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Borg Josmar Cini Redentine

The Frog If Ultrasonic sensor does not detect anything near:

If Ultrasonic sensor detects that something is near:


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10 Activities - using the Frog Robot

1. Clap to Hop The frog will get frightened by the sound of a clap and moves. Robot will move his legs when a sound is detected. A sound sensor should be attached to the frog. 2. Dancing Sequence The students will generate a dancing movement according to a song created by themselves using Fleximusic Composer. Robot will move the left or right or both motors according to the song. 3. Let’s play Rugby The frog plays Rugby. It holds a ball and will say good job when passing through the scoring line. A ball barrier has to be assembled on the front and the light sensor attached to it. The robot will move forward and when a line of black tape is detected, it stops and says “Good Job!� 4. Frog follows you The frog will move towards your hand at a distance and stops until you move your hand further The robot will move forward when the ultrasonic sensor detects a range of distance within reach. 5. Go around the Block The frog will move around a box until the user stops the program


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The robot should turn left if the distance is short and it should turn right if the distance is long. This way the robot will move around the box in an anticlockwise rotation. 6. Measuring Length The frog should move along and stops when an object is detected. On the screen the frog should then display approximately how much distance he moved in centimetres Calculate how much distance in centimetres, on rotation is. A counter is to be created and for every rotation, the counter is incremented until the object is detected. Then the number of rotations should be converted to centimetres and displayed on screen. 7. Moving on the Grass The frog should move along a grass land and avoid going on soil. A green chart and a brown chart are used to simulate the grass and soil respectively. Robot should use light sensor (using ranges) to keep on moving along the green chart. Important: light green and dark brown colours should be used for the sensor to detect colours properly with minimal marginal error. 8. Intelligent Straight Walk The frog will avoid obstacles and intelligently turns opposite the obstacles to keep on walking freely. Two Ultrasonic sensors are to be attached, having an internal angle of 90o (45o on each side). The frog has to turn right or left if sensor detects something at a distance of 35 centimetres. 9. Detect nearest Shelter The frog will turn around himself and analyses which object in the nearest to him. Finally the frog should display the nearest distance, in centimetres, on the screen.


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The frog will keep on one side to turn around until one revolution is done. When an object is detected, the distance should be inputted in a variable. The robot will continue turning and the second distance will be compared to the first. The nearest distance will be overwritten in a variable holding the nearest distance. 10. Go to the nearest shelter Continue on previous program so that the frog, after detecting the nearest object, will move along to the object and stops nearby. Frog should keep the number of rotation performed with each objected detected. The number of rotations performed for the nearest object is kept in a variable so that the frog will perform the same amount of rotations after analysing all objects. Finally the frog will move straight until object is 20 centimetres apart.


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Robotics assignment part 2