients have surgery on Thursday or Friday and go back to work on Monday. I have continued to be impressed with patients who take Arnica montana (all natural plant extract) and how little swelling and bruising that they have compared to those who do not take it pre and post op.

Q: I’m scared to look like I have had work done. How can I avoid that “look”?

I’m scared of that “look” too! The last thing I want is one of my patients walking around the Pasadena area looking like a surprised duck, telling people that I had something to do with it!

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