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Josshuae M. Matias

Urban Ecological Exchange

Progressive Mechanics strawberry-inspired seed bank container






final boards : Chicago-based seed bank Josshuae Matias

Concept Seed Bank as Urban Habitat / Urban Farmers as Main Consumers / Three Main Areas = Water, Land and Air / Exchange of Information between Scientists and Urban Farmers as Main Idea Site’s Street Grid = Design Structural Grid / Central Circulation Core / Two Conditions = Closed Winter and Open-Framework Summer

seed bank concept : winter season container

Boarding School : Elementary Art

connection to urban setting :: circulation dictates form :: collections dictate lighting



Diagrammatic Concept The central idea for the project was to provide the students and faculty easy-to-use spaces that were designed to provide for comfort, simple circulation, and intuitive connection between living and working spaces. The living quarters for the students and faculty are meant to provide for privacy, security, and control. Student galleries and work studios, on the other hand, are designed to provide for the best lighting conditions possible, no matter the time of day.

Design Development Two main designs concepts were developed of which the ‘box’ model was chosen. By allowing the boxes to sit adjacent to the ground and hug the landscape, the design opened possibilities for the students to be inspired by the surrounding green spaces of the site. Furthermore, circulatory moves were done through the manipulation of the site in order to connect the neighboring park to the school. By sinking the design into the ground and rising other areas above the water the school was embedded with a the sense that it is to be considered unique, special, and something to be protected from the surrounding urban setting.

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Section C




Section D

National Museum of African American History & Culture

appreciation for the past :: thankfulness for the present :: positive outlook for the future

inside - outside

- Inspirations -




triumvirate emergence Emergence:

Squarely Formal:


squarely formal Josshuae Matias

Midterm Presentation

October 20, 2009

Alexis Gregory

Josshuae Matias

Final Presentation

November 18, 2009

Alexis Gregory


Fall 2009

The aim is to create an emotional & sensory connection between the space and the protagonist. This is so the visitor creates a meaning of the space and what they see through personal associations. In this way the person viewing the art becomes involved themselves through their own experiences. The protagonists Civil Turmoil’s story, from which they draw their experiences, could come from different events such as civil wars, world wars, genocide, and exclusion because of social status, rejection, and generalizations which led to fights amongst us. Though these past experiences felt by many are quite negative and dark they will come to the museum not to reminisce but to feel good and see the positive progress not only African Americans but humanity as a whole is capable of achieving. Aside from the main galleries dedicated to history and culture and community others who will also visit the museum are employees and these protagonists require offices, amenities, meeting rooms and storage spaces. A cafeteria of sorts and a space for museum operation is also a necessity.

For those who have gone through/experienced: Domestic Violence Family Desintegration Civil Turmoil Broken Families

Discrimination Disease/Virus

Underclass Abuse Oppresion

Key Words: Exclusion Rejection Sociological Civil Rights Redlining Stereotype Bigotry Prejudice

-For anyone who has experienced Civil Turmoil-

Box Model : Revit Transformation

imagining a new meaning :: re-imagining the typical solution :: considering placement on-site

Revit Composition Parametric modeling and other advanced 3d modeling techniques are combined in this project with traditional 2d line drawing presentational abilities. In order to portray the full capabilities of the 3d modeling software, a simple boxed space was transformed and converted into a complete store-front design featuring structure, construction detailing , as well as, site manipulation and landscaping.

Sustainable Jacksonville : Redeveloping the Inner Core In collaboration with: Maria R. Vazquez

location : Jacksonville, FL

rehabilitating inner core :: enhancing & protecting uniqueness :: link districts with sustainable vibe

Underlying Issues The city of Jacksonville is looking to capitalize and enhance its Riverfront and downtown Urban Core areas, while revitalizing and connecting its historic neighborhoods and assets. The current economic climate has caused the city to focus its efforts on providing new venues for job and retail growth through the development of its economic drivers as well as expanding its open spaces and recreational locations.

Concept Justification City official’s recent desire to rehabilitate downtown’s Urban Core and its neighborhoods provides with the perfect opportunity to provide the city with a new identity which enhances and protects downtown’s uniqueness and links the various district’s characters with a common theme of sustainability.

TerraArchitecture: Re-engaging the Soul of Place

“When in doubt of negative events in your life and in search for who you truly are...head to the wilderness.�

“To give life to a room it’s much more a matter of quality than quantity. The human spirit needs this life-filled light. The soul needs it. Even the body needs it for physical health.”

Graduate Portfolio  

Graduate/M.Arch Portfolio